Avocados reduce cholesterol, and grapefruit burns fat: which exotic fruits are the most useful.


From time to time we are overtaken by another fashion for food. Internet trumpets: a product found that is extremely beneficial to health: rejuvenates, removes toxins, strengthens the immune system, and most importantly helps to lose weight.

“Pomegranates and raspberries are similar in composition and equally useful.”

“The value of some products is greatly exaggerated, ” explains Lyudmila Fedorchenko, a gastroenterologist at the Kiev Clinical Hospital on Railway Transport No. 2 . – There are many myths that people believe in. Take, for example, pomegranate, which is considered extremely useful for health, and pomegranate juice – healing for people with anemia. But pomegranates do not grow in Ukraine, and even one fruit flies in a pretty penny. Therefore, it can be, without prejudice to health, but with benefit to the wallet, replaced with raspberries. In terms of composition, these fruits are almost identical, while in the production and export of raspberries, Ukraine is in sixth place in the world and fourth in Europe. Ukrainian raspberry is a very high-quality berry, it is eaten all over the world with pleasure, why are we lagging behind?

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