Salinger, a lifetime is a mystery

  The murderers of the two stunning American cases are related to a book called “The Catcher in the Rye.”

  One night in December 1980, when Mark Chapman took out his pistol and pointed to John Lennon, the famous rock singer, he was covered with a watchman, The Catcher in the Rye. After Chapman opened five shots to the column, he sat on the street without hesitation and read Salinger’s novel. He told the police: “This book is for me.” A few years later, Chapman revealed that he killed Lennon in order to turn himself into the book’s hero Holden.

  Four months later, President Reagan was assassinated. At the scene of the crime, the police found a “Watcher in the Rye” in the pocket of the murderer John Hinckley. The book has been turned over.

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The joy of being out of nothing can’t stop

  A civil servant came across from the opposite side. You suddenly rushed forward and jumped up to give him a slap in the face. What reaction did he see? Suddenly stunned, or mad like a fight back?
  This scene is really exciting. Have you ever imagined it? Zhu Deyong thought about it. Of course, he didn’t really do this.
  The idea is bizarre and full of humor. Zhu Deyong is like a fish that goes against the current, and like a clock in the opposite direction, always hits an unexpected place. For example, he painted “Double Cannon” when he was single, painted “涩 》” when he was married, and painted “The Story of Going to Work” after he resigned. When he was in seclusion, he painted “What is happening”, after his father painted Absolutely Child.
  What’s more interesting is that after the success of the fame, one day he suddenly and solemnly said to his wife, Feng Manlun, that I don’t draw any more comics anymore. I want to be a pilot and go flying!

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Two blanket

  In the exaggerated end of the wild city, I am like a sad eagle, resting on a dead wood in the dark night, looking into the distance, combing memories, searching for stories that make my eyes slightly wet during the flight. Always find one or two things, one or two people, with them across the century threshold, with the lights, in order to settle in the new century.

  He is a community guard who was as thin as a snowy old trunk five years ago. He used to be silent, not because he was old or tempered, but a kind of silent silence; as if he saw more people, tasted things, and knew what happened to the world, there is no need to say anything.

  ”See you? You have to study hard in the future, you will not be a co-worker like him, do you know?” “Know.” In the small park, a mother watched him push a single-wheeled cart to tidy up the waste garden, take the opportunity to the child. Conduct an opportunity education.

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Two chessboard contests


  Pediatrics is very popular in chess. Recently, I have seen the stereoscopic image of chess and I am very interested. I am happy to push the boat and buy chess, from the basics of the chessboard and chess pieces to the opening of Italy, and teach him a little bit. The little boy has a lot of mouths. When I teach, he has more comments and exclamations. He always compares the rules of two kinds of chess. He has discovered that the Chinese chess and chess are different and different.

  It is said that the ancestors of chess are Chinese chess (in fact, the more common saying in the world is that chess originates from Chaturanga in India, but some Chinese are unwilling to adopt this origin because of “patriotic feelings”). Later, Chinese chess Through the Middle East, Persia and other Arab countries, it has spread to Europe, and after some European transformation, it has become a chess game today.
  Therefore, there are many similarities in the chess set and rules of the two. But what is really thought-provoking is that there are several very important differences between the two.

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Japanese people look at foreigners like this

Toy Time Management Reading Mobile Internet Literature

  Americans are lazy and overbearing

  Is Japan a colony of the United States? This is not what the author said. The left-wing Japanese Communist Party said that the right-wing Shintaro Ishihara said that the former Liberal Democratic Party leader, Nobuhiro Nobuhiro, also said this.

  In the past few years, a US destroyer was going to enter Osaka Port. Osaka’s anti-war civic group objected and asked the Osaka City Government to refuse. The lawsuit reached the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the Osaka City Government: According to the Japan-US Security Treaty, the Japanese port did not deny the right of US warships to enter Hong Kong. Moreover, the US military has extraterritorial jurisdiction in Japan, and the Japanese police have no right to arrest and detain US soldiers.

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