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    Keigo Higashino, From Engineer to “King of Mystery Fiction”

      In 2012, Japan’s “king of mystery novels” Keigo Higashino wrote for 25 years. This year, he wrote his masterpiece “Masquerade Hotel”. Keigo Higashino said: “I even feel that in the future, I can’t surpass myself anymore.”   Keigo Higashino’s “Masquerade Hotel” writes a reasonable story from the extremely unreasonable. “Masquerade Hotel” uses a new story, a new structure, and a new mission setting to tell the story of the serial murders that occurred in the high-end hotel of “Tokyo Cortesia”. In the book, Keigo Higashino presents the growth process of a mortal and the subtle psychological changes between people from alertness to understanding. Keigo Higashino’s writing is sharp and succinct, and…

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    Forever Rose in Argentina: Evita Veron

      I got to know Evita because of a song “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” sung by Jane Zhang. It is a song I like very much. The style of the song is full of the enthusiasm of South American music and the soft lyricism of pop music. It must also be touched. passed many people. The song is from the musical “Evita” (also translated as “Mrs. Bellon”) co-produced by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Originally sung by Elaine Paige, Sarah Brightman and Carpenter have covered it.   Webb’s show shows the tragic twists and turns of Argentina’s former first lady Eva Peron (Evita) from a socially discriminated illegitimate daughter to…

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    Messiaen and his muse Yvonne

      The famous French classical pianist, Roche Miraro (1959-), who has done in-depth research on French music and the composer Olivier, Messiaen, once commented on Messiaen and his wife Yvonne. Lolio: “If Messiaen hadn’t had a pianist wife like her, Messiaen probably wouldn’t have been Messiaen.” When Yvonne Lolio died, their student, the famous British pianist Paul Crossley (1944-) wrote in The Independent, comparing them to another great couple in music history, saying: “I have no doubts that Olivier Messian The musical partnership with Yvonne Lolio is as important as Robert’s relationship with Clara Schumann. Like Clara Schumann, Yvonne Lolio is Olivier Messi Ang’s muse, his lovely wife, and an excellent…

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    Indian elephant chaser

      A herd of elephants graze next to a road bridge across the Yamuna River on the outskirts of the Indian capital New Delhi. Surrounded by typical Indian shacks, there is no doubt that the elephants have their own owners. Sure enough, there was an advertisement posted on the slope below the bridge with a phone number and “elephant” written in Hindi. The reporter dialed the number and heard the answer: “I’m an elephant!” Zurifikar, the owner of the elephant, often answers the phone this way. According to him, “it’s convenient and customers like it.”   Hereditary elephant herders   Since ancient times, the skills of Indian When a rich man buys an…

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    Apology after 39 years

      One indiscreet behavior in teenage leads to damage to a teacher-student relationship. Can a simple “I’m sorry” expression be forgiven?   Inspiration   When he was only 12 years old, the older boy did something he didn’t realize until years later might have hurt his seventh-grade teacher. It wasn’t that serious—and he was still an underage. However, as time went on, the boy grew up and became wiser, and he hoped to find the teacher who taught the class and apologize to the teacher. But the teacher seems to have disappeared from the world. Decades later, the boy, now a tall man, Larry Israelson, also keyed the teacher’s name into the search…

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    Lonely pride

      Russia’s Silver Age “untimely genius poetess” Marina Tsvetaeva is a woman who has been in love all her life. She has a husband who has been with her all her life, but she has never stopped chasing love. On her “Peachy List”, there are poets, scholars, dukes, Red Army soldiers, and actors. Every time she loves fiercely, every time She was hurt to the bone. She longs to be a poet “chosen by fate” and lives in a high place, but the longing for love always pulls her back to the world and makes her a mortal woman, so she is always contradicting: being a poet means forever loneliness, and…

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    Craving for disease

      She is in her 40s, and she has always felt that her whole body is not right for many years. She likes to see a doctor, and she often comes to the psychiatry department. Every time, she has to take out a “disease list”, which records her condition in detail: long-term dizziness; frequent clacking in the neck; a slight throbbing in the throat, suspected of precancerous esophagus; often feeling heartburn, Can’t breathe; waist is sore, can’t stand, can’t sit; second toe is numb and tingling, it may be early hemiplegia; there are lines on fingernails, peripheral circulation is not good… Then she explained Lai: “I have been in poor physical…

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      Moonlight is perhaps the lightest kind of music. Frost as light. As light as running water. The sound of music fluctuated in the mountains. White light. surround. It may be the heaviest kind of music, black and shiny like iron, deep in the heart, and will be covered with rust after many years. I had heard this kind of music, at the window on a winter day. But not moonlight, but broken snow. Outside the window is a dry plantain, and I am sitting beside a person. Neither of us turned on the lights in the room. I looked at this man, I kept looking at this man. This man…

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    Start by writing a good sentence

      Writing a good sentence is not that easy. American writer Anne Dillard said in her book “Writing Career”: “If you like sentences, you can become a writer.” It can be seen how important it is for a writer to write a good sentence.   Chinese classical literature has a tradition of refining words and sentences, but the writing of our generation, due to the lack of learning in classical literature and the limitation of foreign language proficiency, is influenced by the Europeanized sentence patterns in translated works, and the short and smooth Internet and mobile WeChat nowadays. The influence of radishes is too fast to wash the mud, and more attention…

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