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    Struggling with morality and lust

      The American drama “Mistresses” (Mistresses) was launched in June 2013 by the American ABC Company. As a new drama, the attention and ratings it has aroused soared rapidly in a short period of time. The title alone can arouse the infinite reverie of the audience. Men have a subconscious “expectation horizon” for this appellation, expecting more of a vivid visual experience; while women may be more interested in the hidden stories behind it. This is how the drama is described in Youku’s synopsis: The drama tells the story of four women’s secret romances and a “journey of self-discovery.” They have to face scandals, scandals, secrets, intrigues and betrayals at any…

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    Computational biology from edge to tap

    As the first guest speaker at the Pujiang Science Masters Forum, Michael Levitt uttered golden sentences one after another.   ”What is the most intelligent thing on earth? Is it a computer? Is it someone? Is it a Nobel Prize winner?”   ”If you don’t fail, it just might mean that your research is not too difficult.   ” It is not the survival of the fittest, but the survival of the most diverse, and diversity makes people smart.”   ”Basic scientific research is like buying a ‘lottery ticket’, you cannot predict the outcome, but you can buy more ‘lottery tickets’ , which is more conducive to obtaining first-class discoveries.”   On November 15, Michael…

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    Woody Allen: “The only intellectual in American cinema”

      On December 1, 1935, Woody Allen was born in a poor Jewish family in Brooklyn, New York. His impoverished father probably never thought that this boy would become an outstanding and unique film screenwriter, director, and actor in the future, and he would be active on the road of artistic creation for a long time.   Woody Allen has shown his wisdom and genius to the world with the frequency of creating a feature film almost a year, until the 50th film that is currently being filmed. Will he create until the last moment of his life? “Make a movie just for yourself”   Woody Allen was originally named Alan Stewart Conisburn,…

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    Wetland Protection Law Escorts “Kidney of the Earth”

      According to the narrow definition, as the transition zone between land and water, wetland is the ecosystem with the richest biodiversity on the earth and one of the most important living environments for human beings. It is known as the “kidney of the earth”.   The wetlands that “survive” in the cracks have undergone obvious changes, which are directly reflected in the wetland area. my country joined the “Convention on Wetlands” in 1992. Since then, the relevant national departments have released the national wetland area data three times.   The first national wetland resources survey showed that the total wetland area in the country was 38.4855 million hectares; the second national wetland…

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    Cancer vaccine shot

    1. One injection will prevent cancer?   Myth: The founder of a German biotech company says a vaccine against cancer could be on the market by 2030. Human beings finally have the hope that one shot will prevent cancer.   Truth: This is a misreading. Cancer vaccines are “therapeutic vaccines”, not “preventive vaccines” such as hepatitis B and polio that we had when we were young. A vaccine is often only effective against one pathogen. Broad-spectrum cancer prevention vaccines are unrealistic, because cancer is not a disease, but a collective term for many diseases-everyone’s cancer is actually different. Therefore, the idea that you can get rid of any cancer with a single…

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    How to improve the digital economy in the new era of Internet?

      Digital technology is driving digital transformation in all fields of economy and society. Throughout history, the digital economy is a new economic form after the agricultural economy and the industrial economy. In the era of agricultural economy, social production basically takes the family as the basic unit, with land and labor as the key production factors, and mainly develops primary industries such as planting and animal husbandry. In the era of industrial economy, a centralized organization form of corporate legal person appeared to participate in social production. The combination of capital and technology and labor force realized large-scale industrial production, but the production mode of reduced manufacturing produced a lot…

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    “Jurassic World 3”: an allegory of human destiny and survival dilemma

      In 1993, a landmark film in the history of film was born, which is “Jurassic Park” directed by Spielberg. After the film was released, it created a huge sensation. The astronomical box office revenue and rave reviews made this dinosaur blockbuster with great commercial value a series of works highly praised by Hollywood. In 1995, Spielberg once again acted on the myth of dinosaurs, and “Jurassic Park 2” was another great success. Behind the success of the two dinosaur-themed movies, it is inseparable from the shocking computer special effects, so that the audience’s imagination of prehistoric dinosaurs can be transformed into concrete and realistic images; it is also inseparable from…

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    “The King of Folds” Issey Miyake

      On August 5, 2022, the famous Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake (1938-2022) died of illness at the age of 84. The clothing designed by Miyake during his lifetime is popular all over the world with unique concepts and styles such as “a piece of cloth” and “folds”. In art galleries all over the world, Miyake’s design occupies an important position as a representative work of the 20th century, and has become a model of popular clothing that transcends time, space, borders, race and class. up-and-coming   Issey Miyake, who was born in Hiroshima, experienced the terrible atomic bombing when he was 7 years old. Miyake, who was in school at the…

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    Great natural scientist and environmentalist

      EO Wilson (Edward Osborne Wilson, 1929-2021), an outstanding American biologist, naturalist, science writer, thinker and environmentalist, died on December 26, 2021 in Burlington, Massachusetts, at the age of 92. Wilson created an astonishing number of works in his life, and published more than 30 works, such as “Theory of Island Biogeography” (1967), “Sociobiology” (1975), “On Human Nature” (1978), “Biobiology” ( 1984), “Diversity of Life” (1992), “The Future of Life” (2002), “Half the Earth” (2016), etc.; won many awards and honors, such as being elected as a member of the National Academy of Sciences in 1969, and awarded the National Academy of Sciences in 1977. The National Science Award of the…

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