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    He let the “teenage pie” drift

      Ang Lee won the 85th Academy Award for Best Director for “The Fantastic Drifting of Pi”. The film also won 3 Oscars for Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects and Best Score. People may know that this film is adapted from the novel of the same name, but compared with the famous Ang Lee, few people may know the author of the novel.   Yann Martel, the author of the novel The Adventures of Pi, was born in Spain in 1963 to French-Canadian parents. The father, a teacher, became a diplomat. For this reason, he traveled with his parents to many countries from an early age, including Costa Rica, France, India, Iran,…

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    Unforgettable Dr. Seuss

      Dr. Seuss himself   ”Want to see Dr. Seuss? I’ll drive him to the airport in a while.”   ”Really Dr. Seuss?!” I   still remember the conversation with my dad many years ago. When I heard the words “Dr. Seuss”, my little heart thumped happily. At the time, Dad was a sales manager at Random House, the publisher of Dr. Seuss’ books. Dad knows that I’ve been a huge Dr. Seuss fan since the day he brought home the Cat in the Tall Hat. The big happy cat in the book with the top hat and the wagging tail really fascinates me.   The car stopped at the entrance of the hotel, and…

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    Confronting history and oblivion with poetic nature

      As the most important and influential German-language poet after Rilke, Paul Celan created the most beautiful German-language poetry with his unique expression. It is precisely because of his outstanding achievements in poetry creation that the Bremen Literary Award and the Bichner Literary Award, which have a great influence in the German literary world, were awarded to the ill-fated poet in 1958 and 1960 respectively. Paul Celan lived only a short fifty years, but his spirit of writing against death and violence is amazing enough. He lived on poetry all his life, and confronted history and forgetting with the nature of a poet. He is immortal because of his poetry, and…

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    Indian tequila

      Agave is a relative of the cactus family. It is rough and hard. Imagine the cloth it is woven into. It may touch the skin like sandpaper, right? When I was studying medicine, I knew that agave was a poisonous plant. I fed a few spoonfuls of its juice to the little rabbit every day. After three days, the rabbit died of poisoning. It is estimated that its fibers are also similar to iron wires, which must be more than strong, but not soft enough.   All imagination has limits. When I first touched the cloth sheet woven mainly with agave fiber and a small amount of cotton fiber, I was…

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    Relieve anxiety and reconcile with yourself

      In my consultation room, the most common thing that clients bring to me are physical symptoms of anxiety. For example, the feeling of panic and palpitations during an anxiety attack, difficulty breathing, dizziness, headache, weak legs, unsteady walking on the road, worrying that I will faint in the next moment. More serious, limb numbness, black eyes, immobility, and even a sense of near-death. These symptoms are frightening, I hope it will go away as soon as possible and stop tormenting us.   However, anxiety is a psychological reaction that arises out of self-protection and cannot be completely eliminated. We can only mitigate it with suitable means. To relieve anxiety, you need…

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    Goodbye, the world’s first cyborg

      Peter Scott Morgan, the world’s first human cyborg, died this summer at the age of 64.   A “skeleton” made of black metal left the staggeringly thin body. On the electronic screen, the expression of the 3D avatar stayed at the last moment. The AI ​​in the voice system also stopped computing, and there is no need to help the human think about what to say in the next sentence.   For the machine, however, these are only temporary silences. Power up, enter commands, and they still operate as usual. In the voice box, computer-synthesized audio can generate speech under the control of AI, continuing to communicate smoothly with others in a…

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    Keigo Higashino, From Engineer to “King of Mystery Fiction”

      In 2012, Japan’s “king of mystery novels” Keigo Higashino wrote for 25 years. This year, he wrote his masterpiece “Masquerade Hotel”. Keigo Higashino said: “I even feel that in the future, I can’t surpass myself anymore.”   Keigo Higashino’s “Masquerade Hotel” writes a reasonable story from the extremely unreasonable. “Masquerade Hotel” uses a new story, a new structure, and a new mission setting to tell the story of the serial murders that occurred in the high-end hotel of “Tokyo Cortesia”. In the book, Keigo Higashino presents the growth process of a mortal and the subtle psychological changes between people from alertness to understanding. Keigo Higashino’s writing is sharp and succinct, and…

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    Forever Rose in Argentina: Evita Veron

      I got to know Evita because of a song “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” sung by Jane Zhang. It is a song I like very much. The style of the song is full of the enthusiasm of South American music and the soft lyricism of pop music. It must also be touched. passed many people. The song is from the musical “Evita” (also translated as “Mrs. Bellon”) co-produced by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Originally sung by Elaine Paige, Sarah Brightman and Carpenter have covered it.   Webb’s show shows the tragic twists and turns of Argentina’s former first lady Eva Peron (Evita) from a socially discriminated illegitimate daughter to…

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    Messiaen and his muse Yvonne

      The famous French classical pianist, Roche Miraro (1959-), who has done in-depth research on French music and the composer Olivier, Messiaen, once commented on Messiaen and his wife Yvonne. Lolio: “If Messiaen hadn’t had a pianist wife like her, Messiaen probably wouldn’t have been Messiaen.” When Yvonne Lolio died, their student, the famous British pianist Paul Crossley (1944-) wrote in The Independent, comparing them to another great couple in music history, saying: “I have no doubts that Olivier Messian The musical partnership with Yvonne Lolio is as important as Robert’s relationship with Clara Schumann. Like Clara Schumann, Yvonne Lolio is Olivier Messi Ang’s muse, his lovely wife, and an excellent…

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