We will support the development of the seed industry for strengthening the core competitiveness of agriculture

Since ancient times, our country has been based on agriculture, and agriculture has been the first.
The seeds not only have the highest scientific and technological content in the agricultural field, but also the indispensable agricultural production data and the core competitiveness of agricultural development.
As a result, governments around the world are to promote the development of seed industry as the important measure to promote the development of agriculture, our country also without exception, has introduced a number of supporting policies, such as open seed prices, start, the national seed industry property right trading platform of scientific and technological achievements, etc.
With the policy support, the seed industry will usher in historic development opportunities.

The present situation of seed market scale

Maize, rice, gm cotton, and cantaloupe seeds are the main components of China’s seed market, accounting for nearly 80 percent of the total market.
At present, China’s perennial crop seed dosage in more than 10 billion kilograms, the hybrid corn, hybrid rice, vegetables, gm cotton seeds goods is being supported kind rate reached 100%, the conventional commodity crop seeds is being supported kind rate is gradually increased.

In terms of specific data, the implementation of national hybrid maize in 2015 was 3.42 million mu, an increase of 470,000 mu compared with last year, a 16% increase.
In 2016, the total amount of corn seed supply will exceed the total amount of 8.5 to 900 million kg, and the corn seed market will continue to oversupply, but the variety structure will increase.

In 2015, the implementation area of hybrid rice production in China was over 1.45 million mu, an increase of about 50,000 mu over last year.
Hybrid rice seeds in supply will be more than 2016 kinds of quantity of 125 million kg, such as the worst large natural disasters, late hybrid rice seeds will continue to maintain a state of serious supply exceeds demand in recent years, expected market is still in the bottom.

In 2015, the harvest of winter wheat in China was 12.1 million mu, and the new seeds were about 5 billion kg.
Expect the autumn winter wheat planting area will remain at about 350 million mu, 33-3.5 billion kg goods seeds, pledge this year has plenty of wheat seed, the quality guaranteed, commodity seeds is being supported kind rate can reach 80%.

In 2015, the harvest area of the national hybrid winter rape was 125,000 mu, with a yield of 9.6 million kg, and the seed of the national hybrid rapeseed in the year was about 1.8 million kg, and the supply was 11.4 million kg.
In the autumn of 2015, the seeds of national hybrid rape are expected to be 9.5 million kg.

In the future, we should accelerate the industrialization process and improve the efficiency of industrialization.
In this regard, a sound seed working system should be improved to promote good seed breeding.
For example, the research on the organization of variety resources, basic theory, breeding technology and methods, perfect the original and parental protection system, and establish a good breeding and promotion system, etc.

Second, we should strengthen the horizontal integration of scientific research, production and management departments to promote the integration of the production and marketing.
Research unit at the same time of strengthening basic research and new technology research, according to the market need varieties breeding and production and operation, from breeding to the field of production and operation, obtain benefits return again after research, promoting the transformation of achievements.
Seed enterprises need to play its strong economic strength and familiar with the advantages of seed market demand, national investment made use of advanced seeds drying, selection, storage equipment, increase input, strengthen management, screening of fine varieties, add power and vigor for own seed production and management, gradually formed its own system, self-development, self-improvement large seed companies.

Third, we should establish a good breeding base to achieve good production scale.
May take representative region, establish different crop seed breeding base, unified supply with varieties of species, unified layout, unified technical scheme selection, miscellaneous go bad and threshing, unified purchase, unified “six” measures such as standard.

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The first auction of a Boeing 747 aircraft since China started the online auction of justice

On the morning of November 21, the two Boeing 747s that were the first to go through judicial auction in China through online platforms were finally sold in the market. After many rounds of bidding, the two Boeing 747 eventually won by SF Express, which also means that it throws 320 million yuan to take two Boeing 747 to expand its freighter formation.
Three Boeing 747 first online auction
It is reported that the filming of the three Boeing 747 freighters, are from China’s first Sino-foreign joint ventures in air cargo company – Jade Cargo International Airlines limited liability company. On February 6, 2013, Jade Aviation’s liquidation team applied to Jade Court for bankruptcy liquidation in Shenzhen Court of Appeal on the ground that assets were not enough to pay off all its debts and there was a clear lack of liquidity.
Starting from October 26, 2015, the three aircraft have been online for 6 auctions with an initial auction starting price of Rmb1,322.65 million, all of which ended in a flash. As of September 19 this year, the three aircraft were auctioned on Alibaba’s auction platform with a total starting price of 392 million yuan, a sharp drop of about 70% over the first auction price.
At 10:00 on November 20, three Boeing 747 aircraft under the guidance of the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court in Alibaba auction platform was officially started, starting price was 123 million yuan, 134 million yuan, 135 million yuan, becoming the first nationwide online Boeing 747 Platforms Judicial Auction.
According to Alibaba’s auction platform information, the three Boeing 747 freighters are one aircraft numbered B-2421 (including three GE engines), one B-2422 aircraft (including four GE engines), and B-2423 One aircraft (including 4 GE engines). The first one was parked at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport with the lowest starting price; the other two were parked at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Among them, B-2422, B-2423 each have two buyers registration; B-2421 there is a buyer registration.
It is reported that the Boeing 747 aircraft is a long-range wide body transport aircraft manufactured by Boeing in 1970, the first 747 delivered to the Pan American Airlines formally put route operations, and has since been monopolized the large transport aircraft market, this situation until 2006 Airbus 380 appeared before it changed.
Buyers bid fierce bid for 53 rounds of two aircraft
Surging news reporter learned that, November 20 less than 1 minute shot, the B-2422 had buyers bid 133.88 million yuan; Subsequently, at 11:57:24 on the 20th, B-2423 also has a bid of 135 million yuan .
This price, freeze less than 24 hours.
At 9:59:02 on November 21, less than one minute after the original auction ended, the price of the B-2422 was raised by another buyer to 134.78 million yuan. At 9:59:09, the B- The price of 2423 was added to 136 million yuan. Fierce competition began:
The reporter saw that in just 15 minutes, B-2422 has been delayed for auction 21 times, bid 22 times, the price all the way up to 154.78 million yuan; B-2423 has experienced 20 delays, 21 bids, the price arrived 155 million yuan.
The intense bid lasted 33 minutes.
Eventually, after 26 auctions, the B-2422 was acquired by SF Express Co. for 160.7880 billion yuan. Similarly, SF-Aviation Co. Ltd was also baptized at 162,038.6 million yuan after 27 auctions.
SF throwing 320 million collection of two 747 freighters
Surging news reporter learned that SF Express Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of Shenzhen Taihai Investment Co., Ltd. and SF Express (Group) Co., Ltd., a private air cargo company directly for the SF Express (Group) Co., Ltd. air express transport Business services.
This also means that the two Boeing 747 freighters will join the SF fleet.
In recent years, private courier companies, especially SF, tact, Shen Tong and other companies have purchased freighters to meet business needs. Among them, SF earliest development, in 2009 set up its own cargo airline; the fastest growing, now has about 40 freighters, courier service network covering the whole country, Department of the current domestic volume of the largest private-run companies.
As the first online auction platform for judicial auction of civil aircraft, Alibaba’s Ali auction was launched online in 2012, and most of the courts in the country have settled in the Ali auction for judicial auction.

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Samsung confirmed that it will push the folding phone; hungry release smart headset module

Industry estimates, the past six months, the entire shared economy has about 1.5 billion deposit has gone back to the user caused the actual economic losses. The “Statistical Report on Internet Development in China” shows that as of June 2017, the number of shared bicycle users has reached 106 million. According to the average deposit of more than 100 yuan users estimated that the total amount of the deposit or bicycle industry share has exceeded 10 billion yuan. Coupled with the sharing of cars and all kinds of items leasing, the entire deposit in the area of ​​shared economy is expected to deposit about 15 billion.
Shenzhen held a shared bicycle management program hearing, the representative proposed to cancel the deposit
According to the interface report, a few days ago, Shenzhen City, “Shenzhen Internet rental bike management program,” held a legislative hearing, deposit security issues to become the focus of attention at the meeting, a number of representatives proposed to cancel the deposit. Shared cycling entered Shenzhen from October 2016 and has since been rapidly developed. According to official statistics, as of now, there are 8 Internet rental bike companies in Shenzhen with a total vehicle scale of 890,000 and a registered user volume of 22 million (including duplicate registered users), with daily average usage of about 5.43 million.
Japan 7-11 convenience store and Softbank cooperation, launched a local bicycle business sharing
Japan 7-11 convenience store will be jointly launched with Softbank to share bicycles. This service will be piloted at 9 stores 7-11 in Saitama this month. It is planned to be rolled out to 1,000 stores in the metropolitan area and local cities by the end of March 2019, and an estimated 5,000 bicycles will be delivered. The cooperation is the launch of a shared cycling service “HELLO CYCLING” operated by a subsidiary of Softbank. After you register with a transport card like Suica, you can use it without reservation. This shared bicycle costs 60 yen (about RMB 3.5) every 15 minutes, and a credit card is required for payment. Depending on the area and bike type, the cost of sharing a bike may also be adjusted.
big company
Short video company recently launched IPO and ready to IPO in Hong Kong
“Caijing” reporter was the exclusive reporter learned that in March this year, just completed the 350 million D round of short-film financing fast-drivers, recently launched an IPO and is ready to be listed in Hong Kong. “Caijing” reporter has not yet found the relevant listing of the company from the HKEx website, the company should be in the material preparation period. (Finance)
Tencent “eat chicken” hand-game today opened test, 30 million people grab the activation code, you grab it?
Tencent’s first 100-person tactical competitive mobile tour “Glory Mission” today officially opened the “Limited Glory Test” (this test is only for Android platform users), and announced during the test (tentative November 21-November 23 Day) daily 12: 00,15: 00,20: 00 three time limit issuing invitation code, invite some lucky players to land first. The whole platform dozens of big coffee anchors will also help the majority of users. As of the evening of November 19, “glorious mission” full platform reservation number exceeded 30 million people successfully.
Hungry R & D department, “Hungry why π” debut, and release smart headset module
November 21, hungry for the future of the logistics strategy set up R & D department “hungry?” Debut, and released for riders to interact through the voice of mobile phones smart headset module. It is reported that the module will be built into the hummingbird distribution app, adaptable to the vast majority of mainstream headphones on the market. After the rider activates the module through the earphone, you can use the voice to issue orders to the app, navigate, dial the user’s phone number, etc., and receive voice feedback in real time. Pi hungry? Π team leader said that by eliminating the rider’s hand-held operation, can improve distribution efficiency, while protecting the rider’s driving safety. According to its disclosure, the end of this year, the smart headset module will be on the hummingbird distribution app full on-line.
In addition, according to the plan of being hungry, the strategic core of “Future Logistics” will be to create a real-time delivery system based on user experience, innovation and technology as the driving force and intelligent system, so as to promote the real-time distribution industry to complete the third phase of transformation. Hungry what “future logistics” three stages of goals: that is, intelligent deployment, distribution and unmanned man-machine delivery. According to reports, the group’s first phase of the hungry intelligent scheduling research and development has made progress. (21st Century Business Herald)
The history of the most trench drone buyers was born! Uber in the quagmire to engage in a large unmanned taxi team
Uber shook his hand from the quagmire and took the largest unmanned car order in history. The newly appointed CEO of the company decided to buy 24,000 Volvo Autopilot XC90s to build an unmanned SUV fleet. After getting the car, Uber also plans to add his own sensor and software system. The XC90 Volvo plans to be delivered to Uber between 2019 and 2021. According to FT, the transaction amounting to 1.4 billion US dollars, equivalent to 9.2 billion yuan.
Softbank invests in Uber: Repurchase Southeast Asian market strategy
According to Reuters quoted industry sources, Japan’s Softbank Group, with its multi-billion-dollar investment in Uber, is likely to merge Uber with other taxi companies to consolidate its booming taxi business in Asia. Softbank has also invested in Uber’s competitors in Asia, including Grab in Southeast Asia, Drip Drift in China and Ola in India, and is committed to realizing the vision of Artificial Intelligence and Connected Device Drives the Future for Sonny, the founder of SoftBank. An internal source at Singapore’s Grab said: “SoftBand will play a role in business integration and SoftBank will fundamentally change the competitive landscape as a director of both companies (Uber and Grab).” (Sina Technology)
Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked LeTV net shows if the financial loan can not be repaid if it will lead to listed companies “shell”
Shenzhen Stock Exchange attention letter asked LeTV net, if the relevant loans can not be repaid, the pledgee exercise of the security right or pledge will lead to the listing company “shell” and asked to verify the relevant Sunac China Sun Hongbin intends to start the new music, The plan of capital increase and stock plan reports the authenticity.
Samsung released Bixby Chinese version, next February will push artificial intelligence operating system
Samsung announced the official release of the Chinese version of Bixby, an artificial intelligence assistant who was late six months late. Samsung Bixby is divided into male and female versions, in the interactive mode, Bixby has three ways, not only can use voice to dialogue with it, you can also use text and click to order, more convenient way to communicate with them . Samsung demonstrated the use of Bixby voice mail, open music and read text messages and other operations.
Samsung revealed that the Chinese version of Bixby will be the first to support the Samsung S8 and Note8 series products on November 30, and the forthcoming high-end flagship Samsung W2018 will also be equipped. Next year, Samsung will apply Bixby 2.0 to the Internet of Things, which means Bixby will not only be limited to smartphones. Based on Bixby, Samsung also announced that it will launch the artificial intelligence operating system Galaxy AIUX in February next year.
Tencent reached 522.9 billion US dollars, Super Facebook into the world’s fifth
On November 21, Tencent has been up for four days. Today’s stock close at HK $ 430.0, up 2.38% and has a market capitalization of HK $ 4,845.5 billion (522.2 billion U.S. dollars), surpassing Facebook as the fifth-largest market capitalization company in the world.
The new U.S. Congress bill may affect the sale of ads by Google and Facebook
CNBC reports that the U.S. Senate is considering two bills that could undermine the growth of ads for Facebook, Google’s parent company Alphabet and other Internet companies. Relatively low-key bills are more likely to become law, a situation common in Washington. Democrat-backed bills will change the way Google and Facebook sell political advertising, and a measure Republicans have taken to eliminate key legal loopholes in Internet companies has been approved by the Senate Commerce Committee. Any one bill may inhibit the growth of advertising, but the second bill is more likely to work first.
Unmanned shelves add another giant, with a new brand of SF “Feng e foot food” admission
SF Group official microblogging released a series of pictures, said it created a platform for employee snack welfare “abundance e foot food,” the pilot has now opened in Shenzhen, the future will be to promote the country. At this point, following the Jingdong, what hungry, box horse freshmen, another giants into the unmanned shelves battlefield. SF to do unmanned shelves, from a logical very appropriate, and a matter of course. First of all, SF has the infrastructure needed for unmanned shelves – a high-density distribution network. Secondly, the advantage of SF is office resources and express small brother, can save BD cost. Conversely, SF also very much needs a good commercial cash intake, unmanned shelves naturally have traffic barriers, and SF existing business fit, is a good attempt.
Word of mouth announced unopened restaurant technology
Alibaba’s local life service platform reputation announced the opening of unmanned restaurant technology for the majority of catering businesses, including intelligent ordering, intelligent recommendation, service notification, buffet meals, automatic withholding, dining evaluation, including the whole process solution. According to word of mouth estimates, the use of word of mouth unattended restaurant technology catering businesses can effectively save labor costs at the same time, so that the restaurant’s reception capacity increased by more than 30%.
According to word of mouth, unobtrusive restaurant technical solutions involved a total of more than a dozen technology applications, including front-end self-booking, self-ordering, buffet meals, self-payment, self-service members and the back end of the automatic sub-single print, automated purchase orders Generate, etc., each of which technology can be freely combined into other technology applications to meet different business needs of different businesses. (World Network Business)
Dada joint Jingdong logistics launched the same city express mail service, within 4 hours can be served
DADA, an information platform for fast delivery in the same city, recently announced that it will jointly launch the “4-hour up-to-date” express delivery service in the same city on the basis of the same-city distribution network jointly set up by both parties. In this city distribution network, the user as long as the mobile phone orders, there will be 15 minutes Dada Knight sent the file sent to the nearest Jingdong logistics outlets, and then Jingdong logistics through the city fast transit to the recipient Another recent Jingdong logistics network outlets, and then picked up by the Dada Knight sent to the recipient hands, the entire process no more than 4 hours to complete, to ensure the fastest timeliness.
Not afraid of more information: WeChat chat online “reminder” function
A few days ago, some users found that the WeChat app has quietly launched the new “Reminder” function on the latest WeChat app (iOS version). Currently, iOS users can use this feature when upgrading to the latest version of WeChat (6.5.22) Users also need to wait a second. In the chat dialogue, select chat content long press will be able to exhale “reminder”, with the copy, forward, collection tied together. After selecting the content, you can choose to set the reminder time, the WeChat will choose to be reminded in the form of “service notification”. (IT House)
In addition to Apple’s Samsung, Huawei is the only smart phone maker to make money
According to “Forbes” reported that the iPhone’s high-priced line and best-selling Apple has an extremely high gold-absorbing capacity, a company’s profits up to 90% of the entire industry, the lowest close to 70%. Huawei is the only profitable smartphone maker besides Apple and Samsung, and its share of the smartphone industry is on the rise. Michael Walkley, an Apple analyst at financial services firm Canaccord Genuity, estimates the share of major smartphone makers in industry profits. Walkley’s analysis did not include some Chinese smartphone makers such as vivo and OPPO because they did not provide financial information, but in general they are basically breakeven, so even considering them, Apple, Samsung and Huawei The share of profits in the smart phone industry has little effect. (Phoenix Technology)
Tencent WeChat ecological chain intends to enter the overseas market, Malaysia as the first stop
According to Fortune, Liu Shengyi, senior vice president of Tencent, said Malaysia will be the first overseas market for the company to launch the Wechat ecosystem. Tencent made a “breakthrough” in obtaining an electronic payment license in Malaysia and plans to launch an electronic payment service in Malaysia early next year. This move will make Tencent Alibaba competitors, they are competing in overseas markets for new growth opportunities. Liu Shengyi said, “Malaysia has 20 million WeChat users. In this sense, it is a big market with great potential for growth. Malaysian users like Chinese companies’ Internet products.” (Phoenix Technology)
Divine car rental 2017 third quarter net profit of 662 million yuan, down 52%
According to Sina Technology News, Divine car rental release for the nine months ended September 30, 2017 results. Earnings report, the Group achieved a total revenue of 5.758 billion yuan during the reporting period, compared with 4.661 billion yuan a year earlier to increase 18%; of which core business car leasing revenue 2.838 billion yuan, an increase of 31%; net profit of 662 million yuan, 1.388 billion yuan over the same period decreased by 52%.
“Fanghua” return: December 15 in the country and North America simultaneously released
Recently, Feng Xiaogang’s official microblogging movie announced “Fanghua” official file, the film will be December 15 in the country and North America simultaneously released. 2 months ago, “Fanghua” experienced from early release to indefinitely delayed extracurricular reversal. September 22, originally scheduled for the day before the National Day movie released, announced ahead of schedule to September 29. However, only a day later, on the night of September 23, a sudden withdrawal was suddenly exposed. Huayi Brothers boss Wang Zhonglei as the main investor in the early morning of the next morning via microblogging confirmed: “” Fanghua “will not be released this year National Day file.” Feng Xiaogang announced through the official micro, after consultation with the film and parties, “Fang China “intends to agree to accept the parties to change the file recommendations, the new release date selected release.
Investment and Financing
Scalyr, a cloud service provider, was raised $ 20 million in round A funding
Scalyr, a cloud services provider, announced that it raised $ 20 million in funding from Shasta Ventures, with existing investors Bloomberg Beta, Susa Ventures and Heroic Ventures. The company built a tool that filters a large amount of log data and is much faster than traditional tools – all without the need for machine learning. Now with 23 employees in San Mateo, Scalyr is likely to use the money to recruit new employees. The company currently has 140 paid customers, including Giphy, TiVo and Business Insider. (Hunting cloud network)
Wisdom retail CRM system services business fan technology won 10 million yuan A round of financing
Recently, Shangfan Technology officially announced the completion of A round of tens of millions of RMB financing. Lead by Ventech China, potential security capital, Genesis partner capital and investment. Genesis Partner Capital continues to participate in this round of investment after leading the Pre-A round earlier this year. After the current round of financing, the Company will further accelerate the pace of customer development based on the existing retail smart CRM provided by the Bank and intensify its efforts to tap the wisdom of data. In addition, it will explore various new business cooperation modes with its partners. Shangfan Technology is positioned as a SaaS service that provides retail data intelligence to chain retailers. The current system uses a big data architecture, real-time data operations

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I awaited with as much patience as I could muster the result of the
venture. I was proud of Uncle Naboth’s bravery, and hoped he would be
successful. Surely the brief interview with my newly acquired relative
had caused a great change in my future prospects, for it was not likely
that my mother’s brother would desert me in my extremity. I had left the
house that was now no longer my home without a single friend to whom I
could turn, and behold, here was a champion waiting to espouse my cause!
Mr. Perkins was somewhat peculiar in his actions, it is true, but he was
my uncle and my dead father’s partner, and already I was beginning to
have faith in him.

It was a full half hour before I saw him coming back along the path; but
now he no longer strutted with proud determination. Instead, his whole
stout little body drooped despondently; his hat was thrust back from his
forehead, and upon his deeply wrinkled face stood big drops of

“Sam,” said he, standing before me with a rather sheepish air, “I were
wrong, an’ I beg your pardon. That woman ain’t no she-tiger. I
mis-stated the case. She’s a she-devil!”

The words were laden with disgust and indignation. Uncle Naboth drew out
his gorgeous handkerchief and wiped his face with it. Then he dropped
upon the bench and pushed his big hands deep into his capacious pockets,
with the air of a man crushed and defeated.

I sighed.

“Then she refused to give up the property?”

“Give up? She’d die first. Why, Sam, the critter tried to brain me with
a gridiron! Almost, my boy, you was an orphan agin. He who fights an’
runs away may n’t get much credit for it, but he’s a durned sight safer
ner a dead man. The Perkinses was allus a reckless crew; but sooner ’n
face that female agin I’d tackle a mad bull!”

“Won’t the law help us?” I asked.

“The law!” cried Mr. Perkins, in a voice of intense horror. “W’y, Sam,
the law’s more to be dreaded than a woman. It’s an invention of the
devil to keep poor mortals from becomin’ too happy in this ’ere vale o’
tears. My boy, if ye ever has to choose between the law an’ a woman, my
advice is to commit suicide at once. It’s quicker an’ less painful.”

“But the law stands for justice,” I protested.

“That’s the bluff it puts up,” said Uncle Naboth, “but it ain’t so. An’
where’s your proof agin Mrs. Ranck, anyhow? Cap’n Steele foolishly put
the house in her name. If she ain’t honest enough to give it up, no one
can take it from her. An’ he kep’ secret about the fortune that was left
in his room, so we can’t describe the things you’ve been robbed of.
Altogether, it’s jest a hopeless case. The she-devil has made up her
mind to inherit your fortune, an’ you can’t help yourself.”

As I stared into the little man’s face the tears came into my eyes and
blurred my sight. He thrust the red handkerchief into my hand, and I
quickly wiped away the traces of unmanly weakness. And when I could see
plainly again my uncle was deeply involved in one of his fits of silent
merriment, and his shoulders were shaking spasmodically. I waited for
him to cough and choke, which he proceeded to do before regaining his
gravity. The attack seemed to have done him good, for he smiled at my
disturbed expression and laid a kindly hand on my shoulder.

“Run up to the house, my lad, an’ get your bundle of clothes,” he said.
“I’ll be here when you get back. Don’t worry over what’s gone. I’ll take
care o’ you, hereafter.”

I gave him a grateful glance and clasped his big, horny hands in both my

“Thank you, uncle,” said I; “I don’t know what would have become of me
if you had not turned up just as you did.”

“Lucky; wasn’t it, Sam? But run along and get your traps.”

I obeyed, walking slowly and thoughtfully back to the house. When I
tried to raise the latch I found the door locked.

“Mrs. Ranck!” I called. “Mrs. Ranck, let me in, please. I’ve come for my

There was no answer. I rattled the latch, but all in vain. So I sat down
upon the steps of the porch, wondering what I should do. It was a
strange and unpleasant sensation, to find myself suddenly barred from
the home in which I had been born and wherein I had lived all my boyhood
days. It was only my indignation against this selfish and hard old woman
that prevented me from bursting into another flood of tears, for my
nerves were all unstrung by the events of the past few hours. However,
anger held all other passion in check for the moment, and I was about to
force an entrance through the side window, as I had done on several
occasions before, when the sash of the window in my own attic room was
pushed up and a bundle was projected from it with such good aim that it
would have struck my head, had I not instinctively dodged it.

Mrs. Ranck’s head followed the bundle far enough to cast a cruel and
triumphant glance into my upturned face.

“There’s your duds. Take ’em an’ go, you ongrateful wretch!” she yelled.
“An’ don’t ye let me see your face again until you come to pay me the
money you owes for your keepin’.”

“Please, Mrs. Ranck,” I asked, meekly, “can I have my father’s watch and

“No, no, no!” she screamed, in a fury. “Do ye want to rob me of
everything? Ain’t you satisfied to owe me four hundred dollars a’ready?”

“I——I’d like some keepsake of father’s,” I persisted, well knowing this
would be my last chance to procure it. “You may keep the watch, if
you’ll give me the ring.”

“I’ll keep’m both,” she retorted. “You’ll get nothin’ more out’n me, now
or never!”

Then she slammed down the window, and refused to answer by a word my
further pleadings. So finally I picked up the bundle and, feeling
miserable and sick at heart, followed the path back to the little grove.

“It didn’t take you very long, but that’s all the better,” said my
uncle, shutting his clasp-knife with a click and then standing up to
brush the chips from his lap. “We two’ll go to the tavern, an’ talk over
our future plans.”

Silently I walked by the side of Naboth Perkins until we came to the
village. I knew everyone in the little town, and several of the
fishermen and sailors met me with words of honest sympathy for my loss.
Captain Steele had been the big man of Batteraft, beloved by all who
knew him despite his reserved nature, and these simple villagers, rude
and uneducated but kindly hearted, felt that in his death they had lost
a good friend and a neighbor of whom they had always been proud. Not one
of them would have refused assistance to Captain Steele’s only son; but
they were all very poor, and it was lucky for me that Uncle Naboth had
arrived so opportunely to befriend me.

Having ordered a substantial dinner of the landlord of “The Rudder,” Mr.
Perkins gravely invited me to his private room for a conference, and I
climbed the rickety stairs in his wake.

The chamber was very luxurious in my eyes, with its rag carpet and
high-posted bed, its wash-stand and rocking-chair. I could not easily
withhold my deference to the man who was able to hire it, and removing
my cap I sat upon the edge of the bed while Uncle Naboth took possession
of the rocking-chair and lighted a big briar pipe.

Having settled himself comfortably by putting his feet upon the sill of
the open window, he remarked:

“Now, Sam, my lad, we’ll talk it all over.”

“Very well, sir,” I replied, much impressed.

“In the first place, I’m your father’s partner, as I said afore. Some
years ago the Cap’n found he had more money’n he could use in his own
business, an’ I’d saved up a bit myself, to match it. So we put both
together an’ bought a schooner called the ‘Flipper’, w’ich I’m free to
say is the best boat, fer its size an’ kind, that ever sailed the

“The Pacific!”

“Naterally. Cap’n Steele on the Atlantic, an’ Cap’n Perkins on the
Pacific. In that way we divided up the world between us.” He stopped to
wink, here, and began his silent chuckle; but fortunately he remembered
the importance of the occasion and refrained from carrying it to the
choking stage. “I s’pose your father never said naught to you about this
deal o’ ours, any more’n he did to that she-bandit up at the house. An’
it’s lucky he didn’t, or the critter’d be claimin’ the ‘Flipper’, too,
an’ then you an’ I’d be out of a job!”

He winked again; solemnly, this time; and I sat still and stared at him.

“Howsomever, the ‘Flipper’ is still in statute loo, an’ thank heaven fer
that! I made sev’ral voyages in her to Australy, that turned out fairly
profitably, an’ brought the Cap’n an’ me some good bits o’ money. So
last year we thought we’d tackle the Japan trade, that seemed to be
lookin’ up. It looked down agin as soon as I struck the pesky shores,
an’ a month ago I returned to ’Frisco a sadder an’ a wiser man. Not that
the losses was so great, Sam, you understand; but the earnin’s wasn’t
enough to buy a shoe-string.

“So I sailed cross-lots to Batteraft to consult with my partner, which
is Cap’n Steele, as to our next voyage, an’ the rest o’ the story you
know as well as I do. Your father bein’ out o’ the firm, from no fault
o’ his’n, his son is his nateral successor. So I take it that hereafter
we’ll have to consult together.”

My amazed expression amused him exceedingly, but I found it impossible
just then to utter a single word. Uncle Naboth did not seem to expect me
to speak, for after lighting his pipe again he continued, with an air of
great complacency:

“It mought be said that, as you’re a minor, I stands as your rightful
guardeen, an’ have a right to act for you ’til you come of age. On the
other hand, you mought claim that, bein’ a partner, your size an’ age
don’t count, an’ you’ve a right to be heard. Howsomever, we won’t go to
law about it, Sam. The law’s onreliable. Sometimes it’s right, an’
mostly it’s wrong; but it ain’t never to be trusted by an honest man. If
you insist on dictatin’ what this partnership’s goin’ to do, you’ll
probably run it on a rock in two jerks of a lamb’s tail, for you haven’t
got the experience old Cap’n Steele had; but if you’re satisfied to let
me take the tiller, an’ steer you into harbor, why, I’ll accept the job
an’ do the best I can at it.”

“Uncle Naboth,” I replied, earnestly, “had you not been an honest man I
would never have known you were my father’s partner, or that he had any
interest in your business. But you’ve been more than honest. You’ve been
kind to me; and I am only too glad to trust you in every way.”

“Well spoke, lad!” cried Mr. Perkins, slapping his knee delightedly.
“It’s what I had a right to expect in poor Mary’s boy. We’re sure to get
along, Sam, and even if I don’t make you rich, you’ll never need a stout
friend while your Uncle Nabe is alive an’ kickin’!”

Then we both stood up, and shook hands with great solemnity, to seal the
bargain. After which my friend and protector returned to his rocker and
once more stretched his feet across the window sill.

“How much property belongs to me, Uncle?” I asked.

“We never drew up any papers. Cap’n Steele knew as he could trust me,
an’ so papers wa’n’t necessary. He owned one-third interest in the
‘Flipper’, an’ supplied one half the money to carry on the trade. That
made it mighty hard to figure out the profits, so we gen’ly lumped it,
to save brain-work. Of course your father’s been paid all his earnin’s
after each voyage was over, so accounts is settled up to the Japan trip.
Probably the money I gave him was in the sea-chest, an’ that old
she-pirate up to the house grabbed it with the other things. The Japan
voyage was a failure, as I told you; but there’s about a thousand
dollars still comin’ to the Cap’n—which means it’s comin’ to you,
Sam—an’ the ship’s worth a good ten thousand besides.”

I tried to think what that meant to me.

“It isn’t a very big sum of money, is it, Uncle?” I asked, diffidently.

“That depends on how you look at it,” he answered. “Big oaks from little
acorns grow, you know. If you leave the matter to me, I’ll try to make
that thousand sprout considerable, before you come of age.”

“Of course I’ll leave it to you,” said I. “And I am very grateful for
your kindness, sir.”

“Don’t you turn your gratitude loose too soon, Sam. I may land your
fortunes high an’ dry on the rocks, afore I’ve got through with ’em. But
if I do it won’t be on purpose, an’ we’ll sink or swim together. An’
now, that bein’ as good as settled, the next thing to argy is what
you’re a-goin’ to do while I’m sailin’ the seas an’ makin’ money for

“What would you suggest?” I asked.

“Well, some folks might think you ought to have more schoolin’. How old
are you?”

“Sixteen, sir.”

“Can you read an’ write, an’ do figgers?”

“Oh, yes; I’ve finished the public school course,” I replied, smiling at
the simple question.

“Then I guess you’ve had study enough, my lad, and are ready to go to
work. I never had much schoolin’ myself, but I’ve managed to hold my own
in the world, in spite of the way letters an’ figgers mix up when I look
at ’em. Not but what eddication is a good thing; but all eddication
don’t lay in schools. Rubbin’ against the world is what polishes up a
man, an’ the feller that keeps his eyes open can learn somethin’ new
every day. To be open with you, Sam, I need you pretty bad on the
‘Flipper’, to keep the books an’ look after the accounts, an’ do writin’
an’ spellin’ when letters has to be writ. On the last trip I put in four
days hard work, writin’ a letter that was only three lines long. An’ I’m
blamed if the landsman I sent it to didn’t telegraph me for a
translation. So, if you’re willin’ to ship with the firm of Perkins &
Steele, I’ll make you purser an’ chief clerk.”

“I should like that!” I answered, eagerly.

“Then the second p’int’s settled. There’s only one more. The ‘Flipper’
is lyin’ in the harbor at ’Frisco. When shall we join her, lad?”

“I’m ready now, sir.”

“Good. I’ve ordered a wagon to carry us over to the railroad station at
four o’clock, so ye see I had a pretty good idea beforehand what sort o’
stuff Mary’s boy was made of. Now let’s go to dinner.”

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神阙穴是一个完美的穴位,既能减肥养颜,又能调和百病!艾灸神阙具有补脾肾,益精气,抗老驻颜之功,有活化细胞、润肤驻颜、紧致肌肤的作用。因为可增强人体抗病能力的功能,所以还可用于体弱多病的人强身健体、老年人的回春延年 。神阙有减肥的功效,艾灸它可以加速新陈代谢,促进脂肪的排出,同样的道理,水肿、小便不利索,也可以艾灸它。





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Plan stop and sudden stop – rational and decisive victory over greed!

Stop is the necessary trading tips for futures investors. For the novice, many people think that everyone must first go through the process of losing money, and then to reach the other side of success, and lose money is the investors must pay the “tuition.” If this is the case, I hope this “tuition” is best “install payment”, rather than “one-time payment of tuition fees.” After all, many times to lose money experience easier for investors to pay attention to the correct concept of futures trading and methods.

Loss also worth it! There is a more trading idea that the loss caused by the planned stop loss is not a loss, the real loss is planned loss. In mature futures trading, investors are generally only in the expected profit and loss ratio of more than 3: 1 will trade. If you follow this principle to invest in the long term is not easy to produce a loss. In general, the final loss is due to the implementation of profit and loss ratio of 3: 1 set the stop and the resulting excess stop. And this loss is mostly from the so-called sudden stop. Therefore, the control of sudden stop loss as an important means of futures trading success and ability.

Plan stop
From the surface meaning, the planned stop loss is set in the transaction plan set the stop price or condition signal. But from a deeper understanding of the point of view, the planned stop (it can be said that the stop-loss behavior) in the actual operation can be set according to the planned price is executed, the general performance of the market trend with a continuous price and full market liquidity The

Stop loss methods can generally be divided into three categories: fixed stop, track stop and condition stop.

Fixed stop, that is, by limiting the specific stop position, thus fixing the amount of stop loss. Such as 10% stop loss or technical form price stop and so on. This type of stop-loss generally has a clear plan loss limit, can be a good reflection of the profit and loss ratio of 3: 1 principle. This type of stop-loss method is easier to understand, the implementation is also very simple.

Tracking stop, that is, by setting and tracking the relevant stop-loss conditions and signals to complete the stop function. This type of stop-loss generally does not set a specific stop-loss price, the advantage can be combined with the use of trading conditions. As the stop position is variable, so most of the track stop also has the function of tracking only, is conducive to effective expansion of the purpose of profitability. For example: average stop, channel stop, trend line stop and so on. As a result of tracking stop-loss strategy and homeopathic trading philosophy closely integrated, so many old traders are more like to use the track stop. It is a good stop-loss strategy, can help traders to seize the vast majority of a trend.

Conditional stop, that is, by presupposing that the market will appear in certain circumstances, if there is no expected after the situation that is open out. If the information on the fundamentals is published, the information is expected to be bullish, but the published information is inconsistent with the expected, that is open out. Again, if the expected price in a certain period of time should be a change, but did not happen after the expected changes, then open out can also be regarded as a conditional stop. Said the popular point, that is, when the time did not happen, that is, the conditions stop. This method, the general investors less use. And because the method of subjective judgments more ingredients in the use of the best and other methods should also be used together, will be more secure.

In short, there are many ways to stop the plan, but no matter what kind of stop-loss methods must be clear and executable.
Sudden stop loss
A sudden stop loss is a stop loss when the planned stop is not valid, specifically, an unexpected situation, or no continuous price can be implemented, or due to lack of liquidity caused by planned stop-loss obstacles. Loss of sudden loss refers to loss beyond planned stop.

For example, someone in 5000 to do more, plan the target is 5300, plans to stop is 4900, the planned profit and loss ratio of 3: 1. But because of the overnight plunge, the price jumped over its stop-loss to 4700 near the sharp open, making all of a sudden at a loss, after some struggle, or in the price rebound to 4850 near the yuan stop. After the price that is launched a sharp rebound. This is a typical sudden stop. In this case, investors are facing a lot of mental stress, ideological struggle is also very intense. On the one hand the price has hit the stop bit, according to the plan should stop out, and on the other hand because the price is too oversold, the price may rebound at any time possible, if the stop may stop at low, if not Stop, there may continue to fall. All kinds of ideological struggle seriously interfere with the normal decision-making thinking of investors, this time if the price continues to drop, then, at any time may lead to investors to make psychological stop.

In the above example, the person’s loss can be divided into two parts. Ie total loss = planned stop loss loss stop loss = (5000-4900 yuan) (4900-4750) = 100 150 = 250. The total loss per port to 250, almost equal to the original plan of profit 300. Then the profit and loss ratio becomes 1: 1, if long-term operation, investors are difficult to make money in the futures market.

In practical transactions, there are many such examples, especially in the case of emergencies. In addition, the market sometimes because of the dramatic changes in the market makes the skyrocketing, so that investors can not be a normal plan to stop. So effectively avoid or mitigate sudden stop-loss, for investors is very important.

Countermeasures and suggestions
Sudden stop is difficult to avoid, but to some extent we can still through some measures to reduce the loss of sudden stop loss. I believe that to effectively reduce the loss of sudden stop loss, the first is to strengthen the variety of research efforts to understand its characteristics. Second, to carry out a reasonable fund management. Reasonable capital management in addition to ensuring that the account does not appear a malignant loss, but also can reduce the psychological pressure of traders, to stabilize its ability to judge, is conducive to follow-up operation transactions. Third, increase the transaction judgment ability. In the example cited above, the price is in a short-term downward trend, the customer against the rebound when the rebound, not fully aware of the trend of the first half of the closing performance is very weak. This time is not suitable for admission to do more, not suitable for holding a long warehouse overnight. Fourth, improve the trade plan. Good trading plans should sometimes include countermeasures for sudden stop-loss.

For the sudden stop loss, its psychological impact on the traders is great. This requires traders to constantly experience the market changes on their own psychological impact, and from the grasp of the method to reduce panic. In addition, when the sudden stop after the occurrence of psychological recovery is also necessary. The best way to do it is to forget. In the city to do a good job stop, be sure to be good at two forget: the first is to forget to buy the price. No matter what the price to buy, buy immediately after the forgotten their own purchase price, only according to the market itself to decide when to stop according to plan, do not make their own subjective feelings and emotional impact on the implementation of the transaction plan The The second is to forget the stop price, that is, after making a stop immediately forget the stop, do not once bite for ten years afraid of the rope. Should be in the market again when the transaction signal, do not hesitate to act again.

Finally, I would like to emphasize the words of the professionals: “always stand at zero”. As the buy may make the same mistake, the stop will also make mistakes, when found their stop error, to overcome the psychological barriers, once again ran into the forward team.

In short, to use rational and decisive victory over greed and luck, can only long-term with the market counterparts.

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Professional speculators off “keep the advantages of” the secret

Regardless of the variety of trades, there is only one external manifestation of the price movements, that is, the alternation of the trend and the consolidation (or “form”).
Profits from financial exchanges are mainly derived from trends, especially large-level trends, so trend tracking technology is the most essential way to profit from financial transactions.
Regardless of stock, futures, options, foreign exchange and even bonds, regardless of any trading market, are extremely intelligent people invented the big casino, is highly efficient wealth redistribution of the machine. Here, the veteran is always the money to earn newcomers, experts earn money, experts make the public money, institutions to earn retail money.

“Gambling” word surgery, “gambling” also have way, as long as you press the gorgeous technology gambling, according to the correct strategy gambling, according to the established principles of gambling, according to strict discipline gambling, become a big winner is not impossible.
The mystery of winning is six words: “continue to grasp the advantages.” To say that the specific point is to carefully analyze the odds, firmly grasp the advantages, strict control of risk. Is when the odds are very big when the next note, when the odds are relatively small when the small note, when there is no chance of winning no bet.
What is financial derivatives? They are financial transactions genius invented the weapons of mass destruction, is the economic and financial areas of nuclear weapons. Financial transactions are the most similar human behavior in war, an alternative war, whose external manifestation is the madness of money. That being the case, the speed of plunder is, of course, the sooner the better, the higher the efficiency the better, financial derivatives is designed in such a guiding ideology. Since the day it was born, it competes with the infinite greed and gambling nature of mankind, and its market capacity is inflated like a inflated balloon. At present, the financial derivatives market scale, as most of the world’s virtual capital of the precipitation, with its several times the strength of the real economy, on the one hand poses a threat to the real economy, on the one hand in the trading market, “Behind the integrity” allows you to experience the most dangerous and most important game on Wall Street today. Derivatives trading is a bloody game, prey is unprepared investors.
Trend tracking technology is never out of date because it is directed at the nature of the trading market. “Trends” is the true face of the trading market, the market can not and can not appear in any other form.
Trend tracking trading technology is powerful: it will all the trends – whether rising or declining trend, especially the larger level of the trend – a clean sweep! I think that a successful trader does not have to understand anything, no matter what the market wants to plug in an attempt to become “all-around traders” is neither possible nor necessary. Where there is a big trend, put the funds allocated to where; which market in the sideways for a long time to leave the market.
Nothing is more stupid than taking risks in an uncertain market. “Not sure not to do”, “do not understand do not do” should be the highest principle of financial transactions.

I basically have a negative attitude towards the basic analytical method and the value of the investment route, but only erected a banner, that is, hold high the “professional speculation technical analysis” banner.
The trend analysis technology as the core of the technical analysis theory is the only correct way. Only one technical analysis is credible, that is, trend tracking.
Financial transactions are not investment, the financial market is not the investment site is such a basic fact! Technical analysis is a common technology, which is in the market are useful. Technical analysis only analysis of three elements: K line, moving average, volume. The purpose of the analysis is to find out the merits and demerits of the merits and demerits, and thus to judge and verify the trend. Criticism only need K-line chart: the monthly chart, weekly chart and daily chart. If it is a margin-based margin transaction, you need to analyze the more microscopic K-line graph, that is, 1 minute, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes K line map, the other does not need!
To know the K line, moving average and trading volume is the market itself, K line description is the capital footprints.
Trends – only the trend, is the core of the transaction profit secrets, all the winners are relying on the trend of eating, this is the truth or nature of the transaction. A major bull market or a major bear market is nothing more than a big trend. If the bull market compared to the mountain, then the bear market is equivalent to down the mountain. Up the mountain and down the mountain can make a lot of money, through the downhill to make money faster than the mountain more than 2 times.
Trends – especially the power of the big-level trend is invincible, early detection of the direction of this trend and the transaction can be carried out accordingly, and there is no need to care about the reasons for driving this trend!
The real winners are the same: they are all speculators!
For the direction of the most macro trend and long-term trend, the monthly chart is sufficient. Monthly chart for a large level of bull market or bear market has a good indicator. Read the chart is the basic skills of each trader, the daily chart is to do with the transaction one of the three core charts, each day K line is actually the so-called “day clutter.” However, it is often found that they often have a specific meaning – that is, a trend that indicates the day-level level, even if they are studied in conjunction with the positional relationships of the moving average (ie, the moving average system on the daily chart) (That is, the trend on the daily chart, the same below) or continue, or turning, or no trend of the facts, which has a guiding role in guiding the transaction. The daily chart is usually considered the best chart to indicate short-term trends. The weekly chart is between the line graph and the daily chart, which serves to link the two. A variety of transactions in a period of time the trend can be reflected in the monthly chart, weekly chart and daily chart, these charts must be strictly corresponding. The difference is that the monthly chart is only a month K line, weekly chart every week only a week K line, daily chart every trading day have a day K line. The number of K lines makes the daily chart suitable for indicating and tracking short-term trends, weekly charts are suitable for indicating and tracking medium-term trends, and the monthly chart is suitable for indicating and tracking long-term trends. Monthly chart, weekly chart and daily chart joint judgment, like the joint operation of land, sea and air forces, will make professional traders with ordinary people do not have the big picture.

For futures trading, the details determine success or failure.
Long-term trends, medium-term trends, short-term trends and micro-trends are: the direction may be the same or vice versa. When the micro trend, short-term trends and long-term trends in the opposite direction, as long as not the end of the long-term trend of the stage, under normal circumstances micro-trends, short-term trend will end, turned to subject to long-term trend. This is called “arm twist but thigh.” Critical moment, or thigh decision arm.
When the traders have mastered the trading technology, have a mature trading system and trading ideas, can be difficult to implement the transaction decision-making, the implementation of the rules of the transaction, the transaction becomes a skilled living, traders become a consummate Of skilled workers. Mature traders no longer try to “innovate” or seek exceptions, no longer attempt to “go beyond” trading systems or “overturn” trading rules, but only routinely deal with each transaction in accordance with the trading signals issued by the trading system. This is the experience of many failures accumulated, and perhaps every lesson is one or more of the pain of the skin.
A set of excellent trading technology, forming the trading system and a few can not violate the rules of the transaction!
I will not hesitate to order, buy or sell, open or close the order issued by the trading system. Regardless of profit and loss, I can always remain calm, because I know that I am back and forth, I am convinced that the power of their trading system, but also did not doubt that I summed up a set of transaction law value and correctness, I only need to worry about Just can do it. I am less and less on the Pioneer forces. If the “Pioneer” frustrated, I will not overweight flat, I stop the bar directly, so that the transaction did not have the opportunity to give me even a trace of trouble. If the expected loss, regardless of profit and loss, I immediately withdraw from the transaction. If you are accidentally caught in the difficult trade, as long as I realized this, I will immediately surrender, recognize the output, rather than hard to stick to it. I no longer try to maintain a disadvantage on my position, I do not want to spend even a little bit of energy, do not even want to see it a little, In this way, when someone comes to me to discuss the experience of trading, I hope I can like the oil wang that can be chic and elegant to say: “I do not have it,
The first principle is that “unfamiliar markets do not do”, that is, the technological trends of the participating markets must be able to be incorporated into the framework of his technical analysis.
In the same K-line chart, he noted three points: 1, K line and K line shape and position relationship; 2, K line and moving average shape and position relationship; 3, moving average and moving average shape and position relationship. He will always follow the direction of long-term trend of trading, but if it is a margin transaction, he will not be short-term adverse fluctuations to relax. He can not only judge the direction of long-term, medium-term and short-term trends, more clearly aware of the hidden behind the trend of the more essential things: the strength of the strength of the contrast and the growth and decline of each other. He only in the “all conditions are beneficial to them” the time to play, other time is only observed and waiting. He does not think he is more sophisticated than the trading system, so he trusts the trading system more than trusting his own feelings. He is the biggest difference with ordinary people is no fear, no arrogance, when the progress is into, when the retreat, there is no timid, suffering from the kind of emotional fetters. He not only has excellent self-management ability, but also a reasonable set of funds management program.
The pursuit of large probability of events, continue to grasp the advantages.
Prices are evolving in a trend, pointing to the key to our profitability from the stock market. There are only two ways to run the stock market: trend (rising trend or downward trend) and horizontal consolidation (ie “no trend”). Because the stock price fluctuations depends on the strength of the buyers and sellers, this power compared to the ups and downs, repeated cycles; as long as the market exists, no one can completely destroy the other party; when a party will be out of the trend when the market, That is, the dominant trend of multi-dominant, empty side dominant to go downward trend; when the two sides are evenly matched, it will appear sideways shock consolidation form. But this long and short balance of time regardless of the length of time will eventually be broken, the market will re-out of the trend of the market, the trend of the market after the end of no return to the trend of the market, the market will always switch between these two states. If the trend of the market after the end of the trend of the continuation of the original direction, it is called “finishing form” or “relay form”; if the trend reversal direction, it is called “reverse form”, the corresponding area Known as the “top area” or “bottom area”.

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A man with a great deal of mankind to measure the world of all things in the city

Old Koehler who pay attention to the pronunciation is elegant Oxford or the next three rotten American sailor cavity,
And this distinction between the high and low,
They are elegant gestures, pay attention to, can not eat Western food, drink black tea, write the habit of writing letters,
They still listen to the thirties and thirties of jazz, wearing them from the young when they love Rolex,
Omega table, jump that year the national standard.
They live in the depths of time, totally ignorant of the world has been singing which out of the play.


This spring wet and cold, “late spring” fell over and over again. This kind of climate makes people feel Jiangnan is suffocating, where there is any “apricot spring rain”? Obviously is the endless wind and cold rain. The walls are cold, the trees are cold, the river is cold, the city is cold. Shanghai is a group of cold city in this one.

I rarely mention Shanghai in the text, although in China’s cities, in addition to their hometown, I am most familiar with is Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Do not write the reason is that Shanghai is unable to grasp, it is not Zhang Ailing that Shanghai, nor Wang Anyi that Shanghai. Zhang Ailing that Shanghai is sophisticated, the world so that you feel life is a very thin paper; Wang Anyi that Shanghai is calm, calm to let you understand that things are an exceptionally humble dream. Zhang Ailing’s Shanghai is the city’s flourishing past, outside the world all kinds of charming, heart of the world is desolate; Wang Anyi’s Shanghai is the city in the red flag under the smooth transformation of a city like a person, life is very Often, people are very dangerous. In this way, Zhang Ailing and Wang Anyi together the two women together to explain this delicate and transparent fashion city, and those who are always young and always old and old on the world of Shanghai.

Sometimes in the weekend, I take the D-head train, after more than an hour drive from Jiangsu to Shanghai, in the Huaihai Road Briccocafe (times can be Italian) tea, smoke a cigarette, immersed in the afternoon sunshine, or In the Portman Hotel to the town of Meilong town square on the road slowly walk, Jing’an Temple resplendent, oblique sunny road, Chunhui come, the earth warmer. Whenever this time, I have an illusion and meditation. Hegel’s “absolute spirit” doctrine attempts to clarify that human nature in general has a good instinct, so history has an automatic trend towards perfection. So I often comfort myself that the reality of our empathy will eventually be changed, and that my country and people will eventually be illuminated by the universal value of the sun.

Many years ago, my friend Kong teacher still worked in the German company in Shanghai. One time I live in her Xinzhuang home, she had so categorically said: “70% of foreigners in Shanghai is rubbish.” Kong teacher temperament has always been extreme, speak is inevitable, but you can say she was completely The truth? On the beach commercial street countless street lights, there will always be a young and beautiful Chinese woman, tenderness to arm with a temples with cream, skin white white old man. That tight arm to maintain the green card, dollars, luxury life and most of the health care. This is a living law, and dignity is not much of a relationship, I deeply understand all the painful struggle of life, as I understand the “Old Testament” said: “already, There will be no new things under the sun.

In such a place, human well-being curing into a rule and technology, moral stand is paralyzed. Shanshan from Jiangsu to Shanghai for five years, and deliberately want to marry a decent European and American men, transforming many countries, many boyfriend, still alone. The chilly night, Shanshan about me in the new Jinjiang Hotel top floor lounge to meet. She was two cups of South Australian wine, tired we crooked down to sit in the window, the table candle swaying, we overlooking the lights on both sides of the river, she suddenly gnawly laughed: “These gweilo, friends, This is Shanghai, men conquer the world, women conquered men. “Then, Shanshan in English scolded a harsh swearing, than the United States, the United States and the United States, Suzhou River water dirty.


Lujiazui is the new landmark of Shanghai in the 21st century, with heavy buildings, skyscrapers and oriental pearls woven into a magnificent modern image of Chinese version of Manhattan. Spring and rain in the rainy days ushered in the long absence of the sun, I and Xiaofeng and others in the Pudong called the nightclub restaurant dining table seats dining. Through this luxurious landscape restaurant floor window, you can see the famous banks on the banks of the Bund. Xiaofeng is the system officials, roots are Miao Hong, from time to time really recalled the Republic of the past years. A few years ago he worked with the British to publish a fashion magazine, magazine once became popular in the circle of foreigners. At this moment, Xiaofeng drink a few cups of Chilean dry red. People drink more difficult to feel the past, he hand chopsticks folder pig meat, one hand pointing to the Bund customs bell tower, said: “When the liberation of Shanghai, my father climbed to the top of the bell tower, the red flag into the bell tower. My father they out of the imperialism out of Shanghai. “I know that they are not kind, while Xiaofeng pouring, while teasing him, said:” Yes ah, when your father to imperialism out of Shanghai, now you The imperialist go back to Shanghai joint magazine. “Xiaofeng laughed, his face more red.

Is it a joke? History is a joke, vicious joke. Yesterday, Xiafei Road changed Huaihai Road, Magway Road changed to Urumqi Road, the revolutionary names cover the traces of colonialism; today, the river once again into the elements of New York, Paris temperament and London style, English again Become the so-called upper class official language, Shanghai dialect once again quietly squeezed out of the city’s core. History is such a page ruthlessly turned over to turn over, people are coerced by which, the only thing you can do is low-key.

Shanghai has not changed, everything is so. Hengshan Road, plane trees whirling, there are coffee hot incense, there are smoking woman, everyone is passing, do not expect everlasting, are just a glimpse of laughter to see the vicissitudes of life. Hengshan Road, the most beautiful time is not midnight, but the evening. At this time, the street lanterns, pedestrians scarce, along the wide Indus Avenue light walk, I saw the Western-style houses, classical churches, street parks, private small courtyard, there are scattered bars and cafes, all Put on a layer of charming Huacai, so you seem to be in a quiet dream.

Taojiang Road, the red house is warm and happy, is the turn for the sake of jade. Shaanxi South Road is live and fragrant, and every shop has a well-trained snobbery. Xujiahui Shanghai old station always stand there, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the patrons, but also soothe the wanderer’s lonely. Those elegant sea bungalows, important to become a historical relics, not important to change to restaurants. Huashan Road, Dongping Road, celebrities and garden houses have opened a special restaurant, the room has an old record machine, bar, dressing box, cigar room and yellowing old photos, these mansions and old house is talking about talking about Is wealth, stock market, political marriage, foreign and affection. Shanghai’s affair is to use money to support, poor and honest husband and wife grief. Money is the source of the city of 10,000 kinds of style, how much money there is how much emotion, money ran out, and sentiment to the end. Century Avenue, white-collar workers Ye Hao, Royal Amy’s dancers worth mentioning, and the relationship between Shanghai can only be lovers, not the relationship between husband and wife. Valentine is friendship, husband and wife are loving; friendship is used to bless and share, loving is used to have the same; lover is a drunk for the background, the couple is based on rice and salt; lover’s end is “Everlasting Regret” couples outcome is not life and death. Suzhou River is a witness, Xiditou pier is also a witness to witness the old times of honor and the joys and sorrow of the new century, Lujiazui ferry is year after day, this shore to the other side, but also from Puxi to Pudong, from the Peace Hotel to Jinmao Building, from the desire of the old times to the desire of new society, Huangpu River water to wash the lead China, but also wash the wash, this is Shanghai’s “crossing.”

Kunqu Opera and the city’s temperament is cohesive, coincides with its fragrant, darkness of its soft. Shanghai is Europe and the United States fine and Jiangnan exquisite superposition of mixed, Lanxin Theater and Yifei stage put this fine little by little processing, overnight staged. Kunqu Opera is Mensao, it is like Shanghai, Kunqu is also decadent, it is like Shanghai. I came to the heart of the big cinema to see “on the Kun” play, get rid of the chill at the end of the winter, just feel full of spring, see Du Li mother in the dark whining pharynx, and another shining light shines under the drunken Yang Fei. For the come to the theater to watch the Kunqu Opera Europe and the United States friends explain the story is a cool challenge, accompanied by my favorite epic friend “flying youth” first is the “Peony Pavilion” translated as “a Chinese girl in Mensao spring” And then the “Royal drunk” translated as “alcohol of the Chinese Princess.” How is this translation of Shanghai, how “ridiculous” ah, is in the context of post-colonialism in the interpretation of the ancient oriental culture. Kunqu Opera is to show the beauty of life, “flying youth” is not that good is the need “sterile environment” of it? Now, if the reality can not find a good survival of the “sterile environment”, this virtual stage is the most suitable sterile room, on stage, artists can be the life of pure beauty.


Pudong is the 21st century upgrade version of Puxi, but this upgrade is not essential. Today’s Shanghai is actually no soul command, more like a flesh and body of the city. In the 1930s, Shanghai had not only financial gambling and commercial adventures, but also the world’s forefront of literature and art and journalism. Today’s Oriental Art Center, the Shanghai Grand Theater and the Shanghai Museum are all unlike the natural growth of the city’s soil, but the costly money to buy expensive jewelry and luxury diamonds, bluntly embedded in the city’s central square , To flaunt the city’s humanistic thickness.

Today, Lujiazui white collar collar is the old on the beach foreign trade to do the modern replica. They have worked hard and comfortable, decent and international, flashy and confused, in China to accept the completion of higher education, the European wind and rain once again returnees, working in Lujiazui investment bank, in the foreign community to buy sets of duplex apartment, open The domineering Japanese car, to the Tomson Center to play golf at night and often go to the Biyun community near the red cock bar drink two cups, a door to see the old acquaintances, greeting is: “Jackson (Jackson), long time I have three days ago just back from New York, the Biyun community is really very very New York ah, came here as if back to my dreaming New York, brother I am in the United States … … “Shanghai white collar gold collar who said These words are how lyrical, how “drama” ah, as if New York is really their hometown.

White collar gold collar who although studying in Europe and America, but after all born in the contemporary. Compared to the old Klein generation, they are rough. Old Koehler all day sigh, Shanghai is really rivers and rivers ah, the 20th century, 30 years have Zhou Xuan, Ruan Lingyu, 40 years of poplar and Qin Yi, 50 years of Sun Dao and Shangguan Yunzhu, 80 years Chen Chong and Zhang Yu, now, Beach even entertainment stars as well. Old Koehler is the marginalization of the Shanghai legacy, in the Paramount dance hall to jump the national standard dance, they always love pointing to a corner of the ballroom, said: “or the same year, how many years ago, how many years ago, “The unintended spread of the nostalgic atmosphere, gave birth to the old Koehler memories of another scene – dim light, thick shadows, dark eyes flashing, old bells, elegant cheongsam, will also be old Koehler’s inherent image features zoom in and out: the striped suits and pants are very thin pants, the collar white shirt, the spotless shiny pointed shoes, a never-ending umbrella (its handle has a Elbow can also replace the function of Western-style cane); say that Pidgin English, old Koehler also pay attention to the pronunciation of the elegant Oxford or the next three rotten American sailor cavity, and this distinction between the high and low circle; gesture elegant, manners Stress, they can not eat Western food, drink black tea, write the habit of writing letters, they still listen to the twenties and thirties of jazz music, wear them from the young favorite Rolex, Europe Eggplant table, jumping national standard that era. These habits are deep-rooted, so that they will be equal to the noble, high. They can not stand the popular music, dance and other things, and even the same national standard, they also strictly distinguish between different types. They live in the depths of the time, completely ignorant of the world has been singing which out of the play.

Old Keller is more like a bounty of the middle class in Shanghai. This is the most peculiar image of the colonial city. In the early 1950s to the early 1980s, from the outside world, the power of their childhood memories became more stubborn and powerful. Their meticulous spirit of dressing, and the persistent pursuit of life, is a very weird belief that it is neither a national nor a religious sentiment, nor a desire for money. It is only a way of dealing with the West Is the British modern gentleman) taste, style, fun and decent way of life only worship. They are believers of their own doctrine of life, are imprisoned in the cage of everyday aesthetics, and devote themselves to the dedication of life.

The old Koehler group is more like an outdated island, pestle in the big Shanghai, they are in the Huashan Road, Ruby cake shop, Cathay Pacific cinema, big bright cinema, German restaurant, overseas Chinese buildings linger, these are the new generation today ignored corner. The new generation is like Hengshan Road, Xintiandi, Maoming South Road, camphor garden, Tianzi Square, Jinmao Building 87 layer of nine days, Zhaojiabang Road, really Han coffee theater, Shaanxi South Road subway station in the monsoon park. The new generation to Starbucks and Haagen Dazs dating, to the cash box to sing, the old Koehler and feeling the new generation of white-collar workers in Shanghai, compared to their time, really rivers and rivers ah, these have read Master’s degree, study Harvard Yale white-collar taste big not as good as the former.

Old Koehler is always comment to comment to go, that this is not good, so just applauded, so much good life, that kind of good times; or Chenghuang Temple alley more wealthy life wisdom, although every day read only a little ” Xinmin Evening News “, after all, is knowledgeable, sensible, and they laugh to the old Koehler who said:” Do not always feel that the past is good, do not always think that the future will be good. Well, it is good.When the Longhua funeral parlor, a hundred, and all things are good ah. “Alley in the alley side of the use of Soymilk with fresh soy milk, while listening to the radio in the one-man show, or hum The opera Xiaoqu, big chewing fast expired apple, day by day eloquent, and day by day hands and feet deft.

Alley in the alley is out of the truth, do not always praise the past is good, do not always look forward to the future will be good, where the world where there is so good? Therefore, to be accustomed to a way of thinking: bad is normal, good is the accident, is the award. You are always good, can only show that you encounter more accidents, that you are lucky This is the philosophy of the city of Shanghai. Kant and Heidegger are the poorest propositions of the poems, and the interpretation of the words in the city of Shanghai is complete. Winter to spring, the passage of time, the sun and the moon replacement, old age. This is Shanghai, a shrewd, sophisticated and desolate Shanghai, with the eternal human nature of the world to measure everything in Shanghai, with a long time the tragedy of the tragedy of the infatuation of the sea, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, The world of all living in Shanghai, one without Mahayana Buddhism or Hinayana Buddhism,

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She lost love to marry the house, the result …

In the eyes of outsiders, blue is undoubtedly happy, in the unit of foreign households in order to take root in the city desperate fight to fight out of their own suite of a home, she would not be so hard. Her husband Shen Xiaowei is the city people, in the middle of the city center of the demolition of a set of complex building, the father and daughter have a pension, just waiting for Lanqing students next one half of the women are all perfect The

Can be the truth as the old saying goes, marriage is like shoes, Shu uncomfortable only feet know. Married these years, Shen Xiaowei touch her count the number of times, although living in the same roof, she is like a small invisible man Shen Xiaowei.

This night Lanqing overtime, came back more than seven points, the family is still cold pot cold stove, Shen Xiaowei in the study of the name of the game, as usual did not seem to feel that there is a wife. Lan Qing to see the computer next to the two takeaway box, apparently he has called the meal to eat, and a cool and anger at the same time in my heart, Lan Qing stretched out a force to tear off the power, the display about Sub-dark down, Shen Xiaowei Huo about get up his eyes staring at Lan Qing, Lan Qing without fear to meet his eyes, she even eager to him and her quarrel with a quarrel. Unfortunately, Shen Xiaowei just scolded her a “madman” turned away from home.

Lan Qing’s body softly fell on the sofa, crying whole body trembling. Shen Xiaowei, he and her quarrel are not willing to! She remembered before and Chen Bin love day, when Chen Bin is the same as her princess favorite. Chen Bin home in rural areas, parents are farmers, there is a brother at home a sister, every month should be half of the wages out to send back, but is willing to Lan Lan money. Even if only to eat a bowl of beef noodles, he will command the master to give Lan Qing plus a beef, eat their own flour. He used the old paragraph of the body but with a few months of overtime pay quietly to Lan Qing to buy the latest iPhone. Lan Qing puzzled to ask why he saved himself, he scratched her nose and said, “Fool, I want to save money to buy a house to marry you!

Lan Qing listening to sweet smile. She does not understand for the working class to buy a house is how hard, just simply believe. Do not believe is blue green mother, she took Lan Qing’s sign language long heart, “you silly girl, and now the house prices so high by Chen Bin as the province of monkey can only afford to buy room? You see our family so many years, earn money Just enough to live, even the idea of ​​buying a house do not dare! “Mama’s words that Lan Qing upset, she look around his home, although some old and new is still in the old city, if Chen Bin can not afford Do you want to go back to his old country?

With the idea, Lan Qing ghosts to the mother agreed to arrange the blind date. The location of the relative in Shen Xiaowei’s home, a set of North and South East three facade lighting complex floor, floor windows, large balcony, afternoon sun shed a bright room, blue green sitting on the balcony of the rattan chair sip Shen mother bubble coffee, all of a sudden like this feeling. Although Shen Xiaowei from beginning to end just when I saw her door, Lan Qing or promised the marriage, she was eager to become the house of the hostess of the desire than everything!

And Chen Bin showdown, he looked incredible, tears of pain to ask blue blue, do not he even a house is not as good as it? Lan Qing, but also sad, but the thought of two people even a shelter are not still decided to nodded, Chen Bin clutched his fist, clenched his lower lip, sadly looked at her for a long time, turned away. After a long time, Lan Qing heard that he resigned to leave the city.

Too late sadly sad, Shen has been arranged to marry the schedule, blue green so married to Shen Xiaowei. Marriage soon Lan Qing faintly feel that Shen Xiao Wei had a trace of his Road, no obvious contempt, then she learned that Shen Xiaowei has a love for three years before the ex-girlfriend is climbing a higher branch was dumped Shen Xiaowei’s. Lan Qing sighed, the original human nature are not satisfied, the so-called mountain there is a mountain high, in the eyes of Lan Qing has been very good conditions in Shen Xiaowei’s former girlfriend is still not enough, the same is that they have chosen to do their own springboard Think of yourself better. Shen Xiaowei in the eyes of her blue green and his ex-girlfriend is like a letter of worship, so how could she like it?

“So why, why do you have to promise to marry me?” Lan Qing cried and asked him.

“The world’s women are like this, since the total to marry a, marry who is not the same!” Shen Xiaowei’s answer concise and clear.

Desperate blue green is not never thought of divorce, but Shen said that divorce can only net body, blue green can not be reconciled, the day so tastelessly dragging.

One day fast off duty, Lan Qing received a message “convenient words tonight at seven o’clock, I am in the Han Ting Road, noodles waiting for you” her heart suddenly beating, the number is strange, Han Ting Road, And then familiar with it, that she and Chen Bin had been numerous places, Chen Bin, he came back!

These years Lanqing countless reverie if she had to marry Chen Bin, will live a kind of day? Although she was guilty of his heart, but she still want to see Chen Bin. At get off work, Lan Qing specifically make up some makeup. To the noodle shop, blue green one to see sitting in the corner of Chen Bin, a few years not see him become more inflatable, a black suit decent generous, more mature than before.

As usual, he called the two bowls, a bowl of double beef, a bowl of flour. Lan Qing’s eyes instantly from the clouds. Two people eat a little faint, and occasionally asked a few words are not salty not short of the current situation, are deliberately avoid the emotional topic. When leaving, Chen Bin suddenly asked her weekend there is no empty, would like to ask her to help go with the house, he wanted to buy a set to keep married room.

Lan Qing’s heart rushing passing a small array of joy, just she endured did not ask him to marry no, and now know that he was single. Then some lost, can not think of only a few years, Chen Bin has been able to buy the strength of the house. She asked with a faint request, which land you want? Chen Bin said, “In recent years the city changes big, you are familiar with, I listen to your intention.

Weekend, Lan Qing Chen Bin came to the Riverside Garden District, where the mountains with Jiang, Naozhongjing is the city in recent years, the new darling of real estate, of course, the price is also a lot of money, she somewhat spying Chen Bin mean. Did not expect, Chen Bin on the price and not too much care, Miss sales holding a book pointed to one of the set to please them said, “This set of Riverside executives can see the entire river, used to “Lan Qing some embarrassment, she would like to explain Chen Bin is a serious look at her,” Do you think? “She blushed and said,” I think it is not bad! ” “Only one, Chen Bin immediately signed a letter of intent, under the deposit.

Out of the sales office, Lan Qing heart ups and downs, it is clear that Chen Bin is still very concerned about her. There is a moment, she must have the courage and he said her unhappy, her guilt and her regret, she wanted to know, if again, he will not give her a chance?

She did not like how to speak, Chen Bin’s phone rang, he picked up, walked a few steps forward, although the pressure down some of the tone, Lan Qing or hear very clearly, “ah, already optimistic. The acquaintance together to see, you will love! “Wen soft language, as the year of her affectionate!

Lan Qing as if poured a cold water, his face suddenly become pale, her efforts to stabilize the body, Chen Bin said he had some things, we must go first. Chen Bin did not wait after talking, turned and hurriedly stopped a car.

Lan Qing sitting in the car, burst into tears, she shook the body cry can not own, her only lucky that he has not asked the export, okay, okay, but also the last trace of the face.

Lan Qing asked the master to stop at the corner, she got off the car and did not immediately go home, she walked along the street for a whole afternoon, the weather will be late, she finally wiped the tears made a decision, she would go back And Shen Xiaowei divorce, she will rely on their own efforts in the days of the future in the face of love can not do the house of the puppet, just listen to their own heart, perhaps it takes a long time, but regardless of the outcome, at least Now so good!

Think of this, she stretched out the tight windbreaker, brave into the bright night … …

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Those who are twenty years old do not believe, thirty years old but convinced of the truth


Those years lazy, desolate time, corrupt body, all! Get it! also! When the young heart than the high days, that they can do some big business, and later slowly realize that they are just an ordinary person.


Get up every day to take a big mirror, smile, boast a boast yourself, the mood will be very good. Now letter!


The more eager to prove that the more their own lack of; more want to tell others the truth, the more they can not do.


Perhaps again can not become the eyes of others in the eyes of life winners, but as long as the right direction, we will be able to change their own destiny.

Do not always put the treasure in someone else, and then rely on people who have unreliable time.


You can solve the things do not trouble others.

And then a small thing is a human, to also. No matter how good friends will not be willing to have been unconditional output.


A friend of life is rare.

Those working life circle did not meet the friends, no matter how you cherish, after all, will be drifting away. Not because there is no feelings, but because of the lack of fate.


The more you do not want to offend, the more everyone can not close.

Colleagues and students are different, they not only value your people, more attention to your position. Very often, there is no position there is no camp. Of course, no camp is not necessarily a bad thing, the key to see you need not need.


The body will really go downhill, when the movement should be moderation, not self-willed.

Before listening to more than 30-year-old ball said he was old, not fixed, and always thought that people in the equipment. In fact, it is not. Now often have their own powerless feeling, sometimes the brain fever a rivalry, the outcome is often injured end.


Crying children have milk to drink.

Some things you do not fight for, the leadership is not too mind in the heart. For them, much less than anything less. Muffled dry big living people, of course, like the leadership, but sometimes like nothing is used.


Work to adhere to the principle.

At first always believe in today to stay line, the future good meet. And later realized that he can do the good people have done, and the remaining issues to the leadership to sing the black face, so really quite kind of … …


And the more close the target, the more careful.

When the wind and water, always feel that life must be happy to enjoy. The key time out of a bifurcation, let you Huan enough! Bloody lessons, ah, get carried away will be back to the prototype.


There are serious differences in the level of knowledge of two people married will not be happy. Talent this thing is really there.

A lot of people feel that success is 1% talent + 99% effort, but actually is a lot of things, when you do not exist this 1% of the talent, you do 999% of the efforts are no good Such as design, such as sports, such as programming, such as writing, such as planning …


In addition to the parents, all and you say “I treat you as your own child”, are lying to you.

If you know what degree your parents can do for their children, you will know that someone and you say that may be just to make you better for him.


Husband and wife shop no future.

You think of a family, the administrative financial personnel market is a fully grasp the husband and wife of the company, this thing more terrible.


The world can be wrong people always more than you expected, what things have to plan B.

Even if you plan no matter how good the program, to the implementation of the people may be silly You have to give yourself a way back, a program that can meet the needs of the minimum, and the plan must be at the beginning.


Employees are not happy, the company will never do it. Talent is the company’s largest asset.

Employees to work for what the company, nothing more than money, experience, a sense of accomplishment three things. You at least want to meet one of them. Otherwise, I really do not know why employees come to you here.


Lead and middle can not quarrel with grassroots employees.

Will lead to grassroots employees have: “Our management did not agree on their own things, but also how to arrange our work,” this idea.


The boss does not have the right to lead to the reasons for the low execution of the staff, the boss dictatorship is the cause of the company’s lack of creativity.

The boss should control everything, it seems that the company’s executive power is improved, but the staff will only do so to the boss satisfaction rather than the company useful things. Over time, will lose the least thinking ability and sense of responsibility, out of things will use “This is the boss let me do” to prevaricate, the company dead friends.


Professional things must be done to the professional people to do.

Surgery industry specializing in, if you think the professionals are loading look like money, they can, you go to try to know. If you make things worse, you might have to spend twice as much as twice the cost.


Haste is not up

A child, my grandfather taught me the original words is “fast is slow, slow is fast”, I was 30 years old after figuring out.

-twenty one-

Believe in the importance of insistence. Do not worry about anything, slowly, time will prove everything.

20 years old, a lot of time in the confused, especially do not believe what people say no time. Now believe, take time to run, reading, fitness, cooking … … use all the time to learn. Also want to learn to swim, research documents … … really no time ah

-twenty two-

Get up early to get up early.

Everything is built on the basis of good health! The most important health! The most important health! The most important health!

-twenty three-

Two people together not only have love, but also money.

-twenty four-

Do not take your time to verify the success of others. When you are not in the snow, the icing on the cake when no shortage of people.

The following are the same as the ”
You are not as hard as you can imagine, you just look hard.

So, try to tell others, their praise will make you blinded eyes. In the end did not work hard, no effect effect, his heart clear.


Every second, your parents are constantly going.


Dumping all to love a person, and can not guarantee that TA will love you.


We are more and others close, in the parting even more painful.


Want to meet your dream of “Prince Charming”, is almost impossible.

Poor life, you are very difficult to meet the world’s total population of 0.01%. Statistically, you will spend a lifetime with a “local best” person, and your “Prince Charming” is also the same as a “local best” person.


In life, there are a lot of things you do last time, there are a lot of people you see the last time, but you do not know that this will be the last time.

It is like, you dormitory four people out of a trip travel; just as you met your favorite high school teacher, and talk to him for a long time; for example, you and your crush on the coffee shop In the sun in the warm spring.


Marriage must be considered good, you crazy, too late to divorce, pay for your mistakes may only be your child.


Do not live in the evaluation of others, do not live up to the pride.

In the past when reading, especially concerned about the poor evaluation of others, so it is “knowledge of the general”. In fact, the perennial contact with the students no more than thirty, you recall, your high school students, still keep in touch with how much. So, whether it is school, or work, to seize the most important of the thirty.


Regardless of the object, or married, the girl to see my parents, boys to see friends.

Her parents if it is reasonable, open-minded, then she is basically not wrong. On the contrary, if her parents arrogant domineering, spoiled for her spoiled, then you suffer it in the back of it

For the boy, if his friends are eating and drinking in all likelihood, three classes, his own if the rules step, then they are through what way to become friends?


The face of very harsh friends, and gradually understand why they like this. Many people who have not been loved and supported in their childhood are the best way to face the world by showing their thorns.

Everyone’s choice is his best choice within his ability to make the best choice. Most of the best solution is to stay in their own comfort zone, most people are safe slave.

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