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    Away song

    In the spring of 1921, the ice and snow at Yanmen Pass had just melted, and some green with strong vitality emerged from the crevices of the rocks and the spires of the iron-like bushes. This green is supposed to be soft, but my mother received the worst news in this soft season: her dad fell off a cliff. Standing on the edge of the cliff, my mother looked down, and her father, along with mules and mule carts, were scattered under the cliff. What kind of scene is that, once it gets into the eye, it is like a wedge slammed into the wall, and it is difficult to…

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    Gorgeous visual feast

      ”You can’t escape love. This is an advertisement published in the “Baltimore” newspaper. This is how he found her…” A pair of sexy red lips appeared on the scene. The story is also eloquently told between these two red lips.   ”This is not a love story, but it’s a story about love.”   Who knows what they’re going to say? The beginning of the film is chaotic, I don’t know what’s going on, a man is in a hurry to arrange a tight day – he can see her at 6 o’clock, marry her at 9 o’clock, and return to the office at 10 o’clock. It’s kind of weird, but it…

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    What is “culture”Tolerant, Open and Pragmatic Singapore Education

      Singapore is a country with a short history, a small territory and poor resources, but after just a few decades of struggle, it has now developed into a modern country with a developed economy and a civilized society. This achievement is closely related to Singapore’s emphasis on education. Specifically, Singapore’s education has the following characteristics: A      tolerant educational environment      Singapore is a city-state where Eastern and Western cultures meet. Except for the four major ethnic groups in the country – Chinese, Malays, Indians and Europeans, Singapore almost converges people from all over the world, it is a pluralistic society. How to avoid ethnic conflicts and achieve co-existence and…

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    What is “culture”

      We live in culture like fish live in water. We grow in culture, and culture shapes our character. We belong to culture, culture is embodied and created by us, we are part of culture. We talk about culture almost all the time. However, what exactly is culture?   Since the 1980s, the worldwide craze for cultural studies has affected all social science research, and literary studies is no exception. Cultural studies generally arose in Britain after World War II, and then spread and influenced the United States and other Western countries. In 1963 Richard Hoggart founded the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham, which aims to study…

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    Home: Possession and Eviction

      ”Sweeping the Floor: Poverty and Profiteering in American Cities” explains forced evictions It is the key link in transforming poverty for some into excess profits for others. Between 2009 and 2011, at least 1 in 8 renters in Milwaukee experienced a forced eviction.   In 2012, New York courts issued nearly 80 eviction orders a day for non-payment of rent. Evicted tenants have a hard time finding good housing because of this record. They have to live in communities with worse conditions. Poverty, violence, drugs then come together. In order to ensure that rent is paid on time and that they will not be evicted, they have to save money. In…

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    Japanese and instant noodles

      The “birthplace” of instant noodles is undoubtedly in Japan. It is said that after World War II, the Japanese had to save money when rebuilding their homes in the shadow of defeat. Some office workers put noodles that were fried overnight and put various seasonings in their lunch boxes when they went to work in the early morning. Can. This “lunch box fried noodles” may be the prototype of instant noodles produced by large-scale industrial production in the future.   In August 1958, instant noodles first appeared on the Japanese market. At that time, no matter from the exquisite packaging or the variety of taste, it was far from comparable to…

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    Getting to know Warsaw

      In mid-February, go to Warsaw for a meeting. After staying for four days, there were three and a half days of heavy snowfall, and the cotton-like snowflakes were flying in the air. The whole city was shrouded in white chaos, so that when I left, Warsaw gave me an almost hazy impression. !   Fortunately, on that day, when I got off the plane, there was a short sunny day and the sun was shining, allowing me, a first-time visitor, to see a little bit of Warsaw’s true colors. At that time, when I passed the street, I saw quite a few simple buildings that were gray and gray, and the…

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    Iranian wedding

      Every autumn, on the gray and black streets of downtown Tehran, in the rushing traffic of the expressway, you can often see that kind of eye-catching and beautiful floats. I have always been curious about the characteristics of Iranian weddings. Woolen cloth? Finally, I got a chance to see a full version of the wedding in person.   On a crisp autumn afternoon, I was invited to my friend Afsanay’s house for her wedding.      Prelude      Iranian weddings are divided into engagement and marriage ceremonies. The engagement ceremony is held at the woman’s house, while the marriage ceremony is held at the man’s house or in a hotel or club,…

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    Yukio Mishima in “Public War”

      As one of Japan’s most famous post-war writers, Yukio Mishima (1925-1970) not only dazzled the Japanese literary world, but also was a “genius” in the eyes of Nobel Laureate Yasunari Kawabata, who “is rare in two or three hundred years”. He also enjoys a high reputation internationally. He wrote 21 novels, more than 80 short stories, and 33 plays, of which 10 have been adapted into movies and 36 have been staged. 7 won various literary awards. He is the Japanese contemporary writer whose works have been translated into English and other foreign languages.   For many Japanese literature lovers in China, the past 2021 is obviously a year full of…

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