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    Unraveling the Mystery of “The Robbery and Murder Case Instructed by Aliens”

      ”I can hear ‘them’ talking, and I can feel ‘they’ stimulating my body with electric waves.” The appraiser, Tang Pei, danced around, touching his arms and thighs for a while. Surprisingly, the “they” that Tang Peixin spoke of turned out to be aliens. Is this person insane, or is he pretending to be crazy?   Recently, Cai Weixiong, director of the Forensic Psychiatry Research Office and chief forensic physician of the Academy of Judicial Identification Sciences, told a story about identification.    One afternoon many years ago, a young couple in a certain district of Shanghai was attacked in their residence. The gangster stunned the man with a blunt object and…

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    I am a chief in Africa: I have a fief of 100 square kilometers

      Lai Jianfeng said that every chief has a title, and his title is “the person closest to the crown”. Although the current chief is no longer a “natural ruler”, as the traditional leader of the tribe, the chief still enjoys a high prestige. Behind the honor, a sense of responsibility also arises spontaneously.   Owning more than 100 square kilometers of land and being respected by nearly 5,000 households, what kind of experience is it like to be a chief in Africa?    “It was really unexpected at first, but then I felt the joy of being recognized and the heavy responsibility.” Lai Jianfeng, who was crowned chief in Yagbashi City,…

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    The highest state of life: unable to fall in love with others

    Many people often sigh: Why can’t I always meet someone I like very much? In fact, it is the highest state of life that I have never met someone I “like” very much. The so-called “a wise man does not fall in love”, a truly mature and complete person is no longer lacking in his heart, and often has no needs, and can be self-sufficient and enjoy himself. And those people you “like very much” are often filled with the most lacking and most yearning side of your heart, so you are very excited and want to get it. However, the more you care about something, the easier it is…

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    Why the evil forces in the United States can easily get away with it

      Eli Honig is a senior legal analyst for CNN and has served successively as a U.S. federal and New Jersey prosecutor   . Different from previous similar film and television works, this TV series vividly presents the intricacies of the evil forces under the protection of the umbrella, and reveals the difficulty of eradicating evil.   Similarly, in the United States, political, financial and entertainment titans often get away with either complete impunity or negligible punishment when they commit crimes. For example, financial tycoon Epstein raped underage girls many times for decades, but when he first faced federal charges in 2006, which could serve decades in prison, his luxurious team of lawyers…

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    “Sure enough, the more people there are, the more fun it will be!”

      Just a little bit.   I close the computer and say to myself. Hainan in January was not as warm as expected. The sea breeze blowing through the empty hotel lobby at one o’clock in the morning was still a bit cold. That’s all for today’s work.   Affected by the epidemic, children’s kindergartens have been closed. My mother said, why not come to Hainan for a month or so. I actually don’t like vacations very much, spending time on work is a happier thing for me. But whether I like it or not doesn’t seem to be that important. Thinking that children will be very happy at the seaside, I gave…

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    I love all flowers

      One morning, I went to the flower market, bought hundreds of lilies, and filled the room with them. On that quiet night, I opened all the windows and doors in my house, sat in the dark, and quietly let the breeze blow the breath of the lily.   I love all flowers. On any of the colorful flower stalls, the magnificence of all kinds of flowers has become the most beautiful embellishment in the city. In fact, I don’t love flower gardens. What I love is the wild flowers that change with the seasons in the wilderness and the touch when the breeze blows across the earth.    People living in…

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    The warmest home in the world

      When we came back from Yanzhuang, we walked silently. On the way, grandma stopped suddenly, looked back, and cried “wow”.   When I was young, apart from my own village, Yan Zhuang was the one I was most familiar with.    Yanzhuang is about ten miles away from our village on a mountain road, and there are four or five villages in between. Unless I was too thirsty or it rained suddenly, my grandma would hold my hand and go into one of the villages, or ask for water, or hide from the rain under someone’s eaves. At other times, grandma would lead me straight to Yan Village, as if the…

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    Becky and wolf

      A ferocious Mexican wolf, before dying, entrusts his orphan to Becky, his human friend. Maybe it knew in its heart that the little wolf would be safe with Becky, just like it was back then.   The eldest daughter had gone to school, leaving the youngest daughter, Becky, 3, alone on the farm, desperate for a companion. We had promised her that we would buy a puppy to be her pet in a few days. So Becky began telling me daily stories about her and her imaginary puppy.   One day, I was washing the dishes when the door slammed, and Becky rushed in excitedly. “Mom!” she yelled, “Come and see the…

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    Fitness expert Cameron

      Transformation into a slimming warrior Cameron has always paid attention to physical exercise    , whether he was a student or after he stepped into politics. So over the years, Cameron has always maintained a good figure. It’s hard to find signs of fatness in middle-aged men. However, after Cameron was sworn in as British Prime Minister, things changed.    Due to the tremendous mental pressure he endured during the general election, Cameron once lost control of his daily diet. Like many Britons, he has a bad habit of eating to relieve stress, especially meat and sweets, two very high-calorie foods. In addition, after he was elected, he was busy…

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