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    How to fight the “illusion of truth effect”

      Zoom online meetings are just as productive as face-to-face meetings. A four-day workweek increases employee productivity. Fewer complaints means happy customers. Innovation requires disruption…   business leaders are often confronted with statements like these. However, what is it that convinces a certain statement to be true? More critically, how do these claims affect strategic decisions?   We live in unprecedented times where vast amounts of information are available anytime, anywhere. Even if we don’t seek it out, we are bombarded with opinions, comments and social media posts. Processing such a large amount of information is difficult enough, but there is a more serious problem: not all of this information is accurate, and…

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    A new generation of robots that can perform multiple tasks

    A small white robot on a food delivery mission at George Mason University in Virginia was blocked by a group of students when it stopped. It could let the students go first, try to walk around them, or walk through the middle of the crowd. After a few seconds, the robot decided to walk straight through the students, splitting the crowd in half. ‘These robots sometimes come right at your legs,’ said Alice Christensen, an anthropology major at the university. She lifted the top of another robot car and pulled out a Subway sandwich. Christensen, 22, often uses an app similar to Grubhub or Uber Eats, where food delivery tasks…

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    The next five to 10 years will see significant changes in agricultural technology

    The technology of large-scale discovery of biological germplasm resources and utilization in plants will be developed rapidly. Main features of scientific and technological development: The collection and utilization of biological germplasm resources will be further accelerated, and systems biology will provide systematic theoretical and technical basis for large-scale gene resources exploration and utilization. Through genotype analysis, the comprehensive application of cell engineering, chromosome engineering, molecular marker-assisted selection, gene cloning and transgenic technologies become the main ideas of efficient germplasm innovation. Possible breakthroughs in photosynthesis research will speed up the great revolution in modern plant breeding in the future. The main features of scientific and technological development are as follows: to…

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    A big world in small powder

    Which plants produce pollen? Not all plants produce pollen, which is the male gametophyte of seed plants. Plants are divided into higher plants and lower plants according to whether they have morphologically differentiated roots, stems, and leaves, and whether they have “embryonic” structures in their ontogeny. Lower plants include algae, lichens, etc.; Higher plants include bryophytes, ferns, and seed plants. Seed-plants, at the end of the evolutionary line in the present plant world, say that only the higher seed-plants of “us” higher plants can produce pollen. Mosses that grow in wet places, ferns that can easily attack you visually (some ferns have dense, neat piles of spores on the underside…

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    The magic of cold metal welding

    In everyday life, when we put two pieces of metal of the same material close together, nothing strange will happen. But in the space environment, two pieces of metal might fuse into one piece and never separate. The Galileo probe’s high-gain antenna was unable to fully open due to the cold welding effect The antenna won’t open, disrupting the Jupiter mission On October 9, 1989, NASA launched Galileo, a probe to Jupiter. To ensure Galileo can receive command signals from Earth, which is so far away from Jupiter, NASA has specially equipped the spacecraft with a “high-gain antenna” capable of transmitting 80 kilobytes per second. In order to reduce the…

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    Use “kites” to generate electricity

    As anyone who has flown a kite knows, it is easy to use the high winds to keep it flying steadily, as long as you can get it high in the air. Now scientists are trying to harness this property to generate electricity by placing large “kites” more than 200 metres above the ground. The higher you go, the more energetic you are Winds close to the ground tend to slow down or even change direction because of friction with trees, hills, buildings, etc. As height increases, the average wind speed increases. High-altitude wind energy is more abundant and stable than current near-surface wind energy. Over the past few decades,…

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    These people have a strange smell of earwax all over their bodies

      The sweat of these people is fragrant, the urine is fragrant, and even the earwax is fragrant. Others have “body odor”, but they have “body odor”. But because of this fragrance, they need to strictly control their diet for life. Most of them can only live on special milk powder because they suffer from a disease called maple diabetes. Maple diabetes is not diabetes   Maple diabetes is spelled maple sugar-diabetes, which is not a type of diabetes. Maple syrup means that these people’s body fluids, urine, and even earwax have a refreshing sweetness similar to maple syrup. Maple diabetes was discovered more than 60 years ago by American physician John…

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    The mini refrigerator is actually a “distant relative” of the “nuclear power plant”?

      In the hot summer, five minutes outside the home can make people sweat profusely. In order to drink a can of iced Coke, you can buy a mini refrigerator for tens of yuan. It can not only cool down, but also become a heating box in winter. But is this cheap and cold refrigerator really reliable? Is the mini fridge a “proper” fridge?   This kind of mini refrigerator and the large refrigerator at home, except that there is a refrigerator in the name, the refrigeration principle can be said to have nothing to do with it. The core element of the mini refrigerator is a semiconductor refrigeration chip.   The structure…

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    Run out of internet through light

      Since its birth in France in 2009, visible light wireless communication technology has developed rapidly, successfully passed tests in office buildings, museums and supermarkets, and is expected to enter thousands of households in the near future.   At home, French quantum physics professor and researcher Souart Taupsou can download movies, attend teleconferences at work or surf the Internet simply by turning on the lights without connecting to a Wi-Fi network! To be precise, what he turned on was a new type of light—light-emitting diodes. This kind of technology that can connect to the Internet as long as people are under the light is called visible light wireless communication technology, which came…

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