Where are the top ten banned books in the world “bad”

The banned books in ancient and modern China and foreign countries are of different categories. Either because of the sharp point of view, deviated from the classics; or because of the obscene content, which is offensive…Even if it is covered with great effort, there are many people searching for banned books. The more you ban, the more I see, this is the rebellious personality and voyeuristic desire of human beings. European philanthropists have selected the most controversial and longest banned “ten banned books” in the world, and they have been controversial for a long time.

“Sons and Lovers” (English) David Herbert Lawrence; reason for banning: Oedipus This is the first novel of “Father of Sex Novels” Lawrence. As everyone knows, he is a famous and master writer in the history of modern British literature, and he is famous for his “sex novels”. The sexual behaviors in his works are portrayed straightforwardly, nakedly, wildly, etc., making him one of the three most banned and ruined writers in the world. In 1961, Oklahoma, the United States launched a book ban campaign. Among the unreadable books displayed in a rented vehicle called the “Obscene Book Exposure Vehicle”, “Sons and Lovers” were put in the first place.

“The Web of Erotic Desires” (United States) Henry Miller; Reason for prohibition: The original sexual method Henry Miller’s life is full of controversy. Influential. His main works caused an uproar as soon as they came out, and the works were full of bold and explicit sexual descriptions. His fierce challenge and rebellion against traditional ideas have caused his works to be repeatedly banned, and he cannot stand up for more than ten years. “The Web of Erotic Desires” is a representative work of Henry Miller and is considered to be one of the best penitent works since Rousseau. This work was banned in many countries as soon as it was published.

“Spring Dream Knot” (US) Henry Miller; Reason for banning: rich “sexual imagination” One of Henry Miller’s main penance works also did not escape the banned fate.

“Lolita” (Russian American) Vladimir Nabokov; Reason for banning: pedophilia Although Chinese readers are familiar with Gorky, Pushkin, and Tolstoy, they do not understand this “decadent school” The head of, but he is indeed recognized as one of the most contributory novelists after World War II in the world. “A Brief History of American Literature” commented: “No one can compare to him when writing about the vulgar side of American society. For example, the dirty and deserted motels are a very rich subject for writing. Finally, a poet was found. Nabokov, who is also a sociologist, wrote it so vividly.” Nabokov’s masterpiece has won him a worldwide reputation. This book is well known in the United States, and many people read it as a “yellow book”. From 1955 to 1982, the book was banned in France, Britain, Argentina, South Africa and other countries.

“Chastity’s Doom” (French) Thad; Reason for banning: sexual violence Thad is known as the originator of erotic literature. During his lifetime, he was a writer with endless scandals and shocking the world. As a swinger, from his youth to his old age, he used a kind of enthusiasm to bring his instinctive sex to the fullest and beyond words. He was imprisoned 8 times, squatted in 13 cells, spent more than 30 years in prison, and was sentenced to death 3 times for seducing countless women, playing with and torturing women and writing obscene novels. In prison, as a means of arranging time, Thad used his active imagination to create, and exerted his obscenity to the point where it could not be added. In the manuscript No. 40101 of “The Doom of Chastity” in the National Library of Paris, Thaad stated his own creative intentions: “Two sisters, the elder sister is lustful but luxurious and rich, and the younger sister abides by her virginity but has been repeatedly abused.” The details of the ravages, this book has been banned for a hundred years.

“Beasts in Clothes” (French) Emile Zola; Reasons for banning: murder, incest, depravity Emile Zola was the most outstanding French writer in the 19th century, and created his own naturalistic literary school. His writing method attaches great importance to the detailed description of verbiage, requires detailed information, accurate and true like photography, and all his works are included in the banned book catalog of the Holy See. The book “Beasts in Cloth” directly described the murder, incest, affair, degeneration, political conspiracy, unjust imprisonment, and human life in the French Second Empire, which were not tolerated by the upper class at the time and were repeatedly banned.

“Yama Street” (Russia) Alexander Kuplin; reason for banning: brothel life, psychology of prostitutes This is a harsh picture of the life of prostitutes. Leo Tolstoy said: “This work is a “psychology of prostitutes” by Kuplin’s careful study of brothel life. After the October Revolution, the Soviet Union banned this book for more than 70 years.

“The Unbearable Lightness of Life” (Czech Republic) Milan Kundera; reason for banning: sexual description This is the masterpiece that made Kundera win the world’s reputation. The work describes the protagonist who both desires and fears women, and sex has become the whole content of his life. Banned because of the large number of sexual descriptions in the work.

“Laughter Generation Male” (Japan) Ihara Nishizuru; Reason for banning: Prostitution record Ihara Nishizuru is a Japanese poet in the early Edo period, a famous novelist, and the originator of Japan’s “sex novel”. He visited Huajie Liuxiang everywhere in his life, and accumulated a lot of rich and fresh material for the creation of lust novels. Through the personal experience of having sex with 3742 women, the protagonist in the work realizes the “truth” of “Letter”. This work was later hailed as “Japan’s “Golden Ping Mei””.

“Captain Pan and the Labor Girl” (Peru, Spain) Llosa; Reason for the ban: Insider of military prostitutes revealed the insider of secret mobile brothels in the Peruvian army. Due to the pain of the military, it has been listed as a banned book in Peru.

(“Very Concerned”)

The phenomenon of banned books occurs both at home and abroad, and has always been an issue of great concern to many people. It is undeniable that some of the banned books in history are indeed not good books. They hurt the morals of society and have a bad influence on readers. However, some books have been banned due to political reasons. So, what are the banned books in China? Why are they banned?