Tracking the Tasmanian Devil

   In Tasmania, Australia, the indigenous Maori have been telling a thrilling story about the “Tasmanian Devil” for generations. So do such ugly and hideous ghosts really exist, and how do they make trouble in the jungles of Tasmania? In December 2019, three young people from the United States, with a curious mind, stepped forward to find the rumored “Tasmanian Devil”, and through a series of horror encounters, they finally revealed The mystery veiled over these so-called demons.
Looking for the devil

   In December 2019, Sommy, Mike and Joey, students from a higher professional technical school in Florida, USA, met to take a vacation in Tasmania, Australia. Because for these three young people who like to explore and play, December in the southern hemisphere is in the midst of the scorching summer, which is the best time to appreciate the beautiful exotic scenery.
   After Sommy, Mike and Joey came to Tasmania, they found the scenery here is really unique. The green grass is lush, the wild flowers are vying for beauty, the streams are gurgling, and there are tall eucalyptus trees growing straight into the sky.
   It was the first time for the three young people to appreciate the scenery in the tropics, so they went out during the day to take pictures and play, and at night they returned to the temporarily rented villages to chat happily with the local indigenous Maori people and discuss the strange and new things .
   Among the oral stories passed down by local Maori from generation to generation, there is a legend about the “Tasmanian Devil”. This aroused the great interest of Sommy, Mike and Joey, so they pestered a few old Maori people in the village and asked them to explain in detail how the so-called “Tasmanian Devil” came from. What is it like?
   Seeing three young people who have to break the casserole and ask them to the end, a Maori old man who seems to be the oldest and most experienced first warned: “You are all young people who have come here from other places and don’t understand the many mysteries here. , Especially the demons transformed into the white souls hidden deep in the jungle and valleys of this island. Don’t provoke them at will. Otherwise, you will not only encounter blood and light disasters, but also bring unnecessary trouble to the people in our village. ……” The
   old Maori told Somi, Mike and Joey earnestly that as early as hundreds of years ago, some people from Europe, armed with muskets and other weapons, first landed on this island surrounded by dense eucalyptus forests. They were brutal and arrogant, shooting everywhere, wantonly slaughtering Maori tribe residents who dared to resist, ordering all Maori to lay down their primitive weapons such as knives and spears, and surrender to them. As a result, the enraged Maori tribe chief gathered all the young men and implemented a strategy to lure the enemy into deep, encircling the white group in a valley in the middle of the island.
   These Europeans have tried desperately to break through the siege, and they were all shot back with bows and arrows by the brave Maori. After being besieged for several days and nights, they who had run out of ammunition and food may realize that the end is coming. After a mass religious mass in the deep valley, they destroyed the guns in their hands, and yelled, they all jumped into the valley and disappeared. Trace. From then on, the souls of the Europeans who were buried here turned into a monster with a big head and a short tail. Because this monster has an extremely ugly and terrifying face and a surprisingly loud roar, it is called the “Tasmanian Devil” by the local Maori.
   “If this is the case, have the people in your village seen those demons?” The three young men asked almost in unison.
   The old Maori nodded sincerely and fearfully: “Of course I have seen that the ugly monsters they turned into belong to the devil family anyway, so like the ghosts in hell, they don’t see the sun, so they chose to come out at night to take care of activities. Over time, this place The Maori residents on the island are afraid of being killed by the devil, so they don’t dare to set foot in the gloomy and deep valley in the hinterland of the island anymore.”
   “No, there is such a strange thing in the big world?” Suo Mi looked at the Maori old man with an uneasy look, her eyes widened involuntarily. Unexpectedly, the other two companions, Mike and Joey, sneered at this. After bidding farewell to the old Maori, they laughed at Somi for being too naive and timid, and would actually believe the nonsense of the indigenous people here. “Then we will go deep into the valley and see if the’Tasmanian Devil’ is true or not, how about it, do you two have the courage to go?” Maybe it was inspired by Mike and Joey’s ridicule. In order to prove that he is definitely not a coward, Suomi offered to go on an expedition.
   Mike and Joey, who usually like to explore, naturally agreed with Sommy’s proposal, so they secretly made their way to the central hinterland of the island without telling the natives in the village. As a precaution, the three young men brought a hunting knife to each of them. Sommy also bought an anesthesia shotgun. It was calculated that when they encountered unknown carnivores in the jungle, they would be enough to defend themselves by relying on them.
Thriller encounter

   Along the way, in addition to eucalyptus or eucalyptus in the eyes of the three young people, the older trees are about tens of meters high, and many dense climbing plants attached to the trunk make the entire jungle look More secluded and profound. Fortunately, except for some gophers and unnamed birds flashing in front of them from time to time, no other carnivorous animals were seen here, so the three young men dared to speed up their pace and soon entered the inaccessible jungle. deep.
   As the road became more and more difficult to follow, Sommy, Mike and Joey had to walk on mountain trails paved with weeds and fallen leaves, and gradually entered the central hinterland of the island. According to the local Maori, the dense and deep valley that appeared ahead should belong to the so-called “Tasmanian devils” to hide and haunt.
   Looking at the misty and deep valley, Sommy felt a little nervous. Whenever he thinks of the uneasy look of the Maori old man in his mind, he thinks that even if there is no devil in the deep valley before him, there are most likely other terrible mysteries. In this deep, secluded and unfamiliar place, what unknown circumstances will you and your two partners encounter? As a sturdy man, now that he has arrived here, he can only harden his scalp and move on.
   Somi was thinking anxiously, while holding the bullet on top of the anesthetic shotgun, he cautiously marched towards the half-person tall grass in front of him, and opened his eyes wide to observe the movement. “Look there, it’s terrible!” Just when he was about to enter the depths of the valley, Suomi, with sharp eyes, saw that in a bush of grass, the long and narrow bones of several snakes were faintly exposed.
   Mike and Joey heard the sound and rushed over with Sommy. On the Bai Sensen skeleton where I saw the snake, there were still bits of muscle that hadn’t completely decayed, and the air emitted a disgusting rancid smell. Obviously, the time of death was not long. This situation caused several young people to feel chills in the back spine, and involuntary goose bumps all over their bodies. However, they still guessed why these snakes were in such a terrible situation, and finally believed that it was largely due to their natural enemies.
   So in this dense jungle with most eucalyptus trees, what kind of animal would be the natural enemy that can kill snakes? Is it a bird of prey or a dense badger, mongoose? However, since the three people came to this island, they have neither heard of nor seen these common natural enemies of snakes in nature!