The US laboratory “plays an evil role” in the epidemic?

“Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory in the United States” and “Hill” have been the top hot words on the Weibo search list for two consecutive days. Such a high level of popularity stems from a revelation post entitled “Sorry, we played an evil role in the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia.” The author of this post is called “@Sa-manthaHill”, who claims to be an “Indian-American who fled the United States”. He had worked in the Fort Detrick Biolab in the United States for a period of time, and was well aware of the manufacturing and leakage there. The inside story of the new coronavirus. Although the content of Hill’s revelations has not been confirmed, behind the hot discussion it has triggered lies the doubts that Chinese netizens and even some American netizens have to solve: What exactly did the Fort Detrick Laboratory do? As the whistleblower said, is it the “evil character” in the new crown pneumonia pandemic?

The Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory, the official full name of the US Army Infectious Diseases Medical Research Institute, is located in Fort Detrick, Maryland, only an hour’s drive from the U.S. Army Medical Command in Washington. It has the only P4 in the U.S. military laboratory. The laboratory was established in 1942. Stimulated by the news that the Japanese army launched a germ warfare in China at that time, the US army decided to secretly develop biological weapons. Soon, it became the “center of the darkest experiment conducted by the U.S. government” in the US media. It is controlled by the CIA, researching drugs for mind control, manufacturing poisons that kill foreign dignitaries, and so on. After being converted to “peaceful use” in the 1970s, the laboratory continued to work on “researching methods to control deadly microorganisms.” It is said that the laboratory stores 67 high-risk pathogens, each of which sounds numb to the scalp.

In the long post that detonated Weibo, Samantha Hill highlighted his identity as an insider of Fort Detrick Lab. Hill said that he entered the laboratory after graduation. “My boss and I know everything about the new crown virus…” After his boss was killed, Hill, who fled the laboratory, decided “to cheer up and tell the truth.” “. According to Hill’s description, in 2015, Hill’s boss, Professor Baric, who is also the head of a research team at Fort Detrick Laboratory, synthesized the new coronavirus that caused the current global pandemic based on a gene fragment found in China; 2019 In May of 2005, the new crown virus flowed out in a laboratory leak and began to spread in the United States along with the pandemic; in December 2019, an infected seaman accidentally sealed the virus in seafood and transported it to Wuhan seafood illegally. In the market, this new type of coronavirus was discovered by the Chinese National Defense Agency. Almost all the institutions, people, and event nodes involved in Hill’s self-reporting statement are in line with reality.

However, some people found that Hill’s post also had some problems. One is Hill’s claim that his mentor, Professor Plummer, was assassinated on a flight from Kenya to China because he chose to cooperate with China to prevent the spread of the epidemic. In recent months, other colleagues who knew the truth were “killed or missing.” It is said that someone asked Plummer’s family to verify that Plummer had indeed passed away, and died in Kenya, but the cause of death was heart disease, not being killed.

The second is the original publication time of this post, which was actually on August 11 last year. It was originally posted on Facebook by a newly registered account “Samantha Hill”, but it didn’t attract much attention at the time. Later, the post was reposted to social media such as Twitter and China’s Weibo, and it became more and more popular.

Whether Hill’s revelation is true or not, whether the whistleblower really exists, has not yet been confirmed. But the US government’s cover-up of the “possible virus leak” at Fort Detrick’s biological laboratory is true.

As early as March last year, some US netizens asked the government on the White House petition website to announce the real reason for the sudden closure of the Fort Detrick laboratory in July 2019, and clarify whether the laboratory is a new crown virus research unit and whether there is a virus. leakage. But so far, the US has not made any positive response or explanation. At that time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the closure of Fort Detrick’s Biological Laboratory quite abruptly, making the outside world feel very hasty. The reason given by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is that the laboratory has “mechanical failure and leakage of the wastewater treatment system” and emphasized that the leakage “only occurs in the laboratory, not to the outside.”

“Coincidentally”, shortly after the closure of the Fort Detrick laboratory, there was an inexplicable outbreak of “e-cigarette disease” in the nearby area, that is, lung damage related to e-cigarettes or atomized products. The number of cases was 9 in 2019. Peak month. In October of that year, a medical institution in the United States carefully studied some so-called “e-cigarette cases” in the vicinity of Fort Detrick, and found that the patient’s lung damage was not caused by e-cigarettes, but more like “exposure to toxic chemicals”. “.

On the 20th, a CNN reporter asked at a regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on “Fort Detrick Base and Biological Laboratory” and related topics on Weibo Hot Search, saying, “Is China’s position? What conclusions did the experts come to in the investigation in Wuhan? As long as they do not go to the United States to conduct similar investigations, the conclusions reached in Wuhan will be one-sided and meaningless?”

In response, the spokesperson Hua Chunying asked, “When did the Chinese official state have your understanding?” She emphasized that China’s position has always been that the issue of traceability is a very serious scientific issue and must be handed over to scientists and medical experts. Carrying out serious scientific investigations and studies and then drawing conclusions will enable us to have a better scientific understanding of this new virus, so that we can better respond to similar public health crises in the future.

Regarding Fort Detrick, Hua Chunying said that we are very curious that in June and July of the current year, the US media began to report on the issue of Fort Detrick’s biological base and the outbreak of the “e-cigarette white lung” that has occurred since then. At the time, why did the United States not conduct investigations and delete relevant reports instead? When the international community has repeatedly asked the US for an explanation on the Fort Detrick Biological Base, why did the US remain silent and no one has come out to give any explanation? The question mark in everyone’s mind needs an answer. This answer should not be given by the Chinese side, but by the US.

Hua Chunying emphasized that we have no intention to mislead people’s judgments or the work of the WHO expert group. China has always firmly supported the relevant work of the WHO, and has provided close and strong cooperation and cooperation. We hope that other countries can give the WHO the same firm support and necessary help.