The Mystery of Namtroud Estate

  Mrs. Riza died in her home in Namtroud Manor and was discovered this morning by a part-time housekeeper. The time of death was from 7 to 10 last night, and there was no trace of violence on the body. According to a local police officer’s report, Mrs. Riza lived alone in peacetime. One son and one daughter came to visit her mother yesterday and left at 4pm. The housekeeper had left work before.
  Detective Mr. Samilo took his son Jamie and assistants to investigate the case.
  The body was found in the study room on the second floor. Jamie looked around. The room was carpeted and the furniture was simple: a bed, a large wardrobe and a dressing table. In front of the dressing table was the chair where the deceased was sitting when he was found.
  Some cosmetics and a comb were neatly placed on the dressing table, and a lipstick was slanted by the comb.
  At this time, upon receiving news, the police station received an anonymous letter about the case.
  The content of the letter is as follows:
  Dear Police Officer Edatus, I would like to provide some clues regarding the case of Mrs. Riza. At about 7 o’clock the night before, I saw Mr. Riza Jr. return to the manor. About ten minutes later, he stumbled out. I think this clue should help you.
  Everyone circulated the letter, and then called up the surveillance video of the day, and found that at 7 or 8 in the evening, a camera on the corner of the street caught someone sneaking into the manor, and they appeared to be very excited to come out.
  Several people came to Mr. Riza’s home in Birmingham. Mr. Riza was vigilant and met with the investigation team.
  ”Can you briefly introduce what you and your sister did at your mother’s house? Did your mother do anything unusual?”
  ”My sister and I went to my mother’s house. It was already around 10:30 in the morning. We started to prepare lunch. After lunch, we went for a walk. In the afternoon, my mother went to the garden behind the house. I talked to the client on the phone for a while. That’s probably it.”
  ”Did your mother show fear or anxiety? Emotions?”
  ”No, she looked very happy, and said she would attend a neighbor’s banquet in the evening.”
  ”When did the two leave the manor?”
  ”It’s about four or five in the afternoon, right?”
  ”You haven’t come back again?”
  Mr. Riza seemed surprised by this question: “Come back? Sir, here I am. A new clinic is opened. I have to arrive early every working day. If I go from London to Birmingham and then go back, time is not allowed.”
  Mr. Samilo frowned and touched his beard, as if thinking. Mr. Riza’s answer and the content of the previous anonymous letter.
  When he got home, Mr. Samilo asked Jamie what he thought of the case. Jamie said: “I don’t think it can be that simple. As far as the surveillance video is concerned, I even think this so-called’witness’ is fake. Coupled with Mr. Riza’s performance, it’s not like pretending.”
  ”What? Fake?” Mr. Samilo was extremely surprised, he didn’t see any problem with the anonymous letter, “You mean this Is the eyewitness setting up Mr. Riza Jr.?”
  Jamie nodded, leaning on the back of the chair with his chin, lost in thought.
  Early the next morning, Samilo received a message from Police Officer Edatus: It was confirmed that Mrs. Riza was the stepmother of two children. Recently, Mrs. Riza refused to give Mr. Riza the funding for the clinic. The two had There have been quarrels.
  Edates said: “We suspect that Mrs. Riza died from taking sleeping pills too much, and Mr. Riza has his own clinic. He should be able to easily get the right dose of sleeping pills to poison his stepmother. ”
  Several people came to the scene of the crime again for final confirmation.
  Everything was the same as when he came last time, Jamie walked to the dressing table, stared for a moment, and picked up the lipstick that fell on the table. The lipstick looked very new. He carefully opened the lid, checked it for a while, and exclaimed: “I found it, it turned out to be like this!”
  Mr. Samilo and Officer Edatus hurriedly gathered around. It turned out that Jamie found some unnoticeable tiny particles on the lipstick.
  Officer Edatus inspected the lipstick after returning to the police station. The test results showed that these particles were toxins!
  The three decided to go to the home of Mrs. Riza’s daughter, Miss Riza.
  ”Miss Riza, I’m Police Officer Edatus. Excuse me, do you know your mother’s newly bought lipstick?”
  ”New lipstick? Oh, it was given by my mother’s neighbor, Miss Omty. She came that afternoon Our family invited my mother to the evening banquet, and gave her mother’s lipstick, which was said to be a gift for every female guest attending the banquet.”
  It was noon when Mr. Samilo and Jamie returned home, Samilo After the husband had eaten, he invested in the investigation of Miss Omty, and did not return home until eight in the evening. His face was tired, but he couldn’t hide the joy revealed between his eyebrows and eyes. Jamie knew at a glance that the afternoon’s investigation had produced results.
  ”Miss Omtty’s father knows Mrs. Riza,” said Mr. Samilo. “Many years ago, Mr. Omtty—that is, Mr. Lalke at that time—”
  ”Lalke? Isn’t it that? The boss of the company who died strangely at home and was accused of selling fake drugs?” Jamie was surprised when he heard the name.
  ”Yes, it’s the famous case.” Mr. Samilo paused, and then said, “Mr. Larke and Mrs. Riza worked together in France when Miss Omtty was still very young. Mrs. Riza said There were some negative rumors, and then Mr. Lalke was found dead at home. After that he was exposed to selling counterfeit medicines. About a month later, Mrs. Riza returned to the UK.”
  ”Mrs. Riza may have killed Mr. Lalke .” Murderer. I remember she used to be a professor of pharmacy.” Jamie said.
  The next day, Jamie, Mr. Samilo, and Officer Edatus with three policemen walked to Miss Omti’s residence. Miss Ormety opened the door and was startled: “Oh, gentlemen, what are you doing?”
  ”We are the police, Miss Ormety. We want to talk to you about Mrs. Riza.” Edda Officer Tes sternly said, “The lipstick at the crime scene also needs you to explain.”
  Miss Omty opened her eyes and looked at the six people, suddenly sighed like a vented ball, and let them all into the house.
  ”I was born in Marseille, France, and my father opened a pharmaceutical company. After the company expanded, it recruited some new employees. Among them was Mrs. Riza. At that time, she was not married, and her name was Miss Tussim. At Miss Tussim One year after she came to work in her father’s company, someone reported to her father that she was stealing R&D data. My father didn’t believe it at first, but her negative rumors spread more and more. After observing for a period of time, my father suggested to her, or stop and merge To compensate for the loss, or to leave immediately.”
  “So she poisoned her father. Then, many media broke the news that my father was making counterfeit drugs. My mother and I knew that she was the one who blamed her on his father, but There was no evidence, so I could only watch the woman run away. After she ran away, her father’s so-called “fake” triggered a discussion among people. When people heard the name Lalke, they were very disgusted, so I and I My mother moved and used the pseudonym Omty. I followed her secretly, and she kept changing her pseudonyms, Mrs. Oz, Mrs. Renem, in fact, they are all hers.”
  ”Gentlemen, if you give me more One chance. I will also choose to kill her.” Miss Omty’s firm face was filled with anger, and the satisfaction of the Avengers.
  The conversation ended in this way, and Miss Omtty was taken away by the local police.
  ”How do you see that the witness is not telling the truth?” the police officer asked Jamie.
  ”Through the surveillance video you showed us. Did you notice the route? The man came from the east of Riza’s house, but the entrance to the village is to the west, and there are only large areas of grass and wilderness to the east. It is impossible for Mr. Zha to come from that direction. It seems that’Mr. Little Riza’ was played by Miss Omty.”
  Officer Edatus praised: “You deserve to be a young detective, without you. , We may have all fallen into a trap and sent Jim Riza to court.”