Mental crisis

  At the film conference, the man sitting next to him claimed to be a senior filmmaker, and exchanged WeChat in the audience. I heard that I was a screenwriter and insisted on discussing cooperation. This is not enough. During the meal, he took the initiative to ask to sit together and continue to talk about his “honorable journey”, such as knowing a popular star, having a close friendship with a financial tycoon, and recently prepared to spend huge sums of money to obtain new business resources …It’s just a mouth, so loud, as if to spread his wealth one by one. Some guests couldn’t stand it anymore and bluntly said: “Mental crisis, there is no cure.”
  On the return journey, I have been thinking about what a “mental crisis” is. An explanation: Mental crisis is also called psychological crisis. Aesthetically refers to the mental confusion, manic and decadent mental state mixed in aesthetics. In life, the “Three Views” are on the verge of collapse, or lost, or swollen, or suffering, or inferiority.
  The term “crisis” is heavy and gloomy, covering all aspects of your study, work, life, economy, social interaction, and emotions. The times are developing rapidly, science and technology are changing with each passing day, ideals and resources are constantly expanding, and everyone pursues and expands with strong desires. As a result, on the one hand, they frantically pursued resources, on the other hand, they forgot about spiritual supplies. Those who try to use resources to fill the mentally impoverished will surely fall into the ranks of spiritual crisis.
  Everyone quickly creates new lives and strives to be better than others everywhere, but the real environment has long shown that pure material prosperity cannot make people truly happy. As a result, the public suffers from exhaustion, environmental crisis, moral crisis, financial crisis, and now there is another spiritual crisis.
  You may have a similar experience with me: No matter whether your life improves or not, the more things you buy, the more you buy, but you don’t need to wear it or use it. Wait until the season changes, and then find a way to deal with this mountain of old things. Sometimes, because of the style or color of a certain piece of clothing, I get entangled, and I can’t make up my mind, so I ask others. Others asked: “Since it’s so contradictory, why buy it?” “I work hard every day and don’t buy something I like to reward myself. What is the point of striving?” Look, the entanglement between left and right is not really like and need, but for Reward yourself, but there are thousands of ways to reward yourself, why put consumption first?
  Since when, we have tried to seek peace of mind and perceive our own value through continuous possession and continuous acquisition, without knowing that our behavior has been separated from our own needs.
  A few days ago, friends came to sign for new books. We respected him for his accomplishments and fame, but he smiled bitterly and frankly said that he has become a “struggle” machine. Mechanical work, busy life, and making money are no longer the original intention at the time. I smiled and asked: “Is it a mid-life crisis?” He rectified his name seriously: “It’s a mental crisis.” He also said that at this time, he was reduced to an empty shell, and he was at a loss for everything except work. In circles and watching videos, the loneliness is getting deeper and deeper, and I often feel unlovable.
  Later, I discovered that many people are already in such a crisis. They seem to live well, enjoy generous treatment, are very authoritative in their respective fields, and are expert in life, but they still can’t help experiencing strong mental pressure and depression. I thought everyone was good, but it turned out that everyone was bad.
  But it is not necessary to classify all mental crises as derogatory. If you often feel anxious and think you are in a crisis, you should think that this is at least better than insensitivity. Zhou Guoping said: “Only those excellent souls will feel the pain of the disease of the times.” In the same way, people who pursue a higher level of spirit will feel the spiritual crisis firsthand.
  Everyone has their own ambitions. If you feel uncomfortable everywhere, or feel crisis frequently, you may wish to change temporarily. Of course, the real way out needs to be searched for.