Coffee sweet life

I don’t know when I have fallen in love with coffee.

I am not a literary person, but I yearn for the literary atmosphere. In a pleasant afternoon, come with a cup of coffee and hold a good book. The bitterness of coffee can always settle down your thoughts, to sigh, to comprehend, and to think…

I don’t like to be bound, and I yearn for freedom. June and July coincide with the rainy season, Yangzhou City is suddenly gusty and rainy, and the sky is clear. The humid and hot environment always makes people feel irritable. But the rain in the afternoon is always reverie. Drinking a cup of coffee at this time can make your thoughts drift farther. Like to drink a cup of coffee when it rains, the whole world will become quiet because of this, and it also allows me to calm down, listen to the rain, and talk about its short and happy time.

A person sat quietly in front of the window, watching the raindrops continuously hit the glass and merge into a stream of water, and then fled my sight. The vegetation outside the window was swaying in the rain, but the eucalyptus strained inside the window was leisurely and contented. In my heart, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for this chained eucalyptus, it can’t stand the force of nature in this life!

I don’t like sorrow, and I yearn for joy. Recalling the day when I first arrived in Wuhan, it was also rainy and snowy, and it was colder than the weather. It was everyone’s mood at that time. After working in Wuhan, staying in a room of tens of square meters, I did not forget to make a cup of “hard-won” instant coffee carefully. At that moment, I realized that happiness can be so simple.

Looking out the window, the whole city is still, and the colorful neon lights are still flashing, as if to tell everyone: Wuhan is still active. In the distance, the red sparkling “Go on Wuhan, Go on China” on the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge pierced the curtain of the night and gave everyone warmth and strength. Take a sip of the coffee in your hand, it is even sweeter!

Some people have said that the taste of coffee depends on the mood of the taster, so coffee is brewed with mood, and instant coffee is no exception. I don’t know when, I am tired of sweet milk tea, and like bitter coffee, I think, maybe I like thinking more.

I don’t have much appreciation for coffee, I just simply like its mellow aroma; like its bitter sweetness; like its philosophy of life…

Rousseau once said: “Once the enjoyment of comfort becomes a habit, it makes people almost feel no fun and becomes a real need of people.” So, when you are tired of the sweetness of comfort, you might as well try The taste is hard, it will bring you another kind of sweetness!