Brand invariant in the changing age

The era of flux we live in is an era of continuous change. Regardless of whether it is input from the outside world or in our own actual combat, we can all feel that there are two obvious characteristics of the changing era:

First, environmental uncertainty continues to grow. The 2020 epidemic has made everyone more deeply aware of this.

Second, the industry has no boundaries, and experience and accumulation may be cleared.

Under the background of the era of flux, soldiers are impermanent, and if companies want to break through, they must find an unchanging foundation, and this foundation lies in “people”. The specific forms of communication between companies and each generation may be different, but the core is the same, that is, returning to creating value for “people”.

This is what I want to say “the brand invariant in the era of flux”. Our invariant is rooted in people, that is, consumers, communicate with consumers, and continuously create value for consumers. So, what should we do?

Transform high-quality brand equity into personalized super IP
Super IP has replaced brands as a new connecting symbol and discourse system for communicating with consumers. A typical super IP should have content power and personality attributes, more connectivity and temperature, and a scarce charismatic personality is the best footnote for new businesses.

Wahaha has been established for 33 years. It is a national brand and has the advantages of becoming a super IP. In recent years, we have used various methods such as cross-border co-branding and classic renewal to promote the creation of IP-based products such as AD calcium milk and Nutrition Express.

We hope to give AD Calcium Milk and Nutrition Express more personality content and emotional connotation. When the personality characteristics are transformed into physical business, it needs the nourishment of consumers. Brands need to make consumers perceive that they are like close friends around them and become consumers’ trust agents, so that they can break away from the original narrowly defined “personality” and gradually form a “brand personality”, allowing consumers to actively approach the brand.

Cross the circle to create a brand social circle
Consumers in the era of flux will naturally flow to brands that recognize themselves, have a common language, and have the same tone. Therefore, it is very important to learn to communicate with consumers and build a discourse system together.

In 2020, Wahaha will upgrade its consumer insights and make efforts in the economy of the circle. It will resonate the language and emotions of different products and consumers of different circles (two-dimensional, e-sports, and trendy games). For any brand, the penetration of the circle is continuous, because consumers’ hobbies are floating with many factors such as the environment and age, so the brand cannot be done once and for all. Instead, it needs to cross the circle to build a diverse Brand social circle.

Finally, I want to summarize that what a brand needs is to build a brand value circle alliance from different dimensions. This is a continuous action. The times are changing, the ecology is changing, and the track is changing, but the original intention of the brand to communicate with consumers and create value for consumers will not change. What we have to do is to gain insight into the business situation, find our own invariants in the changing situation, and never move forward!