Beware of the price behind nail art

  Manicure, this fashionable beauty method, has now penetrated into people’s lives, and the beauty at the fingertips has also become a new popular element. Even at this year’s Tokyo Olympics, all kinds of nail art were frequently searched, attracting fans to follow the same style. However, is there a certain risk behind the beauty? Today, let’s take a comprehensive look at the Guanjia industry.
  Nail decoration widely popular
  as early as the Tang Dynasty, Han women appeared stained armor fashion. Later women will wear decorative metal false nails to increase the length of the nails, add beauty, and show noble status. In addition, by smashing the impatiens and wrapping the nails with leaves or plastic bags, you will get natural and beautiful red nails when you wake up, which also attracts beauty lovers. In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, people’s attention to appearance has led to the rise of the beauty care industry, and the nail industry, as one of the chains, has also become popular all over the world.
  At this Tokyo Olympics, Yang Qian, the air rifle player who won the Chinese team’s first gold, was applauded for her first-class shooting ability, and her beautiful pearl manicure was also popularly searched by netizens; she is also the proud Chinese table tennis player. Veteran Liu Shiwen, exquisite blue manicure overflowed her girly heart off the screen, it really is both beauty and strength.
  In the constant pursuit, the techniques and methods of nail art are constantly updated, and the nail materials are healthier and more environmentally friendly to meet the needs of different people who love beauty. But behind the beauty, there is often a certain price to pay. Is this the same for nail art?
  How beautiful behind to pay the cost
  to industry sources, some of the non-formal nail shop within the industry, the presence of “true mix”, there are a lot of nail polish is a high imitation even inferior, very toxic. The author searched for “nail damage” content on different social software and saw that many netizens “tucao” nails became thin and brittle, and even onychomycosis appeared. Many people who have done nail art have reported that after perfect nails, nails and nails The skin of the nail bed underneath slowly separates, even pitted, and the arc is lost.
  It is understood that manicure can damage the nail body and the nail bed, causing nail damage, and even separation of the nail from the underlying nail bed skin, and onycholysis, which will eventually cause the nail bed (the part where the nail and the flesh are connected) to become shorter, and the gain is not worth the loss. Nails are actually protein, and protein will denature or even die after encountering harmful organic substances. It may not be visible in the short term, but if you apply nail polish for a long time, the nail surface will definitely become uneven and rough. Therefore, nail polish is still corrosive to nails.
  In recent years, crystal nails are popular, and many women change fake nails as frequently as changing clothes. Because the crystal nail adhesive is too corrosive, it makes the nails fragile and deformed; it sticks to the nails and causes the nails to be mechanically pulled for a long time; when attaching the crystal nails, the nails should be thinned and the longer false nails should be attached to increase the nails. The friction force, coupled with the chemical stimulation of adhesives and nail polish, makes the nails easy to damage and peel off.
  Generally speaking, nails should be scraped during manicure. Some nails are not so thick and will be damaged after scraping, which may cause onychomycosis or paronychia. There are also nails that are worn out, which may cause poor absorption of nutrients and cause nail malnutrition. There is also the damage of dyes, especially the brightly colored nail dyes. Some of these chemicals, such as phthalates and formaldehyde, can damage nails by themselves. People who are allergic to the ingredients in the dye may cause contact dermatitis and eczema around the nails. Moreover, the smell of dyes used in nail art can also be absorbed into the human body through the skin and respiratory tract, causing damage to other organs of the body.
  In addition, in order to pursue a good-looking arc, many manicurists like to cut off the corners on both sides, which will easily allow the nails to grow into the flesh, forming ingrown nails or even ingrown paronychia. Some informal nail salons are not disinfected properly, and it is difficult to achieve “one person one change”. If the previous customer has onychomycosis and the nail tools are not fully disinfected, it may be transmitted to the next customer.
  Nail art adds more points to beauty.
  ”Color, shape, and style can be selected. The most commonly used nail shapes are square, square, oval, pointed, round, and fan. Pen drawing, sketching, inkjet, and pasting Sheet nails, crystal nails, and phototherapy resin nails can also be made.” The owner of the nail salon Chen introduced the types of nails to the guests.
  You can do this if you want to be beautiful and healthy
  1. Choose a regular nail shop and try to use healthy and environmentally friendly nail materials. The nail equipment in regular nail salons will be strictly disinfected to reduce the risk of infection.
  2. Try to do simple nail art. Nail art such as applying crystals and diamonds is complicated. It is necessary to polish the deck, apply the patches, and bake at high temperature, which will damage the nails too much and increase the risk of infection.
  3. Try not to polish the surface of the deck, do not trim the armor skin, and do not cut off the side corners on both sides.
  4. Do not manicure frequently, control the frequency, not more than once a month. The interval between two manicures is at least one week.
  5. Nail trauma is a very common susceptibility factor of onychomycosis. Protect your nails after trauma and avoid contact with the source of infection. If the nail (toe) is deformed or discolored, you must go to the hospital for treatment in time.
  ”If the customer does not have other accessories and special style requirements, to make a solid color nail art, a total of 6 steps are required: soaking, trimming, and 4 coats of nail polish.” Shopkeeper Chen brought a small bowl to the customer’s Dip your fingers in warm water floating with rose petals, “soaking can soften the nails, make the next step more smooth, and also relax the customer.” After soaking for about 30 seconds, trim the shape of the nails according to the customer’s requirements to remove the nails. Dead skin. Nail trimming is a technical task, and it should not be too heavy or too light. Heavy trimming will affect the health of the nails and surrounding skin.
  After the trimming is completed, the production of the nail art will officially start: first apply the transparent base glue, after the lamp has solidified, then apply the colored nail polish, then shine the lamp, brush the reinforcement glue, continue to shine, and finally seal the glue. Each step takes 10 minutes. Shopkeeper Chen said that there are relatively few people who make pure colors now, and everyone has a strong sense of beauty, especially young people have their own understanding and views on beauty. In addition to the color requirements, most people will choose some rhinestones, metal accessories or pictures as the “finishing finishing touch.”