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The next day there was a beautiful air, which meant that the children, according to the mother’s promise, were able to drive. Little Aslög was involved and he was very happy about it. The mother herself took care of the controls; often before, the mother had driven, her mother was so sure and Polle obeyed her so kindly. Svoku got a bit of a run and was quite proud of it.

They were very welcome to Hirvenhovi, where they had to stay for dinner. Gustav Adolf and Irene had already left the family early in the morning, and the Major was very unfortunate. A better moment for Elisa and her children could not have been available to her.

“I’d rather keep all my children in my neighborhood,” explained the old Major.

After dinner, he invited Elisa to his room. It rarely happened. But he wanted Elisa to show her a little Sven’s letter and explain how enormous it had been to her. Generally, Major was easily tender, but this time his movements were deeper and more serious than at other times.

“Do you think that Jesus can deliver such an old vanity? Do you think he cares about me?” he asked Elisa to have her blue eyes, which already started to fade slightly.

Did Elisa think of it? No one was more sure.

Only for a quarter of an hour did his father talk to Elisa, but that was enough to cheer Elisa’s heart. He wasn’t thinking about what his father had been talking about on his way home. Intimate joy was also reflected on Elisa’s face and still affected children. This was not so hilariously and briskly spoken in the Hirvenhov, as it is now, when returning.

He was moving forward at a very brisk pace, as Pollen made his mind home; restlessly rushed it forward. Elisa wondered what miracle Polle had gone. Then he suddenly noticed that the sky had turned red and seemed to predict the rain. The air felt heavy pressure.

What could this mean?

The road was flanked by the Hanninkylä forest from both sides, so Elisa could not notice the black clouds rising up to the sky before they were already erupted. How to go if the thunderstorm now breaks out; Polle when you were so afraid of it. No cottage was near, so it was best to rush home as soon as you got there.

Already, a few forests and the Hirvijärvi were on their way, soon to arrive. But then the storm was suddenly unleashed. A flashy lightning flashed through the forest, and in the afternoon, there was a heavy thunder explosion.

As the splashed, the horse jumped to the side of the road so that the stroller fell, and then rushed forward to the full. Elisa flew at a swift pace against the tree trunk and remained stationary to lie down; the children fell to the soft mosses and were threatened with a mere fright. In fear, they crawled to their mother’s safety, but this did not move them to help and comfort.

“Mother, of course, say something, Mom,” prayed Rigmor in despair, but little Aslög pressed closer to her mother to protect her against the fever.

“Mother, my dear mother, wake up,” exclaimed Sven Rigmor’s prayers. He gently stroked his mother’s forehead and breathed on his face. Mother was so pale and cold.

But then came help. When the ultra-frightened horse arrived in the village, hurling down the fallen strollers, the crowd got under his feet and a bunch of crowds gathered around the doctor’s office. For the worst, some of them left the forest right away. The vision that was there was moving. No one could watch it with a dry eye.

Children were taken for treatment; the pairs were acquired and Elisa was home.

A word was sent to Hirvenhovi. The phone could not be used, it was destroyed by a storm.

Mari delivered food to the children and took them to bed. But little Sven didn’t want to eat or land. He did not step aside from his mother, sat down at the bed where his mother had been lying down.

By all means, the patient was tried to refresh his consciousness. At first, all the companies seemed superfluous, but eventually they seemed to be successful.

Elisa opened her eyes. The look was like a cataract, he didn’t attach it to any of his surroundings. Pale lips opened in a silent complaint.

“Mom,” exclaimed little Sven like praying.

Then her mother turned her eyes on her. The look was tough, but gradually became more lively.

When the consciousness returned, the appeal remained silent, but the pains were still not alleviated, as witnessed by the suffering expression around the mouth. But for the sake of the child, Elisha tried to sleep.

“Mom, dear, you can’t die, you are good,” said Sven, both praying and comforting.

Elisa would have liked to smile the child to calm her, but she did not dare because she was afraid of the smile twisting under the pain of grimacing. Gradually he began to remember everything and the gaze began to restlessly distractingly stray around the room. Mari understood what she meant and explained that the other children were already in bed. They can do well and were without power.

Elisa clenched her eyes. When he felt a severe pain in his body and noticed an inadequate weakness in himself, the idea of ​​death began to penetrate his mind.

“What’s the time?” he asked.

“Just over ten,” said Mari, who had taken care of the sick.

“Morning is it?”

“No, but the evening.”

Elisa hissed. Just like other sick and tempted people, did he want to hear the time passing by, or was he afraid to end his life too soon.

Mari saw her lying in a blind eye and hoping she fell asleep. But Elisa did not sleep. He was currently trying to make financial statements with the world. Was he now ready to leave?

Another thought made others more enormous in his mind. Alfred had divorced him with anger.

Was he supposed to die before everything was arranged between them?

“How much is the clock?” he asked again. “Of course the morning is already a point.”

“Half eleven.”

So only a quarter hour had passed. He had been minutes for an hour.

He felt a deadly approaching death. Elisa had always imagined death as a sweet home retriever; As it was, Sven Riinen was at the last moment, but now that she approached herself, she had not yet reached the rest of the evening, had not yet decided her work.

Oh, if only Alfred would arrive in order to change even the word of the Atonement!

But the powers of Elisha are exhausted; The shadows of death already descended upon him. Then he opened his eyes and staring again.

Little Sven sat at her mother’s bed. Mari was trying to force her half by letting her get away, but Sven didn’t want to leave.


Mother called! Mari lowered the boy and turned to the window to hide his tears.

Little Sven snapped to the stool and leaned closer to her mother, she realized that her mother would probably say something to her. The sound of the dead was so weak that the boy struggled to hear it, retaining his breath. As a child when Sven was, he well understood the importance of the moment and that his mother’s words were exactly memorable.

Now Elisa’s mind was calm. The reconciliation message was arriving to Alfred even though he would not return home when Elisa lived.

The forces were shrinking but their mindset was still working vigorously.

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There was a great moment ever closer.
In important life cycles, we tend to look both past and future; for the former, we will be good, the latter will be welcomed. At the moment, Elisa saw her life as a finished entity. In essence, it had been the faithful love of Jesus; it even most clearly shone his soul into the eye. Jesus would not abandon him now. “Jesus Christ yesterday and today and also forever.” How did he greet future events? Good decisions? Oh, by no means, he had many better things: he had the Lord’s wonderful promises. There was no one at the death bed who would remind him of them, but they were hidden in his deepest heart. Especially, one of the others radiated brighter when he came to death. It was: “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, This day thou shalt be with me in paradise.”


The voice of Sven expressed the greatest astonishment. He was still standing toward his mother, bowed down, waiting for his mother to speak. But suddenly he had seen a miraculous glow on the face of the descending mother, and then everything was so quiet. Sven waited for her mother to wake up, open her eyes and smile, telling me that all the pains and pains had already come to an end. She looked pretty healthy when she was lying.

The door was opened. Kristian and Eded stepped into the cloak of restlessness. Immediately after receiving the message of the accident, they let the harness ride through the horse and run through a full-fledged forest of Hanninkylä, but from the first glimpse of Elisa’s servants, the light-emitting faces, they were late.

His voice crying Kristian kneeled down the bed. Sven looked at her in a strange way. Why did the eno cry? The evil hunch captured the child’s mind. Sven still looked at the mother. Mom slept so quietly, just like you did.

Edit came to the chick and closed him in his arms. Incredibly, Sven realized that Eedit’s aunt was extremely sad. Why would aunt have been so pityed by her?

The aunt wanted to bring her down from the stool, but Sven struggled.

“Do not, Aunt Eedit; maybe her mother still wants to say something,” she said.

But Edit’s aunt looked at her so strangely that Sven began to hesitate and hesitate.

“No longer can your mother say anything to you,” whispered aunt sobbing.

Sven looked at him the most, with the most eye-catching eyes. He seemed a little bit ahead.

“Your mother has gone to God.”

In no other way could there be any death at this occasion
Define for Sven.
Now Sven understood. Without putting him in, he let himself go to bed. Even though she was already late at night, she was never tired. For a long time she was still awake, telling herself what she had said. He was afraid of only one word he forgot, he had just heard the word, and understood them as important. They rooted in the child’s memory, they penetrated into the heart, and when he finally slept, he dreamed of them.

After receiving a message about the accident, Kristian had tried to get his wand, but it wasn’t so easy when no one knew where Dr. Hessel had bought the apartment for himself. It was estimated that an electrical message was sent, but not to the doctor.

The doctor had gone home early in the morning. He regretted his mind and regretted being divorced from Elisa unfriendly. Now he wanted to replace it by arriving home earlier than Elisa could wait.

Five hours of return journey. The doctor who had spent the previous night with his companion slept sweetly during the trip, so that when he arrived at the train station, he felt completely rested and cheerful.

But why did the head of the station greet him so gloomily? Maybe he had some trouble, maybe someone was sick at home. The doctor had no time for queries, and he did not want to get into a possible medical visit. So he deliberately rushed away, leaving the station manager busting in his duties.

Walking in the fresh air refreshed her and made the vitality restart. At the point she found herself right in the run-up step. What a hilarious hurry to get him home now!

Two women came up against him. They watched him and forgot to greet. For that good thing, he singed a tiny piece of sore for them. By chance, he still turned back to watch them. Eukos stood still in a lively conversation and decided to talk about him.

“What’s probably going to go to the holes?” he thought and stepped forward.

He had taken his mind, too. From a distance he saw his tenant arriving at his house. But the man, after noticing him, suddenly turned to the forest, where there was no path and no path. Did he bring him and why? Doctor accelerated his steps. What did this mean?

Coming home in sight, he was suddenly overwhelmed by a strange feeling of desolation. There were no people out there, no sound. Birch leaves fell to the ground just like in the harbor, the first night in the autumn they had taken off. Even the trees whose yellowish belly was seen by Elisa as she went on the journey were already exposed.

Little Aslög came from behind the farm and started to climb the shore. How on earth did a child walk around alone, without anyone! Dad called him by name. Aslög stopped and looked back. After noticing his father, he turned and began to go to his father. Soon, Aslög ran to his father’s solid arm.

“Little knife, how did you get this way out to slip out?” he talked to his father. “What do you think the mother is saying now?”

“Mom sleeps,” replied the little one safely.

“Sleeps? At this time of the day! It wouldn’t be like your mother,” said Doctor in the busy bedroom windows.

They were in the back of Selki.

“Mom sleeps,” repeated the little one for sure. “Mom has gone to God.”

The doctor stepped into the fastest steps with his Aslög arm. He was seeing Kristian rushing in from the door of the hall, but when he entered the hall, he did not come to see Christ, but Edit met him, and the strange expression on Eedit’s face testified to what Dr. had already thought something had happened.

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“What now?” he asked, putting Aslög on the floor so fast that the girl started crying.

But who would have had time to notice the child’s tears.

“Did you get an electrical message?” asked Edit.

“What message? I have nothing.”

“Oh, aren’t you?”

Inside the doctor, he burned, alternately, a piece.

“Where’s Elisa?”

And the doctor grabbed his arm so hard that Edit was scared. But after noticing how Edit was moving, the doctor tried to curb himself.

“Tell me everything; I tempered my mind Now I’m calm..”

He was more than calm, he was almost stiffened.

“Try to bravely endure -…” “Elisa – is sick.”

Edit did not dare to bring the whole truth so unequivocally. He was afraid of Alfred losing his mind.

“Why don’t you just say everything? Say, he’s dead!”

The doctor did not really believe what he claimed, he said it just to hear another objection.

But the silence of Edit testified that he had guessed it.

For a moment, he stood as a doctor, and then asked where Elisa was. After knowing it, he immediately went there. No one else was in the room like the deceased.

An hour after one hour, but the doctor did not return from the room. The door was reassured with restlessness. The doctor was still standing by the bed. What could he think of it? It was only He who knew the secret of the hearts.

“Edit, what’s going to come to us for advice. Oh, maybe even Gust
Adolf here, “said Kristian.
Even now, Edit had already dug the Gustav Adolf with a cataract, as no one could be comforted by him. The e-mail was sent to him, but he wouldn’t arrive today. And one of the remedies had to be taken immediately.

Suddenly a good inch flashed to Eedit’s mind. “Let’s let the kids go to their father!” he shouted.

“Good, good,” said Kristian, whose mind seemed to be relieved.

Sven was not found, but Rigmor and Aslög were put inside the father and mother.

As Edit had foretold, the children had some kind of twist in their father’s mindset, already seeing them melted from his heart. After a while, they all came out.

The doctor asked to know how everything had happened. But these extraterrestrials seemed to him to be trivial in comparison to the fact that Elisa was gone. Wonderingly, Edit noticed that the doctor was not particularly angry and complained about the accident. It would have been as if he had considered all this absolutely necessary, already predetermined. The higher power had led the case and fulfilled its will. He had come to that decision with Elisa.

He had been told that Elisa at the time of his death had been clearly conscious. Did he ever miss him, or would he have been happy to be part of a life partner who had so badly responded to his ideal wishes? Did he know he was dying and what was he thinking about dying? No one could answer anything to them. It was said that only the servants and the children would have been at his deathbed. Therefore, no one has been able to whisper to Elisa’s goodbye to his spouse, no word of love and forgiveness. The doctor felt that the greeting, though short and rare, could have somewhat lightened his heavy weight on his chest; now he was in a state of grief with his suffocation.

He closed his room, explained his desire to be at peace, and in solitude he fought his desperate struggle.

The day passed, followed by the night. On the next morning, Alfred Hessel was still fighting for a stronger one. But he already started to shake, the hard blow was broken by the rock.

The morning sun shone from the full bar to the room. Dr Hessel lowered the blind. Did not get the day to shine. He strolled back and forth in his pain, waving his arms.

“Elisa, Elisa,” he silenced himself. “What I would give all his one and only word of your lips! But you are silent, and I deserve it.”

Silence prevailed around him, silence in the whole house. It was as if time had woken up from his lap.

God! Amazingly, he could not have thought of Elisha, even remembering his God, that harsh, unresponsive ruler who had deprived Elisa. But Elisha had loved his God and spoke of His mercy. Preferably, maybe even joyfully, he had followed his God, longing for, without remembering anyone who left behind.

“God, if you are merciful, show me mercy!”

Cardiovascular diseases, stroke symptoms

Almost against his will, this cry was invaded by his heart.
There was a threat, there was prayer, but there was little faith.
The door was opened quietly. Doctor wrinkled his eyebrows. Who came to bother him? Ken dared?

It was little Sven. All the day before, he had been blocked from going to his father’s room, but now he had risen early and no one noticed there. He was astonished to see his father on the move so early, but at the same time it delighted him, because no one would ever take him away before he could talk to his father.

“What do you want?”

In his own eyes, Sven had become a very valuable person in his own eyes on the important thing he had believed, but all his dignity disappeared when his father spoke so hard.

“Mother, -… Mother asked,” began Sven, but the speech clung to the throat;
Sven was confused and strangled by power.
There was no Sven waiting for the reception like that. His lips began to vibrate, he created his eyes to hide his tears. Dad didn’t like the weeping boys.

“What did the mother ask you to do?”

Was the father’s voice? How it was strange! Sven looked up with astonishment and forgot his tears.

But the father implanted him in his knee and asked again what his mother had said. Sven’s lost dignity returned again.

“This is how the mother said,” Tell the father that he will forgive me as he wants himself to be forgiven when he dies. ”

Looking at the father straight into the eye, the boy read his message from the end, just as if it had been a sign of a prominent outward word, of which only a word had to be accurately knowledgeable.

“When did Mother say that?”

“When he left for Jesus – no, it was a little before.”



“Did anyone hear it?”

“I don’t think anybody heard it. son.

“Did the mother say anything else?”

Hessel looked at the boy, eagerly waiting for every word.

“The point behind her mother again opened her eyes and said: Embrace my father for me.”

Sven looked at her father’s inquiring look in the eyes. Should he now embrace his father, as his mother had asked? The father had become so good and gentle. He must have dared… And Sven embraced his father.

Dr Hessel pressed the boy firmly against his chest. That powerful man trembled about the movement. God was merciful and had shown His mercy to Him.