5G era

4G changes life, 5G changes society. With the development of communication technology, 5G not only serves the information connection between people, but also becomes an innovative platform for the Internet of Everything. What can 5G information transmission technology with high reliability, low latency and low power consumption bring us? Let’s play 5G together and feel the brand new experience brought by Yunyou Technology.

New forces brought by 5G
Although many families are now equipped with one or even several VR headsets in order to conform to the trend of the times, these products are also known as “can watch panoramic video”. But anyone who has experienced it will feel that after wearing a VR glasses device, there is a rough mosaic scene in front of them. This is because the resolution of the current VR device is far from the used pass line. So what is the passing line? First of all, we need to know that the best visual effect can be achieved when the resolution of the video is consistent with the resolution of the screen. Secondly, let’s take a look at how high resolution is needed to achieve a true panorama. At present, most of the VR headsets on the market have a screen resolution of 2K or 4K, and their viewing angles are generally around 110°. To achieve a 360° panoramic effect, the best resolution of the video should be 8K or 12K.

Can’t you imagine the visual gap that 8K and 12K will bring? For example, the high-definition videos we see on video websites are often marked as 1080P, and if converted to K, they are only 2K. Starting from our lives, 2K videos are currently playing often stuttered. If we want to expand to the future 12K era, we need faster internet speeds.

The development speed of science and technology always exceeds people’s cognition. Just ten years ago, our knowledge of video can only be viewed after downloading. At that time, the Internet speed limited our time, and now, the average Internet speed exceeds 22Mbit/s in the 4G era. Make online viewing possible. Immediately after the 5G momentum came raging, in the overwhelming introduction, we learned that 5G has extremely high bandwidth and ultra-low latency, and the fully constructed micro base station also laid the feasibility foundation for the large-scale use of 5G connections—— The network speed of more than 128Mbit/s makes all imagination possible.

The ultra-high network speed of 5G can increase the loading speed so that it can be loaded directly from the cloud, reducing the response time of the computer. Not to mention the development of VR/AR telepresence or 3D holographic projection technology (VR/AR Holoportation), that is, after the human body is 3D reconstructed, it can remotely simulate face-to-face communication.

Wandering Online Museum
When the construction of zero-lag scenes brought about by 5G, combined with the continuous improvement of panoramic technology and VR/AR technology, not only can human legs go further, but even their horizons have become wider.

The Palace Museum in Beijing has used VR technology as early as 2016, making high technology a wing for displaying cultural relics and historical culture. China has a long and splendid history and culture. Museums are a place for people to learn about history and culture. According to survey data, museums large and small in China have collected 42.239800 pieces (sets) of cultural relics from dynasties, but only less than 5% of them are actually displayed. On the one hand, from the perspective of cultural relics protection, these exquisite and precious historical collections really shouldn’t be “rushed to meet guests”, and on the other hand, people desperately want to get close to history and learn about history, but they “cannot see” helplessness.

In the 5G era, as long as you wear a VR headset, you can really “walk” in every corner of the museum without leaving your house, and you can even “pick up” the collection at will and enjoy it carefully, so that the glass in the showcase was separated from the glass in the past. The cultural relics that can only be viewed from a distance and cannot be played with are “live”!

Many museums in China and even other types of cultural and cultural bases are grasping the pulse of the 5G era

The Shaanxi History Museum directly 3D the entire exhibition hall, and built a real museum online for everyone-from the appearance of the museum to the precious collections, all are perfect reproductions of this historical and cultural treasure house. The National Palace Museum in Taipei has built the first indoor 5G museum in Taiwan, China. As an experimental exhibition hall, the 210 exhibition hall of the National Palace Museum in Taipei will first cover 5G signals and be open to audiences. The audience can directly read the stories behind the precious cultural relics through the “smart glasses”.

Real travel experience
Many museums in China and even other types of cultural and cultural bases are grasping the pulse of the 5G era and widely applying the travel experience to their cultural and cultural industries. Not everyone can have the ultimate experience of climbing Mount Everest. Watching Mount Everest’s “5G+4K+VR” slow live broadcast activity in the cloud and VR travel on the roof of the world on a snowy plateau set a new record for China’s highest 5G live broadcast. The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, which has a daily flow limit of 60,000 people, is gradually improving the current panda live broadcast platform and is expected to become a 24-hour “5G+4K+VR” giant panda live broadcast window. By then, the live broadcast will be able to fully show the daily life of the giant pandas and panda cubs in the base through different angles of camera. You and I standing in front of the screen will even be able to capture the wonderful moments more closely than the tourists who visit the local area, as if the national treasure panda is a pet for your house! Presumably in time, with perfect VR technology, it is no longer a dream to “touch” panda dumplings in the air.

In fact, for the 5G technology itself, everything is already “perfect” to the best. However, whether it is the 8K or 12K resolution mentioned at the beginning of the article, or the bit rate often mentioned in the video world, the technical difficulties have been overcome in the technology research and development more than ten years ago.

It took us 5 years to go from 3G to 4G, so give 5G some time. After 5G technology is fully implemented and the rapid network expansion is complete, the era of the Internet of Everything is bound to come. By then, everyone will develop a new pair of smart eyes, and the world of “wandering” is no longer a dream. We will live in a world that is not limited by time and space, and the communication between people and the world will also form a whole new dimension!