Those powerless things, leave it to time, right?

   One day, I started to spend my weekend idle time to slowly clean up some of the useless things bought back over the years-daily necessities, decorations, small kitchen appliances, brand new treadmills, plush toys
   that have hardly been moved… those 70% to 80% of new clothes, shoes, and bags are cleaned and sorted into plastic bags and sent to the old recycle station in the community; books bought on a whim at the time, and fine magazines subscribed a few years ago are also packed together. , Let the old book recycling staff come and take it away.
   There are also different styles of tableware that I bought crazily during a certain period of time, a new bunch, and gave it to a young couple who had just moved in from the opposite door. The beddings and beddings were packed and delivered back to my hometown… the
   cleaning process was very long, lasting one or two years. During this period, except for the necessities of life, I did not buy any items into the home.
   Including the books I used to buy most, I will carefully make sure that I will read them carefully when I buy them back, and I am willing to collect them before buying. It’s no longer like before, even for a book title, a cover, or just to reduce the order, buy back a pile, and fill up all the bookcases on a wall. I have never stored a drawer full of socks or paper towels, hand cream…
   Now the feeling of things is good enough for now.
   One late spring morning, I opened the curtains and watched the soft sunlight come in and evenly sprinkle in the space vacated at home.
   In the living room, a simple fabric two-seat sofa has replaced the large and complicated corner storage sofa, and the large carpet under the coffee table is also a gift for friends in need. The living room has plenty of white space to bear the spring sunshine.
   The bookcase only kept a log, low against a wall, enough to hold the books that I really like-they are loosely placed in the originally crowded space, and they can breathe freely.
   The overall wardrobe in the bedroom has been reduced by half, and only a few sets of clothes of the season are neatly hung inside, and the rest are all stored in the storage box, but they are just the ones that I have always liked to wear.
   The only vase left on the round chest of drawers is oval-shaped and made of glass, which can hold any kind of flowers and plants, regardless of whether it is a fine gypsophila or a gorgeous perfume lily. There are no flowers at the moment, and a few rich and noble bamboos are placed at random, and the green is dripping.
   Look, a vase is enough.
   Then, I leaned on the railing of the balcony and looked at my little world under the sun at this moment, and at my simple and clear days. I just feel that the whole heart is clear, happy and concise.
   Once a friend came to visit, after entering the door, he was stunned for a long time, and took a breath for a long time, saying, this is the legendary “break away”, right? She asked me, how did you do it? Which book was it inspired or influenced by someone?
   I laughed and shook my head.
   No, it’s not what she thought. When doing this, I hadn’t read any book about “Disappearance”, and I was not influenced by anyone. Even then, I had never heard the term “break away from home”.
   Only from one day onwards, it was so natural. I became faintly tired of the many substances. I felt tired of being tied up by the extras, so I tried to sort out and clean it up.
   In this slow process, whenever I cleaned out some extras, and looked at that small piece of space and cleanliness, my heart stretched a little bit-the neatness and clarity of the tidying up made me satisfied.
   Just like I don’t regret giving up now, I never regretted my liking at the beginning. To this day, I still remember the urgency when I wanted to own an item at that time.
   No matter the clothes, or a pair of beautiful cups, a set of unique tableware, or a slender vase, a dozen cotton socks, especially those books with elegant covers-buy them back, the paper exudes the ink unique to new books Fragrant, neatly arranged a bookcase.
   That kind of satisfaction has also made me very happy.
   In the not short period of life, when I am alone, I really like the feeling of being pampered by material things.
   There are a wide variety of books in the bookcase, a dazzling array of tableware in the kitchen, plush toys of different sizes and styles on the back of the sofa, fresh cut flowers in different vases… I especially like the tiny sense of ceremony.
   I remember one time when I went to Beijing on a business trip, I met a white shirt that I was enamored with and bought 3 of the same style at once.
   After returning, simply wash and hang them on the balcony to dry, look up and see them side by side in the sun, so neat and clean.
   The joy in the heart at that moment was equally profound and profound. It’s like seeing sunlight shining on the empty wooden floor at this time.
   I like all of them.
   Today’s conciseness and the once dazzling array are all the life I like.
   It’s not a whim, it’s not “influenced by someone’s concept”, it’s not that “I finally learned that waste is shameful, and learned to save” as my mother said…
   Neither, it’s just that after time, the mood slowly changed.
   I also knew in the past that that kind of excessive material desire is not a good thing, so I have restrained it many times and turned around and left when faced with a favorite item. But afterwards, either I will silently worry and regret for some time, or I can’t help but look back and spend another time to buy it back.
   At that time, I always felt that life was not easy, and I needed to give myself some love in this way to resist the hard work of hard work.
   I didn’t expect that there would be such a day suddenly, and the material desire would naturally fade. Knowing that without these things, the same is good. In life, I have a sense of security as I want.
   This is the credit of time.
   Just like when I was young, I liked a person and couldn’t let it go in various ways. In the end, I had to leave him alone, even if he grew like a wound on his skin, it would heal slowly over time.
   Therefore, those things that you have wanted to change but are powerless, whether material desires or love for a person are not worth it, really don’t have to force it, just leave it to time.