Reduce salt intake in patients with myocarditis

   Myocarditis is one of the types of heart disease. The causes of myocarditis include infectious factors, immune diseases, radiation therapy, and drug stimulation. Among them, most of the infectious factors are viral infections, such as Coxsackie virus, influenza virus and hepatitis virus. The types of myocarditis can be divided into viral myocarditis, giant cell myocarditis, ischemic myocarditis and other types. Different types have different treatment options.
   Patients with myocarditis need to reduce their salt intake. The clinical manifestations of myocarditis are different, mainly depending on the extent and severity of the lesions. A few can be completely asymptomatic, mild ones can show non-specific symptoms such as fever, cough, diarrhea, and severe ones can show severe arrhythmia, heart failure, heart Caused shock and even death. When a patient suffers from myocarditis, water and sodium retention are prone to occur. Therefore, when preparing meals for patients with myocarditis, try to add as little salt as possible to appropriately increase the intake of potassium, which can promote the excretion of water in the body.

So Sulc ur wanted to read drama again; but the children were left alone in their rooms, and who was good, that in the absence of cats the mice would not spring out of the harness, nor turn the house out of the corners? According to him, Sulc slams the book with great sadness, picks himself up, and enters the children’s room, where, turning his appearance into a moment of silence, he first bites something in the company of the children to spread his dinner to his stomach cavities. When he had done this, he cut himself off on the sofa and took care of the seedlings of the house with silent morphing, he, their careful gardener. But the children immediately surrounded him in a good mood, and like their beds the castle, they besieged Mr. Sulc with their speeches.

“Sulc ur, please tell us something nice, cheer!” One began.

“I can not!”

“He can’t! you know, multkor, ”the other continued.

“Leave me alone, I can’t!”-39-

“He told you so strange many times, Mr. Sulc!”, The third concluded.

“Come on, listen! I say I can’t now! ”

“Please! – Sulc ur! “Please tell me,” all three shouted at once, clutching their necks, their backs, their bellies.

“Stop no!” Said Mr. Sulc, and a thought-provoking thought peeked out of the mysteries of his head, and he shook off his pupils. “I’ll read very nicely if you pay attention and sit quietly.”

“We are sitting! we warn you, Sulc ur! ”- And the three children became full of ears.

And ur Sulc picked up a Hungarian translation of Cicero from his boss’s bookshelf, and he began to read the first oration to them meaningfully and aloud. He had barely read a page yet, and the children shouted unanimously, “This is not beautiful, Sulc ur!”

“Of course not; just wait a bit, the good is coming soon. ”- And Mr. Sulc walked around the audience for a moment, lurking after the expected effect. And the audience was now starting to look at the plain ones.

“Sulc ur, if you’ll allow me, I’m going to sleep!” Said the older boy, waiting a little.

“Come on, Gyulácskám, if you’re sleepy.”

The other student can barely sit in his chair; -40-ceaseless wobbled left and right as if drunk.

“Rózsi!” And Rózsi entered.

“Undress the kids and put them to bed. Good night!”

And the moment of deliverance has come! “And now Mr. Sulc ran down the ladders, as if he never wanted to return to them again, and when he reached his room, he undressed at once, smoking a pipe, lying on the bed, wanting to read that fatal drama, with all the comfort in his power, at some point.”

So he starts reading drama with great fire: read, read; but his fire slowly begins to fade, and of the four acts he has only four cards to digest. As if he had been flooded with dreams , he fell asleep: he left the candle burning quietly, not a word.

The next day at five o’clock in the morning the instructor woke up. And it is amazing that after the fatigues of the day and hard dreams , he even woke up!