Tolerance is the magic weapon to maintain mental health

As the saying goes: “The heart is broad and the body is strong”, “You can live without anger and worry,” this is very scientifically justified. Professor Redford Williams, a famous American psychiatrist, found that irritable and cynical people are four times more likely to die when they are less than 50 years old than those who have a calm personality and trust others.

When irritated, their parasympathetic nerves will quickly work to calm them down; and those who are jealous and always keep their sorrows in their hearts will secrete a large amount of adrenaline when they encounter a little unsatisfactory, and become agitated, excited, and hostile Psychological or provocative behavior, blood pressure will rise significantly, coronary artery is prone to blockage, which will cause serious damage to the heart and blood vessels.

Tolerance is by no means a helpless and negative state of mind. What you need to tolerate is a little understanding, friendliness and generosity, but sometimes you get huge unexpected gains. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the king of Chuzhuang had a feast for his officials at night. Just as he was drinking and drinking, suddenly a gust of wind blew, the candlestick lamp went out, and the banquet was immediately dark. When the waiter was about to light the lamp, the concubine of King Chuzhuang whispered to him: Someone had just taken the opportunity to molested her, she had easily torn off the tassel from his hat, and the light was on and she showed herself. “Slow!” King Chuzhuang suddenly stopped the lighter waiter, and in the darkness ordered the officials to take off his hats and tassels. When the lamp was lit again, everyone drank without tasting. In a war against Jin a few years later, King Chuzhuang was in a precarious situation. Suddenly, one of his members was about to fight with his death and finally escorted him to break through. After turning the danger into a bargain, King Zhuang bowed to thank him, and he should bow down and say: “Last time the humble minister was rude after drinking, if the king had not been forgiving, he would have been a ghost under the sword.” King Chu Zhuang won the hearts of the people with his tolerance and generosity. Newspaper. This is tolerance, it is a kind of “the prime minister can hold a boat in his belly” mind, it is a kind of virtue, it is a kind of strength. “The human heart is not conquered by force, but by love and tolerance and magnanimous conquest.” Spinoza said; tolerance is also a small oil lamp, although the light is like a bean, warmth is everywhere, it warms Others will also warm themselves.

In the way of health preservation, most people pay more attention to physical health, such as participating in exercise, increasing nutrition, and taking some supplements, but often lack sufficient attention to mental health. Some people get angry at every turn, even furious. All of us should understand that a person with such a temperament is actually the worst torture to ourselves. At this time, even if the best tonic is taken in, it seems to be useless. Mental health care is a kind of mental cultivation, which belongs to the rational activity of the cerebral cortex. Some people call it “mental nutrition”. Mental health experts believe that any smart person should have a motto-to stop anger and think carefully.

Being kind and tolerant to others is a kind of human virtue. Tolerance is insight. Treat everything around you with a tolerant attitude, insist on repaying people with virtue, persuading people with reason, and feeling people, the friendship, career and family of people are the most stable; tolerance is forgetting. Because everyone has scars and pains, they are often exposed, old wounds are difficult to heal, and new ones are added. Forget the past and look to the future, life will be full of sunshine; tolerance is understanding. Because forgetting hatred, forgiving others, but also liberating one’s own soul; tolerance is chic. Being lenient and accommodating criticism is the way to family harmony and career success. Care about everything, worry about gains and losses, and live tired. It’s a rare experience, Xiaojiu is too important.

In short, tolerance is a magic weapon for maintaining mental health and a “vitamin” for maintaining physical and mental health. Tolerance not only brings us peace and stability, wins the friendship and respect of people, but also guarantees the success of our business, the maintenance of family harmony and a smooth path to health. Studies have proved that doing good deeds frequently can significantly enhance a person’s immune defense function. Because helping others can be appreciated and loved by others, the resulting psychological warmth can help avoid the harm caused by mental stress. If you always bear hatred for those who have harmed us, you will definitely suffer, because it will cause agitation, insomnia, gastrointestinal discomfort, and increase blood pressure. Once we forgive and forgive the faults of others, our hearts will be purified. It can restore friendship and harmony among colleagues, relatives and family members.