Depression is all around us

A few days ago, a patient came to me for help. She said that she had a serious depression tendency, but she didn’t know if she had depression. At first I didn’t care too much, but after chatting, I found something was wrong. She did have depression. For professional reasons, I started to observe her, her dark circles are more serious, she shows a sense of helplessness, and her mood is relatively low. During the conversation, she learned that she even wanted to commit suicide. A person who didn’t know what to do in a foreign land, was very helpless, and did not dare to find family and friends, so he approached me. I immediately became nervous, because there are not a few people who commit suicide due to depression every year. In communicating with her, I am also thinking, if I really suffer from depression, how can I care for it?

Common symptoms of depression

Understanding the common symptoms of depression can help us quickly identify whether we are suffering from depression, so that we can treat it early. Common symptoms of depression are as follows: Self-evaluation is too low. People with depression often see strong self-blame and guilt, showing a sense of helplessness. When the mood is low, the patient may also show hopelessness and pessimism, and in severe cases, there may be a tendency to commit suicide. Fatigue, the patient also feels that his body is relatively exhausted, and gradually loses enthusiasm for life, when the symptoms are more serious, they need to be taken care of. With sleep problems, patients generally cannot fall asleep for a long time, even after falling asleep, they will wake up in a short time, and some patients will have nightmares.

Depression care

Depression is not far away from us. There are many people around us who have mild depression or already have depression. Then we can judge whether we have depression according to the above symptoms, but how to care for patients with depression?

(1) Pay attention to safety

During the care of patients with depression, there are many issues that need to be paid attention to, the most important of which is to ensure the safety of the patients. Because some depression patients have a tendency to commit suicide, during the nursing period, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment and do not place some self-injury tools in the room. At the same time, do not leave people around the patient, do a good job of close observation of the patient, and prevent the patient from suicidal behavior.

(2) Proper nutrition and rest

Patients with depression generally show symptoms of anorexia and are reluctant to eat. Therefore, during the nursing period, it is necessary to select foods with high nutrients and easy digestion in response to this situation. Every time you eat, someone must accompany you, and you need to eat small meals more often to ensure the safety of the patient’s eating and the effective acquisition of nutrition. Rest for patients with depression is also very important. You can perform various activities during the day. You can give the patient a glass of milk before going to bed, or use other methods to help the patient fall asleep. If the patient suffers from severe insomnia, under the guidance of a doctor, appropriate sleeping pills can be taken. At the same time, some depression patients may have some life problems due to emotional depression, passivity, etc., such as not paying attention to their own hygiene and clothing, or unwilling to get up, etc. At this time, nursing staff and family members should help to keep the patient Good personal hygiene.

(3) Psychological nursing

Psychological care is very important during the nursing of patients with depression. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage patients to express their feelings, block patients’ negative psychology, and popularize knowledge.

Encourage patients to express their feelings: You must have enough patience for the care of patients with depression, and to ensure a kind attitude, so that patients can express their feelings. When the patient’s depression is more serious, symptoms such as slow thinking process and delusion will appear, so during the nursing period, the nursing staff should give the patient the greatest help, and let the patient feel care and care through warmth and love. At the same time, we must patiently listen to the patient’s confession, and understand the patient’s needs and psychological problems during listening. It is necessary to encourage patients to come out, express their feelings and vent their emotions.

Block the patient’s negative psychology: Negative psychology is the psychology of depression patients or the performance of their illness. They will show depressed mood, loss of confidence and enthusiasm for life, etc. Faced with such pessimism, nursing staff and their family members must take the initiative to care for the patient and help the patient block the negative psychology during the nursing period. During the nursing period, you can often review the advantages of the patient, let the patient feel that they are needed, and gradually build up self-confidence. At the same time, patients should be encouraged to step out of negative emotions and create certain opportunities to enhance positive psychology. Patients must be allowed to participate in more social or outing activities, through such activities, let patients feel happiness and satisfaction. It should be noted that someone must be accompanied when going out or doing activities, so that the patient’s emotions can gradually stabilize and negative emotions can be blocked.

Popularize knowledge: During the period of nursing depression patients, we should also popularize depression-related knowledge to help patients recover their health. For example, to let patients understand the reason, nature and law of their illness, they can also read more popular science books or magazines to improve their confidence in overcoming depression.

(4) Choose music reasonably

Music plays an important role in the psychological adjustment of psychological problems or mental illnesses. Therefore, during the nursing period, the patient can choose the music that the patient likes to play. The patient can keep the body and spirit relaxed while listening to the soothing music. , Reduce fatigue, immerse yourself in a soothing and peaceful environment, and gradually build a good attitude.

In fact, there are many people around us who are prone to depression, or are already depressed patients. We must give them tolerance and care, let them walk out of the dark world, embrace this world again, and embrace the sun. Therefore, it is necessary to give scientific care in daily life to help them restore health as soon as possible.