To be honest, sister, how long have you been out?

During that time, I got the most negative reviews.

My husband first. We have lived in two cities for ten years. After reunion, we squeezed under one roof. The beauty of distance disappeared, and many contradictions appeared. The child didn’t worry, and just wanted to talk to him about something, the kid was impatient: “So I still think you are different from other people’s mothers, but now you are also such a woman, just talking about some parents’ shortcomings. Mom, you can’t be cool. a little?”

Okay, my old lady is a veteran and young man, so I’m so cool I’m afraid you won’t be able to bear it. Quietly rolled up a denim bag, and I left without saying goodbye. Who wouldn’t be able to travel as long as he said, I won’t wait for my old lady anymore!

I made an appointment with two unfamiliar travel companions online, and I am going to Inner Mongolia to see the grassland.

Wang Yi drove, and Liu Er checked the map to find the way. I adjusted myself to feel comfortable and looked at the beautiful scenery. Liu Er said: “Everyone has to take responsibility for traveling with friends. You are responsible for finding a hotel, and you can calculate where to stay next. If you come to book a hotel, it must be cheap and good.”

This is not my strong point. Booking a hotel is always my husband’s business, I never worry about it, I won’t.

“Will you navigate the way?”

My phone is too slow and I haven’t been guided, don’t count on me.

Think about my responsibilities at home, which are basically the work of the supervisory committee, focusing on the faults of their father and son. But Wang Yi and Liu Er obviously don’t like me doing this, so I don’t know what I can do. “You can’t do anything, so let’s be responsible for telling jokes, or talk about the customs along the way, this is the head office.”

My mouth is the most stupid, but I can’t refuse anymore, for fear of being driven out of the car, so I reluctantly said: “I am responsible for talking, buying fruit, reminding which service area has clean toilets, detecting speed limit probes for taking pictures, and cleaning up the garbage on the car. ,alright.”

In fact, the first day I was only responsible for headaches and alleviating my headaches, motion sickness and overcoming my motion sickness. Wang Yi said, “You don’t have to work, as long as you don’t cause trouble, sister.”

I suggested that I go to Inner Mongolia to see the grassland in June when the grass grows up. I imagine the grassy horses and breeze in the desert in early summer, and the mighty man and the beautiful girl are picturesque. But when the car drove from Zhejiang through Jiangsu and Shandong, and crossed the city of Beijing into the hinterland of the grassland, it was discovered that there was no grass there. Except for the sandstorm, which meant a bit of vastness and vicissitudes, everything that was expected did not appear.

Regardless of their complaints, I slept a long time and woke up the car has entered Baotou City. Two friends of Wang Yi waited there and invited us to eat lamb. When I saw the Inner Mongolian, I was a little excited and asked, “Where is the horse?” The two thought for a long time and said, “Do you think we came on horseback? Actually, we have never rode a horse. Now even herdsmen ride motorcycles.”

They said again, “Will you speak louder? We both have a bad ear.”

I said, “I have bad ears. Is it because of the wind and sand on the grassland?”

They finally laughed off. Wang Yi said, “Sister, you are not responsible for telling jokes, you are responsible for making jokes. To be honest, how long have you been out? It happens that someone has ear problems, can’t you? Can you talk to your brain again?”

Playing in Inner Mongolia for a few days, all kinds of jokes. Instead of taking the old road on the return journey, we drove from Shaanxi to Shanxi, and this day we went to Pingyao Ancient City. When we got out of the car, someone came over to greet us enthusiastically. Liu Er said, “I’ve been here N times.” Wang Yi said, “I am a driver.” I don’t understand the sinister world, so I talked to them a few words. This is troublesome. They are determined to make my money. , Followed me three streets with a battery car.

I didn’t know how to get rid of them, so I ran forward. Wang Yi and Liu Er laughed in the back, confirming once again: Sister is here to make a joke, she has never been out, and the experience of the arena is zero.

Who said I haven’t been out. I went to Japan last year, and the year before last I went to Europe. But I went with my husband. He would do his homework and tell me about the history and culture of various places. He would find a way to find a hotel to find food. He took pictures and he made me happy. I was only responsible for criticizing him and criticizing him. I have no function, but I am absolutely politically correct, and I am only responsible for supervising him and not making mistakes.

If the road of life is also a long journey, family members are traveling companions. We need to perform their duties and cooperate with each other, instead of reaching out to other people’s private spheres and accusing each other of interference.

Okay, now I look like this-“Mom, I want to resign.” “That’s your business.” “Dad will be angry.” “That’s his business.” “If he is to blame What do you do?” “That’s my business.”

The baby said, my mother is so cool, she ignored her regardless of her business.