When I received an invitation from my ex-husband to remarry, I heard the pain of my heart being torn

Three years after the divorce, I received a wedding invitation from my ex-husband. The bride was not a junior who had cheated before, but a college student who had just graduated. He was 15 years younger than her ex-husband.

My girlfriend looked at the wedding invitation, then looked at me, and said with a smile: “I’m so happy, I am looking forward to his early marriage and childbirth every day, so that I don’t want to grab the child again!”

Facing the comfort of my best friend, I smiled without answering.

I don’t want to congratulate my ex-husband on his remarriage. I must know that no matter how happy he is, he cannot cover my unhealed scars. No one can really feel the pain of this divorce.

But I was really relieved that I heard that the girl was married with a big belly, and hoped that a new life would bring her ex-husband to give up fighting for the custody of her son. As long as he doesn’t want to grab his son from me, nothing else matters.

The divorce three years ago was proposed by me on the initiative. It was not an impulse but a deliberate decision. I am only 35 years old, and the rest of my life is very long. I don’t want to run out of life in a marriage without temperature.

I remember that it was a particularly peaceful morning. He was eating boiling noodles while swiping his phone. I said to him, “Let’s get a divorce!”

After being silent for three seconds, he didn’t look up at me either, like an “um” sound, and a sound like sucking noodles. Anyway, I took it as a default.

It wasn’t until I drove the car into the Civil Affairs Bureau that he knew that I was serious this time and that my attitude was very determined.

It has been ten years and he still knows me how to say it. Even though I have filed for a divorce at least once a year, every time I say to the air, I don’t have to leave, and I don’t need him to coax me. I should do it after a nap. Continue to make breakfast.

I know that he is sure that I dare not divorce. I don’t have a job. I live in a big house of 300 square meters and drive a Porsche car. These are all the money he earned.

In the eyes of people around me, I am simply a model for marrying potential stocks. When we got married, he was actually average, and the family conditions were not as good as mine. In the third year of marriage, I gave him 100,000 yuan of private money before marriage, and he was qualified to start a company with friends.

I dare not say that I am Vanves, but with my full support, he has been going smoothly since then, and his business is doing well.

Like many cliché stories, after he had money, he cheated. Although he didn’t dare to be blatant, his words and deeds were all sending a message. His wife would not be changed, but he could consider adding more.

I feel particularly uncomfortable whenever he says “wife is really nice, but a little bit less”. I have also told him clearly that I don’t like such ridicule. Ask him to consider my feelings. But after three days at most, he was floating again.

I am too aware that I am actually fragile. I have never checked his phone. Compared to disdain, I dare not. I am afraid that there is something that I cannot bear.

At the same time, I also have another voice in my heart: “Don’t wrong yourself, even if you get divorced, you won’t be too bad.”

It was a night when the north wind was whistling. I saw the sassy WeChat on his phone, the very explicit one. I found the girl’s WeChat and made sure they had sex.

I collapsed, freaked out, angry, and wished to hack him to death with a knife. But thinking about my son, I calmed down again.

After struggling for three days, I decided to divorce. After working hard, I found that divorce was not that terrible.

When I drove the car to the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, he knew that I had moved. He promised to divorce, but offered harsh conditions. If he chooses to have children, he will not give me anything except an old house.

I have consulted a lawyer. If I go through the legal process, the possibility of getting a child by myself is relatively small. For the sake of my child, I am willing to give up some material. With hands and feet, even if you do coolies, you can still feed your children.

A 10-year marriage, a 12-year relationship, from lovers to couples, men who have been involved in life for more than ten years, have laughed, cried, rejoiced, and sorrow together.

How happy it is to get a marriage certificate, and how painful it is to get a divorce certificate. No matter how painful you are, you have to move forward, the past will eventually pass, and the road to the future will have to move forward step by step.

I am very aware of the difficulties and hardships before me. I have repeatedly told myself that I can get better after turning over. If I cannot turn over, it will not only become a joke, it must be even more embarrassing than before.

The reality is cruel. Being a housewife for ten years, apart from helping her husband to make the business prosperous, she doesn’t have any skills. Making a living is a problem.

Derailed from society for ten years, my career is either serving dishes or being a salesperson, or being a cleaner. It’s not that I look down on these careers, but I’m unwilling to do so. Anyhow, I’m an undergraduate.

Facts have proved that when God closes the door for you, it will leave a window at the same time. My best friend said that I still have a unique vision of dressing and matching. Besides, my college degree is also a fashion design. Why not try to open a clothing store?

A word to wake up the dreamer, I am really good at dressing and matching. Not only do I have a unique style of dressing and dressing myself, but many wealthy ladies around me like to use me as a staff when shopping.

My girlfriend and I made a budget together. If you want to open a first-line brand clothing store in the most fashionable shopping city, you must bet on the house, sell the car, and invest all the money in your hands to barely enough.

There has never been a stable business this year. What if you lose?

The more I consulted, the easier it was to vacillate. I decided not to ask anyone, but bravely gambled once and staked my entire wealth without leaving any retreat for myself.

There are only three words in my mind when I wake up every day, I can’t lose.

Fear of losing is not really a fear of being poor, but a fear of losing the custody of his son.

After the opening of the clothing store, I was as busy as a top every day, making full use of the contacts accumulated before, and specially helping Mrs. Kuo to choose clothes that suit their temperament. They are very attentive in collocation. The ladies who have come to buy clothes in the store are very satisfied. They have a good reputation, person-to-person, and business is better than expected.

The biggest gain of my life with parasites for more than ten years is that I have met so many wealthy women. These connections not only make my business prosperous, but also more confident and calmer than before.

At the end of the previous year, a Mrs. Kuo took the initiative to open a jade jewelry store with me. She was responsible for paying the money, accounting for 80% of the shares, and I was responsible for operating, accounting for 20% of the shares.

Because I have my own philosophy on aesthetics, coupled with my sincerity, and the network of the clothing store, the business was better than expected from the beginning.

A divorced single woman can lead her life with enthusiasm, even better than before. There is always rumors, some say that my sugar daddy, some say that my ex-husband is merciful. Only those who are really familiar with it know that in the past three years after the divorce, I was too busy to spend time with my son, let alone find a man.

Also, if you use the law to resolve the divorce, you may get more than I have sold clothes and jade in my entire life.

Faced with the rumors, I chose to laugh it off. With that idle mind, it’s better to sleep more. In the past three years, what I lacked most was sleeping. Others suffered from insomnia after divorce, but I was so tired every day that I fell into bed and fell into the morning until dawn. When I woke up, I was thinking about making money.

At this age, I have seen all kinds of worlds. The more you live, the more vulgar you are. At most you can live a little without love. Only money can give people a sense of security. Sleeping with a man’s arm is far more secure than sleeping with a pile of money.

Last year, my son lived in school, and I traveled to many cities in a hurry. In marriage, either the husband is busy and has no time, or the children are young and need someone to take care of them. There are always all kinds of excuses for being inseparable. I didn’t expect that all came true after the divorce.

In the eyes of outsiders, after the divorce, I lived a life full of enthusiasm and brilliance, and I couldn’t find the pain and harm of divorce.

How can there be no harm in the dissolution of a marriage, especially when you have been a parasite for so many years, you can’t even find a job when you first divorced, and I don’t know how many people are waiting for a good show.

I haven’t found a job for a week, and it can be supported. If I haven’t found a job for a month, I start to be afraid, confused, not knowing what I can do, and feel a deep sense of powerlessness.

During the period of preparing the clothing store, I was so busy every day that I always felt that there was not enough time. I was often the last one to pick up my son, and even forgot to pick up my son a few times.

When the teacher called and hurried to the school, only the thin son was sitting in the guard room on the huge campus.

Once I went to school after 7 o’clock, my son looked up, and the moistness in her eyes was obvious. At this moment, she hated herself. If it wasn’t for her selfishness, if it wasn’t for that worthless dignity, she would at least have a complete home for her children. Just like now, let my son drift away with him, panicking.

“Mom, I am not afraid, but the wind blew the sand into my eyes. You must never give me to my father. I want to be with you.”

Even children know that the former happy and warm home is lost, and they can never go back.

My son’s words gave me a sharp pain. The divorce did not hide my son. I kept telling him that even if his parents were separated, his love for him never diminished, and the child was brave.

It seems that I underestimated the sensitivity of the child and overestimated his endurance. The child is a child after all. Whether the parents love or hate, pretending, and being far-fetched is extremely cruel to the child.

For my son and myself, I want to live a better life.

My divorce was really beyond my ex-husband’s expectations. He gradually felt that he would lose me forever, and he was not reconciled. He was doing ghosts both overtly and secretly, and used a lot of despicable means to drive me to death.

The ex-husband also went to the mother-in-law to be a lobbyist. I thought my mother would persuade me to return to my ex-husband like on TV, but she said: “Daughter, mom and dad never care about other people, only you, we only want you to be happy and happy. .”

Dad also said: “Daughter, if you are tired, take your child home. Dad can move and can support you and your child.”

Only at this moment did I know that my parents had forced me to divorce me by death. They didn’t really think how good my son-in-law was, but they were afraid that my daughter would suffer.

The tolerance of the children makes me live more calmly, and the understanding of my parents is a thick armor. I feel the warmth and strength, and I do not regret every choice, nor are I afraid of the wind and frost on the road in the future.

Last month, my cousin brought two bad news. In September, my father went to the hospital to have an intestinal polyp surgery. My mother accidentally fell down the stairs and still relies on crutches to walk.

I didn’t even know about these. My younger brother said it was my mother’s account, and he could only report good news, never worry. My mother said that a divorced woman has to take care of her children as well as her career. It is not easy, and her family must not hold back.

When the divorce was so painful, I didn’t cry, and I couldn’t squeeze a single tear when I was frequently blocked from finding a job. At this moment, all the disguise was removed, and I lay on the table like a child and cried presumptuously.

In this life, I owe too much to my parents.

A few days ago, I drove home to see my parents, and I heard the aunts in the community urge my mother earnestly: “No matter how much money a woman earns, she still has to marry. It is very pitiful without a man or a family.”

My mother responded with a smile: “Several men are already pursuing my daughter. She just wants to choose a better one. We all support her, rather Que Wulan.”

I am proud of my mother’s enlightenment. I did not expect that during dinner, my mother secretly wiped her tears in the kitchen and sighed.

I walked over and held my mother’s shoulders and smiled and said, “Mom, I will find happiness, trust me.”

Although marriage has left me bruised and bruised, I still believe in love. If there is something suitable, I will be brave to love again.

If love is not coming, I will live a good life and show my parents with action proof. Even if their daughter is divorced, it will just choose another path to go, and it will not be a bad life.