The most miserable sister and brother love, the widow bears 589 lives for the little meat

According to data, she killed a total of 589 people. Every one is a girl. Every girl must be a virgin. The reason for the murder is because she firmly believes that the girl’s blood has a magical power. Use it to bathe and wipe the skin, you can regain your youth.

This woman was the Countess of Batori, her original name was Elizabeth.

With so many murders, history would naturally not give her a good evaluation. Some people say that she is a psychopath, others say that she is the most evil woman in history. Evil—Yes, she is evil, but she can’t just use this word to summarize. Just like the opening line in the film “The Countess”: History is always written by the victor. History may be nothing more than a lie written by the victor. What I want to tell today is not only Elizabeth in history, but also her in my eyes…

Elizabeth was born in 1560 AD in Hungary, Europe. When she was born, she was surrounded by many people. One is his father, the other is the eldest son of the Batori noble family, Nadasdi, who is very young and a few years old. Seeing that it was a daughter, the father pointed to the little boy Nunu, pointed at Elizabeth and said, “From now on, she will be your wife.”

This sentence created a very tragic life for Elizabeth. In her childhood, when a soldier beheaded a prisoner of war in front of her, Elizabeth turned her head and dared not look. But the mother pressed her head and demanded that she must look directly at the killing and blood. Because the Batori nobles are brave and good at fighting. As the future countess, she cannot be tender, but fearless.

When she was a teenager, Elizabeth fell in love. The other party is a civilian kid. She escaped from the palace and secretly dated her sweetheart in the field. Soon, my mother knew all this.

When the two were arrested, Elizabeth pleaded bitterly: “Mom, I love him…” But as soon as the voice fell, the commoner boy was sentenced to death.

It was an order from Elizabeth’s mother. She told her daughter: “You can’t love anyone, because you will be the earl’s woman.”

At the age of 15, Elizabeth and Nadasdi married, with the title: Countess Bartoli.

After marriage, the two have three daughters and one son. But because it is a political marriage, the two have no feelings. Coupled with the fact that Nadasdi has been fighting abroad all year round, gathering little and divorcing, marriage is nothing more than a shell. She never really loved her husband.

In 1604, Nadasdi defeated the enemy triumphantly. But when he got home, he suddenly fell ill, and soon died of illness.

Beside the leader’s body, the crowd was weeping. Only Elizabeth, with a dull expression, empty eyes, not crying or talking. It seems to be immersed in great sadness, but it also seems to be extremely restrained against joy.

I suspect it is the latter. Because of this moment, she was free again.

Not only freedom, but also power.

Before the children reach adulthood, the Batori family’s army, property, and taxes are all managed by her. Under one person, over ten thousand people, the status is second only to the king of Hungary.

The following year, Elizabeth ushered in a second turning point in her fate. It was a social banquet for the court nobles. In the bustling crowd, Elizabeth was suddenly attracted by a man. She walked over unconsciously. When he came closer, he found that he was still a big boy, very young, with thick eyebrows and big eyes.

“What’s your name?” “My name is Turso, and you are the Countess Batory?”

“Yes.” “You have always been shrewd and capable. I heard that many people are afraid of you.” “Do you have any fear now?” “No, not at all.” Turso looked into her eyes and smiled all the time.

That afternoon, the two chatted a lot and drank a lot of wine. With her drunkenness, Elizabeth brought her face to the big boy, closed her eyes and said, “Kiss me.”

“Now? In front of everyone?” Elizabeth nodded. Turso hesitated for a while and kissed him.

The kiss was out of control between the two. That night Turso got on Elizabeth’s carriage and went to the palace.

Moonlight shines through the skylight into the room, falling on a man and a woman. They are locking each other’s necks, sucking each other’s lips hard…

At this time, Elizabeth was 39 years old and Turso was 21 years old.

Elizabeth told this to her cronies. The cronies reminded: “You, just treat it as pleasure, don’t take it too seriously.” But Elizabeth retorted: “No, I have never had this kind of heartbeat, even when I was a young girl.”

In the past few months, the two have been crazy in love. Write letters to each other during the day, and at night Turso avoided others and sneaked into the castle-and on the other end, it was Elizabeth, who was already impatient.

Need to mention Turso’s identity, he is also the son of a hungarian nobleman. Although the family’s military and wealth capabilities are not as good as Elizabeth, it is also an upper class. Regarding status, everyone sits on an equal footing. Therefore, when Turso’s father found out, he was very angry. As a noble earl, his son is actually messing with a widow? Is the other person about the same age as you?

Must stop! He arranged a marriage for Turso. The other party is 17 years old, fair-skinned and beautiful, the daughter of a wealthy businessman. “Don’t see Elizabeth again, and marry her in the future.”

It can be seen that it is another family marriage.

Turso tried to refute. But rebuttal is useless after all. In the feudal era, the children of common people must listen to their parents, let alone the nobility?

That night, he entered Elizabeth’s castle again. After a storm, the two lay there, listening to each other’s gasps.

Turso said: “I’m getting married, the marriage arranged by my father.” Elizabeth said “Oh”, not surprised. “I never wanted to marry you. I knew I was going to get old… just let me be your lover for life, okay?”

Turso agreed. In the dim night, Elizabeth cut off a bunch of Turso’s hair as a collection. Because tomorrow, Turso will leave, go back to his family, and marry another woman. Goodbye, I don’t know when to see you again. And the hair is the only thing he can leave.

After that day, Elizabeth would stand at the highest point of the castle every day, looking in a certain direction. That is the territory of the Turso family. A passerby asked: “Countess, you seem to be waiting for someone.” Elizabeth said: “Yes, but I didn’t even receive a letter.”

As time passed, Elizabeth fell into panic. She ran to the Christian church and prayed with tears: God, I felt like a hundred daggers stuck in my chest, and the pain was terrible. Why did you give me a beautiful love, and then take it away quickly?

In the bedroom, she took out Turso’s hair and made a cut in her chest with a dagger. The blood is flowing. Then, tuck the hair into his body. Clenching his teeth, sew on stitch by stitch.

She wanted to stay with Turso in this special and cruel way. One afternoon, Elizabeth rode out to relax. On the way, a message came from his subordinates: “Someone saw a few days ago that there was an extra girl beside Count Turso, who seemed to be her younger sister.”

After listening, Elizabeth’s heart collapsed. She held back her emotions, pretending to be indifferent: “Is that his wife? He doesn’t have a sister.”

Back at the castle, Elizabeth immediately walked into the study. She wrote a letter to Turso. “Please don’t fool my feelings, tell me, do you love me or not? Please write back quickly.”

Turso is married, married the daughter of the wealthy businessman. But what Elizabeth didn’t know was that the letter she sent did not reach Turso’s hand at all. Who intercepted it? Turso’s father.

In order to make his son give up on the widow, he spread many rumors in the castle. To the effect, Elizabeth is a slut and has a new love.

Turso’s father also forged two letters. One was sent to his son, and the content was mostly unfeeling words, saying that he already had a new love… and the “pen-writer” was Elizabeth. Another one is sent to Elizabeth. The content is roughly: “Sorry dear, I confuse love and respect. I think of you now, I think of my deceased mother… I want to marry a young girl, only 17 years old, I only love her.” “Pen writer” is Turso.

After reading the letter, Elizabeth cried into tears. She was unable to eat for several days and nights, ignored political affairs, and her body was gradually deteriorating. Until one day, she thought, did Turso think she was old? Is it true that no matter how young you are, you are qualified to have love again?

Suddenly she stood up and ordered the waiter: “Hurry up, dress me up now!” Maybe she was frightened by the master’s face. When she was dressing up, the waiter’s hands trembled a bit, which hurt Elizabeth. She suddenly furious, picked up the wooden comb, and slammed it on the servant’s head.

“Boom,” the waiter fell to the ground. And Elizabeth’s hand was also covered with the other party’s blood. At that moment, she was sitting in front of the mirror as if she had been caught by a demon, spreading blood on her face evenly. Then, he raised his head slightly and turned around. She smiled.

Because of her hallucinations, the wrinkles on her face after applying blood were significantly reduced. That night, she asked the servant a few questions. “How old are you?” “15 years old.” “Have you ever had a relationship with a man?” “No.” Since then, Elizabeth has become a demon overnight.

Because she became superstitious, the blood of the virgin body can make herself young.

A few days later, the young attendant died. The reason is excessive bleeding.

Then, the second, the third. At first, I wiped the skin with blood. Later, Elizabeth became more and more crazy, washing her face and bathing with blood. The whole castle was filled with a strong smell of blood.

Elizabeth often asks her subordinates: “Have I become younger? Is it somewhat effective?” Out of fear, everyone nodded repeatedly. There are even flattering people who say that she is now almost 20 years old. In this way, the emperor’s new outfit has never been exposed. In the pursuit of everyone, Elizabeth completely lost her mind. She built a “blood taking machine”, several meters high. It looked like an alchemy furnace on the outside, and hell on the inside—all inside it was made up of sharp metal sharp objects. Going in is a living person, and coming out is a corpse.

According to data, every month, Elizabeth uses 10 girls. At first, Elizabeth recruited girls in the name of “lack of servants.”

But over time, local people found something was wrong. Why are the girls all in but no out? Where did the people go?

The fear dispersed in the local area, and no one sent his daughter to the castle as a servant anymore. But Elizabeth was already crazy. Blood, the blood of a virgin, became a must for her to maintain her life. She began to use force to grab it. And this also directly accelerated her demise-the fear of the people under her jurisdiction turned into anger, and they jointly wrote a letter to the King of Hungary, accusing Elizabeth of the crime.

One day, Elizabeth received a message from her servant: Two knights outside the city were rushing. She vaguely guessed who it was. Looking at the window, sure enough, one of them was Turso. She was suddenly ecstatic. Hastily ran down the stairs and greeted him at the gate of the city.

At that moment, Elizabeth was holding the other’s face, her voice almost trembling: “Why are you saying in the letter so cruel?” Turso replied, “I don’t understand what you mean, I still want to ask you why you are unfeeling!” “Could it be that” Didn’t you write that letter?” “What did you write? I miss you all the time.”

After discovering that it was just a misunderstanding, Elizabeth seemed to be thundered. She snarled: “Why does God make us twenty years of age difference?!”

But Elizabeth was not overly sad. She kissed Turso, went to bed, and enjoyed the last night in her life worthy of nostalgia. Because she knew that when dawn broke, it was her end-Turso was not looking for love, but an investigator sent by the king.

In 1611, Elizabeth was taken to the court. Three servants who assisted in the killing were sentenced to death. And Elizabeth was saved from death because of her noble blood. But capital crimes are forgiven, and living crimes cannot escape. She was imprisoned in a small room for life and was not allowed to step out of the room.

The door was sealed, leaving only a few small holes in it. The servant used this to give her food, and she used this to peek at the outside world. In other words, wait for someone.

That person did not come. But this time, she didn’t wait too long. She bit her wrist artery with her teeth, biting deeper and deeper, like a repayment for her sins.

After that, she died. Falling into his own pool of blood. At the last moment of suicide, Elizabeth prayed to God: If there is an afterlife, I hope I can become a man. They created God by their own imagination, and then they own birds, lions, women, and everything on earth. I have nothing. Love is a dagger stuck in my back.

This prayer is the best explanation of Elizabeth’s life-589 lives were destroyed by her, and she was destroyed by love and the defects of history itself.

If that civilian kid hadn’t been killed. If she hadn’t been forced to become the Countess of Bathory. If there were not so many taboos for women in that era, and a 39-year-old woman was allowed to love a 21-year-old boy, who would know if there would be one less murderous woman in European history, and one more gentle and gentle Countess ?

History has gone through hundreds of years, and it will continue to go on. With regrets and misunderstandings, as well as the last wish of a murderer-if there is an afterlife, I hope that I will never part, never fear, and love and be loved freely.