Awaken the sleeping lion king

After the documentary “Awakening the Sleeping Lion King” was broadcast on Sky TV, it caused heated discussions on the Internet. The documentary is about the love story between Harold the “Wandering Lion” and the Lion King “Concubine” Gülen. Because of being expelled, the fate of the two lions was rough. Although the lion king did not “kill all of them”, the lion group took pains to kill their cubs. The two lions in the desperate situation depended on each other for their lives. They did not succumb, but rose up to resist, until Harold made a bloody road and became a new generation of lion kings.

Lost Lions are favored by the “Princess”
In December 2015, British zoologist Gerald, after dealing with his wife’s suffering from cancer, applied to the university where he worked to work in the South African Animal Nature Reserve. The reason why Gerald proposes to go to Africa is to forget the pain of his wife’s departure, and more importantly, the object of his research in the past few years is lions. The original lion guardian in the South African Animal Nature Reserve retired six months ago. , Has been unable to find a suitable candidate. After receiving Gerald’s application, the unit naturally couldn’t ask for it.

Just after New Year’s Day in 2016, Gerald packed his simple luggage and traveled to the South African Animal Nature Reserve. In an unfamiliar environment, Gerald worked desperately, and soon he became familiar with the situation of the lion group in the reserve: the lion king is named Jeffrey, 8 years old, and the lion group includes 10 cubs and 8 juvenile male lions. , And 12 lionesses. Under the management of the lion king Jeffrey, the lions are in peace.

One early morning in June, while still sleeping, Gerald was awakened by a loud noise. Through the window, he saw the lion king Jeffrey and the two-year-old lion Harold fighting together. At first Gerald thought that the two lions were fighting, but after a while he realized that it was more than just fun. Jeffrey’s sharp teeth pierced Harold’s thigh deeply, and blood suddenly appeared. And Harold’s sharp incisors pierced the base of Jeffrey’s ear. Gerald suddenly realized that this was Geoffrey exercising his power to be the lion king. He wanted to drive Harold out of the lion group and let him form other lion groups.

Gerald knew that this was the law of animal survival, but it was really unacceptable for people to chase away the children in such a bloody way. Gerald knows that after this fight, Harold, who has no actual combat experience, will definitely be defeated. What is waiting for it is not only the whole body pain, but more importantly, it will be lonely and helpless in the future, and may even become a predator. Plate of Chinese food.

Sure enough, after the fierce fight, Harold was sorely wounded, it dragged the bloody wound and left the lion group one step at a time. The lion king Jeffrey let out a long roar, declaring his authority as the lion king. In the next few days, Gerald paid close attention to Harold’s injury. After leaving the lion group, Harold came to a canyon. The trees on both sides of the canyon were lush and lush, which was a good place to heal injuries without being discovered by Jeffrey. At first, Harold didn’t eat anything except some water. Gerald wanted to help Harold so much, but every lion must go through these ordeals, and he could not artificially interfere with the natural selection of lions.

While Gerald was worried about Harold’s condition, on the morning of the fourth day, he found the female lion named Glenn beside Harold. Gerald was surprised. Glenn is Jeffrey’s “concubine”. How did he get entangled with Harold? Isn’t this “breaking ground on Tai Sui’s head”? Jeffrey will definitely not let them go!

Sure enough, two days later, the lion king Jeffrey came over. Seeing his “concubine” and his subordinates defeated you and me, the hair on his neck stood up. There was a roar, and just when Jeffrey was about to attack, Gülen walked back to Jeffrey’s side one step at a time, and then kept licking its hair with his tongue, as if apologizing. Gerald knew that Gülen’s submission had traded for Harold’s temporary safety. Watching Jeffrey take Glen away, Harold roared lowly.

“Will Gülen still come to see Harold? Will Jeffrey kill him for betraying him?” A series of questions came to Gerald’s mind. The next day, Gerald did not find Glenn by Harold’s side. To his relief, Jeffrey did not punish Glenn either, and tolerated it as if nothing had happened. Harold, without the help of Gülen, was not optimistic. As he could not eat normally, his body began to lose weight, and finally he had to rely on the carrion leftover of other animals to sustain his life. Unfortunately, it also developed diarrhea.

Just when Gerald was worried about Harold’s emergence, he saw Glenn next to Harold again, and a piece of fresh venison. What shocked Gerald was that he also saw a wound on Glenn’s body, which was probably Jeffrey’s “masterpiece”, which used this way to warn Glenn not to contact Harold again.

“Glen didn’t take Geoffrey’s warning to his eyes. He was willing to take any risks in order to be with Harold!” Gerald was moved. In the next few days, Glenn did not leave. Under its careful care, Harold’s body began to recover. Gerald can often see them basking in the sun together, catching young deer together, and more often, two lions are constantly trimming each other’s hair. However, a week later, when Gerald came to the valley again, he did not see Harold and Glenn.

“Did they encounter Jeffrey’s black hand and both died for love?” Gerald patrolled the surrounding area for several kilometers, but did not see Harold and Gülen. “The only thing that can be explained is, They eloped for love!”

Gerald thought that he might never see Harold and Glenn again in this life. He did not expect to meet Harold unexpectedly when he was patrolling the valley half a year later, and he was not far from him. Lan, its belly is slightly bulging, and it looks like it’s pregnant. Gerald was pleasantly surprised that they secretly hid and gave birth to the crystallization of love. Gerald was excited for a moment, and started again, but his heart came to mind. This is Jeffrey’s place. It is impossible for him to accept the two lions who “cuckolded” himself.

Love in the cracks is precarious
What Gerald was worried about soon happened. One morning Harold and Glenn went to the pond to drink water. Just when they were about to leave, Jeffrey didn’t know when they stood ten meters away from them. There, the hair on its neck stands upright, its muscles are tight, and the arrow is forced to move. Harold took a few steps back, then stared at Jeffrey.

With a roar, Jeffrey rushed towards Harold. Harold quickly stood in front of Glen and rushed towards Jeffrey with a kick on his hind legs. In an instant, the sand grass by the pond flew up, and soon Harold, who had no actual combat experience, was bitten by Jeffrey and pressed under him. Seeing Jeffrey’s fangs were about to go into Harold’s throat, Glenn suddenly Rushing to Geoffrey, the unsuspecting Geoffrey was knocked to the ground. It turned around and screamed at Gülen. But Glenn turned sideways and stood in front of Harold. Jeffrey stopped. It stared at Gülen for a full minute, then left with its head down.

“It seems that Jeffrey let Harold off because of his relationship with Gülen.” As a zoologist, Gerald knew that Jeffrey was fully capable of exercising power over Harold. . In any case, Harold and Gülen are safe for the time being. Sure enough, through the camera placed by the pond, Gerald saw Harold and Jeffrey meet on the narrow road many times. Every time, Harold waited respectfully until Jeffrey was full. The water drove away.

Despite this, Harold was cautious. A few months later, when Gülen was in labor, Harold, who was the first “father”, ran back and forth in a hurry. After Gülen gave birth to the cubs, Harold just sniffed lightly and walked away in horror.

A few days later, Harold accompanied Glenn to drink water at the pond. At this time, there were several lionesses from the lion group beside the water. When Glenn was drinking water, several lionesses suddenly rushed towards its cubs. Glenn turned around to protect the cubs, and Harold also yelled a warning to several lionesses. The lioness seemed to have received the command, and two pounced on Gülen, while the other three pounced on Harold. Harold, who was pinned down, couldn’t help Glenn at all. Soon, Glenn was defeated in the battle with two lionesses, and could only watch his cubs torn apart by the female lions. Five lionesses walked away, looking at the dead cubs, Gu Lan lay down beside the cubs sadly. After Harold let out a long roar, he disappeared into the bushes.

“Did Harold abandon the hurt Glenn?” The next day, Glenn was still lying next to the pond, but Gerald did not see Harold’s shadow, and the situation remained the same on the third day. On the fourth day, through the camera, Gerald saw a thrilling fight scene: Harold was heartbroken by the cub’s departure, so he followed Geoffrey all the way to find opportunities for revenge. One noon on a scorching sun, after Jeffrey fell asleep beautifully, two lionesses went to the pond to drink water, and Harold attacked. A lioness was too late to react and was crushed by Harold, while another frightened lioness escaped into the bushes. Harold’s hatred was vented on the sharp claws, and the lioness left many deep blood marks on her body.

Just as he was about to give the lioness a fatal blow, Harold’s body was hit, and when he got up, it was Jeffrey standing in front of him. The enemy was extremely jealous when they met, and Harold shook the dust off his body, then rushed to Jeffrey. The two lions were fighting vigorously, and Gülen roared a few times, as if receiving an order, Harold fought and retreated, and finally disappeared in the bushes. Jeffrey didn’t follow, he just checked the injured lioness, and then slowly left with it.

Obviously he couldn’t stay in Jeffrey’s place, and Gerald began to worry about the safety of Harold and Glenn. At this moment, Glenn became pregnant again, and Harold couldn’t find a new habitat. He could only accompany Glenn by his side except for food. In this way, under the careful care of Harold, Gülen gave birth to another cub. This time, Harold apparently quickly fell into the role of “father”, he played with the cub and taught it to catch prey. However, the tragedy broke out again three months later. That day, Harold took the cubs to the pond to drink water, and met with the lion group that Jeffrey brought by chance. When Harold and Jeffrey were fighting, other The underage male lion of China launched a siege on Gülen. The defeated Gülen wailed while watching the cub being torn by the lions.

Ten minutes later, the battle was over, and Gülen and Harold were covered in bruises. A few days later, they lay beside the cub without eating or drinking. In the early morning of the fourth day, Harold yelled at Gülen. Gülen struggled to get up and left without looking back. Gerald knows how much the loss of cubs has hit Gren and Harold again and again, and there are two ways in front of Harold, one is to choose to leave and escape from Jeffrey’s territory; The second is to bravely challenge Geoffrey and pull him off the throne of the lion king.

Be the new lion king
Unexpectedly, a few days later, Gerald saw an unbelievable scene: Harold appeared in front of Jeffrey and combed his hair, which meant surrendering his head.

Gerald was very sad. Harold, who lost his cubs one after another, learned to clip his tail and lower his head. He is a proud lion. But soon Gerald discovered that this was just a disguise of Harold, many times he could see Harold yelling in the valley alone, his voice full of anger and hatred. “It turns out that Harold pleased Jeffrey to let him relax!” Gerald looked forward to the upcoming battle of the Lion King.

In September 2018, Gülen gave birth to a cub again, but when Harold returned from hunting, he found the devastated lion cub, and Gülen beside the cub also had scars. Gerald thought that Gülen was besieged by the lions again, but through the camera, he saw a weird scene: Gülen’s cub was bitten by the lion cub, and the injury on his body was also caused by him. Gerald knew that the only explanation was: Glenn had to count the pain of the wounded son on Jeffrey’s head, so as to arouse Harold’s murderousness.

While Jeffrey bowed his head and became a courtier, he recharged in the valley. One early morning in July 2019, Jeffrey went to the pond to drink as usual, and when it was about to return, Harold rushed towards it without warning. Jeffrey retreated a few steps alertly, while preparing for the fierce battle. But Jeffrey was a bit old after all, and he showed signs of failure in a few rounds. When Jeffrey was a little distracted, Harold suddenly rushed to Jeffrey, pressed it under him, and then pierced Jeffrey’s throat with his already sharp teeth. After a while, Jeffrey gave up and stopped moving. Harold didn’t hurt the killer. After letting go of Jeffrey, he roared at the lion group, declaring that it had become the new lion king.

In the next few days, Harold began to exercise the power of the new lion king, and it patrolled all over the sphere of influence. But Gerald knew that the whole process of Harold and Geoffrey’s battle for the lion king would last a year, and old Geoffrey could launch a war to regain the throne at any time. Sure enough, a week later, Harold and Jeffrey met on a narrow road, and they flew in a hasty rush. Their fighting sound attracted the lions, and Glenn was also on the sidelines. Soon, Jeffrey was defeated again and disappeared into the bushes. Near a water source, Gerald found Jeffrey, who was defeated in the battle. It was seriously injured. What’s worse is that it no longer has the ability to hunt. It can only stay here to die.

Gerald decided to rescue Jeffrey. He brought antibiotics and a few chickens, but when he approached Jeffrey again, he suddenly saw a piece of venison next to Jeffrey. Who wants to betray the new lion king at this time to rescue Jeffrey? He set up a camera in Jeffrey’s perch, and he wanted to find this bold guy. Two days later, a figure that surprised Gerald appeared in the camera, and it turned out to be Harold.

According to the survival rule of the lion group, the old lion king was defeated and would finally live his life in loneliness and despair. Why did Harold want to save him? Gerald made a bold conjecture: when Jeffrey drove Harold away, he didn’t rush to exterminate him. He was reporting the “goodness” of the year! In addition, it has to deal with the relationship with the lions. One more friend means one less enemy. Gerald’s conjecture was subsequently confirmed. After Jeffrey slowly recovered, he returned to the lion group. In addition, Harold did not kill Jeffrey’s previous children, but accepted them with tolerance. .

Harold, who stood firmly as the lion king, did not rush to open up branches and leaves with the lionesses. As long as he has time, he accompanies Gülen for a walk, allowing him to enjoy the treatment of the queen. Soon Gulen became pregnant again and gave birth to a lion. Harold took the little lion to patrol from time to time, and from time to time to tidy his hair, his inaction made Geoffrey ready to move again. Jeffrey took advantage of Harold’s inspection and launched an attack, but how could the old Jeffrey be Harold’s opponent? He was defeated in two rounds. Harold roared up to the sky, and then bit Jeffrey’s throat without hesitation.

Without Jeffrey, the lion group has restored its former tranquility. Although lionesses in the lion group have entered estrus from time to time, no matter how the lionesses teased Harold, it has no interest, so that in the next six months, ha Rod has no other children. The one who appeared most in Gerald’s shots was Harold with Gülen and their two children. So some netizens commented on their family like this: “What is the status of the lion king, what is the group of wives and concubines, only after experiencing pain can you understand the love between the husband and the wife and the happiness of the child around.”