There is no upper limit to the cardiovascular benefits of exercise

Regular exercise is good for health, and the latest research shows that with the increase in physical activity, the benefits to the heart also increase. Terence Dwyer of the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and his colleagues conducted a study on 90211 participants, all of whom wore a light motion sensor, and collected their 7-day motion data through this sensor. In addition to measuring the total amount of physical activity, this motion sensor also measures the amount of medium- and high-intensity physical activity. The researchers followed up the participants for 5 years to determine whether they were hospitalized or died due to cardiovascular disease. Research results show that exercise has no upper limit on the benefits of reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, and there is a direct inverse relationship between physical activity and heart disease risk. Those who exercise more are also more likely to not smoke, have a moderate alcohol intake, and have a healthy BMI. Even after taking these factors into account, the link between exercise and reduced cardiovascular disease risk is still clearly visible.

Accountability or pardon Trump? Biden must give an explanation

US “News Weekly” February 5

On the key issue of accountability to Trump, you can’t be indifferent for a long time, especially when you are the president of the United States. For Biden, a 78-year-old Democrat, he is more willing to advocate the politics of unity and reconciliation than to support a method of burning. Advisors said he did not support impeachment publicly or privately, nor did he push for a conviction in the Senate, although there was a wave of justice after the Congressional riots. However, Biden said nothing about how he will solve the serious domestic polarization problem. When Biden walked up the steps of the sworn-in Capitol, he could easily see that he inherited a traumatized country. This is the first time since 1869 that the outgoing president has not been there. More importantly, there are very few people on Biden’s side that have a feeling of reconciliation, because all Democratic factions are actively promoting to ensure that possible illegal actions during Trump’s tenure will have consequences. Therefore, Biden must try to stand between a seemingly unstoppable force (Trump supporter) and an unshakable goal (the Democrats want to take action against Trump) and lead both.

Biden sets a “one hundred million” vaccination target

US “Time” February 1

There are currently 24 million new coronary cases and 400,000 related deaths in the United States, and these numbers are still growing. In the process of launching the vaccine, the United States repeated the same mistakes made in the new coronavirus test last spring in many ways. At that time, the lack of federal leadership in first coordinating the distribution of test reagents, and later in supporting states to establish and equip test sites, resulted in restricted access and serious delays in obtaining results. Public health officials across the United States have stated that local governments also lack coordinated planning and infrastructure for the distribution and management of vaccines. The Biden team stated that its short-term goal is to vaccinate 100 million people within 100 days of his presidency, while working hard to reopen most schools before the spring. To achieve this goal, the federal government needs to take more active measures to support the states, and it depends on whether the Biden administration can persuade the public to believe in the science behind the vaccine, compared with the Trump White House. Public health experts insist that the virus will prevail before most people are vaccinated.

During the new crown, the chip manufacturing industry quietly fired

The Economist, January 23

On January 13, Japanese car manufacturer Honda stated that it had to temporarily close its plant in Swindon, a small town in southern England. It’s not because of Brexit, or because employees are infected with related diseases, but because of the lack of microchips. The chip manufacturing industry is booming. The market value of global listed semiconductor companies now exceeds US$4 trillion, which is four times that of five years ago. During the COVID-19 pandemic, as jobs shifted to the Internet and consumers turned to streaming media and video games, chip makers’ stock prices soared. This has driven a wave of transactions: In September last year, Nvidia, which designs powerful chips for games and artificial intelligence, said it would spend $40 billion to acquire British-based Arm (the company’s blueprints are used for almost all Smartphone). Capital expenditures are also increasing. South Korean conglomerate Samsung hopes to invest more than US$100 billion in its chip business in the next ten years. On the one hand, this industry is full of competition and innovation. Old-brand chip designers, including AMD, Nvidia and Intel, are being challenged by new products. Internet giants like Amazon and Google are also building their own chip designs.

A large number of young British people leave Dubai under the epidemic

English “The Spectator” January 23

This winter, the British airport was sluggish, and a special young tribe left in large numbers. Their teeth are white and bright, and their skin is dark; most of them are young people who want to go to Dubai to shoot reality shows or produce content for Instagram. When they have so many beautiful places to visit, what attracts them to this fancy and dull place? Because it is relatively cheap. Until recently, it was still on the UK’s tourist list, which meant that quarantine was not required when returning home. Although Dubai has few options other than luxury hotels, and the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, Dubai is perfect for souls who need constant comfort from the labels on their clothes and the nodding and bowing of others. Every car is a luxury car, every carpet is red, and everything is gilded, making Versailles look like a Bauhaus. The British are famous for their drunken debauchery while on vacation. They are attracted to such a country with medieval customs, which makes people feel surreal. Places like Dubai allow foreigners to drink and play in bikinis, while their citizens do not have such freedom, which is extremely hypocritical.

Can a robot become a good psychotherapist?

British “New Statesman” January 22

In the mid-1960s, MIT computer scientist Joseph Weissenbaum created the first artificial intelligence chatbot under the name of Eliza Doolittle. Eliza was designed to be a “Rogers Therapist”. The rapid growth of users’ attachment to Eliza shocked Weissenbaum. He wrote: “Exposure to a relatively simple computer program in a short period of time may cause normal people to have strong delusions.” Human beings are so easily manipulated, which makes him very uneasy. From another perspective, people are happy to confide their troubles to a compassionate computer program, rather than a compassionate person, which may bring opportunities. In the UK, there are 7.6 psychiatrists per 100,000 people; in some low-income countries, there are an average of 0.1 per 100,000 people. Adam Mina, a lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, said: “It is hoped that chat bots can fill the gap in the shortage of human mental health professionals.” Research also shows that chat bots may be in contact with people who refuse to receive treatment. Useful way.