The vaccine is coming

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year in human history: the global new crown virus has forced major drug companies to implement vaccine development and large-scale vaccination plans in a very short period of time.

Humans with various vaccines on their hands will finally launch a counterattack against the virus in 2021!

However, mutated strains of the new coronavirus have appeared and will continue to mutate. To usher in the turning point of this war epidemic, mankind must achieve immunization of 60% of the global population within a year. This is really difficult in the context of real politics.

In the vast world, rich countries and large countries with comprehensive strength do not hesitate to use vaccines to fulfill their geopolitical interests, and domestic political forces in many countries also use vaccines to create political issues that attack each other. The huge gap in the affordability of the rich and the civilian class has also made the fairness of vaccination part of the issue.

On social media, conspiracy theories against vaccines are endless. In a short film abroad, unvaccinated citizens were shot and killed by the police in the street, but the vaccinated people became monsters with three hands or heads shrunk into an apple, or they were implanted unknowingly. Microchips…conspiracy theories and anti-intellectualism may become another important obstacle to vaccine promotion.

No matter how safe the vaccine is, one or two cases of side effects are inevitable. While promoting the vaccine, ensuring the quality of the vaccine and establishing a no-fault vaccine safety compensation mechanism will help build up the people’s confidence in the vaccine and accelerate the promotion of the vaccine.

Vaccines will become an unavoidable topic for us in 2021.