Witnessing the quarantine order on the island of Hawaii

Going to work in Hawaii is my long-time wish. In the past, when I went to Hawaii, I always went in and out at the pace of tourists. After a short holiday, I reluctantly left. This time I finally got a job opportunity to implement the project. I have to live in Hawaii for more than a year. Because the departure time is September 2020, which is the time when the epidemic situation in the continental United States is soaring, my parents are worried about my long-distance flight. My husband is working in Washington DC, and it will take a month to reunite with me, so I became a lone bird and flew to the Hawaiian capital of Honolulu (Honolulu) alone.

Departing from Atlanta Airport, it is still busy, except for people wearing masks, other things are no different. I got my boarding pass, checked my luggage, and after passing the crowded security check, I sat in the VIP lounge, read a book, and ate lunch. There is no dinner all the way on the inland flight. Unexpectedly, this Delta flight was unattended, not like there should be a depression during the epidemic. After flying for nearly five hours, he arrived at San Diego Airport for a transfer. Many anti-virus COVID-19 forms were filled in during transit. At this time, Hawaii strictly restricts people who board the island. Even if they enter the island for work reasons, they must be forced to land and quarantine for 14 days. This is a rare rule in the United States. After taking off again, the flight from the continental United States to the Hawaiian Islands was empty. After taking off, the flight attendant reminded passengers that they could change seats and lie down to sleep. I fell down and fell asleep soon.

It was late at night when I arrived at Honolulu International Airport, and I had enough sleep. But because there is a six-hour time difference between Hawaii and the continental United States, the sun is still hanging on the western sea level. The colleague who came to pick up the plane was a native of Hawaii. He took me to buy some food along the way to relieve the hunger of the ten-hour long-distance flight. And took me to the lobby of the reserved suburban hotel. When the front desk staff checked in for me, they signed more than 20 pages of various documents. Give me copies of all copies, and fluently instruct many rules that must be followed during the isolation period. Finally, I can walk into the room, put down my luggage, and sit by the window to breathe the fresh air of Hawaii with the fragrance of flowers quietly.

The quarantine order allowed me to enter and leave the hotel freely. I was restricted to walks, jogging, and smoking areas in the open area. I was not allowed to be close to the crowd or walk into any buildings. Violators of self-isolation will be fined up to 5,000 U.S. dollars (approximately 3,5,000 RMB) and imprisoned for one year. I read the details, and I am glad I was allowed to go to the hotel laundry room. So he threw a whole outfit into the washing machine, took a comfortable hot bath, and sprayed the fragrance on himself. Go to retrieve the clothes that have been dried, while gnawing on the apple, while watching TV replay the Hawaii North Shore Surfing Qualifier.

When I woke up, the isolation day officially began. Fourteen days of paid isolation is like a vacation. Plan your work, fitness, and diet arrangements for the next two weeks, and repeat the same trajectory almost every day. Get up at 6:30 in the morning, run to the beach to greet the new day, breakfast at 8 o’clock with milk and bread, plus homemade microwave steamed eggs. Start work at nine o’clock, programming, video, audio conference, and mail processing. 10:30 break time, eat dried fruits, order take-out lunch and dinner. Lunch break from twelve to one o’clock. Keep working hard a little bit. Afternoon tea break at three o’clock, and get off work at 4:30. Walk outside at 6 o’clock in the evening and watch the Pacific Ocean sunset by the beach. Simple dinner at 7:30, and then free time to read books, watch TV, and chat with family and friends. Go to bed on time at ten o’clock. Every two or three days, volunteers who help quarantined people go shopping, I made a list. They helped me buy all kinds of daily necessities, breakfast, and local fruits. The first weekend came, and a colleague who was still in isolation like me sent a text message asking me to go out to smoke. I was very surprised and regained the habit of showing that I did not smoke. Unexpectedly, she insisted that she didn’t smoke, but just wanted to go to the outdoor smoking area and talk to real people face to face. This is a good idea, because the smoking area allows people to gather in one place, including those in isolation. So we stayed for a while in the outdoor smoking booth downstairs of the hotel and chatted with other people staying in the hotel. It was very kind to see people up close. The isolation days passed quickly. By the second week, I was tired of eating only two or three takeaways nearby. When walking in the evening, the fragrant smell of grilled eel wafted down the wind. From a distance, it looked like a crowd of people ordering food was queuing at a restaurant. I really wanted to get a copy, but thinking about the documents I had signed and promised, my reason overcame my saliva. Tell yourself to be patient for a few more days. The 14-day quarantine period finally expired, and I lost five pounds (approximately 4.5 kg). I looked in the mirror and felt more like a fairy. I was very happy.

I started to work normally and sat in the office to deal with various matters. Move to the most prosperous Waikiki area in downtown Honolulu. This is the most famous tourist attraction in Hawaii, and it is also the area with the strictest quarantine order. One month later, my husband came to Hawaii to reunite with me. This time, the hotel where we are staying requires quarantine personnel not to leave the house. Not only are you not allowed to go outdoor fitness exercises, you are not even allowed to step out of the house if you are in isolation. The police visited the husband four times during the 14 days of isolation to check whether he was indoors, and asked him to log in to the supervision website to check his temperature every day. With such a big difference, I am very grateful that I did not suffer from such a ban. The Hawaiian quarantine order is adjusted as the epidemic changes. A new law was promulgated before Christmas in 2020. As long as the people who landed on the island had completed the new coronavirus nucleic acid test and became negative within 72 hours of takeoff, they could move freely without quarantining when they landed on Oahu, Hawaii.

The beautiful Hawaii, the blue sky and the ink, attract people from all over the world to come here for vacation. I only hope that the epidemic will end soon and the quarantine order will be lifted. I look forward to the Hawaiian Islands returning to the free and relaxing time of the past.