A new journey of discovery

In-depth exploration of the connotation of spirit, Gucci released The North Face × Gucci co-branded series, hand in hand to reshape more style inspiration for fashion and outdoor functions. Whether it is the adventures of different destinations and cultures, or the more metaphorical self-exploration advocated by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, this series upholds the name of exploration and takes curiosity as the roadmap. Let the clothing lead the wearer across different boundaries and discover the other side of exploration through diverse perspectives.

A journey of inspiration, Europe’s highest mountain Alps
The North Face has always been a well-known outdoor brand dedicated to providing professional equipment for adventure enthusiasts, but it also shares a deeper commonality with Gucci in terms of multiple concepts and brand culture. Since its establishment in San Francisco in 1966, The North Face has realized various possibilities of exploration through continuous pursuit of product innovation. The meaning of travel lies in the process of self-exploration and self-discovery, and The North Face and Gucci are holding the same belief, giving the wearer a unique personality and diverse self-expression; just as Michele advocates, let the style Accompany every journey of free exploration. Heading to the Alps, the highest mountain in Europe, Micheli and director and photographer Daniel Shea conceived an outdoor adventure that dreamed back to the 1970s for the joint series. In the wild, in the magnificent natural scenery such as snow-capped mountains, steep landforms, lush trees and clear waters, Gucci hiking explorers dressed in a joint series were captured by the camera as they rowed, hiked, and camped on the shore. The cozy moments on the side and the nostalgic holiday atmosphere subtly highlight the style and aesthetics of the series.

Collection fabrics new diversified sports fashion
The retro vision not only gives this outdoor vacation a montage-like fantasy, but the bold and bright colors of the 1970s also bring rich inspiration to this joint series. At that time, The North Face was a very popular outdoor sports brand. Its classic jacket silhouette and outdoor equipment became the design blueprint of this joint series; Michele went deeper into its rich historical archives to select fabrics, based on Gucci. The interpretation of style gives it a new lease of life. In particular, the 70s classic song “Bad Moon Rising”, which runs through this fascinating journey in the video, is the representative work of the famous rock group Credence Clearwater Revival, whose studio was next to The North Face California Berkeley factory.

The North Face × Gucci co-branded series uses contemporary outdoor aesthetics to create a new diversified high-performance sports fashion, including men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, accessories, bags and shoes, etc. It also specially introduces The North Face’s iconic outdoor functional equipment such as tents and sleeping bags. In order to echo the connection between man and nature, the production process of the joint series is also in line with the sustainable vision and commitment advocated by both brands. Among them, the personalized functional bags are made of ECONYL? Recycled nylon material. The nylon fabric used in this high-quality yarn is collected by the collection. In the ocean, waste plastics, fishing nets, and textile fiber landfills that may harm marine life are transformed from waste materials and can be recycled, which helps to reduce the ecological footprint.

The exclusive packaging of this series uses bright pink as the main color, and is matched with The North Face x Gucci joint series logo. Clothing, dust bags, packaging boxes and packaging bags also reduce the impact on the environment in all steps of production. All papers and cartons are derived from sustainable forest management resources, and uncoated paper is used to ensure complete recycling. In order to reduce the amount of paper, this series is equipped with handles for the packaging boxes to save the use of shopping bags; while the large items are free from the use of cartons and are packed in shopping bags and cotton cloth.

Immersive, shuttle among charming flowers
The North Face × Gucci co-branded series will be launched in China, and will gradually enter selected Gucci stores decorated with unique design elements and Gucci Pin limited-time stores. Bright floral prints echoing the joint theme will decorate the indoor display space and cover a large area on the exterior wall of the store, giving people a sense of retro exploration. The series will also log on the official website of Gucci China, and more official website exclusive products will be announced soon. In addition, the iconic Gucci art walls located in Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, New York and Milan will also showcase the fascinating and exploratory spirit of the joint series in different forms of street art creation.

The North Face × Gucci joint series includes not only down jackets, short jackets, vests, T-shirts, sweatshirts and matching wool coats with high-quality goose down filling, but also unique and innovative quilted jackets, nylon shirts, windbreakers, and exquisite twill Silk bowling suits, half skirts, shirt skirts and jumpsuits, taking into account function and aesthetics. Some of the clothes with bright colors are printed with a variety of floral prints specially created for this joint series; some are decorated with the new The North Face x Gucci joint series logo; the logo specially designed for this joint series integrates the iconic of The North Face The logo and the deeply rooted green, red and green ribbons of the Gucci brand not only appear on different categories of clothing, but also create exclusive labels for the joint series.

The functional bags in the series launched a total of eight new printed patterns jointly designed with The North Face: either the iconic pattern from the Gucci brand, or the logo design of a variety of different combinations from the The North Face x Gucci co-branded series. Two brand-new backpacks with main functions and two brand-new waist bags and these limited patterns interpret the essence of the series. The medium-sized backpack has five different printing options, with leather patches, rope zippers and mesh straps; the large-sized backpack has multiple pockets to show the outdoor trekking temperament. It is designed with the same details as the medium backpack and comes with six different types. Printing options. There are seven different printing options for the smaller waist bag, and the large waist bag with three front flaps has two different printing patterns. The neutral hiking shoes made of leather in the series are made of sturdy Goodyear glued soles. There are three colors of brown, black and light yellow, all with lace holes and rope-like laces. The North Face x Gucci joint name The series logo is conspicuously printed on both sides of the upper.

Gucci released a new creative project inspired by street sports, once again focusing on Grip series watches. The unisex Grip series of men and women are designed by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele (Alessandro Michele). It is inspired by the sandpaper (Grip Tape) attached to the skateboard. The name Grip means “tightness”. “Grip” is meant to express that Grip series watches can fit the wrist comfortably and easily show oneself.

Sulian Rios from Paris Location: Paris / Performers: Sulian Rios (dancers, actors) / Photographer and Director: Camille Derniaux

Cher Strauberry from Los Angeles Location: Los Angeles / Performer: Cher Strauberry (Skater, Musician) / Photographer and Director: Brad Elterman

Bringing together the best in sports
This creative project will be presented on major social media platforms of the brand in the form of portraits and short videos. Compared with the previous skateboarding enthusiasts from all over the world, this time not only invited skaters, but also brought together the best in the field of street sports from around the world. They shared wonderful stories about street culture through the lens and explored their personal world visually. And unique style. Street athletes from different cities and different industries are wearing Grip series watches, expressing their true self through their passion for roller skating, basketball, skateboarding, breaking and other sports. They have taken dynamic and energetic portraits and scrolls on the Instagram platform. The short video shows its unique and unrestrained personality, interpreting the concept of street sports and brand eclectic, breaking the convention.

Paperboy Prince from New York Location: New York / Performers: Paperboy Prince (basketball player, rapper, social activist) / Photographer and director: Marie Tomanova

Sara Lancerio from Berlin Location: Berlin / Performer: Sara Lancerio (roller skater) / Photographer and Director: Miriam Marlene Waldner

Focus on different cities
The protagonists of this creative project come from different cities around the world: Paris, Berlin, Chengdu, New York and Los Angeles. Including non-binary gender, American professional skater, social activist Leo Baker, musician Cher Strauberry, who became a skateboarding genius in his childhood, basketball player and rapper Paperboy Prince, dancer Sulian Rios from Paris, and roller skater Sara Lancerio from Berlin. , And Chinese longboarder Duo Duo. Photographers such as Marie Tomanova in New York, Miriam Marlene Waldner in Berlin, and Brad Elterman, who shoots for pop, punk and rock bands in Hollywood, are under the spotlight.

To celebrate the release of this creative project, Gucci will launch seven Grip series watches on the official application (Gucci App) on the “try-on” watch function module online. This function uses AR technology and can be used on the iOS system. Users only need to point the camera of the mobile device at the wrist to experience the effect of “trying on” the watch.