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Buy Tesla with Bitcoin

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on his personal social media account that “You can now buy Tesla with Bitcoin!” Currently Tesla only supports the United States. Regional users pay via Bitcoin, and Musk subsequently tweeted that “later this year, Tesla outside the United States will also accept Bitcoin.” At the same time, Musk also promised that the bitcoins paid to Tesla will be retained and will not be converted into legal tender.

The price of Bitcoin has doubled seven times in the past 12 months, and the current price per coin is $55,000. This also includes Musk’s own contribution, who once announced in a high profile that he is a supporter of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. American financial expert Simon Peters said, “Tesla’s announcement of support for Bitcoin payments and retention will promote more companies and individuals to hold Bitcoin, resulting in a tighter supply of limited Bitcoin in the market and further pushing up the price of Bitcoin. .”

On March 21, all places in Italy entered a medium-to-high risk state. Starting from March 15th, most areas of Italy will implement a large-scale lockdown period of about 20 days until the end of the Easter holiday in early April. More than a year has passed since Italy’s national blockade on March 10, 2020. The blockade once again brought the Italians back to the height of anxiety and anxiety a year ago. “If 2020 is a kind of food, what kind of food?” “Boiled macaroni.” In a poll, most Italians answered like this. Indeed, in the past year, Italians’ lives have been like a white meal. Boiled macaroni, pale, sad, and depressed. The always sunny Italian is depressed.

More than half of the people feel insecure

In the face of economic difficulties, many Italians have lost their source of income, relying on meagre government relief to survive; many people are unable to pay rent and mortgage loans, and some of them are homeless and forced to sleep on the streets or live in the streets. In your own car.

The raging new coronavirus hid the excitement of Italy. In Rome, where a reporter lives, whether walking in the streets or taking urban public transportation, the Italians in sight are no longer enthusiastic. The first thing that catches the eye is the mask, followed by the numb half of the face. , The mask hides the optimism and smile of the naturally romantic Italian.

In Italy, the way people socialize has changed because of the epidemic. When they meet friends on the street, they no longer give face-to-face salutes, and no longer shake hands to show good, just gently touch their elbows. People have also become accustomed to the new life of wearing masks, and it is difficult to walk around the door. The opportunity to touch nature has become more precious for Italians.

Survey data shows that people with anxiety symptoms and psychological stress due to the epidemic have increased significantly. 54% of the people feel insecure, and 53% are worried about the uncertainty of the future. Among them, 41% are tired of the epidemic, 38% are stressed, 32% are anxious, and 30% are nervous. In addition, people with negative emotions such as depression and anger accounted for 25% and 21%, respectively.

Professor Massimo Di Gianantonio, president of the Italian Psychiatric Association, pointed out in an interview with the media a few days ago that after the outbreak, sales of anti-anxiety drugs and sleeping pills in pharmacies increased by 35%, and sales of antidepressants increased by 28.2%. It can be speculated that the number of mentally ill patients in Italy has increased by about 300,000 people. According to the latest survey data released by the Italian Drug Administration, in the first wave of the epidemic in 2020, the sales of anti-anxiety drugs across the country increased by 12%. Among them, Marche and Umbria increased by 68% and 73% respectively. In 2021, sales of such drugs will continue to increase.

The patient, the elderly, the businessmen are desperate

On March 14, an Italian man was diagnosed with the new crown virus after undergoing a surgical operation in a hospital in Turin and was transferred to the new crown ward of the hospital. As a result, the man sneaked out of the hospital and returned to his home, where he shot himself. Many people like this man committed suicide after being diagnosed with the new crown virus.

Under the isolation and blockade, many elderly people feel insecure of being abandoned. In Lombardy, the number of elderly people who have had a negative psychological impact due to the epidemic has increased by 30%. Among them, long-term inability to meet with family members, long-term solitude, insecurity and fear of the virus are the main factors. Experts say that among the mental sub-health groups, the elderly group is one of the groups most affected by the new crown epidemic and is also worthy of attention. The isolation policy makes many elderly people feel insecure of being abandoned.

The city was closed from time to time, and the business became numb and desperate. Lorenzo Farina, a restaurant owner in Rome, said: “It’s not long before Lazio returned to the yellow zone. We haven’t caught our breath yet, and we have to start worrying about the new epidemic prevention policy. One year has passed, and we are still staying where we are, and we are still discussing’closing the city, aren’t these all useless? We haven’t got enough support from the state, and we are all under pressure alone.”

Not long ago, a photo of an Italian woman sitting in the kitchen in frustration instantly set off a huge wave of resonance on the social network-from this photo, everyone can feel the infinite sadness and despair of the restaurant industry for the blockade again . The accompanying text reads: “No tears, no strength, no dignity.”

The birth rate of newborns has dropped sharply

Italy has always been one of the countries with the longest life expectancy in the world, but the epidemic is raging and the life expectancy of Italians has generally been shortened. In Cremona, Lodi and Bergamo, the provinces most affected by the new crown epidemic in 2020, the average life expectancy has been shortened by nearly five years, a phenomenon that has not been seen since the Second World War. As of now, the number of deaths due to the new crown in Italy has exceeded 100,000.

The Italian Prime Minister stated that this is unprecedented in the modern history of Italy. A similar situation only occurred during the war: life expectancy during the First World War was almost halved; during the Second World War, the life expectancy was shortened by about 10 years.

On the other hand, the birth rate of newborns in Italy in 2020 has also dropped. The number of newborns in Italy has fallen below 400,000 for the first time, and the number of newborns in the whole year is 6,000 less than in 2019. It is expected that the birth rate of newborns in 2021 will further decline, and the number of newborns throughout the year will be less than 400,000. The newborn birth rate is the lowest in history in the past 70 years.

However, I believe that the Italians can get out of the haze of the epidemic as soon as possible through their own efforts. “Balcony Music” and “Home Cooking Competition” are the glimmers that light up people’s oppressive lives. Music and food make people happy, and they can constantly switch life patterns. Interaction on the balcony between neighbors and instant communication with relatives and friends on the Internet also relieve people’s anxiety and anxiety.

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