What should do if have nodular fasciitis?

Nodular fasciitis is a fast-growing, self-limiting superficial myometrial nodular fibroblast hyperplasia, which presents a solid single nodule, sometimes tender. The lesion is located in the deep muscle membrane and often extends to the subcutaneous tissue. The average age of onset is about 40 years old.

Nodular fasciitis is a non-neoplastic disease. The main clinical manifestation is that the tumor grows rapidly at the onset of the disease. It can appear within 1 to 2 weeks, accompanied by pain, numbness, and abnormality. The disease can occur in any part. Among them, the upper limbs, forearms, and head and neck are more common. At present, the cause of the disease is not very clear, and it may have a great relationship with trauma and infection.

The treatment of nodular fasciitis is mainly based on surgical resection, and radical treatment should be performed during resection. When the diameter of the mass exceeds 3 cm, it is completely removed together with the surrounding normal tissue. In this case, the recurrence rate is low, and a small number of patients can disappear on their own. In addition, it can also be treated with traditional Chinese medicine plasters that promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, or acupuncture and massage.

It can be prevented by the following methods in daily life:

1. Pay attention to safety and avoid trauma.

2. Pay attention to climate change, keep warm, and prevent cold and dampness.

3. Don’t keep a posture for a long time, don’t be overworked, work and rest should be combined.

4. Warm up before exercise, exercise intensity should be gradual, reduce impact activities.