Women’s think tanks around Biden

On January 6, 2021, extremely impulsive Trump supporters brazenly broke into the Capitol to protest and demonstrate to prevent the new President Biden from taking office. This riot on Capitol Hill took place in the United States, where democracy is now preaching, and it seems very ironic.

The Trump administration is authoritarian and authoritarian in decision-making, but weak and incompetent in management, and is eager for quick success in expanding power relations, just like a machine that creates divisions and conflicts within the United States. In this unprecedented swamp of democratic crises, how will Biden, a democratic politician who is now nearly 80 years old and who has been in politics for half his life, save this divided society?

On January 6, 2012, Trump supporters brazenly broke into the U.S. Capitol to protest and demonstrate.

In fact, Biden had appointed a series of cabinet members before taking office in order to achieve the unity he desired. Although we can still find the homogeneity problem from the educational background of his team-most of them are elites from famous universities such as Yale, Harvard and Berkeley University, but different from the past, the diversity is fully reflected in this appointment: Vice President Kamala Harris was born in an immigrant family. General Lloyd Austin, who is the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Defense, is of African descent. The young former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is Minister of Transportation, has announced his coming out. And get married… And if you want to find a thread in this diversity, it must be gender-related: Biden’s think tank is dominated by women, and it is the government team with the highest proportion of women in American history.

Kamala Harris (Vice President)

Age: 56 years old

Achievement: a strong challenge to the Trump administration

Challenge: concurrently serving as the Speaker of the Senate

Kamala Harris has Indian descent and is the first woman of color to be elected vice president in American history. Serving as the speaker of the Senate is also a springboard for her future self-development.

Harris’s Indian mother once said to her: “Kamala, you may be the first person in the family to make a difference.” Harris, who grew up in a Kochi family, exceeded her childhood mother’s expectations of her: She graduated from Howard University, known as the “Harvard among the black universities” in the Washington area, and served as a prosecutor in San Francisco, California and other places. She is known for her uncompromising work style and severe judgments. At the hearing of Trump’s impeachment last year, Harris, then a California senator, was particularly prominent on these two points. In a televised debate during the Democratic primary elections, she lashed out at Biden’s practice of maintaining “close relations” with senators who support apartheid in the 1970s. And she also showed this kind of combativeness in the debate with former US Vice President Mike Pence, and it is this debate that made her attract worldwide attention. In addition, Tina Frunoy, who was selected by Harris as the vice president’s chief of staff, is also a dark-skinned woman.

Nila Tanden (a “Twitter blogger” who is very keen on budget issues)

Age: 50 years old

Achievement: Promoting Obamacare

Challenge: reducing poverty

Nila Tanden became famous for lashing out at those Republican members who had long held a grudge against her on Twitter. Biden has now been appointed Director of the U.S. Bureau of the Budget. Her single mother was an Indian immigrant and raised her alone after divorce. In Biden’s eyes, Tanden, who is now more than half a hundred years old, is extremely intelligent and well versed in the tremendous energy that an excellent food supply system and social housing system can bring. It is precisely because of this that she was able to realize her American dream. Tanden was once the confidant of Hillary Clinton and assisted several US presidents. She has never stopped working hard to build a broader and more equal economic policy that serves society, including the Obamacare reform plan.

Dai Qi (a major trader)

Age: 45 years old

Achievement: Participated in the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement

Challenge: quelling the Sino-US trade war

The appointment of an Asian woman as a trade representative is not without reason—Dai Qi is one of the few senior officials in the United States who can speak fluent Chinese. This Chinese-American lawyer who graduated from Yale University and Harvard University has a good understanding of China. This advantage enabled her to serve as the legal counsel of the Office of the United States Trade Representative during the Obama administration, participating in the implementation of U.S. trade policy, and responsible for overseeing China and the United States Disputes in the WTO to safeguard American interests. In 2019, Dai Qi relied on his talents to perform well in the negotiation of the new version of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Not only did he balance the different demands of trade unions and the business community, but he also improved social provisions covering labor rights, environmental protection, and other human rights. Therefore, the appointment of Dai Qi as the trade representative will undoubtedly help the United States respond more calmly to trade negotiations between China and the United States.

Jennifer Granholm (a believer in renewable energy)

Age: 61 years old

Achievement: Saved the auto industry in 2008

Challenge: accelerating energy transformation

As a former prosecutor and former governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm knows the auto industry well. She participated in the implementation of the Obama car rescue plan in 2008. Granholm is a Canadian and American hybrid and is regarded as one of the best renewable energy experts in the United States. Some environmental NGOs are very satisfied with her appointment as Secretary of Energy of the United States: she has tried her best to oppose the Keystone XL and Dakota Access projects hosted by Obama. In addition to maintaining the US nuclear weapons arsenal, Granholm will also implement a series of energy reform plans to provide guarantee for the Biden administration’s return to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Marcia Fudge (Problems of Guaranteed Housing)

Age: 68 years old

Achievement: Criticized and expected to replace Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives

Challenge: Improve the scarcity of affordable housing

Marcia Fudge, with a professional legal background, has been a Democratic congressman in Ohio since 2008. She has been developing in the Midwest of the United States, and has been given high hopes in agriculture. In the end, Fudge was appointed Minister of Housing and Urban Development, becoming the first African-American woman to lead the department. In fact, Fudge is better at handling education, employment and agricultural affairs, and does not have much experience in the housing sector. However, she, who is expected to replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House of Representatives, is not at a loss for the upcoming crisis: she will work hard on the task of improving the scarcity of affordable housing.

Avril Haynes (a wind ear in the field of information)

Age: 51 years old

Achievement: Served as deputy director of the CIA during the Obama administration

Challenge: Reinvigorating the declining National Intelligence Agency

Avril Haynes majored in theoretical physics at the University of Chicago, and also has a doctorate in law. She has outstanding ability and a wide range of interests. Biden did not hesitate to praise her, once said: “Haynes can explain literature and theoretical physics, can repair cars, fly airplanes, manage libraries… She has done everything.” In addition, Biden She was also appointed to lead the intelligence department as the director of national intelligence for the United States, a position that has never been held by a woman before. Obama also admired Haines very much, and appointed her as the second in command of the CIA from 2013 to 2015. During the Trump administration, the American intelligence community has been destroyed by various political games. Haynes will take on the important task of revitalizing the National Intelligence Agency after taking office.

Jill Biden (first lady who teaches and educates)

Age: 69 years old

Achievement: eight years of second lady status

Challenge: Tolerate the enemy

The former second lady Jill Biden will be the first first lady in the history of the White House to retain a personal paid job (English teacher) during her husband’s presidency. With a doctorate in education, she firmly stated: “Teaching is not only a profession for me, but also the meaning of my existence.” On the contrary, the second husband—the husband of Vice President Harris—is the best It is possible to avoid conflicts of interest and choose to resign from his law firm. These two practices have just reversed the traditional gender concept, so they have received a lot of criticism. Before entering the White House, Jill had already become the focus of controversy: An editorialist in the Wall Street Journal believed that her practice of putting the Ph.D. title before her name was outdated, even pretending to be elegant, which triggered A fierce debate about gender discrimination. Hillary Clinton once chanted: “Her name is Dr. Jill Biden, and we should get used to this title.” Now Jill, who has been married to Biden for 43 years, has always been committed to improving the family life of military personnel and mobilizing women. Actively fight against breast cancer.

Linda Thomas Greenfield (Voice of America)

Age: 68 years old

Achievement: Former U.S. Ambassador to Liberia

Challenge: Rebuilding multilateralism

She is the highest-ranked African-American female diplomat. She served as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs during the Obama administration. She was removed from office on the sixth day of Trump’s entry into the White House in 2017. 35 years of experience in foreign affairs has made her very convincing. She was born into a family of illiterate workers in Louisiana, where racial discrimination is very serious. She grew up and obtained a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Wisconsin. She was the first person in the family to receive higher education. She has an extraordinary career and extensive field experience. Between 2008 and 2012, when he was the US ambassador to Liberia, it was a period of reconstruction of the country. Later, she worked in Pakistan, Kenya, Gambia, Nigeria, Jamaica and other countries. Biden appointed her as the permanent representative of the United States to the United Nations, hoping that this expert in sub-Saharan Africa can correct the evil consequences of unilateralism over the past four years.

Jane Psaki (White House Spokesperson)

Age: 42 years old

Achievement: Former Minister of Public Relations in the Obama Administration

Challenge: Re-establish the President’s right to speak

Jane Psaki is a former CNN current affairs reporter who was expelled from the White House during the Trump administration and is now appointed by Biden as the White House spokesperson. During the Obama administration from 2015 to 2017, she served as the director of the White House Communications Office. For the first time this year’s communications team is composed of all women, so Psaki’s sense of security has doubled when he returns to the White House. In fact, not only Psaki’s deputy is a woman, but the same is true for the 38-year-old White House Communications Office Director Kate Bedingfield’s deputy: Kate Jean-Pierre, who is of Haitian descent, serves as the chief deputy press secretary to assist him. Sacchi worked; Guatemalan Pirie Tobal served as deputy director of the Communications Office and assisted Bedingfield in his work. As for the team responsible for Harris’ news speech, it is made up entirely of African-American women.

Janet Yellen (Dovish Economist)

Age: 74 years old

Achievement: Hosted the revitalization of the Federal Reserve in 2015

Challenge: Revitalizing the U.S. Economy

Janet Yellen studied under James Tobin, a well-known Keynesian economist. Her husband is the 2001 Nobel Prize-winning economist George Akerlov. Today, Yellen is actively preparing a large-scale plan to rescue millions of Americans whose income has been drastically reduced due to the epidemic. Her career is blameless: in the 1990s, she served as chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers during the Bill Clinton administration, then became president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and succeeded as chairman of the Federal Reserve in 2014. Yellen’s main task this time is to gradually increase the key interest rate while maintaining market stability.

Debra Harland (the first American Indian among government employees)

Age: 60 years old

Achievement: Changing the democratic situation in New Mexico

Challenge: Protect the land opened by Trump from excavation

Debra Harland did not graduate from an Ivy League college like other cabinet members. Once financially strangled, she made a living by making cakes, and did not start studying again until she was 28. As a single mother, she made a living with an unstable job while studying English at university with difficulty. At the age of 46, she obtained a doctorate degree in law, specializing in laws related to Native Indians, and became a Laguna Pueblo tribe. The first female chairman of the Development Association. Harland joined the Obama administration team in 2012 and became the chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico three years later, and was the first American Indian to enter Congress. This time, she was appointed by Biden as the Secretary of the Interior of the United States, whose functions include overseeing public land covering an area of ​​more than 200 million hectares. In addition, she will also assume the responsibility of protecting the land from excavation and easing the relationship between the US government and the indigenous tribes.

Marcela Nunez Smith (the attacker of the new crown epidemic)

Age: 39 years old

Achievement: research on epidemiology in the Caribbean

Challenge: Maintaining medical equity

As an epidemiologist at Yale University School of Medicine, Smith is one of the three co-chairs of the COVID-19 response task force established by Biden. Smith, who has obtained multiple diplomas, will do his best to ensure that people enjoy fair medical care during the epidemic. She published her relevant research last year to make the situation of the epidemic more clear. The widespread inequality in the medical system is the focus of her next research work.

Cecilia Routh (Chairman of the Economic Advisory Committee)

Age: 56 years old

Achievement: Research on the gig economy

Challenge: Grasp the uncertainty of the economy

Cecilia Routh is the fourth woman to serve as the chairperson of the Economic Advisory Council and the first African-American politician to hold this position. As early as 1998 to 1999, she was a member of the National Economic Council of the Clinton administration, and was subsequently included in the White House Council of Economic Advisers by the Obama administration and held important positions. Routh is an expert in the gig economy field. In the post-epidemic era, she played a key role in promoting Biden’s economic revitalization plan. This Harvard graduate is known for his involvement in research on gender discrimination in the employment of musicians in American orchestras. Shortly before her appointment, she also called for the advancement of sick leave reform.

Gina McCarthy (Queen of Weather)

Age: 56 years old

Achievement: once promoted the construction of American clean energy plan

Challenge: Reintegrating the Environmental Protection Agency

Biden hopes to lead the United States back to the “Paris Climate Agreement,” and Gina McCarthy is one of the pioneers in promoting the implementation of relevant measures. The scientist from Boston was appointed by Obama as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, and he has made great contributions to the construction of the United States’ clean energy plan. McCarthy has humorously expressed his consistent philosophy: “The earth can always be alone. Therefore, resisting climate warming is not so much to save the earth, as it is human self-saving.” In order to realize Biden’s “reach by 2050” With the promise of “net zero emissions”, McCarthy not only needs to reunite the internally divided Environmental Protection Agency, but also needs to cooperate with relevant domestic agencies to coordinate the implementation of this nearly two trillion US dollar clean energy plan.

Rochelle Wallensky (Leader of Public Health)

Age: 51 years old

Achievement: Participated in the formulation of Massachusetts’ new crown anti-epidemic strategy

Challenge: Promote the development of the national anti-epidemic cause

Rochelle Warensky is already the mother of three children. She graduated from the best medical schools in the United States (Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University) and is an AIDS research expert. After learning that Biden appointed her as the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Warrensky commented on himself on Twitter: “I will spend my life studying, treating and fighting infectious diseases. With the help of science and experience Next, we are ready to fight against the new crown.” In addition, she has 53,000 fans on Twitter and often attends CNN program recordings. She has a strong talent for education and communication. As early as the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Warrensky, then head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital, had already played an important role in the fight against the epidemic in Massachusetts.