Are you avoiding giving personality?

People with avoidance-giving personality are more sensitive. In fact, many people don’t like this personality. Not only do they don’t want to have such a personality in themselves, but also don’t want the people around them to have such a personality. So do you avoid giving personality?

1. Where do you think confidence comes from?
Ability → 2

Economic conditions → 4

It depends → 3

2. Did your childhood bring you good memories?
Yes, it’s beautiful → 4


It’s not beautiful → 6

3. Do you think you are a person without a childhood?
Yes → 4

No → 7

Hard to say → 5

4. Are you a person who often feels low self-esteem?
Often → 6

Occasionally → 7

Never before → 8

5. Do you have the ability to heal yourself?
Yes → 7

No → 8

It depends → 6

6. Do you feel nervous when there are too many people?
Very nervous → 9

Ok → 7

Not nervous at all → 10

7. Will you give up good opportunities because of low self-esteem?
Yes → 8

No → 10

Hard to say → 9

8. Do you hate your weakness?
Yes → 9

No → A

It depends → 10

9. Will you persevere when there is no one to support you?

No → C

Hard to say → 10

10. What will you be brave for?
Fear → B

Love → C

Money → D

Test Results:
A. You are an avoidant personality

You are indeed an avoidant personality, and you are often troubled by it. You are a person who has no confidence in yourself, has poor social skills, has no courage in the crowd, and often feels shy. You will be limited in your development because of your personality. You have to overcome your shortcomings and slowly find some good ways to change yourself.

B. You will soon become an avoidant personality

You are a relatively inferior person, especially after you fail, you will become less and less confident. You will lead your life worse and worse, and soon you will get involved with the avoidance-giving personality. Therefore, you should pay attention to it, otherwise your good life may be ruined.

C. You are a certain distance away from the avoiding and giving personality

You are a person who has confidence in yourself. When facing life, you are often positive. You are still a little distant from the avoidance-giving personality. In fact, you have not worried about this aspect of yourself. You feel that your life is very good. You are passionate about everything you do. You rarely complain about life. You just want to spend your time on the right things.

D. There is no evasive personality in you

You are a person with strong social skills, you are very confident of yourself, there is no evasive personality in your body, and it is impossible to develop in that direction. It seems to you to be like that is actually very bad. You have always maintained an optimistic attitude. You are the kind of person who can relax your heart very broadly, and you won’t get into entanglement.