Melo missed the Champions League quarter-finals for the first time in 16 years

Missed the quarterfinals. 1:1 and Paris Saint-Germain shook hands to make a peace, which means that Barcelona in the two rounds of the Champions League 1/8 finals were swept out by their opponents 2:5. Agence France-Presse said on the 11th that this was the first time Barcelona had missed the Champions League quarter-finals since being eliminated by Liverpool in the 2006-2007 season. Messi was only 19 years old that year. Subsequently, this team advanced to the quarterfinals in the Champions League for 13 consecutive seasons.

The day before Barcelona was eliminated, Juventus also swallowed the defeat in the Champions League-Cristiano Ronaldo made a fatal error in defensive free kick to ruin Juventus, this time Messi failed to score a key penalty also let Barcelona’s previous achievements. This is the first time since 2005 that “Mero” has missed the Champions League quarterfinals. The confrontation between the two has been the hottest topic in world football in the past decade. According to the goal net, in the 2004-2005 UEFA Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo met with Manchester United in the 1/16 finals and was defeated by AC Milan. In the 1/8 finals, Messi and his Barcelona were eliminated by Chelsea. Out. After that, Ronaldo won 5 Champions League titles and Messi 4 times.

The goal net said that considering that Messi is 33 years old and Cristiano Ronaldo is also a 36-year-old “old age”, many people speculate that the era of these two players dominating European football is over, and the prospects of the two stars in their respective teams It’s not clear. NEWS18 predicts that when the Champions League kicks off next season, the 34-year-old Messi may no longer wear a Barcelona shirt. Ronaldo may also leave Juventus and return to Manchester United. The first Champions League title of his career was when he played for Manchester United. obtain.

The “GIVE MESPORT” website stated that the dominance of Messi and Ronaldo is fading, and the torch relay between the legendary superstars seems to be going on. The goal net said that Mbappé and Harland will soon be on their stage. When Mbappe first started his career, Messi was an unavoidable challenge. However, in the Champions League this season, Mbappé used a hat-trick to help Paris Saint-Germain beat Barcelona 4:1 in the first round. This time it was Messi’s turn to be frustrated and helpless.

Like Mbappe, Dortmund’s Harland has made great achievements in the team’s promotion to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. In an interview with CBS, he said: “Mbappe’s wonderful goals have a strong motivational effect on me. “This makes fans look forward to it very much. Maybe after the “Mero Duo”, football will usher in a new battle for the king.

lived in vain for a whole long, rich life! Missing the intended purpose of existence – nothing else in their eyes but a prey to insane ridiculousness!

He could never meet her again after this. That was certain in him.

Eva von Ostried had returned to her hotel. She was about to hurry up the stairs when the lady from the bookkeeping waved to her through the lowered window.

“A gentleman has already asked about you twice. Now he didn’t want to be sent away again. He’s waiting in the corridor outside your room. There was nothing to be done about it. ”

Eva von Ostried was very tired. Every step was difficult for her. “Who can that be,” she thought without much interest.

It was a complete stranger to her, small and stout, elegant on the outside, the suit of the most modern cut, underwear and tie pin shone in competition. Only his hands did not go with it, which, thickly haired and with short, thick fingers and unkempt nails, stretched out towards her as if in friendship.

[S. 207]

“Sakra, that took a long time, my lady.”

She took a step back. It did not occur to her to raise her hand. “I don’t think I had an appointment with you,” she replied coolly.

The stout man, however, did not seem to feel her rebuke. He looked at her with radiant satisfaction.

“It wouldn’t be that awkward,” he said with well-played honesty. “Whoever comes first also grinds first, right?”

“Today was very exhausting for me. Please be brief. ”

“You will be revived as soon as possible, my lady. I don’t have a Kartl at hand right now. My name is Alois Sendelhuber. Madam must have already heard my name. ”

“No,” said Eva von Ostried and looked at the claw-like curved horn crutch of his strong stick, which did not seem to match the elegant other.

“Should you believe it? Mei kloans G’schäfterl otherwise has a good reputation. ”

Eva von Ostried finally thought she understood. Perhaps he had been to her concerts yesterday or the day before yesterday and now said what her colleague about the violin dared to suggest to her with a beautiful frankness.

“I don’t need anything, Mr. Sendelhuber. Thank you very much for your effort. Berlin, where I’m going back tomorrow, already provides enough for me. ”

His face suddenly became infinitely smart and cheerful.

[S. 208]

“Also no new Konzört-Angaschemang, my dear lady?”

“How did you say,” asked Eva von Ostried, intently and with lightning speed, thinking that she had to earn money now and that she could do so most likely through concerts. Yes that would be nice. There would be new income and the time for the first peaceful night would come closer. The soft curve of his mighty belly began to rejoice with me.

“Is it good, that’s great? So, let’s go into it now. If it’s due. ”

They sat across from each other in the spacious room with the tasteless decor of the dozen rooms.

“I’d like November,” he said, leafing through his not-so-clean notebook. “The first, fifth and ninth -”

“I’m already denied the ninth, Mr. Sendelhuber.”

“Nothing harms. Say where and with whom, I’ll do the other thing. Trifle. ”She looked cool and very haughty.

“I don’t have that. What I promised will be fulfilled. ”

“You’re still a beginner. Oh, I overdone the competition, I’ll do the business for the two of us. So I said the first, fifth and ninth. First and fifth here where you are pretended to be known. On the ninth in Nuremberg. And the income? We’ll just share it! ”

“No, that’s not enough for me.”

[S. 209]

“Look – look!” He said thoughtfully and began to calculate.

She sat very still and had to think what Ralf Kurtzig would advise her now.

“Under two thirds for me, I definitely won’t do it, Mr. Sendelhuber.” Then her brows drew together angrily. Why didn’t she grab it right away? – Ralf Kurtzig would have found his suggestion acceptable to start with? Finally she bowed to him and said uncertainly before Herr Sendelhuber had finished arithmetic.

“Fine, if you like, half of it for this time.”

His pen immediately stopped the busy work of drawing numbers.

“‘S also smarter. If you trust yourself, half of you are better off! ”

“So a little crook,” she thought and said nothing of the sort. Above all, she suddenly wanted to get a good reputation as a concert singer as quickly as possible, and for that she needed people like that. Because among the various copies of old contracts, which he presented to her as proof of his efficiency and popularity, there were a lot of good, well-known artist names.

He was already writing on an extensive sheet.

“So on the first, fifth and ninth. Isn’t that how it was? The old pen is fine again, it’s just a sketch. ”He pushed it hard on the ceiling of the table, wiped away the resulting ink stain with his broad forefinger and went on writing.

[S. 210]

“Under no circumstances will I sing the ninth, Mr. Sendelhuber. You have probably already forgotten that. ”

“Where am I? There is nothing more to talk about. So the N – eu – n – th – ”

She put her name under it without reading through the draft. He folded it awkwardly and hid it with the others.

“We will already have sales! Who cares for you? ”

“What do you mean, Mr. Sendelhuber?”

He made a small, confidential movement, but did not do it fully, but laughed tonelessly.

“I just saw you together with Baron Alvensleben. And Kurtzig was there too. Schaun’s – Munich is net Berlin. Koane business town. Be calm and measure yourself. That would be enough for most people. It’s just comfortable. Would like to know whether one has a taste. ”

She finally got it.

“With such growth and vision and then the voice.”

“Nice that he mentions the voice too,” she had to think and wanted to start. That would only have made a fool of herself. And what remained the main thing and would probably remain forever as long as there was art and artists in the world, she now had to earn money.

“I’ll have the contract made out for you and send it to Berlin.” He spoke the last word with a slight lowering in the fat voice that was supposed to prove his contempt for the city he avoided.

[S. 211]

“Thank you, Mr. Sendelhuber.”

She wanted to be alone. Severe tiredness closed her eyelids. Because he didn’t make an appearance to get up, she overcame herself and held out her hand to him across the table. He was too busy screwing in his fountain pen to have overlooked it out of disregard. Smiling, she lowered it.

“Now that he’s sure of me, that’s superfluous.”

Finally he was done.

“S – o, now I want to eat my roasted potatoes and then enough for today. A word more, Freilein! Pfi – it! I still have to give a despatch! To Gret Melchenhuber or Margarete Kolwinirgers, as they like to be called. A clever bitch. But I always woke up a minute before her. – Well, Freilein, don’t take offense. But you should get a better kit maker. I can give an address. ”And he looked again in his notebook. “Order a nice greeting from me. Then it just likes to pump. ”

She laughed too now. It made her even more attractive. In a flash he ran his red tongue over the bulging lips.

“So what! We get along, it seems pretty good together. I have the honor to be free and I’m on time with the dispatch. ”

– – Eva von Ostried had ordered a little dinner upstairs. It was now ten o’clock; so much good was hardly to be expected. Before, after a similar shock, she couldn’t have thought of it at all. Now she showed the sense of duty[S. 212]To maintain himself productive, pointed out and demanded imperious obedience. What would happen if she collapsed without first paying off her debt? –

She disgusted the food. Her throat was tight. But the weariness that made her hands tremble as she grasped it forced her to reason. Apart from the first morning meal, she had enjoyed nothing more today than the hastily spooned fruit ice cream in the dining room of the Prinzregenttheater. And tomorrow she had to be fresh for the trip and the strenuous work in Berlin.

Mechanically she poked around in the “cauliflower” and tried to shove some of the golden-brown “plantlets” into her mouth. She thought it was hard work. She forced all thoughts to the business-savvy Mr. Alois Sendelhuber and yet could not scare away the picture that popped up everywhere and tormented her feelings. The memory of the aging master who had been her only friend.

Why did she push him into the past? He stood defiant and strong in life and would overcome it! Had she been premature in her horrified denial, of which the mind knew nothing? Didn’t it have to be a wonderful rest next to his mature personality? One grateful aspiration to repay him for being someone like her …

There it was again what had now slept soundly for hours. The hot conscience because she had stumbled once.

He didn’t know anything about it. Nor had she ever considered confessing it to him.

[S. 213]

And yet to incriminate someone who wanted to give it his name with this lie, wasn’t that the second sin? In this case, she could have gotten over that because she did not feel that he was the chosen one in her heart. Only where flowing, deep, mighty love gave itself, no secret was allowed to rule.

How peaceful it must have been with him all the time. Secure from his strength, sustained by the serenity of his view of life, supported by the experiences of his glorious past. Could there be a better fulfillment of all childhood dreams? Suddenly she felt an intense longing for the firmness of his voice. At the same time, the fear of the first meeting after this hour struck her heart.

He lived three doors down. Would he finally be home? What would she do if he came up to her now and said that she would not see him again after this parting, unless she took back the three words at the Hildebrand fountain.

Without him it would be cold and empty. The day no more joys. You yourself would have to be perplexed and insecure in all things. She imagined how he had sat with her in times of hard work. A relentless teacher who could torture until the tears of exhaustion and anger flowed.

A finger pounded on the door. An operator stepped over the threshold.

“Excuse me, madam, I should see if the man from number 41, Mr. Kurtzig is his name, would be with you?”

[S. 214]

“Who asks that?” Asked Eva von Ostried, astonished.

“The artists who have come over from the hermitage and have been looking for him everywhere.”

“I am alone, as you can see. He will be in his room. ”

“No, the key is down in the bookkeeping. He has given orders that a bottle of champagne should be put on the ice at eleven o’clock. And ordered two glasses. And a small table with lots of red roses. The flowers have just been brought by Michelsberger Franzel, who has the most beautiful binding in the English garden. ”

“When did he order the champagne? Do you remember the hour? ”

“It could have been just after eight o’clock, by phone from the Parkhotel.”

“With whom did he place the order?”

“With me, madam. I’ve been serving him for years when he comes here. He knows that you can rely on me. ”

“Was he happy, I mean, did his voice sound like that when he spoke to you.”

The fresh, strong waitress nodded trustingly.

“He smacked it as happy as only one can be who wants to drink champagne afterwards with two glasses, madam! And the red roses too. We are all sinful people. And Mr. Ralf Kurtzig is one of those who are not yet old at eighty. ”

“The red roses will wither,” said Eva von Ostried dreamily.

[S. 215]

“Its possible. The heat was great today. You could hardly breathe. ”

“And the champagne and the two glasses? The ice will eventually melt too – ”

“That would be a shame, madam. The drop that remains undrinked cannot fire up and most people cannot live by the dead stove. ”

“The dead furnace – what do you mean by that?”

“What one must think when one has a heart in one’s body. Wine and love are twins. If the first one tastes bitter or is drunk in front of the nose, the other is usually too salty. ”

“And what do you think will become of him then?” Eva von Ostried had forgotten who she was talking to. The sound of a human voice did her good.

“After that? It depends. One of them throws himself in the chest and tries a fine fur made of other things, God knows, there are enough. Some play or even work like crazy and some are said to have lost their minds in the process. The others don’t like to go on. They put an end to it. ”

End – end it screamed in Eva von Ostried, suddenly awakening fear. The waitress listened carefully and then pointed straight ahead with a mischievous expression and arms outstretched.

“Do you hear the rumbling, madam? I bet these are the impatient gentlemen artists from the hermitage. You will just crouch down in front of his door. Yes, they do that! Take care. ”

[S. 216]

And with a smile in her eyes she ran out of the room after asking for forgiveness for the silly talk.

– Eva von Ostried finally wanted to go to rest. Because tomorrow. Then she was back at Ralf Kurtzig’s. Before leaving for Berlin, they had wanted to go to the Pinakothek together. As she thought this, she listened to the noises outside her door. Ralf Kurtzig’s former pupils really trotted around to sit with their master for an hour longer. She felt that he would be pleased about it, although she thought she heard his rumbling words at the recognition of her homage. “Better go to sleep – you. That is more beneficial to your votes. ”

She opened the door. Their eyes wandered down the dimly lit hallway. Four expectant faces turned towards her.

“Hello, dear colleague! Stop – stayed there? I was given the answer: Where did you leave him? ”

“I’m waiting for him too,” she said and was now shocked herself, because she hadn’t admitted that to herself before.

“It’s the easiest and most enjoyable thing if we do that together from now on.” She shook her head.

“Unfortunately this is not possible.”

“And why not,” marveled the speaker. “I think you are his favorite?”

“Who is telling you that?”

“Someone who should definitely know. Are you good at guessing? ”

“You are joking.”

[S. 217]

“Doesn’t occur to me. When I chased him down a dozen streets the day before yesterday and finally captured him happily, he only talked about you. Because I was his favorite student! So aren’t we two very old, very good acquaintances? ”

She wanted to know what he had said about her.

“God, what someone like him says. Not that much! Altogether hardly ten lines of print. It just depends on the content. Are you really concerned with that? ”

“Yes,” she nodded.

“Even if you have to blush with pride?”

“Also then!”

“Maybe I’ll bring it all together. So that he would have found you, that he could help you on your way up, that would be the best part of his life. ”

She looked pensive. The most beautiful.

“Now I also ask for the reward. Come on, we’ll get a fifth stool. We were just missing the female voice. As soon as we hear the first noise, we should start. ”

“What are you going to do?”

“A greeting, of course, as a greeting. All sensible people would be quiet long ago, says the waitress from Berlin. So we will not sing a wrong one. ”

“No, I can’t stay, but I’ll wait inside,” she said, nodded gently to them and left. But she really stayed in her clothes.

[S. 218]

Long, long! Singing and clanging began outside:

The winter snow has melted
The Hornung turns into a lake.
So now he came!

But the singing broke off with a shrill discrepancy, and she heard a murmur and talking and running in.

With a fearful heart she hurried out to the stairs – –

They had brought him on a stretcher. One of the porters related with awkward importance, without anyone having asked him: “We were just passing by when his body fell open below. It wasn’t easy to fish him out. Here is his wallet, in which we found a card from this hotel with his name on it. ”

– His long, ice-gray hair hung low over his forehead. The open eyes stared with great bright looks. His lips weren’t quite as tightly closed as usual. –

Then Eva von Ostried threw herself on her knees next to the stretcher and pressed his limp hands to her heart as he had done to hers at the well. And he didn’t stop her.

She put her head where his love throbbed for her. It was silent – forever.