U.S. bailout check cancels presidential signature

The latest batch of COVID-19 relief checks in the United States are being printed. In order to improve efficiency, the Biden administration directly cancelled a “precedent” created by former President Trump-signing the checks.

“USA Today” reported on the 10th that in the next few weeks, most people in the United States will receive a relief fund of US$1,400 from the government, which will be directly transferred to the public bank account. For individuals who do not have a certain account, the US government will issue debit cards or checks. White House Press Secretary Psaki said on the 9th that President Biden’s signature will not appear on the bailout check, “We need to speed up the issuance process as much as possible, not cause delays. This matter is not about the president, but for the American people. Can really get help.”

In the eyes of American public opinion, the White House’s move was a “face attack” against the previous administration. “Washington Post” reported that former President Trump insisted on printing his personal signature on the bailout check in April last year. This unprecedented move made many government officials deeply dissatisfied. At that time, a person in charge of the IRS stated that because of this meaningless link, the distribution of checks was delayed for at least a few days. On social media, many netizens also criticized: “It’s really irrelevant.”

Tom arrived at home very annoyed, and the first words with which his aunt greeted him showed him that there was not much comfort to be found here for his grief.

“Tom, I really want to pull the fur over your ears.”

“Oh, aunt, what have I done?”

“My loyalty! The boy asks too! If I go over to the harper, the old simpleton, I want to tell her about your dream and prove to her that dreams aren’t nonsense at all, and when someone looks at me, she laughs in my face and says she got it out of him Joe found out that you were here and heard and seen everything yourself that evening. I think the blow is moving! Tom, what’s going to happen to a boy who can do that? I could pull out my last few gray hairs if I remember that you let me go to the harper to make a fool of myself without saying a word. ”

But that showed Tom in a different light. His smartness that morning had struck him as a good joke, a stroke of genius in fact. Now came to him[178] his behavior is pathetic and mean. He hung his head, not a word of apology could occur to him. Finally he stammered:

“Auntie, I wish I hadn’t done it – but I really didn’t think of it that way.”

“Oh, child, you never think. You never think of the others, always only of you and your pleasure. You must have thought about going all the way from Jackson Island just to laugh at us and our misery. And you also thought of making a fool of your old aunt with the lying dream, but you are not thinking about how you can spare us ridicule and shame and grief. ”

“Auntie, now I know how pathetic it was of me, but I didn’t mean it that way, God knows, I really don’t! And then I didn’t swim over to make fun of you. ”

“Why else?”

“Just to tell you not to worry about us since we didn’t drown.”

“Tom, Tom, I would be the most grateful old soul in the world if I could really believe you had the good thought. But it certainly wasn’t like that, Tom, it wasn’t like that, and you know that yourself, Tom. ”

“God knows, aunt, that’s how it was, God knows! I want to drop dead if it wasn’t. ”

‘Oh, Tom, don’t lie – don’t do it, child. It just makes everything a thousand times worse. ”

“It’s not a lie, aunt, it’s the real truth. I just didn’t want you to be so sorry, that was the only reason I came. ”

“I would give the whole world if I believe that[179] could – it would outweigh almost all of your stupidities, Tom. I didn’t mean to say anything about your being so bad and running away, if I could only believe that. But, child, child, it can’t be, it’s against all reason; why would you not have told me then and snuck away like that? ”

“Why? Yes, you see, Auntie, when you were talking about the funeral service and all that, the thought crossed my mind to come and hide in the church in the meantime and I was so full of it that I didn’t want to spoil it. It was capital too, isn’t it? So I secretly pushed myself away and put my bark back in my pocket. ”

“What bark?”

“Oh, the bark on which I wrote that we ran away as pirates. I want now, you would have woken up when I kissed you, I really want it! ”

The stern expression on the aunt’s face eased a little, sudden tenderness shone warmly from the faithful eyes.

” Did you kiss me, Tom?”


“Did you really do it, Tom?”

“Certainly, aunt, certainly and truly!”

“Why did you kiss me, Tom?”

“Because I love you and because you lay there sighing and moaning, and I was sorry for that.”

The words sounded true. The old lady couldn’t quite suppress a tremor in her voice as she said:

“Kiss me again, Tom – and get you away, it’s time for school, you’ve annoyed me enough.”

The moment he was gone she rushed to the closet and tore out the sad remains of the jacket in which he was a pirate[180] been. Then she stood still, pressed the rags to her chest and whispered:

“No, I don’t dare. Poor guy, I think he lied, but – it was so good and sweet, really comforting for my old heart. I hope the Lord – no, I know the Lord will forgive him, because God knows, this time my Tom flirted out of kindness. I don’t even want to know that it was a hoax, I’d rather not look. ”

So she put the jacket down and stood in front of it for a minute. Twice she stretched out her hand to the garment and twice she pulled it back again. Once again she ventured forward and encouraged herself with the thought: The lie was well meant, well meant from the heart, I shouldn’t care. With that she had put her hand in her jacket pocket. A moment later, with streaming tears, she read what Tom had scribbled on that conscious piece of bark and stammered, sobbing:

“Now I could forgive the boy if he had a million sins on his conscience.”