Moxu Scholar

Books can be said to be a collection of the wisdom of sages and wisdom, recording the essence of Dahua Dao rhyme, reading it will be as bright as the sun, and the mind will be as broad as the sea; those who sleep while holding a pen, and recite the text, most have the talents of heaven and earth. , The power of spinning and turning to Kun, once the sky is clear, it will be the weight of the Hejiangshan community!

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Huan Rong suffered from social turmoil when he was young, and the people didn’t have a living. He and a member of his family named Huan Yuanqing were in the same predicament of hunger and cold. However, Huan Rong still kept reading and reciting as usual. Yuan Qing often sneered at him and said, “I don’t have time to take care of myself when I am full. Still studying seriously, it’s really asking for hardship, it’s a waste of effort, the world is messed up, what’s the use of reading?”

For Yuan Qing’s words, Huan Rong just smiled. During his studies with Jiujiang Zhupu, he worked hard to encourage himself and did not go home for 15 years. Because of poverty, he is often self-sufficient as a helper, but he is poor and strong, with the best knowledge, and eventually becomes a generation of famous teachers. When he entered the dynasty when he was in his 60s, he was honored by Emperor Guangwu Liu Xiu. The officials worshipped Taichang, the head of the Jiuqing, and the master of the prince, and gave him carriages and horses. In order to motivate his students, at a gathering, he pointed to the chariot, the horse, and the Yinshou and said: “Today, the country is so respected and blessed. This is all based on the wisdom and wisdom of the ancients. Everyone must encourage and encourage each other. !”

After the incident reached Huan Rong’s hometown, Yuan Qing said to people with shame: “I really haven’t seen the world before. How could I have expected such a great benefit from studying!”

Zhu Maichen of the Western Han Dynasty, from a poor family background, had a special liking for books. Although he was already 40 years old and still a down-and-out Confucian scholar, he was still fond of learning and learning. The livelihood of the family often depends on him going to the mountains to chop wood. When he walks on a payroll, he always attaches his books to a pole. He walks and reads as he walks. There is always someone behind him wherever he goes. He ridiculed him as a bookworm, and some even sarcastically said: “Can you read oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea in the book?” After he heard it, it was just as the wind blew past his ears.

However, in the face of people’s ridicule, his wife couldn’t bear it. Once, when the husband and wife went to the market to sell firewood, Zhu Maichen picked up firewood on his shoulders, but he kept talking. When his wife saw the people on the street watching their excitement like monkeys, she persuaded him to stop. Not only did he not listen, but his voice was louder. After returning home, his wife filed for a divorce. Zhu Maichen said to her very confidently: “Don’t think I am a poor ghost. When I am so prosperous, I will be rich at 50.” His wife said angrily, “Like you Such a person can only starve to death in the gully, where is the riches you dreamed of!” In the end, his wife left him.

Later, as a scholar, Zhu Maichen worked as an escort in Huiji County, and went to Beijing to report to work with his accountant, and happened to meet the close minister of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty and his fellow villager Yanzhu. Yan Zhu saw that he had an extraordinary conversation, so he recommended him to Emperor Wu. Later, he won the appreciation of Emperor Wu, and he was able to rule the country and state. He can be described as a generation of capable ministers, and even the chief lieutenant and captain of the Jiuqing…

The book is not a poor person, nor a rich and noble person, only those who work hard, learn and never abandon, can get its essence and give birth to its beauty! Once you have jewels on your chest, why worry that life is not alive? Therefore, those who study for advancement should receive respect, admiration, and support instead of ridicule and shock, because you don’t know what great achievements they will achieve in the years to come! Pu Liu, who is proud of the spring breeze every year, may laugh at the pines and cypresses that frost and bully the snow, but Pu Liu can only be used for firewood, and the pine and cypresses are the materials of the temple!

A scholar is a growing pine and cypress!