It’s too close, it’s far away

“It’s too close, it’s far away.” This sentence seems to be contradictory, but it makes sense to taste it carefully.

When I first started working, my work was far away from home. At that time, the rural transportation was not convenient. It was very troublesome to go home once and back to the car many times, so I seldom go home.

The brother-in-law lives in the county seat. Occasionally going to the county town on business trips, I must go to my sister-in-law’s house. Every time I go, I either cut some raw pork, or buy some braised pork, or some other food. Although my elder sister-in-law complained about my expenses, she was very happy about my arrival. The little nephew even shouted shortly around my uncle and uncle. The deep family affection made me enjoy it. Later, I also moved to the county seat, and it was quite close to my brother’s house. I thought, this is all right, brothers and sisters, you can enjoy the warmth of family at any time.

Unexpectedly, after spending less than half a year in the family relationship, contradictions appeared. The children of the two families are young, and when they play together, it is inevitable to fight. Although small misunderstandings have slowly become major contradictions, they have not reached the point where water and fire are incompatible. Later, when the company was restructured, my brother and I were laid off because of the bankruptcy of the company. Afterwards, we contracted the deserted slopes of our hometown, but we did not expect that we stayed together every day, and we would be in a mess because of some trivial things, and we would not talk to each other for three years.

Talking about this topic with a friend, she opened her QQ signature to show me, it was “too close and far away”. My friend said that she hadn’t changed this signature for more than ten years. In her view, people should keep a distance when interacting with others, because “distance produces beauty.” She said that when she was young, she made friends and was able to chat. She couldn’t wait to take her heart out to each other, go shopping, watch movies, eat and sleep together, and be intimate. Too familiar, too close, becoming more and more casual with each other. It was because it was too casual, the friendship that I thought would last, but because of the “familiar and informal” little things, I didn’t mind, but my heart was grudged, and finally broke up unhappy. Think about the few friends who get along well now, they rarely contact each other, but they can take care of each other when they are in trouble. It seems that friendship that keeps a distance can last longer.

Come to think of it, everyone has their own circle of life, short-term intervention, just like a stone thrown into a calm water surface, the water is still calm after the ripples, and occasionally recalled, but also think of the beauty of the “ripples”. But if you are often tired of being together, you will gradually understand each other’s roots and understand each other, and it will be nothing more than just being casual, and you don’t know how to tolerate, and you don’t want to be tolerant. After the enthusiasm is overwhelming, it will inevitably lead to disaster.

Keep a mystery, keep a certain distance, keep a normal relationship, and treat each other sincerely. This is to respect each other, but also respect oneself, but also respect friendship. It’s not unreasonable that it’s too close, it’s far away.