Four seasons give birth to spring

The Chunsheng Hutong between the high-rise buildings in the east of the city hides the home of colleagues. In the cold late autumn, a group of us came out of our colleague’s residence, each carrying a few bags of fruits and vegetables in both hands, bright green, tender white, orange, fiery red, deep purple… our hearts were warm and rippling, and we felt that we were carrying a colorful spring.

Looking back, the colleague and his lover who watched the guest smiled like two rounds of sunny spring sun. Outside the courtyard wall with a bright smile, the yellow and green leaves, the red fruits, and the golden and pink flowers are all gorgeous.

Inside the courtyard, there is a richer variety of layers and contents. On the grape rack in the courtyard gate, clusters of lavender grapes are enticingly cut. The yard is small, and the magnolia, plum, and ginkgo trees are all upright and upright. The two-story building sits on the north and faces the south, and the east and west side rooms are one-story bungalows. There are two big pots of figs under the east wing, and a lingxiao and a honeysuckle under the west wing. The branches, leaves and vines are also strong.

“In spring, the purple magnolia flowers and white plum flowers bloom so that there is a fragrance outside the house; in another week, the ginkgo leaves will be yellow, the trees will be golden, and the ground will be golden. Come to my house to cook the vegetables! “When we entered the hospital just now, my colleague and his wife looked up at the branches and leaves on the tree, looking at the branches and leaves of the tree. It was an aftertaste, a longing, and an invitation.

As the couple of colleagues climbed the escalator, first to the roof of the East Wing, and then to the roof of the second floor, we were dazzled, exclaimed, and admired. How many kinds of plants flourish in the garden created by the roof! Countless vegetables, flowers and fruits are spliced ​​into three-dimensional and colorful. The most eye-catching colors are fresh and lush green onions, cabbage, leeks, coriander, carrots and so on. Moving among the colorful, like being in a vibrant spring. My colleague said that in spring and summer, more things grow here. The two masters were in a hurry, proud and full of enthusiasm, and their expressions, talk and laughter, both grew spring. When going down the escalator, each guest’s hands are carrying a few bags of colorful spring gift from the owner.

In the small two-story building, there are other kinds of vitality, and there are different kinds of brilliance hidden. Three cats and one dog, sturdy and lively, play freely in the living room on the first floor. Among them, the black-grey leopard-print cat, originally a dirty and thin stray cat, found the garden on the roof and timidly refused to leave. The owner warmly accepted it, fed it with water, cleaned up excrement and urine, bathed and combed it, and gave it a nice name “Black Pear Flower”. From then on, the happy life of “Black Pear Flower” has blossomed. It grows up, grows fat, and looks beautiful and pleasant. Several coffee tables in the living room on the second floor are works of art with fashion in the simplicity. These are mostly old things discarded by others. Colleagues picked them up, polished them, repaired them carefully, painted and colored them, and let the discarded objects give birth to artistic elegance. In the artistic atmosphere, a group of eye-catching photos on the wall show that the daughter of a colleague is like a quietly growing tree of wonderful flowers, youthful and confident, calm and refined, and diffuses the sunshine of art. When her daughter was young, she was as shy and weak as a seedling in the shade of a tree. With the careful nurturing of her parents, she became a leader in popular majors in well-known universities as she wished. On the grid shelves on the four walls of the study on the second floor, there are more than a thousand books neatly arranged in different categories.

My colleagues and husbands are my educational colleagues. The colleague is in charge of the city’s science teaching and research, and his wife teaches Chinese in the elementary school in the city. Both of them are busy with work, and their bodies are weak. It is conceivable that they have worked hard to manage their small homes into small botanical gardens, zoos, and libraries. Just planting, the rare rest time, you need to dig soil from a distance and transport it back to the roof, pull manure to fertilize, buy seeds for sowing, raise seedlings, plant seedlings, water, weed, and catch insects…flowers, fruits and vegetables, all Without medicine, the seasons are like spring. It is common for so many green products to be shared with customers. The frequent guests are students. The plants mentioned in the science textbooks and Chinese textbooks, the cats and dogs and other animals that are arranged for observation in the homework, the bookstores cannot buy the books that the school can’t borrow. Children are invited to the home to observe plants, get close to animals, read books and periodicals, recite pastoral poetry, experience the magic of growth, share vegetables, flowers and fruits, and also share hard-working and loving varieties.

“Teacher, you sent my seeds to sprout!”

“Teacher, the dragon fruit seedlings you sent me grow up and bear fruit!”

“Teacher, your cats and dogs are so cute! My parents read my composition and finally agreed to keep pets!”

“Teacher, it’s been two years since I graduated from elementary school, and there are still pictures of bees, dragonflies and ants on your roof in my phone.”

Ye Shengtao said: “Education is agriculture, not industry.” As a colleague and lover of education, he has turned his small home in the village into a fertile garden for green growth.

Cats and dogs play leisurely in the living room, and a line of gratifying greenery on the windowsill. A team of children rushed into the yard and ran into the house. The lover was surrounded by the children, smiling and pointing at the new green seedlings cultivated in the foam box, explaining and demonstrating, echoing her slightly hoarse warm voice, it was a clear and verdant happy childlike voice. This is a precious video recorded by a colleague. Against the background of a bleak winter, there is a vibrant spring.

Industrious hands and loving ingenuity make the spring seasons flourish.