So Fernando reached the corner of the streets of Alcalá and Barquillo

A car pulled up next to the sidewalk. Open the door. The groom entered the carriage. Rosina gave the address of her home. The coachman led through Calle de Alcalá, then along Calle del Turco, to Calle del Prado. Rosina and Fernando hadn’t said a word to each other yet. The woman, leaning out of a window, shouted to the coachman: “A la Castellana.” He raised the glass and dropped onto Fernando’s shoulder.

-I feel bad.

p. 209Fernando caressed her slowly and did not know what to say.

“I’m nothing to you anymore,” she murmured very sullenly, straightening up. Rather, I have never been anything to you. The woman of one night: one of many. With how many have you done what with me, going from town to town? If it even amazes me that you remember the saint of my name. The best thing is that we do not see each other again. Get out of the car and goodbye. ”His voice was dry and commanding.

Fernando grabbed her with barbaric violence, lifted her off balance and sat her down on his legs.

“Shut up and don’t say stupid things,” he muttered, almost crushing her, from which the woman received a painful joy.

Rosina rested her head on Fernando’s right shoulder and pressed her lips determinedly to the juncture of his neck and jaw, as if she wanted to suck the blood out of him. He felt the strong beat of the jugular in his gums and a furious urge to bite assailed him.

After a long silence, Rosina hissed:

-Go to my house.

-It just can not be.

-It just can not be? It just can not be? Did you say it can’t be?

-It just can not be.

Rosina tried to get rid of Fernando. Fernando retained her, seizing her with brutal zeal.

“Let go of me, let go or I’ll spit on you.” Can’t you see that you disgust me?

Fernando released her. Rosina went to sit on the seat. The light of a public lantern, entering through the window with the movement of a scythe, cut for an instant the shadows of the car. Rosina could see that Fernando’s head was down on his chest.

p. 210″You have a mistress.” Deny it! A rich darling who supports you. Deny it! You are a pimp, that, a pimp. There is no more to see you. Deny it! … Shall we go home?

-It just can not be.

-Of course. If the other knows it, goodbye pitanza, and suits of senorito, and the loose life. Have at least the courage to confess! Do you have a darling?

Fernando did not reply.

-Say yes or no.

-Do not.

-Do not?

-Do not.

“Well, let’s go home.”

-It just can not be.

“What a bastard!” What a bandit! What a liar! … And what a coward, that you hear everything without question. How was it possible that after a few years I found you made a gentleman, if not by force of the indecencies that you will have committed?

“And how do I find you?”

Rosina, her voice strangled with anger, bellowed:

“But do you dare? …

-Sorry! And his accent was clouded. Pity me!

Rosina couldn’t hear Fernando’s last sentence. He had put his hands to his chest, and when he stumbled upon Teofilo’s rose, worn and half undone by another man, he felt his conscience pierced with remorse. She saw that Fernando’s behavior towards her was the same as hers towards Teófilo. Teofilo wanted her for himself, entirely; but she did not dare to renounce the benefits she received from Don Sabas. Nor did Fernando resolve to despise the gifts of that unknown lover. Rosina was superstitious. He thought: Punishment from God. I have deserved it. He who kills iron, dies iron. ” And the image of Teófilo grew in his memory.

p. 211Rosina pressed the car’s caller. The coachman stopped the horses.

“Please come downstairs.”

“Do you throw me out?”

“Please come downstairs.”

“You were like a dream.” You’ve always been a dream to me… ”He stopped, waiting for Rosina to say again, Let’s go home. But Rosina was silent. My heart “—he spoke as he stepped onto the stirrup—” has always been full of dreams. A dream, the first time I saw you. The second time, a nightmare. ”And he slammed the door, as if he wanted to wake up to reality.

And then it was Rosina who was left as dreaming. Shortly after, she opened the window, poked her whole torso out of it, and screamed like crazy:

“Fernando!” Fernando!

“Where are we going, miss?” Asked the coachman.

-To home.

Rosina leaned back on the back of the seat and whispered, “But am I not really dreaming?”