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The end of the irn’s love and the wrath of fate

For all these reasons, we can only estimate the two irons that, soon after the complete heartwright scene was over, they set off for the Hungarian theater, which is due to the peculiar coincidence that Gábor’s offices were . In the meantime, Gábor, who was completely overwhelmed and reconciled, did a lot-128-he spoke back and forth, but not much of us could fall in love with our Hector, because he was again filled to the brim with the memory of Ida. He walked better than he went, through the streets of Pest, where the roar is most lively in this landscape: daytime birds hide in their resting places, nocturnal birds rush out of their hiding places, which is an important discovery for the first time by capacities much more important than me. And what a contrast these streets were to the streets of his soul! In them all was uninhabited and quiet, in them all spirits had a deep dream that could not be alarmed; only a blurred faint figure walked up and down in it, with embarrassingly beautiful footsteps, half-mourned, with a flower bouquet and a white veil in his hand, reaching out to Hector with his right and lips, and always singing this: “Forever yours! “What he himself recently cried out to the original of the figure. And though this figure-copy was walking alone on the streets of her breasts, without all the slightest garde de dame: Hector couldn’t even move toward him. Why? maybe I don’t even have to tell.

They were a little late; and they were already in full swing in the theater when the two irons arrived in the hall. But what is this for a ticket ?!

“My friend Hekti, here’s your ticket,” said Gábor in the hall: “come straight to the ground floor, I won’t go after you for a long time, I’ll just check on the second floor first if all our companions are here.” -129-“It is known that these companions were at such a height because they could not have free tickets. And they stretched out until their quilts reached down from the theater to the ground floor.

The theater was not so full that you could not walk in it: Viennese dancers, thank God! they do not wreak much havoc on the Hungarian public. With an empty heart of love, Hektor used to find great joy in such walks at other times, as he had moments in which he found it very natural for the eyes of the noble to get caught. Moments fluttered from one lady to another, sucking the honey of beauty from everyone, then squeezing it into the spit of her receptive breasts, before she took out the spit at home, among her well-known sofa contemplations, with honey and gourmand dexterity. why then, as we already know, he normally received a month of indigestion.

At the moment, however, his walk was not such a walk: it was as if he had been pulled on a wire, he had moved so soullessly from one place to another. And to see he saw nothing intact; the pope’s eye, which was always squinting on his nose, was now perfectly useless before his eyes. And for the ladies of the theater and Hector, there was a real solar proliferation and lunar eclipse. How not? His eyes were the stars of a dark planet of borrowed light, and the bright sun, the Idea,-130-in a very large format, casting its shadow not only on all but the lunar worlds of the theater, though not all of them were lunar world images. Although you can’t see such eclipses in nature, but forgive nature, at Hector’s urn, nature really did. Except for his day, everything else was invisible to him. His love for everything else was blind; and this great passion was blind because the narrow body in which he was locked was so oppressed by all that he slowly got full of corns, which, as we know, are not used to seeing anything.

So the thing, Hector Krajczer, the irn, leaned against one side of the theater wall and loved his love, “smiling on a multicolored leash,” to talk to Berzsenyi. And there was a scene that happened in a few moments, and what we would have to tell in one breath, but the weakness of our lungs will save us if we tell it between several tiny souls.

Hector’s moment caught on a first-floor lodge, and his eyes shot with two nails, nailing his soul to the lodge at once. There were two ladies sitting in the lodge: one of the elders, and it might have once been beautiful, but which we have nothing to do with; the other is young, beautiful and certainly the pearl of all the girls in the theater. When Árpád first saw the banks of the Danube, he could not feel more delightful joy than Hektor, when he now discovered this lady.-131-He imagined his serious conjectures, his quiet dreams, his sofa dreams all come true at the same time. Yes, he was always faithful to him about Idájára, although not looking for him too, because as the sky can not be so cruel that you do not help with the happy covenant, which according to him serious decision, mature consideration and common sense (and even many – Tuning and feeding ).

And now he saw him – -! And she spread her peppermint veil on her face up to the ears of her virgin shame, when she thought that she was now forced to see her love happiness in front of so many populations, so publicly. His blood leaped into his brain and his hairs to heaven trembled from this bloodshed; He sat on the tongue of his emotion and broke out his all-encompassing word, which he could never go beyond, burst forth the great: “ Forever yours !” – “Oh, I’m going, I’m going, sweetheart!” he added encouragingly. After a minute, the door of the theater slammed passionately, and Hektor soon grew up on the upper-floor stairs, not flying on the wings of love, but he stepped so high that he stepped 3-4 steps with each step, ringing in a tremolo tone at every fourth step. to the silent walls that: “Forever yours ! ”And who wouldn’t have done the same? he would not have rushed out immediately unconsciously, involuntarily, not looking at anything, not even asking for a ticket at the door of the theater (like Hector’s camel in his flare-up) if he saw it-132- who he had seen only once, but with whom all hopes, desires, possibilities, and even his whole life had been gathered with him ever since?

And the Hector, trembling with intoxication, reached the first floor in an instant; with his stuttering tongue protruding from his resting breasts, he read the number of the lodges, and soon found the real one, he reached for the door handle, as soon as the door of the lodge opened (just enough to get a glimpse and make sure Who.

At the sight of the Liberian, Hector was a little taken aback. As a lunar actress, she had been among Ida’s dreams for a month, and indeed even now, as she wandered up the stairs and did not fall, she witnessed real lunar dexterity; but behold the blue tail, the red vest, the stocking, the two legs that were in front of him: it would hardly be the burning candlelight at the moment, which would be alarmed and awakened from the moonman’s dream.

From the irn’s frightened imagination. The butler, after inserting the door of the lodge, reached the hallway. Hector took a few steps back, raised his two palms toward Liberia, raising his eyebrows until where his hair began, an expression of our extraordinary chills. He could have guessed the way Márton Lendvai, when he reads his father’s will in Czakó’s “Will,” and finds out that he, the 24-year-old magnate boy,-133-not a magnate son. In a word: Hector suspected terrible.

“Human! “Sir!”, Rivally with a frightening expression, among the signs of suffocation, Hector to the staring butler, “tell me, who is in this lodge?”

“Already like in this lodge?” The retired valet asked, staring at the questioner trembling.

“Yeah, yeah” – cried the scribe, and the capital city clerk so I usually always say instead: Ja , ja – “those two ladies – one old and one young – oh, quickly – Who is he?” – These words are killing each other Hektor in his mouth for the priority of exit.

“I have my lord in this lodge, we arrived from the village just yesterday,” the butler said coldly.

“What kind of lord is God to bless you?” And as if Hector was dancing on razor-edged in his original boots from Mother Nature.

“Well, Countess Barkányi is her dignity with her daughter,” the cifif liberia said, and she immediately wanted to open a lodge for the simple mock coat she thought she wanted to go into. But Hector grabbed him before he reached for the doorknob and set about his business. Then, accompanied by clasped hands, the horribly open eyes glanced toward the landscape where they had made the gallery, but soon disintegrated and unfolded.-134-the hands clasped, the boldly planed head also dropped to the center of his chest, and his extinct gleaming eyes lay beneath the lowered ceilings in the direction in which the lodges on the ground floor stretched. Hector stood stiff as an idol, turning to the emergency lodge with his image as Calvinist headstones with their inscriptions to the east.

“And if you saw a beautifully grown flower
Wither due to internal trouble:
He withered away, fearing the world,
Hraj Krajczer because of the inner boo. ”
He was not a baron , he was not a count , even Hector Krajczer didn’t even write ypsilon by the end of his name !! – and only now did he find out! He has never remembered this incompetent institute of civil society!

Beautiful hopes, prospects, sofa daydreams were all swept away into the empty vortex of nothingness. There he was still standing with his arms crossed, his head drooping, motionless, a living dead prey to a thoughtful thoughtless passion. And “yours forever! “Yours forever!” He muttered unconsciously, muttering the bitterest guny, bile blacker than good black ink at the expense of the city treasury, besieging the heavens with his dreams. loge and beautiful content taken under siege. And let no one say that this is not a psychological truth.-135-

The charming unknown, who, at the funeral arrangements mentioned in the previous chapter, appeared partly from the attraction to the dead girl who was somewhat familiar to her and lived in the same house with her, partly out of her whimsy, and to whom the delighted mistress was forever sitting in the lodge. S Hector’s Idea never dreamed of how horrible kin he is the parent of in these present moments.

And here, in fact, this narrative could end if we didn’t have a little more to tell.

Just as Hektor was almost tired of lounging in the hallway and shame and pain still petrified parts of his body, just then his friend, Gábor, who was frowning at the most excited moments of his mood, broke down on the steps of the second floor. to the contemplative.

“What are you doing here, Hectica?”

Hektika shuddered, and it was as if her love was elbowing with her eyes dripping with elbow and a voice alarming hope alarmed from there, she soon gathered all the tent trees of her soul and body, but the confusion, the boss, the poison, the humiliation only pushed out broken words.

“Oh, this is a terribly malitiosus kid again!” He exclaimed, but with the sounds going to his own stomach rather than to Gábor’s ears.

“What are you talking about, Hektikám?” Gábor asked again.-136-

“I? “Nothing” – choked Hector – “just – oh, you deliberately stand in my way everywhere – but, oh you can’t imagine, my friend, as I still love you – I love you very much!” – And he fell on the neck of his friend, who at this very moment. he hated him rather than his beloved, yet it was good for him to be able to find someone to whom he could confess his love. He liked his orphaned soul as if he were taking revenge for the ” omission ” he had just been given. In fact, he would have been able to marry Gábor himself in this present moment, if it had been possible to do it at all, just because he was estranged from her, and now he despised(yes, despised) lady. As we can see, the torch-like charming pouts of her breasts were distorted into a screaming cat music at the same time.

“But tell me, Hekti,” asked his friend, who softened again and slowly smoothed his neck, “what are you actually doing here in the hallway?”

“Me, my sweet friend?” Replied the increasingly embarrassed writer, who was extremely secretive at all times, especially in the present circumstances, and would not have given a good writing pen if it had once honestly cut itself out — “that I — what I was looking for here, Gábrikám? “I’m – – hehehe – I ‘m looking for a cake shop .”

Gábor was often invaluable as a student -137-a trait that he believed in everything and used to ask questions only until he had answered his question: what? he had no problem with that. Even now, he was just a little amazed at Hektor’s answer, then grabbed his arm with an intrusive favor, and in the process he forced him down the stairs, proving to him with unwavering eloquence that the cake salesman was not where Hektor was looking, but where he was leading him. .

And they came down to the hall, and Gábor set up a sleepwalker rushing in his arms in front of a set of cakes, saying: “Here you are, eat!” – Hector had no appetite at all now; but whatever he tried to get rid of, he could not do without betraying himself, and thereby, in a short time, would not become the guny reserve of the enemy army. So he stood mechanically in front of the cakes, and he began to eat and continued eating, as eagerly, with as passion, as if he had torn his hated object with his teeth. Everything was destroyed before him; and if the angel Gábor did not recall this fact, the mass of croissants with walnuts and poppy seeds and jam would have caused a deplorable appearance to Hector, who was worthy of a better fate.

And he that troubled him again, and troubled him, was again Gabor. Hate became a Hannibal revenge in his soul when Gábor addressed these words to him:

“Well, let’s go into the theater, Hectica! -138-Abropó!5) do you know the Countess of Barkány? I was shown from the second floor, this is the most beautiful girl in the theater. ”

The poor innocent Gábor warmed himself perfectly with these words. Never even a turkey has risen to such venom as Hector is now. He was at the peak of the pain.

“And do you still dare to mourn my suffering with bitter mockery? – Daring Gabriel! (Intersecting moments, gnashing of teeth, and a silent pause.) – Gabriel! – – you, you dare it? – Well. Blessed be the holy God, how – – (the irons did not find suitable words) my eyes will take you forever.

And with that, he ran to the door of the theater; but this was a worthwhile endeavor, for Hector took no sign of his first happy outburst, and. now the unhappy, engraved-eared mourner will not know him.

“Oh my God! even that! ”he shouted, turned around, ran out of the hall, drifted off the vargainas at the feet of some of his feet on the streets, soon reached his accommodation, panted on the third floor, slammed the door of his room passionately, did not light a candle, buried himself in the pillow of the bed quiet shoot. A few minutes-139-after a soft voice complained on the bed, “Here! will you be forever! ”But right after that, a frighteningly roaring voice yelled out of bed,“ Oh disgusting female infidelity! ”

The next day at 9 o’clock he copied with the Gábor Hektor in the most beautiful friendship at the town house. He said that last night he put a lot of strain on his stomach and slept badly.

And now he faces a similar new love again.

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