McDonald’s plastic straws £5,000 1

To promote environmental protection, American fast food giant McDonald’s replaced plastic straws with paper straws. The British “Mirror” reported on the 25th that many stores have recently sold McDonald’s plastic straws online, and a straw has a maximum price of 5,000 pounds.

According to reports, 29 online shops on eBay, an online shopping site, are selling such plastic straws with a maximum price of £5,000. Although these buyers claim to be able to deliver the goods, no one cares about it. But what is unbelievable is that an online store priced at £4,500 actually sold three plastic straws. McDonald’s fans say that it is a good deal to buy a “new, unused and undamaged” plastic straw for this price.

In September 2018, as part of the “Green Environmental Protection Plan”, McDonald’s banned the use of plastic straws in all stores around the world and switched to paper straws. Prior to this, 1.8 million plastic straws were used in British stores every day, generating a large amount of hard-to-degrade plastic waste.

It was Captain Pedro native of the city of Vitoria, a major of Biscay, for its buzzy, grandeur and nobility breeding itself (whose surname respects just shut up ).

From his tender years he leaned to arms, an exercise used among nobles. He spent the flower of his youth in the war, if it can be said to spend, serving his king with so much courage, for whose well-employed work he achieved honorable positions in it from the catholic and prudent Felipe II, until, requesting his noble exercise the A deserved award for his services, the Christian King Felipe III honored him with a habit of Santiago and six thousand ducats of income, delivered in the commission of the same habit.

He married in Segovia (an illustrious city of Castile, as adorned with buildings as with greatness of knights, enriched with merchants who with their dealings spread his name to the most remote provinces of Italy) with a lady equal in nobility and wealth.

From this marriage he had a son, who reaching the years of discretion, inheriting the noble and encouraged respects and thoughts of his father, in imitation of him and greedy of his exploits, wanted to show his youth in showing his courage and winning some of the that his father was left over; and so, with his pleasure and a flag, whose supply was achieved by the merits of his father, he went to Italy to serve his king in the famous war he had with the Duke of Savoy.

Captain Don Pedro had a brother who, because he was older, enjoyed the mayorazgo of his parents, who was not one of the worst in his land, and as heir was the most beautiful daughter that was found in all that province. It was fourteen-year-old Aminta when death called at her father’s door, cruel prosecutor of lives.

And the Christian knight feeling more than the departure of this world to leave his beautiful daughter with no protection other than that of heaven, because although he had enough property left to marry nobly, seeing her remain without a mother to govern and teach her, it was for his new heart torment, although the virtue of his daughter encouraged him, and seeing that the end of his life was hopelessly coming, he made his will, and leaving his daughter as the owner of everything, he named his brother as the testamentary and achiever of his soul, begging him for a letter that he wrote before his death, that he take charge of remedying and marrying his niece, earnestly asking him to employ her on whomp. 30deserved. And having done this, he slept the last dream, surrendering his soul to his Creator and his body to the earth.

The captain received his brother’s letter, solemnizing her tenderness with tears, and thinking that his niece would be better off in his company and in the protection and upbringing of his wife, he left for her, with the agreement of both, that it would be well used on his son, appearing to him, and it was well, that he could not use it better.

The captain arrived at his land, and after being in it for a few days, arranging and putting the hacienda in order, leaving in his administration a faithful steward to govern it, he went around Segovia; The beautiful Aminta entered her, although in the cloudy of mourning, to be her sun, her amazement and admiration, giving envy to the ladies and to the gallants wishes, with such extreme, that in a few days the city was filled with his fame; not considering himself happy who had not seen her; each one praising what he most esteemed in her: some beauty, others discretion; this wealth, and the other virtue. Finally, of all it was called the miracle of this age, and the eighth wonder of this time.

Not lacking then daring eyes and greedy desires, that fans of his grace and honest self-confidence, wanted through marriage to be owners of such a jewel, and some or more, than seeing that his uncle closed the door to everyone, to say that Aminta She had to be his son’s wife, she tried to surrender for love the honest breast of the lady, who was glad that her uncle used her so well, averted her eyes as much as she could from these occasions, waiting with pleasure for the coming of her cousin and husband, who had already sent for him, seeming to him that there was no other good but his sight; as a woman who did not know love, or anything other than the will and taste of her uncles.

While the cousin came, Aminta lived a happy, free and gifted life; So much so that, enjoying all the festivities and joys of the city with his aunt, a few months later he forgot the pain of his father’s death, his sight being, for the wretched who, disappointed to enjoy it, were only burdened with sorrows and sorrows. loving wishes, a basilisk that killed without giving hope of life; and knowing that this was hopeless, they did not faint, nor did they go back on their pretense.

The musics were continuous, the walks ordinary, and the gallants without an account, looking like their street, at night, the mountains of Arcadia or the forests of love. Here sighs sounded, and there instruments, without Aminta ever listening to them; and if he heard it, it was to make fun of and laugh at everyone.

But let no one trust his freedom or his strength, that perhaps love likes more to hunt free wills than to like subjects, and the free is always captive, the healthy sick, and the brave defeated; because love tends to start mocking, and really end. Let Aminta’s eyes sleep freely and restfully; that before long they will judge at the cost of many pearls by my opinion true.

It was thus the case that a gentleman came to Segovia for important businesses, whom we will call Don Jacinto. He was a young man, handsome, and more inclined to pleasure than to penance, since he did not deal with her except from Thursday to Holy Thursday, as those who have occasions inside their house do: this one, for not doing it but to their liking, never he took away his chance, which wasp. 31a free and more carefree lady who must be women; Well, even if they try only their taste, it seems good that they are honest.

Don Jacinto brought her with the title of sister, and in this way she always accompanied him, thus ceasing to live with his legitimate wife, who was as unfortunate as she was beautiful, who had remained in Madrid.

Don Jacinto decided to go to hear mass in a monastery not far from the house of the discreet Aminta, and where the beautiful lady always went with her aunt; And as the beauty, the finery and the accompaniment were to look, Don Jacinto put his eyes on her with such attentive affection that the beautiful sight did not stop the soul.

Don Jacinto began to feel bad about the penetrating wound that the great beauty of Aminta had given him in the heart, and considering her nobility, wealth and honesty, that everything was reported, and her thoughts being impossible, because being who Aminta was And his state made everything difficult, it brought him beside himself, that he did not seem like a man with a soul, but a body or a ghost without it.

Come to him to take such care of his passion that from little eating and poor sleep he lost his health, so that he fell into bed with melancholy, with which he denied Flora the conversation; his sight being so annoying in his eyes that he would like, for not seeing it, not to have them.

Flora felt the sudden move of Don Jacinto with great sorrow; although by what he did it cannot be judged was true; and as she came to ask him the cause of her grief, and he denied it, that I don’t want to feel that it was love, she started looking at it until she knew it.

It was not difficult, because as love is blind, he and they do things in such a way that they seldom cover up, and thus one day when Don Jacinto was surrendered to their care, since it seemed to him that Flora was out, for having said so she like that, and since he no longer loved her, he didn’t examine her things as he used to; Before, he himself asked her to go for a walk and see the city, wishing for solitude to give everything to his Aminta.

And thinking he was alone, taking a lute, he sang like this:

Of the fugitive Aeneas Dido cries

The cruel contempt of his departure;

From blind rage to fiery anger,

He mistreats the face to avenge his forgetfulness.

Call your lover for no reason dear

The hand on the pommel of a sword grasped,

With that cutting his sad life in bloom,

He won the laurel for his due loyalty.

Elisa beautiful, although your sad luck

He forced you to give you rigorous death,

I will trade my life for your death.

Because if I don’t love you, it’s true

How impossible it would be for him to hate you,

And then he loved you, what luckier luck?

Company was famous,

With which you are envious of fame;

And well you were dear

Don’t be sorry to be hated.

p. 32With such a sweet memory

There is no penalty that is not greater glory.

More woe to a firmness,

Paid with contempt and lukewarmness!

This is a shame,

That yours was full of glory;

Sadder than the one who dies,

Ungrateful Aminta, without being so seriously ill

Never expect glory or end.

“It will no longer be possible, beloved Don Jacinto,” said Flora, who was hidden, “to deny me the cause of your sadness, because you have already declared it in your verses; And if I have to tell the truth, I have suspected her for days, seeing in your mouth so many praises of Aminta, the captain’s niece: do not think that it weighs me that you have put your thoughts in her, because I cannot have the wrong to want a woman who It exceeds me in everything; and so instead of anger I feel sorry for you, for seeing how impossible your desires must be if you do not use deception; because if I wanted to tease you, you would make me jealous with that love, born again in you; Well, when it was possible that you could enjoy Aminta, that is not why I fear that you will forget me, that before seeing me desire and seek your taste, you have to love me more.

I have always had jealousy as foolishness; and so I took an oath, the day I enlisted under the banner of love, to hate them, and not to try to know such a bad thing as they say it is.

The difficulty that I find in this claim is that Aminta does not have to give up if it is not for marriage, that her disdain is laughter, because if she were to read the paper and listen to your loving reasons, who doubts that she will love you?

There is no tie for women like that of marriage: let her see your dress and arm her, and you will see if she will fall; for although the city is said to be waiting for a cousin of hers to be her husband, he will be more a lover of your clothes and size than his absent and hopeful cousin.

Dress finery and send her jewels, which for my part I will spread my nets, I will make my tramoyas, and since I am your sister, I will become her friend, and I will try to speak to her whenever I see her in church: and if she gets to listen to me, I will luckily paint her your loving passions, and with such colors that, although she goes more in the stirrups of her honor, she will not stop falling; and loving you, it will be easy to enjoy her as a husband, and if the will passes later, take her out of her uncle’s house, and take her where she is not known; and if it ends with enjoying her, with going to our house, neither she will know the author of her damage, nor will she dare to say it, because she is not infamous and perhaps killed by her uncle. And the prize of all this that I do for you, I do not want it to be more than the pleasure you have to receive.

Don Jacinto was in suspense listening to the song of that siren, and so, or that he believed that he was doing it out of love, because he did not see him suffer, or that he wanted to go through it to achieve his desire, the answer he gave was to link her arms around her neck , calling her consolation and his remedy and restorer of his life, and at last they agreed to do what Flora advised him; Don Jacinto began his deception from that very day.

Galán as rich and encouraged as a gallant, followed his claim:p. 33 during the day he attended its doors, at night he prowled its street: sometimes alone and other times accompanied by Flora, who in the habit of a man would go when he had to give him music.

A woman between a lady and a servant lived in a low room of Aminta’s house. She had been the wife of a merchant, she was curious and a friend of knowing, and not one of those who do miracles of things that happen, nor did she wish to do them out of holiness, although she concealed them with signs of virtue, so much so that the captain did not miss to enter your house.

This, as she saw the new bird that came to bite on the bait of Aminta’s beauty, one night she saw him near the door, she came to him and asked him what he was looking for, knowing how it was public throughout the city that that The lady was the pledge of a cousin of hers who was in Milan, and they were waiting for him for points to be her husband.

Don Jacinto wanted no more than this occasion, and grasping her by the forelock, he told her about his loves according to the deception that he and Flora had arranged; He gave her to understand that he had four thousand ducats of income, promising impossible things, telling her that he did not want her to do anything for him other than bring him a piece of paper; And saying and doing, he put in her hands a pocket containing fifty escudos, with whose miraculous charm Dona Elena (which is the name of this lady) was touched more than was fair, and thus told her to go write and give turned around with the paper, that she would take it to Aminta and collect the answer.

Don Jacinto returned home, and telling Flora his fortune, he wrote a paper: and returning with him to where Dona Elena was waiting for him, he was given, and with him, an extremely diamond ring.

“This one,” he said, “you will give the beautiful Aminta as a pledge and a sign of my love.”

Dona Elena promised to do so, and that another day she would give him the answer.

He left and she went up to Aminta’s room, who was usually writing to her cousin and husband at night; and reaching her he put the paper and ring in her hand saying:

—Read me, beautiful Aminta, for your life this paper, which belongs to a lover, who, as if I were beautiful, pretends to me, and he sent it to me with this jewel.

Aminta thought well that the paper and ring would belong to one of the many who wanted her; More driven by a curiosity, not to be picky eaters or because her luck was beginning to haunt her, solemnizing Dona Elena’s words with laughter, she read the following:

«When the will fights, fear surrenders, and for this cause without fear of anger, and forced by it, my beautiful master, I dare to tell you my love; that when I say that he was born, not since I saw your beauty, but since I was born, since my heart dictates that heaven would raise you to be its mistress, I will not tell a lie: well I know the impossible that I am trying, because you are waiting for a husband your lucky cousin, but at least I don’t want to die without you knowing that you are the cause. If you are not as cruel as the world says, help yourself, while the blessed one who deserves you comes, to give me life, even if it is only with your sight; and that ring do not receive as a pledge of mine, but as a portrait of you. ”

“Who is it, friend,” Aminta replied, “the patient so dangerous that he asksp. 3. 4 remedy so quickly?

“Who deserves you,” Dona Elena answered, “better than the one you are waiting for for your husband, because he is noble, handsome, rich and very discreet; Well, even though your cousin is your blood, Don Jacinto is one of the best in Spain.

Ah greed and pocket of shields, how quickly you qualify in the opinion of this woman who had hardly been seen!

“I don’t know, beautiful Aminta, how you are so ungrateful,” the deceitful messenger continued, “to what is so favorable; take a good look at it and you will know your deception: and say, what shall I say to Don Jacinto?

“If it is not enough to say that you gave him,” Aminta replied somewhat tenderly, “tell him that I read to him, that it does not seem to me, my friend, that I have done him little mercy.”

And saying this, he put the ring on his finger.

Dona Elena would like to find Don Jacinto later to give him the good news and ask him for good news; but since he was not expecting such a good dispatch, he wanted to know later, and thus he had collected himself at his inn.

Who can tell the various thoughts of Aminta, the times she read the paper, and the luck with which love made luck in her free and careless heart? For although he knew that she must be his cousin’s wife, up to that point she had not yet had a place in him; and so, wishing for the day, she spent the most restless night that was fair.

As soon as the light gave a signal of his coming, when he dressed, and perhaps he adorned himself with more gala and punctuality than other times, wanting to see the cause of his uneasiness, and since he wants to see him, he is not far from loving; but how much, if he listened to the snares that love put him in the words of Dona Elena! Aminta heard, and gave rise to her cruel condition, and then fell into the snare.

It was a holiday and when he was leaving his house with his aunt and maids for mass, he found Dona Elena in the doorway talking with Don Jacinto, with whose sight, which after the actions of the two, the subject knew, if already his soul had not told him, and if some part had left him free to the reasons of the role, he gave everything to his size with certain signs of performance; because although Don Jacinto was thirty years old, he was so handsome and so clear-headed that, looked at without the affection of his state, he rendered with grace whatever he looked; who as discreet, knowing in the face of the lady certain signs of love, began to promise happy hopes, because from the place where he saw her to where the car was, he changed a thousand colors, and set his eyes on two a thousand times of daring; and more when he heard Dona Elena say:

“What a good grace to God, Mr. Don Jacinto, the work is in progress, and it won’t take long to finish.”

This was when the beautiful Aminta stumbled and came to find the body almost at the feet of her lover, who had already said goodbye to the discreet third of her loves, and was going to make them understand their cause in every way that he knew; And as it was force to use due courtesy on this occasion, he went to shake hands with the very discreet Aminta saying thus:

—Pass of husband, if love and fortune are on my side.

To whom the lady responded by giving hers without a glove, rather than with words, by showing her the rich diamond, which was enough for the gallant to stay, over content, paid.

Her aunt thanked her for the favor that Don Jacinto had done to her niece, who, by receiving more compliments, by removing the footboard from the car, caused the sun to set among silken clouds.

Go to the pointp. 35 to tell Flora his adventures and tell her how Aminta was in the church. Flora took her mantle and in the company of her brother went to the same church where Aminta was, and sitting next to her, she said to Don Jacinto who was accompanying her:

—Wait, brother, let’s not go beyond here, you already know that I have the taste more of a gallant than a lady, and where I see them, and more so beautiful as this beautiful lady, my eyes go after them.

It will not be a wonder that Aminta thanks Flora in joy to know that she is Don Jacinto’s sister, because since she saw him enter the church with her, she was almost deceased, almost ending the jealousy of breaking the wound and opening the door of the love, and so he answered:

—Where there is so much beauty (it is true that it can be more envious than having it) I don’t know why you are looking for another, because taking a mirror in your hands, looking at yourself in it, you will satisfy your desires, because you deserve more to fall in love, than not to fall in love; but at least I intend to estimate myself from today onwards in more than here, and enrich myself with the mercy that you do me, because from such chaste loves the same fruit will not be able to be obtained; And so I beg you to tell me what in me pleases you and makes you fall in love, so that I have it in more and pride myself on it.

“All of you,” replied Flora, “because you are such that I think I am not deceiving myself in believing, however true, that you are the beautiful and discreet Aminta, whose gallantry and beauty is the basilisk of this entire city.”

“I am Aminta,” replied the lady; In the rest you, madam, you can judge how little reason they have in giving me this name.

Skillfully the cautious Flora was putting ties to the innocent Aminta to bring her to utter perdition, and thus from set to set she gave her to understand everything she wanted, saying how Don Jacinto her brother had come from Valladolid, where he had his house and ranch, just to see if the fame that of her beauty flew everywhere was true, with the desire to make her his owner if it were as they said, and that as he had been informed of his uncle’s attempt, he had not dared to deal with anything.

Engrandeciole his love, his blood, his income, and the certain premises that he had of a habit for when he married; that she had also asked him to bring her with her so that if her request did not take effect, he could with more security deal with these things with her. Finally, Flora painted her lover so in love, so rich and noble, telling him as a finishing touch that she thought that if her brother did not reach her as a woman, his life would be very short.

Flora concealed her lie with so many signs of truth that it was not much for Aminta to believe it, and more as she already had love for her. Flora ended the conversation by begging him to have compassion on her brother, as she was in time to do so, and not to wait for her cousin to come to an unfortunate end.

-Oh friend! Said Aminta, “how can I stop having him, assuming that even if I want to remedy your brother and make myself happy by marrying him, my uncle, who already has me for his son, will not consent to it?” Well, to deny that since last night they gave me a role of your brother I did not find my honest thought on earth, it will be to deny love its strength and the obedience that I have promised, so much so that if I had some wishes from my sight cousin, they have changed into wishing his death, or that his absencep. 36last until my remedy or the end of my life arrives: I already have pity for those who have loved me scorned, I only have no pity for myself, because I am willing not to look at honor or opinion, such an effect has had on me the sight of your brother. And then I have come to declare, tell me what I will do, because not to love him is impossible, and to remedy him also, that if I daringly do not look at what I lose, I am afraid of what will happen.

Flora wanted no more than this, and thus replied:

—When you stop being my brother’s wife, you don’t lose anything, before you win a husband who equals him in nobility and wealth. And although your uncle at first will be angry, after seeing what you want he has to make peace with you, and to tame your cousin, since I do not equal you in beauty, twenty thousand ducats that I have as a dowry will supply this lack, and being your sister-in-law. And when it happens so badly that none of this is enough, leave them your finances, that my brother with only your person is satisfied. And then you say that nothing can end with your uncle, good remedy: Dona Elena, who is the one who gave you the role, is a good friend, at home you can talk to my brother, because he is not suspicious of her, and so on. the marriage will be arranged; and after you go before the vicar, you will come to my house, where when your uncle knows, you will already be in the power of your husband,

Aminta was already so blind, that she conceded with everything, and more as she feared the coming of her cousin, who awaited her for points. And so she told Flora that in the afternoon she and her brother should come to Dona Elena’s room, where while her uncle was visiting, they would speak more slowly.

And saying goodbye with signs of eternal friendship, Aminta and her company returned home, where although her uncle had seen her talk to Flora, he did not suspect anything, knowing her modesty.

Flora told Don Jacinto about the concert, although she gave him a few peaks of industry, reaching for the new thousand tender and loving favors; and after lunch they came together to the house of Dona Elena, who had already informed Aminta of what had happened; She loved Don Jacinto so truly that she no longer looked but saw herself as his wife, and between yes and no, various thoughts of the event brought her uneasy; Although she kept the secret within herself, without wanting to report it to any servant, seeming to her (as it is) that there is no one who discovers the secrets but them; because the more they are charged with keeping quiet, the more they publish it.

Well, as the ill-advised lady saw her aunt amused with some female friends, and that her uncle was out, feigning forced occasion, she entered another room, and from there, telling the maids that if they called her she was at Dona’s house Elena, went to find the authors of her misfortunes.

Aminta and Flora welcomed each other with their arms, giving Don Jacinto just envy: who after declaring himself with well-understood reasons, offered himself with promises, crediting himself with tears, and increasing Aminta’s love with loving caresses, gave him the hand of a husband, with whose assurance he enjoyed some gifted and honest favors, picking flowers and carnations from the garden never touched by a born person, which was reserved for his absent cousin.

Flora and Dona Elena solemnized the party with a thousand gifts, seeing Don Jacinto as daring as Aminta was shameful. And it was agreed thatp. 37Another day, while his uncles were taking a nap, Don Jacinto would bring there a chair where Aminta would go to the vicar’s house, hiding her name because she could not give an account of the event later, and from there to her inn, where she would be concealed until they left. to their land, from where they would notify their uncle of everything; entrusting to Dona Elena the secret, to which she volunteered willingly, out of fear she had of the captain: after the time of anger it would be easier to achieve forgiveness.

And so, saying goodbye with a thousand hugs, she went up to her room, and Don Jacinto and Flora went home very happy and satisfied with how well they had negotiated.

O deceived Aminta !, precipitated into such a great evil, without looking at the great inconveniences that you run over and in the danger that you put yourself, your daring will cost you dearly. O deceitful Don Jacinto, irremediable cause of the destruction of this lady! O false Flora, in whom heaven wanted to create the number of deceptions! Punishment will come on you: from your lover you are third, will there be anyone who gives credit to such evil? Yes, because being a bad woman, she has an advantage over all men.

Another day dawned, which must have been Tuesday, if it is true that she has some chance: Aminta was already dressed with the sun, because the event of her things did not give her rest, having dreamed of a thousand impediments and troubles in them. Dressed in fine, here falling and stumbling over there, and hearing some words, all predictions of her misfortunes, although blind and deaf, subject to her love, and completely immersed in her thoughts, she took all the jewels she had, put them on a canvas and put them in on the sleeve, and the mantle on the other, he ate with his uncles restlessly, and hardly saw them surrendered to the first dream, when he got down to the portal, where he put on the mantle and got into the chair that was forewarned, commanding again to dona Elena the secret.

They took her to the vicar’s house, because the grooms of the saddle, who were Don Jacinto’s servants, were well advised of what to do, and finding there their lover, who, because he was not known in the city, and was every day frequented by passengers and merchants, she could go in and out wherever she wanted, they came to the presence of the vicar, Aminta hiding herself for not being known: where when she took their hands, a rich emerald ring that the lady was wearing on her finger was broken by middle, giving the piece that jumped in Don Jacinto’s face; who, although he saw his lady disturbed, ignoring omens, returned with her to her inn.

Flora received her sister-in-law (that is what we will call her) with her arms. And so that Don Jacinto, enjoying himself, would repent, and Aminta had just chained herself in her misery, after a very well ordered dinner, she took them to her bed, where she left them, and retired to another room in the same inn, waiting as a reward for these deceptions to stay with her lover, leaving Aminta with her dishonor and misfortune.

Let them all pass tonight, some traitors, and the other innocent, and each one threatening their punishment, with heaven being the prosecutor of everything: and we go to Aminta’s house, where at this time everything was confusion, all tears , all threats, and all without profit.

The extremes his uncle did were of a man without judgment. Anyway, learning that it did not seem, nor had anyone seen, began to do some diligence.p. 38hidden gencias, for not showing their disgrace, but everything was excused; because since only Dona Elena knew it, and she was silent, nothing could be achieved.

At last, the cries of her aunt and the voices of her maids published the event throughout the city, so much so that it was necessary for justice to carry out some fruitless diligences; for although the vicar said that at two in the afternoon a lady and a gentleman had married, and since he did not know who it was, although he suspected that it was Aminta, it did not serve more than to give a cry so that everyone would know what was wrong. they knew.

Another day these news reached the ears of Don Jacinto, who appeased the fire of his appetite could consider his danger and the evil he had done, and fearing that Dona Elena, if something was squeezed, would tell the event and his inn, and that His life and opinion were to be seen in danger, the next night he called a low gate that came out of his room into the street, and while he was talking to her and telling her what was happening, he pointed a pistol at her heart, with which , unable to call upon God or manifest his sins, he surrendered his soul and took the well-deserved reward for what he had done.

And since they say that one error follows another, and one evil follows another, such as Don Jacinto’s was so great, fearful of the event and it seemed to him that if they looked for the inns, it would be a bad case to find the sad Aminta in his own, Considering that the death of Dona Elena would give reason to justice to carry out this diligence, taking advice from the fears of Aminta, who was almost dead with them, and with the cunning of Flora, and mainly with her repentance, he agreed that While Don Jacinto negotiated the departure, he took Aminta to the home of a principal lady known to Don Jacinto, who lived in the last houses of the city, giving the sad lady to understand that if she were found, she would be better there, and that then her marriage would be published, and if they didn’t look for her,he would have the place of sending a car to Valladolid to leave, and that once there everything would be done as they wanted.

Aminta conceded with everything, and Don Jacinto, carrying out his deception, went to the house of a lady who was indebted to him, who was a widow and had only one son to heir to her estate. The young man was called Don Martín, and he was one of the most gallant of his time.

Don Jacinto told the lady that while he was going to an important business in Valladolid, which when he had finished he was thinking of going around his land, he would have a lady stay in his company, deserving of all the favor he did her.

Doña Luisa, this was the name of this lady, as she had known Don Jacinto’s youth since she lived in his land, believing she was his lady, eager to please her, she conceded with Don Jacinto’s, and so tonight she brought her to her He marries Aminta, so confused and sad, as he is glad to be out of that burden; Bringing the lady, other than her jewels, others that her traitorous husband had given her: who as he returned to his inn, without waiting for more events than those in the past, with the treacherous lady left for his land, with no care other than that of Come to her.

Aminta stayed at Dona Luisa’s house with the name of Dona Vitoria, because hers was well known in Segovia, and she could very well hide herself because Dona Luisa had little living in her, and up to that point they had not reached her ears.p. 39 Aminta’s events, although they were public in the city, and since her son was not in it, that he had gone hunting for four days, he did not know anything.

Don Martín came from his hunt, and as soon as he arrived he got on the street and left for the city, he knew what his mother and those of his house did not know; And thus turning her around, seated at the table to dine, Dona Luisa sent for her hostess, who, seen by Don Martin, was left beside herself, seeming to have an angel in front of her eyes.

They had dinner, and Don Martín, as out of his mind as Aminta neglected of her new thinking and even of her misfortune, told her mother about dinner what she had found new in the city: and said that the captain Don Pedro had missed the The day before, a niece of his who was to be his son’s wife, who was in Milan, and as they say she was the most beautiful in all of Castile and that it was not possible to know what cause or what reason had forced her to do so: because as for the She wore it with pleasure, and in her recollection and sanity she was as virtuous and discreet as she was beautiful, and that a proclamation had been given that, sadness of life, no one concealed her.

And what is most frightening (he added) is that this morning a certain Dona Elena, who lived in a low room of her house, woke up dead from a pistol to the heart. They arrested the captain and his servants, and one said that through a window that went out to the street he had seen her that very night talking to a man.

This, and another saying that a maid says, that her mistress Aminta (that’s the name of the missing lady) would come down to her house many times, moderating that it was not known, has given rise to suspect that because of said Aminta They had killed her, for which the captain and his family have been imprisoned.

Aminta was trembling to hear such news when Don Martín asked, leaving the conversation started, where had such a pretty guest come from, who in his eyes he believed was from heaven.

“Don Jacinto,” Dona Luisa replied, “brought her while he was going to Valladolid to a business, which when he finished he will return for her to take her home.”

“Is this lady your wife?” Don Martín asked.

“God forbid,” Dona Luisa replied, “from what I see in her I regret that she was so badly used.”

-As a woman? Said Aminta in a troubled voice, “is he married, my lady, Don Jacinto, or did he pretend to be?”

“What Don Jacinto?” Said Dona Luisa; The one who brought you here, child, is not called by this name, because his own is Don Francisco, and he is married in Madrid.

“Do you know well, my lady?” Said Aminta.

“And how do I know,” replied Dona Luisa, “five years ago when I was in his own land, where I lived since I got married, I saw him marry a lady from Madrid, whom he fell in love with when he saw her at the wedding of a his cousin, to whose party he came with his parents; although within a year he did not live with her. I met his parents and relatives, and I know that he is as rich as he is vicious.

“Doesn’t he have a sister,” returned the confused and deluded lady, “who calls herself Flora?”

“Oh my friend,” said Dona Luisa, “and how deceived you live!” This woman has long been a friend of his and is the one who incites him to a thousand evils, that if she did not have the arms that she has in court of some of her relatives, they would have already taken her life for the bad example that she sets and has given with advertising your appetites; vice in the nobles more watched than in those ofp. 40plus. And for your life, beautiful Dona Vitoria, that you tell me these enigmas, which are not without cause these tears that are making you force yourself to come out; And he warns that if he has told you that he is not married, he is lying, that his wife is called Doña María and because he could not suffer his excesses, he returned to his parents’ house.

“They are not my ills,” Aminta replied, “of those that can be told without much scandal: now give me a license to pick me up, that in due time you will know the greatest deceptions and betrayals that the stories tell of Sinon.”

Dona Luisa was prudent and so she did not want to bother her, almost guessing what she could be but not who she was. He got up and, taking her by the hand, led her to his chamber, which was a beautiful block, whose windows with beautiful balconies fell onto a garden next to another similar one where his son slept, with a door that was sent to her, although closed to be removed. the occasion.

Don Martín was so confused with his mother and so in love with his hostess that it seemed impossible to live without her; And as he saw her go tearful and from the words he had heard he suspected some great wonder, knowing where Dona Vitoria was staying, he entered her room, and seeing the door that fell to the lady’s door closed, he learned the cause of the prevention of his mother.

He went outside, and among other keys that were on a desk, he took the one from that door and went back to pick it up, showing signs of lying down; but he did not do it like that, before he stood by the small place of the key to hear what he was saying. Doña Luisa, leaving Aminta after having told her some consolations, as blind as her confusion, went to her bed.

The sad Aminta remained in her room so full of tears and anguish as she was ignorant that no one was listening to her, and thus in a voice neither low nor loud she began to give place to her complaints, as when a source is hindered, putting her hand so that it does not pour out its pieces of glass, which by removing it comes out more abundantly; thus the words stopped in Aminta’s throat, seeing herself alone, began to give a clear signal of her passions.

-Oh! —She said, tearing the strands of her beautiful hair and removing with the pearls of her teeth pieces of the snow from her hands, in turns of streams of fine rosicler— Aminta, and what misery has been yours! You can already be a fable of the world and an example of women, and even their example, if they were sane, and not foolish as I have been. Alas unfortunate me, and how because of being easy I have been the cause of so many scandals and misfortunes! Oh, who saw me three days ago with honor, taste and wealth, adored by my uncles, and respected by the whole city, and today I see myself being a fable and astonishment of it? Oh, dear uncle, and what satisfaction I can give of the pains and disgraces that you go through me! And what will become of you when you fully know my misery! Oh, Dona Elena, inventor of my works, punish heaven in your soul, as it did in your body, my downfall! Oh, Cruel flora, more treacherous and deceitful than the last one, for whom in Rome they have so little of your name! Oh, Don Jacinto, and how you had the heart to mock a woman of my state, without looking at what you have to be the cause, not only of my death, but of yours, because in knowing my uncle what you have done, if his death does not stop him, he has to seek yours, and when he is absent, my cousin remains in the world, who will finally take my offense on his own,p. 41not only as a debt but also as a husband! But how can I be patient or wait for such, having hands and courage with which to kill myself?

And saying this, he took out a knife from its case to open the veins of his arms with it, it seemed to him that until morning there would be time to bleed and finish; but Don Martín, who, seeing her with such determination, admired by what he saw, although he did not fully appreciate her reasons, had put the key in the lock, and fearful of some bad event, rushed open the door and hurried out: with whose noise the beautiful Aminta was so disturbed that together with her sorrows she dropped into a deep faint, giving Don Martín room for him, taking her in his arms, to enjoy the favor that if he were with his sense it would be very difficult, with respect to his honest modesty , which could not be defeated if it is not with the deception that has been seen.

Don Martín, moved with his sun eclipsed in his arms, contemplated the passions that he saw her suffer, the beauty, the few years, which being all so equal to his love gave him the opportunity to a thousand loving daring: he made up her messy hair, wiped away her tears and he received round of painful sighs gifted favors, picking carnations from that garden of beauty.

Aminta came to herself little by little, and seeing herself in the arms of Don Martín, with an honest nonchalance she claimed the power of the lover, and I don’t know if she was as free as before; because the occasion, the gala and the force of his grievances were changing Don Jacinto’s love into cruel revenge: seeing himself mocked there and begged here; that there is no such bait to hunt a woman as the love of the present when the absent is despised. And so, with signs of some anger, he said:

“What are you coming for, Don Martín?” Does it seem to us that a wretch needs more witness to his death than to his misfortune? Return to your room, for with the death of just one woman the honors of so many men are restored.

“God forbid, my beloved owner,” replied Don Martín, “if it is not that I accompany you on such an occasion: since I saw you I adored you; and if you do not want me to be the one to pay for everything, because I have life, which is yours, and this dagger that will execute your desire, I deserve that you receive me for your slave; with which I will be happier than if I were the lord of all that Alexander achieved.

“You don’t know me,” Aminta said, “because you tell me your wish with such freedom, and don’t think that even though I’m in this place I stop being what I am, and if because of the deceptions of a traitor it seems to you that I am without honor, I will that has happened to me could happen to the most sane and demure. But of course neither you have to be my husband nor I admit you, I only beg you to return to your room and do not give me the opportunity to call your mother and everyone, and loudly publishing my misery, I surrender to the sword of those who with my death will be satisfied with the infamy they suffer for me.

It seemed to Don Martín in the determination with which Aminta said this, that she was going to do it, because he saw her rush to the door; and thus he stopped her, begging her to listen to him, because it was not fair for her to believe that he was pretending to be hers, less than being her husband, and that if she wanted to receive him as such, her luck would be very fortunate.

He looked at Don Martín thep. 42lady with the affection that told him these and other reasons, as it was that he told her how and who had offended her. That if not having (as he said) honor, was some man the cause, he would declare himself and see how he served her: and that until he was satisfied he did not want me to do for him what he asked.

And almost desperate for a remedy, although grateful for the promises of her new lover, she replied:

“I am Aminta, Senor Don Martín, the same one about whom you said tonight was a scandal in this city.” The cause of being in your power I want to tell you, and if you want to hear what you say, I am set to please you.

Briefly explain what remains written, leaving Don Martín more in love with his story than before, and so moved to see Aminta’s ignorance mocked that he would like to remedy it at the cost of his life, provided that he did not lose the prey that in he had his power: and thus giving her the word to avenge him again, she gave him the hand of a husband, which Aminta received with pleasure for not being in time for something else.

“My revenge should not be like that,” Aminta said, “because of course I have been the one offended and not you, I alone have to take revenge, because I will not be happy if my hands do not restore me what my madness lost.” And so, although I give you the word of a wife, your wish is not to be achieved until I take the life of this traitor, for which I do not want anything else but that you accompany me for the safety of my person, than with you, and changing suit (since man’s is safer), if you put me in his land, I will give a trace to deceive him as he deceived me. And once this is done, we can go to Madrid, and there we will live safely.

Don Martín conceded with everything, and it is not much, since he loved and ventured to enjoy such a beautiful lady, so much that he already excused Don Jacinto.

At the end with this concert Aminta, hoping to see herself soon avenged and Don Martín to be her husband, said goodbye to her, arriving in her arms in garments, leaving ordered to leave another day, that coming, Don Martín warned himself of everything necessary for the road .

The night came, which apparently of the new lovers stopped more than fair, and after the people had gathered, and Dona Luisa lay down, Don Martín went to Aminta’s room, bringing her a comfortable dress for what she had to pretend, and not leaving her beautiful hair more than necessary, she put it on her, remaining so beautiful that if any part of it had left love free in Don Martín’s soul, everything was surrendered.

And leaving his mother writing a paper in which he asked the secret of his departure until he achieved a certain effect because it mattered to his life and to the honor of that lady, they went out on the street, and from there on two famous mules, looking like Don Martín their waiter in his suit.

They left Segovia, and another day at dusk they found themselves in Madrid, the famous court of the Catholic King Don Felipe Tercero, and without wanting to enter it they followed their paths, which lasted a few days; so much was the desire that Aminta carried for her revenge.

They arrived, as I say, in the city without a name, it matters not that it does not have it, one Saturday night, and taking a safe inn they rested until morning, and they agreed between the two that Don Martín should remain concealed in it, because it was natural of that land and had some friends in it, although he did not want to discover any and that Aminta should go out to start herp. 43 claim.

Don Martín begged her to leave him the satisfaction of that offense, since he could trust her love on more occasions without her putting herself in any displeasure; but it was not possible to finish it with Aminta, saying that if it was to be hers, let her be with honor.

—I am —said Aminta— the one who, being easy, I lost her, and thus I must be the one who with her blood I have to charge her: you know that women, in learning one thing, later regret it; for this being so, as it is, let me deserve you for myself, that if you avenge my affront by your hands, you will have little to thank me for.

She knew how to say so much to him, and he listened to her so tender, that he had to condescend to her, although not without jealousy, and thus, between mockery and verily, he told her that he would do it to see Don Jacinto.

“The event will tell,” Aminta said, and turning away from him with more care than Don Martín wanted, because as she began to fear, she began to grieve, she went to look for her enemy, followed and ensnared by her lover, who loved her more. tender that I would like.

Aminta arrived at the main church, and as she entered it, before she had a place to look at it or pray the customary prayer, she saw her fake Don Jacinto and true Don Francisco, with other gentlemen: she knew him immediately, and it is to be believed that he was The courage that the manly suit was giving him was necessary so as not to show his shock and weakness.

She took a deep breath, and trying as hard as she could, approaching them, she allowed herself to be seen, and although Don Jacinto told her if she sent something, her color almost changed, to give her some air of who Aminta was, with more effort than the that his weakness required, he told him that if there were among his mercies who needed a servant.

-Where are you from? Don Jacinto replied.

“From Valladolid,” Aminta said. I played some rooms for my father, and while his anger passed I have taken to flight, so that with my absence, feeling my lack, he would forgive me and look for me.

“You know a lot to be so handsome.”

“I only knew very little, because I am where you see.”

“I seem to have seen you,” replied Don Jacinto, “or is it that you look like a person I loved for twenty-four hours.”

“That person owes you very careful,” Aminta said, “and I wouldn’t be scared if he wanted to pay you back.”

—That’s chimera, because when I don’t know who I am, there are many inconveniences for it; but because you seem so much to him, I want you to serve me, to see me serve as a portrait of who I served. What is your name? that then you have to be with me, it is necessary to know your name.

“Jacinto,” Aminta replied, “and if, because I am a portrait of that person, you receive me in your service, I have to thank nature that she has made me in her image; because from me I tell you that from the point that I saw you I loved you well.

“Did you pass through Segovia?” Said Don Jacinto.

“Yes, sir,” replied the lady, “but I didn’t want to stop there, because of the great scandal that was going on in her for want of a lady, who they say was called Aminta, who they think the earth swallowed her, because she doesn’t seem dead or alive . A Dona Elena, who was believed to know about her, woke up dead one morning, and that is why many gentlemen are imprisoned.

“It is not known,” said Don Jacinto, “if one of them took it?”

“Such was not suspected,” Aminta said. What is thought is that she herself fled because she did not marry a cousin of hers, with whom they werep. 44chos the concerts.

“Now then, Jacinto, let’s go home.”

“That’s what I say,” Aminta replied, “we go where you send, and knowing the house, I will return to my inn for a suitcase in which I bring my cleaning.”

Who doubts that Aminta would be bursting this time? But since she was not stupid, she concealed: and so she went with her new master and old enemy to her house, where she took the false Flora as mistress and mistress, telling her to give her away, and the pretended Jacinto to serve her with great care.

Flora looked at him and looked at him again, feeling each time an alteration and fainting that seemed to end his life, but he did not dare to say what he felt, although it always seemed to him that he saw the deceived Aminta, not daring in any way to tell her lover. , for not bringing him to memory, seeing him so forgotten about her.

Aminta took possession of her new home and then returned to notify her lover Don Martín of her good fortune, assuring him with a thousand caresses of the jealousy he had to see her in her, promising to abbreviate her with her wishes, and returned with their new masters; to whom he began to serve with such pleasure that they were very happy with him.

He showed his thanks, what it was like to read, write and count, and many others. And above all singing and ringing, so much so that neither Don Jacinto nor Flora knew how to be without him a point.

And so one day when they were eating, by order of Flora he took a guitar, and sang like this:

If you adore your beautiful Celia,

And his image bows,

Sacrificing your taste

To her adored beauty;

If your beautiful eyes,

As suns you respect them,

How do you look at them?

As heavens you celebrate them;

If you know that his mouth

It is a box of beautiful pearls,

And her golden hair

Beautiful skeins of Arabia;

If you know that they are his hands

White and snowy mountains,

And of another divine Venus,

His graceful size and presence:

If to your perfect beauty,

And praised gentleness,

The beautiful apple they offer,

That it costs Troy so dear;

And finally, if you have

Soul, senses, powers,

Memory and will

Imprisoned in her blond strands:

What for, ungrateful hyacinth,

Cause of my eternal sorrow,

With fake and fake love

Did you cheat on my innocence?

The deluded Don Jacinto was in suspense, not admiring the voice, although it was very good, but feeling the reasons for the romance, as if he saw Aminta complain. And so he said:

“Afraid is that lady, friend Jacinto.”

“That’s how I treated her,” Aminta replied, “because when she thought she had a husband, she enjoyed my absence.

“Then you wanted?” Said Don Jacinto.

“Do you seem so foolish?” Replied the lady, “because he thinks I have known how to love and hate, and that I also know how to give annoyance and feign care, because I am more of a man than my beard shows;” Well, even though my mistress Flora says that I look like a capon or a woman to her, someday I must be a rooster, despite the mischief who won me over my wealth and put me in the state in whichp. Four. Five I am: but then you like to see woman complaints, listen to these madrigals, which were made to the same subject.

At the same time as Diana

Phoebus his rays offer wanted,

And she beautiful and lush,

From visiting the Indians he would come,

Because the shepherd loved

Let him be consoled in his absence;

Diligent matilde

He went out to find his absent Jacinto.

With a hurried step

The flowers of the flowery meadow tread;

The troubled countenance,

Because the heart already warns you,

He reaches a beautiful valley,

That a gentle and crystalline stream waters,

Where entertaining

He saw Jacinto in Isbella amused.

He slowed down a little,

And he heard Jacinto say to him:

Zagala, I burn,

Your favor may my sorrow calm;

He took her hands

And with tender sighs he kissed her,

And Isbella would say:

If Matilde saw you, what would she say?

Leave, divine Isbella,

Those chimeras, look at my passions,

That alone you are worthy

To surrender the proud hearts,

Well if Apollo saw you

After fugitive Daphne did not run,

And to Venus, holy goddess,

You will win the apple for being beautiful.

You from Jupiter were

The Europe that which bull would conquer,

If in his time you were born,

In a transformed swan it will enjoy you,

And like a golden shower

He will come down to see you from his eternal choir,

And which Calixto you had

Heavenly seat in the spheres.

Will not enjoy Aegina

Like a shepherd in the pleasant meadow,

Except for Proserpina,

Because of your beauty in love,

Only in you will it be used,

And all of the world will despise:

Not even Juno would be offended

Although enjoying your husband saw.

He said, and determined,

When Isbella is completely surrendered,

Around his neck he has bound

Arms, and taking the measure

With his mouth to his mouth,

He left Matilde with her crazy jealousy,

That of lost rage,

It came out like a doe from the wounded spear.

Disloyal, daring,

Ungrateful and false more than those born,

I will take your life

He said, and with daring steps

He wanted to reach them,

Morpheus fled from her beautiful eyes,

That which rivers were,

Believing what they dreamed to be true.

What if I eat asleep

Wake up this event will happen to you,

Between his tender hands he will kill them,

That, although a child, Cupid

He is (if jealousy helps him) daring.

They praised him with great appreciation and showed that they appreciated his gifts by giving Don Jacinto a dress and Flora a ring, which Aminta received with signs of joy, because with regard to revenge, she passed the square as a jester, not neglecting to visit Don Martín and tell him what she was saying. It happened, neither he to beg her to abbreviate or to let him do it, because he could not suffer being locked up at home or her in that of a man who had been her first love.

Aminta got angry at seeing him so distrustful, and so she told him that if he got tired he should go home, because he neither owed him nor owed him; for accompanying her as a gentleman had been, and thus left him without wanting to make friends, of which Don Martín became extremely passionate.

Aminta came home a little late and found herp. 46owners having dinner, who scolded him for being late. In a little while, Don Martín arrived at the door, making a certain sign that he used to do on other nights. Aminta left, and after pleading and anger, remaining friends, he returned to his inn and she went to rest.

One month Aminta was at her master’s house, during which time Don Martín had written to Segovia to a friend of his to let him know what was happening: who told him about everything, because, stressing the pain with which his mother was, he told him how Captain Don Pedro left jail on trust, and having entered his house he had fallen dead; and that the other prisoners had been taken out of jail by Don Luis his son, who had come from Italy, who was doing great diligence to find out about his cousin and wife, of whom they knew nothing of any news.

The beautiful Aminta was doubled with passion and rage with the news of the death of her uncle and revenge promised by the anger of her cousin Don Luis, and even more so by seeing Don Jacinto enjoy Flora so freely, the one and the other cause of their misery. He was not jealous, but he felt grievances, that whoever wants to know if he has loved, even if he hates, sees what he has wanted in other arms; thus seeing the courageous Aminta that it was not a time for complaints but for revenge, she warned her dear lover Don Martín for that night, who, having been advised of what to do, awaited the event.

Aminta waited for time and place, and seeing them all asleep, and the city in silence, she entered the stable of her enemies, not being again in it by entering every night for her master’s clothes to clean them; and taking out the dagger, he thrust it into Don Jacinto’s heart, so that complaining and surrendering his soul were all one.

Flora awoke to the noise, and wanting to shout, Aminta did not give her place, who wounded her by the throat, saying:

“Traitor, Aminta punishes you and avenges her disgrace.”

And returning to give her another three stabs, he sent his soul to accompany that of his lover; And closing the door to the stable, he took his cape and suitcase, and using a key that he had ordered made, for having lost the one to the street door, of industry, leaving it closed, he left and went to Don’s inn. Martín, who, knowing the event and seeing that it was necessary to set out on the road, took their mules and clothes, and left, walking in a hurry to the first place where they rested, Aminta dressing as a lady and Don Martín as a gentleman.

They rested there for two days, where, both confirming the word they had given each other, and with it love, Aminta could not deny Don Martín, like her husband, any favor that he asked of her.

There Don Martín received two servants and a maid, and taking the necessary carriage, they set out for Madrid.

Well, as the morning came that followed the sad night for the unfortunate who were in hell, since life was conforming to death, and death was conforming to life, as the other servants saw that Jacinto did not seem, nor neither their master nor Flora got up, they entered the stable and seeing the unfortunate event, they shouted, the servants raising their screams; to whom all who were in the city and justice were joined, taking their confessions to all; and there being no other indication than the lack of Jacinto, and having brought his suitcase, he takes themp. 47They put all prisoners, and visiting the inn houses, they came to find the one where the perpetrators of the damage had been; Although they did not know how to give reasons for names, or land; nor could they know more that at twelve they had left; and since they were called brothers, they always shut themselves up to talk.

With these indications, some bailiffs and even the magistrate himself came out after them, but although they met Don Martín and his lady, who were going around Madrid, as they saw them go with such authority and repose, and they met Don Martín through one of The nobles of that city, and they knew that he lived in Segovia, did not fall under any suspicion, and more so having understood from him that he was going with that lady and that he was bringing her for his wife from a nearby place; before they told him what they were looking for and they were very amazed at the case; and it is not necessary to scare, because if looking for a mule handler and a page, they found such a leading gentleman and such a beautiful lady, who would not give up?

Don Martín and the magistrate ate, because although in the field, they were provided; And finding no trace of what they were looking for, they returned to the city, and they continued on their way.

And when justice saw the little guilt of the prisoners, they released them and confiscated the property, part for the king and part for the widow, Don Jacinto’s wife.

Don Martín and his wife arrived in Madrid, taking house and dressings for her, and taking leave of the nuncio, they married, running after the terms of the reprimands.

This done, Don Martín sent for his mother, who with her house and property came to Madrid, happy to have such a daughter-in-law, who, knowing who she was, considered herself happy, where they live today, calling herself Aminta doña Vitoria, the most beloved and happy with her husband, Don Martín, who only needs this good lady to have children to be completely happy.

His cousin lives, and for his respect, doña Vitoria does not enjoy the property that his father left him, although it is very thick, just because he did not make himself known to his cousin, nor does Don Martín want to deal with that, because there is the secret of this case Between the three; that if she did not manifest it herself, so that with supposed names it could be written, no one could give notice of it.

The beautiful and discreet Matilde scarcely put an end to her wonder, said with such grace and discretion that all the gentlemen and ladies who listened to her were raised and absorbed, when Don Diego, Lysis’s new lover, signaling to the musicians and giving notice two of his servants who were skilled in dancing, at the same time they cut off the praises that for the beautiful Matilde were prevented, it seemed to her that, having to fall short in them, it was more successful to pass them in silence; and thus making it understood to all those gentlemen and ladies, approving their opinion, they used their eyes in the graceful turns and graceful capering that Don Diego’s two servants made.

And after having finished the dance, they began a sumptuous collation that Lysis had in store for her guests, where in competition the salads of sweets, and sweets of many kinds of fruits, which were served at the table, as in such nights is customary, the owner’s good taste was shown; and Lysis giving don Juan a thousand disdainful samples, accompaniesp. 48das with a funny frown, with which she looked at him snub; and on the contrary to don Diego a thousand honest favors, of which don Juan was burning; because although he loved Lisarda, he liked being loved by Lisis, and thus giving a thousand gifts to Lisarda for stinging Lisis, and Lisis to Don Diego for making Don Juan desperate, and the other knights and ladies, one another, played Matins in the Carmen, and determining to listen to them with the mass of the rooster, to sleep carelessly, advised for the second night, they said goodbye to Lisis and her mother, who did not want to hear them; They vacated the house, accompanying all those gentlemen to the beautiful ladies on this pious occasion, although Don Diego, arriving in Lysis, offered himself as a slave, the lady thanking the favor, with which the party of the first night was ended. .