Robber adventure

It happened this year, on March 31, that a five-member uri company was hunting for salmon in the forests of County V. All five are young people, old accustomed good buddies, members of educated circles, men with scientific careers. Among them is the young ….. y, son of the chief lord under the former V. County Provincial.

The chief lord of the provisorium did not leave a great fortune to his children, who inherited a large forest from which the cut wood was served, and the proceeds were collected and distributed among the eldest son by his brothers, the same who was a member of the said hunting company. The others are called XYZQ.

Towards evening, X. invites the others to his barn not far away for dinner, foretelling his wife to take guests.

It happened in the same forest many years ago that ….. y father, when he was still chief judge, as he descended from the hillside with his car, heard wailing cries, and saw several robbers looting a coal carrier in front of a bridge. The chief judge gets his rifle, shoots it among the robbers, one falls, but picks himself up again and escapes with his comrades into the woods. They set out to persecute the people of the nearby village, find bloodstains, follow them, but the bloodstains are lost in the bush and the robbers are not found. However, a wealthy landlord never returned to his house again. Everybody -42-he thinks it was the robber who was lost somewhere in the berets.

So the hunting company vigan dinners after a whole day of effort at X.’s hospitable house, when the wing door opens in two directions and three men enter it with dragon-gun weapons.

Let no one move, the middle shouts. Which one of you ….. y?

The respondent stands up and says he is.

“Well, know that we are the sons of the man your father shot dead.” We swore to take revenge on his sons. Pray, you will die!

The housekeeper stepped in front of the commanding robber and began to beg for it.

“My sweethearts, you’re just not going to commit such a murder in front of women here.”

“The lord is right,” the robber said. That would not be appropriate. Not here. Come out to the yard!

The young ….. y followed the call wordlessly and went out into the yard.

– Give me what you have! ordered by the robber.

The young man pulled off his ring, handed over his watch, had two hundred and thirty forints in his pocket, covering in a «Pest Diary» what he had taken the day before for the wood sold, he also handed it over.

The robber counted: “two hundred and thirty forints!”

– Undress now!

The young man took off his coat and vest.

But the housekeeper could no longer stand: he ran to the robbers.

“I will not allow you to kill a friend of mine in front of my eyes.” You bring misfortune to him as well. Three counties are driving you for such a horrible act. And I will bring evil upon every man that taketh you bread. You’re doing him a thousand trouble with me too.

“All right,” said the robber. So we don’t kill him here.-43- But swear, you murderer son, that you will come out to us at the g …. i mere well tonight at twelve o’clock, and then you will know what we are doing to you?

The young man ….. y swore to the robbers that he would go to the wilderness well.

With that, the robbers returned their money, watches, rings, clothes, and left, shouting mockingly, “See you again!”

The company went back into the room, but the good mood and dinner were, of course, over.

What are you going to do now ….. y?

“Well, I go out to them at midnight at well g ….. i, that I swore to them.

– Well, you’re not doing that fool! tells him comrade Y. Who would hold a question of honor against robbers? But you could get rid of their nails. Now it will be wisest to come with me to my farm, it is a good three hours walk from here. It’s night, we can escape. They won’t look for me.

By all of them, he persuaded ….. yt to surely escape and hide in Y.’s lodgings, until finally the young man stood up and, under the guidance of his buddy, set out for him in the woods. They duckily arrived at Y.’s farm at midnight through bushes and mountain ravines, which could have been a shot from the village and hurried to get to bed first.

The excitement barely allowed ….. yt to fall asleep, when they rattled through the window for about an hour and the known word of the robber was heard.

– Hey hey! ….. y! You stood your way! Did you come out to the bare well? Is this an oath? Come on now!

The young man jumped up in horror in horror and, climbing up so as not to be noticed from the window, through two intervening rooms, crawled over to Y.’s friend.

– The robbers found me…

– I hear you say Y. But it’s okay. The doors are locked. We are two, they are three. We are inside, they are outside.-44-If they want to break in, shoot them. Go back to your room for your rifle and suit, and then come here again.

The young man ….. y slipped back to his bedroom again and made this trip back and forth in front of the robbers banging on the windows.

At last the robbers went to Y.’s window to rattle.

– You open the door, let’s get it out ….. yt.

Y. shouted that ….. y is not here.

“If you’re not here, we’ll go there, we won’t hurt the gentleman.” But if you don’t open the door, we’ll light the house.

“Well, you hear, it’s not foolish, comrade Y. to the persecuted, if they get us out of here, we’re done. You have to run from here. Here in the hall is sleeping my week, a faithful, trustworthy man, this will lead you to L **, where the servant judge lives, where you can board our fellow lawyer N. There are already pandurs in L **, there will be no rogues there.


It must have been four o’clock in the morning when he arrived in L **, exhausted, exhausted, tormented by physical and mental torments. The upturned housewife stared and asked, what are you doing here at such an unusual hour?

– Don’t ask anything, he said ….. y, I’m there. Give me some place to go to bed. Don’t do anything getting ready, I’ll lie down on the couch in your office, wrap my cloak, and sleep there.

So buddy N. let his friend go to bed and he went to sleep himself.

The overworked young man slept where he lay down until his friend came over to his office in the morning.

– Well, how did you sleep? asked N.-45-

“Pretty good, but now I feel like I’ve been smashed and my head hurts a lot.”

With that, N. looks around his desk and says in shock:

“But six buddies, don’t joke with me.” Why did you put my money?

– Me? your money? shouts waking up ….. y.

– Yes Yes. Last night, I received the installment payment of the convict in an old woman’s lawsuit. I put it here on my desk. No one has been here since then, and the money is not here now.

….. y to this rage he jumps up from his bed and gets to his rifle.

“But now you’re out of this room because I’m shooting through!” Come on, call the servant judge here, have an official investigation over me. Don’t let anyone else in because I’ll kill you.

They were sent for a servant judge, it wasn’t where he came from, he was replaced by a juror with a pandur.

“What was the amount,” asked the juror the lawyer who disappeared from your desk?

“Two hundred and thirty forints,” said N. Covered in a “Pest Diary”.

….. y thought the world was breaking it!

– Yes, I have two hundred and thirty forints intact, covered in a «Pest Diary». But that amount is mine, I got it yesterday at a wood price. That amount was already in the hands of the robbers that night, how did I get it? to my dan XYZ and Q. my friends, call them here right away.

At this, N.’s lawyer starts to laugh, the laughter shares the laughter, the door opens and they get stuck in it with a big laugh between XYZ and Q. good buddies.

– No need to send for us, here we are! We just wanted to do a little «joke» with you. Don’t you know it’s April 1st?

… So this whole physical-mental torture was just a little joke between good friends and educated people.-46-

There was talk of XYZQ and N. and their maids dressed as robbers.

And why did they make such a cruel joke with a good buddy?

“Because that a ….. y is such a boring boy, he always walks between us and doesn’t want anything with us, ‘mitachen.’ We wanted to tease one of us. ”