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Wait for it to snow

  Hearing the silence on the phone, he got up and went outside the cafe. After three o’clock in the afternoon, there are few pedestrians and not many cars nearby. At the end of the zebra crossing on the right side of the intersection, the red light is slowly flashing, and the numbers are like worms, 9, 8, 7, 6… When the green light is on, a woman wearing sunglasses led a big black dog and walked across the zebra crossing. .
  When her voice reappeared on the phone, he was bending down and stuffing a cigarette butt into the hole in the sewer manhole cover. where is it? She took a deep breath and asked. He just recovered from the moment his cigarette butt fell into the water, and he told her the name and address of the cafe. Okay, I’ll come over and she hung up. He also sent her the location. The floating green dot seemed to deviate significantly from the actual position, and the edge of the light blue circular shadow below it did not even touch the cafe.
  The big black dog passed by him, sticking his tongue out, sniffing his legs. Looking at the wet dark nose and listening to the weird breathing, he didn’t move. The woman who had already passed by stopped and pulled the rope vigorously before she shook her head and walked away. There is a strong fragrance of perfume in the air.
  The light golden sunlight shined through the clouds, illuminating the bright yellow leaves of the ginkgo trees beside the road. The dark gray slender back of the woman who was drifting away was also illuminated for a while-her body was leaning back from time to time to hold the big black dog trying to run away. The breeze blows, and occasionally a few ginkgo leaves fall off the branches, each slowly leaving a very irregular trace in the air. In a blink of an eye, the woman and the black dog disappeared.
  There are no parking spaces nearby. She drove the car several times. You should come out, she said, we can go to a place farther away, before the peak period arrives, if you drive faster, it will be there in about an hour. He has no objection, and there is nothing else to do anyway. Standing by the road, he lit a cigarette and waited. The new red car that watched her from a distance turned slowly. When the car was a few meters away from him, a ray of sunlight penetrated a tree canopy and windshield, illuminating the face with heavy makeup and the lips painted black and red. She also wears sunglasses. Sitting in the position of the co-pilot, he didn’t see her expression either.
  Am I strange? She put her hands on the steering wheel and looked ahead as the car moved forward again.
  It’s a little bit like that, he said. It looked like… the artist who had just finished the show, had not had time to remove her makeup.
  Oh, she nodded. I put on heavy makeup deliberately and feel more secure… I got up early in the morning and it took more than half an hour to achieve this effect… You should hold a bouquet of flowers and congratulate me on the success of the performance. It’s perfect.
  Then I wish you success in your performance, he said.
  Thank you, she nodded. Although there are no flowers and no sincerity, I still appreciate your support.
  Interesting, he smiled. The feeling of acting in true colors.
  That’s not necessarily true, she turned her head and looked at him. Don’t underestimate the psychological complexity of a woman with heavy makeup…Aren’t you happy for me?
  Me? He paused. is acceptable.
  The peak period is approaching, and the traffic on the elevated highway is slowly increasing in density.
  For ten minutes, they did not speak. The vehicles ahead, the undulating buildings on both sides, and the canopies floating in the air were all tinted with pale gold by the setting sun. During this period, they saw a very small cat being thrown on the elevated trestle, flinching, trying to hide on the side, the hair on its body was erected in the wind… it was calling, but when the car passed by it, he Can’t hear.
  You can smoke, she said, lowering the windows on both sides. The wind rushed into the car, slightly cool. He lit her a cigarette and lit it himself. He stretched the cigarette through the window, but the ashes was blown in by the wind and fell on his pants. He brushed it a few times, still leaving some gray spots on the black pants. She handed him a tissue and found a square-shaped small green box of chewing gum, and placed it between them to play cigarette ashes.
  Before the sunset fell, it suddenly brightened again, casting the last light on those buildings, and some tree crowns, and then disappeared. He watched. The female navigation voice in the car reminded him from time to time that there was a surveillance camera two hundred meters ahead, or please drive along the middle road… He occasionally looked at the route on the screen and never figured out where he was going.
  As it gradually moved away from the city, the speed of the car increased significantly. The golden and red afterglow has receded, the dark blue sky is slowly spreading, and objects flowing near and far gradually show dim outlines, and then scatter star-like lights. As far as the eyes can see, the twilight is coming up quietly like a tide.
  Your lawyer friend, she said, did not give the other party any chance…the evidence also left the other party speechless. Really, I haven’t been so happy in a long time…I speak very little, mostly just listening. She suddenly turned her head, and what he saw were still those sunglasses that seemed to cover half of her face. The interior of the car was dark, and the dashboard glowed strangely and glittering green light.
  On your face, she is faint and authentic, like a lot of oil, and her complexion is also bleak, okay if she didn’t sleep?
  There was congestion at an exit of the outer ring. The tails of the slowly descending vehicles were all lit up with red lights. They were like charcoal fires in glass jars of various shapes, which looked unusually bright and moving in the overwhelming twilight.
  He nodded. It seems that sleeping hasn’t been easy lately…every time it’s like practicing diving, he plunges into it, and then floats up again after a short while… As a result, every night, it seems like he is jumping repeatedly and coming up again. , Until exhaustion… However, the time I finally fell asleep before dawn was quite comfortable, just as the reason why I couldn’t sleep well before was completely because there was excess energy in my body that was not exhausted.
  Interestingly, she stuck out the tip of her tongue and licked her lips. If you don’t toss the energy clean, you can’t sleep well. She took a deep breath. He is a person who likes to toss. Oh, my ex-husband, he tossed people and himself… You know, what did he say to me in court? He said, don’t be too happy, it’s not over yet. I said, thank you. At that time, his face was as white as a piece of paper, crumpled… Eight years ago, I still felt that his face was so old-fashioned, dull, and fragile. She suddenly stepped on the brakes, the car shook, and she honked her horn. A car in front of it changed lanes illegally. A silly fork! She threw the cigarette butt out of the car window, and then saw that he no longer smoked, so she raised the car windows.
  After every quarrel, he would say that I was a patient, and she continued. I told him, you are also sick, don’t deny it, but our home is not a hospital. If you are sick, you have to find a place for treatment. You can find yours and I will find mine. This is more reasonable, otherwise it will be easy to cross-infect, and you will end up together. In that case, your little secret is a pity. I want to live a few more years. He drank the white wine there without saying a word, and I drank it too, and sat opposite him. Although he was good at drinking, he couldn’t drink me. In the end, he would always cry inexplicably, and then go out by himself, like an intermission in a farce.
  Now, she said after a while, let’s consider what you promised.

  what? He never recovered.
  She shook her head. Is your memory the same as a goldfish?
  Oh, he remembered. When she was in extreme depression before, she suddenly said that she had never been to the Northeast and had never seen heavy snow. On a whim, he promised her that he could go there together in winter to watch the snowfall. This is his weakness, and it is easy to make rash promises to comfort others. But this is nothing. They can go quietly and come back quietly without contacting people in his hometown. He didn’t want to see anyone. In addition, he has not seen the snowy sky in the northeast for many years.
  In the past six months, she has taken him to many restaurants. The advantage of eating is that you will not be embarrassed by not speaking face to face. Food can comfort the stomach and neglect the speaking function of the mouth. Every time she changes to a new restaurant. She said, admit it, I grabbed your stomach. Indeed, he liked every place she picked. His only hobby at the moment is eating. In addition, at this age, he had never met anyone who invited him to dinner with such care. Of course, this is because he has been helping her with the divorce lawsuit. The lawyer is his hair, especially good at this kind of entangled lawsuit. When he divorced, he also wanted to find this buddy, but then gave up-to everyone’s expectation, he chose to go out of the house.
  He talked to her about it. She said she couldn’t understand, you are not in good spirits, are you? He thought for a while and said, maybe it is. Well, she tilted her head, it’s none of my business, I just talk about it casually…Everyone is a patient anyway. At the beginning, he said, I only met three times with her and we got married…We lived together for six years. The rule she gave me was to go home after nine o’clock in the evening and only sleep in the living room… but I often didn’t get off work after ten o’clock. Later, she often went back to live with her natal house or at her girlfriend’s house. She said that no matter what time I got home, she would not have to sleep in the living room.
  Poor, she thought for a while and said.
  Yeah, he nodded. She was silent. He went on to say: After the divorce, I quit my job and rented a house, just trying to live a life in which I stayed all day without anything.
  But where are there days when nothing happens? She seemed to be talking to herself. Whether you want or don’t want to, there will always be something, when you can’t even think of it, you suddenly come to you.
  Yes, he said, so it will take a while before I join groups everywhere, and finally I ran into you in the group of the book club.
  She froze for a moment, and suddenly smiled, if you don’t say this, I really can’t tell, you are actually quite like me, you are the kind of person who can work hard to live a miserable life…you can still help To me, like a private investigator, is this unscientific? I have been in business for so many years, and I have seen countless people, but I have never seen you like you.
  These words were still three months ago. At that time, through follow-up investigations, he found the community where her husband was haunted and identified the specific family. What surprised him was that the woman was actually mediocre. Later, he pretended to be a security inspector of a gas company, and entered this simple two-bedroom and one-living house in the name of a gas pipeline security check. Before people were paying attention, he found a shelter in the kitchen with a suitable angle and installed a miniature. webcam. In the living room, he saw the angle-adjustable sofa that can only be found in pedicure shops, as well as wooden barrels and some accessories. After a week or so, when he sorted out the video materials and showed them to her, she was really shocked-that was her husband’s secret and happy life scene. The woman pressed his feet, rubbed his shoulders, and pressed his back. There is also a woman in her fifties who is cooking for them. And every time he returned to his home, this man was like a prison guard. Apart from monitoring her whereabouts and peeking at her mobile phone, he vented his anger at her because of suspicion. However, he has never done anything to her, which is also true. Even when she couldn’t help but twitching him because of her anger, he would not fight back, but would not move there, showing a weird look that made her panic.
  In fact, later, when he thought of his ghostly involvement in her divorce incident, he felt that to a large extent he was just because of boredom, that he became her private investigator with a mischievous mentality, not because of her. At some point, there was a certain wildness hidden in the strong impression left to him. Of course, because of this, he would intentionally and unceremoniously accept the remuneration from her afterwards, as a symbol of mutual cooperation after all. At that time, she looked at him with a strange expression, saying that you don’t really seem to have a talent for doing business, and you can get a good price if you change someone else to take this order.
  She took him to a luxury resort hotel in the outer suburbs. He had never heard of it. It is said that there are hot springs there, as well as good Japanese and Western food, especially a whiskey bar, which made her full of praise. When they arrived, it was already dark. It is not the tourist season, nor the weekend, and there are not many guests in the hotel. She reserved two rooms. When checking in, she took off her sunglasses because of the need for facial recognition. Only then did he realize that she had applied deep eyeshadow.
  In the garden-style restaurant on the ground floor, they ate Japanese food. He ate a lot. She ate very slowly and seldom. She just drank that Japanese shochu all the time and drank a lot without knowing it. She felt like she was drinking water, it didn’t taste much. He noticed a detail, that is, after wiping off the black and red lipstick, her lips seemed to become full again. Despite the heavy makeup, her face still looked a little solemn and puffy. After eating, they went to the hot spring on the basement floor. At this time, the outdoor hot spring pools are closed, while the indoor hot springs are separated for men and women.
  The male hot spring pool was decorated in a style similar to the one he had soaked in Japan. It used a lot of rough and old black wood, and the small pool was also made of bluestone, and there was no glass beside it. Although it is the basement level, one can see from the window that there is a dark mountain stream below, and the sound of running water from the depths can be heard. He realized that this hotel was actually built on a hillside.
  In addition to him, there is an old man here, who is soaking in the pool, closing his eyes and resting, his gray and sparse hair is in a bun on the top of his head, and a pack of cigarettes and a lighter are placed by the pool. To his a little surprise, the old man had dense tattoos on his skinny back. When he went down into the water, through the steaming water, he found that the old man’s chest was also covered with tattoos. Upon closer inspection, he found that the main body of the pattern was three wolf heads.
  Cold wind blows in from the window from time to time, and the hot air in the pool is constantly transpiring. He sat by the pool for a while, then went down to the pool, letting the water reach his neck. In this way, after a long time, when he felt sleepy and limp, he glanced at the electronic clock on the wall and found that more than forty minutes had passed unconsciously. He crawled out of the pool and walked to the big wooden bucket next to the pillar. There was cold water in it and a wooden spoon floated on it. He picked up the wooden spoon and poured it into his left hand. It was a bit cold. Putting down the wooden spoon, he immersed his hands in the water again, waited a while, and then quit after a cold war. The old man was still soaking in the water motionlessly, his eyes closed. When he got into the water again, the old man slowly opened his bloodshot eyes. He nodded at the old man. The old man turned around and picked up the pack of cigarettes, drew out one, and raised it to him. He rushed to the water, took the cigarette, and reached out to get the lighter first. The old man lit it first, then lit it himself, and went back to the original. Location.

  Soaking in the hot spring, the old man said leisurely, smoking is not good, it hurts the body.
  He laughed, but didn’t know how to respond.
  Just smoke half a stick. The old man smiled self-deprecatingly. A person?
  He nodded.
  Me too, the old man said, and then closed his eyes again.
  While changing clothes in the locker room, he picked up the phone and found four missed calls, all of hers. He still felt like he was standing on the edge of a dream until her voice came from the phone. It was her languid voice that awakened him. She has been waiting in the bar for some time. He suddenly felt a little sleepy as he walked through the corridor of seven turns. In that dimly lit bar, he sat opposite her and found that there were actually only two of them guests.
  According to her request, the waiter brought four kinds of whiskeys, introducing the origin, year, and taste characteristics in detail. After tasting each one, he didn’t know which one to choose. In fact, the image of the old man in the hot spring pool was floating in his mind, mainly the three wolf heads on his chest. In this way, they drank whiskey in silence. Later, she suddenly asked him, what was he thinking? Thinking of nothing, he replied. I’m just a little sleepy… When I was in the hot springs before, I was very sleepy, and after drinking, I became even more sleepy. She smiled and said after a while, you see, this is the benefit of being alone, sleepy, hungry, in the mood, and not in the mood, it is all one’s own business, no need for others to worry about, and no need for others worry.
  He nodded. There were four wine glasses in front of them, each of which contained only a quarter of the wine. She added ice cubes to all of them, but none of his. The waiter has been watching them not far away.
  Have you seen a wolf? His sudden question made her puzzled. She saw it on TV, she thought about it, she hadn’t seen it in reality, nor in the zoo…Have you seen it? He got out of mind, and then said, I have seen three wolves, surrounded by an old man, like a dog, with their head on his chest, motionless, with their eyes open, but they all seemed to sleep. Finished. She listened, narrowed her eyes, lit a cigarette, took a sip, and spit out a smoke ring. Did you dream of it? In addition, I found out that I don’t really know you very well… You mentioned this suddenly. Does it have any meaning? My logical thinking ability is relatively poor, so don’t use too difficult questions to test me… What do you foresee? If so, just say it directly, don’t let me guess.
  Are we going to live here tonight? He asked again. She looked at him carefully, you didn’t mean to tell me, now you want to hurry back, right? You may not be able to call a car here…but don’t worry, if you really want to go back, I can drive you.
  I didn’t mean it, he said, it just came to my mind… The topic I just mentioned was actually when I was in a hot spring, I suddenly remembered a story I heard when I was a child, saying that there was an old Japanese man who picked up three little wolves. Zai, when he was raised, he put them back in the mountains, and then asked someone to write three wolves on himself… Later, after a few years, he died, and the three little wolves have grown up. , Came back in the night and took his body away. The villagers went into the mountain overnight to round up them. Finally they found the cave and found that the old man’s bones had been eaten by them. They killed them all, then put them together with the old man’s remains and put them away. The fire is burning.
  When she heard this, she blinked, and then, gone? He nodded, no more.
  Well, she whispered, forgive me for being dull, I didn’t understand what your story meant… I was tired too, and I was going to go back to sleep. Let’s drink the rest of the wine. What is wasted, you can’t waste wine, what do you think?
  Well, he drank all the whiskeys in turn. He knew these whiskeys were good, but he just couldn’t get used to it. When he stood up, he still closed his mouth tightly, feeling that the overly rich alcohol rose from the top of his nasal cavity and gradually penetrated into his eyes. After a pause, he let out a breath. She was on the side, just looking at him silently.
  In the dark, lying on the wide bed, he was a little dizzy. He heard the faint sound of running water outside the window. Listening like this, it took a long time before he fell asleep in a daze. He still didn’t sleep well. Later, half-dreaming and half-awake, he heard someone talking loudly in the corridor, and someone ringing the doorbell of the next room from time to time… Then there was another fierce quarrel. He thought he was in a dream. Then there was a long silence. It didn’t take long for him to fall asleep completely, sleeping very deep, without dreaming.
  It was the phone ring that woke him up. He touched the phone and her name flashed on the screen. At half past six in the morning. Her voice sounded very tired and depressed. She asked him if he could get up now and go to her room. She had something to say. He hesitated for a moment. She asked him, is there a problem? I’ll go over here, after he finished speaking, he washed up, put on his clothes, and went to look for her next door. The door opened. She was wearing pajamas, her hair was messy, her eyelids were swollen, and her face after removing makeup was obviously a little swollen.
  He was here, she said sadly. My ex-husband, came in the middle of the night… He put a tracking and locating thing in my car, and he found it here. It’s really lingering… He thought I would live with other men, and wanted to show my ugliness. , It disappointed him… We didn’t quarrel, he just stood at the door and wouldn’t let me close the door. He said that he has time, no matter where I go, he will find me… He said you can call the police or find someone to clean up me, but as long as I have a breath, I will always follow you, no matter where you go… …Later, I called the security guard, and the security called 110. The police came soon after, and they couldn’t help him, so they took him away. He smiled obediently and walked.
  He confessed embarrassingly that he slept too hard to hear anything.
  She said that last night, she actually thought about giving her ex-husband some compensation, that is, after dealing with the property affairs, she gave him money…but he actually did such a farce again, let her completely dispel it idea. That’s it, she said, I want to see what else he can do. When he was taken away by the police, he smiled like that on purpose. In fact, he was very pitiful, like a bereaved dog… He also said that I was a conspirator, the most hypocritical woman in the world, you see, in the end, it seemed that he was the most innocent. It’s the only one hurt…isn’t it ridiculous?
  They left there at noon.
  On the way back to the city, she kept driving silently. He also had no intention of speaking. Later, before he knew it, he fell asleep. After entering the city, the speed of the car slowed down, and he suddenly woke up. The sun is shining outside, the sky is pale blue, and a few large white clouds are still in the air. While waiting for a red light at an intersection, the sun hit his lap and it was very warm. She lowered the window and lit a cigarette. He also ordered one.
  After a while, she asked him where he was going and she could send him there. After thinking about it, he said the name of the movie theater and its specific location. She tilted her head and set the navigation route. Then she suddenly remembered and asked him, what movie are you going to watch?
  He thought about it. It seems that there is a film festival recently. I don’t know what movie I can run into. I just want to watch a movie. I don’t have any specific things I want to watch… I don’t like to plan everything before going. do.

  Oh, she nodded slightly. In this way, it is also very good.
  After watching the red car go away, he sat on the steps outside the cinema, smoking a cigarette and basking in the sun.
  At this time, what is being screened in the cinema is an old classic film that was shown more than ten years ago. When he was looking at the posters, he suddenly decided not to look at them. Sitting here, he slowly recalled its plot. Some forgot, some still remembered. In this way, he thought for a long time without bounds. In the meantime, he tried to recall some things that happened when he watched this film, and there were some people, but most of them were blurred. Lots of blanks. He thought, maybe in other people’s memory, I was just a blank spot. Thinking of the end, he didn’t even know what he was thinking.
  The sun that day was almost perfect, it made him soften. This made him feel that the blank is not blank, and it doesn’t matter at all. The things he did for her before, although it was ridiculous to think about it, but what’s the big deal? At least, it is more interesting than most of the things he has been doing in the past so many years… After all, he found that he likes everything that can turn people into a single state. Just like in some boring home hours, he would take out the snow-white rice from the rice bag, put it on the table, and then spend a long time, patiently separate them one by one and spread them on the table. Each grain is separated from each other, and then looks for a long time, like looking at the distant stars in the night sky.
  That night, when it was almost twelve o’clock, she asked him on WeChat if the movie was good. It took him a long time to reply and it was okay. She asked him to talk about the specific content. He hesitated for a while, but let it go, it’s better not to spoil it. It took a few minutes before she replied, well, don’t force it.
  Later, for almost a month, they did not contact again.
  He seldom goes out, spends all day in bed, watching TV series and watching Hollywood movies, all of which are war-themed. His room is often filled with gunfire. When he was busy before, he also used this way to rest. The more bloody and cruel the scene of casualties, the more it can relax him, as if he were a survivor on the battlefield. He never turned on the computer, deleted most of the apps in his phone, and set the WeChat Moments to be visible only to him. Thinking of the most boring days before, he had joined so many groups, looking for strange people like her, he felt that he had always had a particularly naive side, where he was like a forty-year-old person. What?
  It was winter, and every noon, he would stand for a while on the north balcony, leaning over to watch the sparse tree canopy in the neighborhood below. There are almost no fallen leaves on the winding paths, while the lawns and bushes are full of fallen leaves of different shades.
  For more than a month, he hardly read WeChat. When he wanted to look at it, he found that there were hundreds of unread messages. He skipped most, and only selected a few old friends to take a look. To his surprise, in the past November, four acquaintances older than him have passed away one after another. They are all young, and the eldest is only 56 years old. There is also an old friend who is a few years younger than him. He suffered a stroke and his life was recovered, but he was half paralyzed. Those old friends expressed their feelings about the impermanence of life in their own way. Since he never responded, two of his old friends asked him, how are you doing? Take care of your body and don’t stay up late anymore. So he responded to the same content one by one, I’m okay, don’t worry, everyone should take care during vacation abroad.
  He recalled the appearance of those who had passed away, and found that they were a little fuzzy. Moreover, he discovered that he had actually not seen them in a few years, except for occasional interactions in the circle of friends, and had no contact. No difference from strangers. This is also a way of natural shedding, right? And their death is another kind of shedding. In any case, it will fall off. Regarding this issue, he wanted to understand as early as when he was still working desperately overtime. During that time, while he was busy, he also liked to mix in various night scenes with a few friends who were keen to enjoy life. They are all rich and like to spend a lot of money on wine and women. At that time, he often mingled with them, showing that he was having fun. They all liked him very much, and thought he was a man of good temperament. At that time, he often drank too much, but every time he set aside the last bit of sobriety and took a taxi home. Sometimes, he would get off the car halfway, walk a long way home, and then get tired of insomnia, lying on the bed, keeping his eyes open until dawn. He found that he liked to sing in bed naked. Later, a girl told him that you can find a copy of “Diamond Sutra”, put it on the bedside, and flip through it when you can’t sleep… If you can’t read it in, just silently recite: all things are like dream bubbles, like dew and like electricity , Should be viewed like this… This is also possible. That girl is the “princess” in the KTV they often go to. She is responsible for pouring wine for the guests and accompanying wine. For these four mantras, he had a particularly good impression of her. Every time I go there with my friends, I have to call her over. Others were singing, drinking, and playing bragging, so he chatted with her and discussed the Diamond Sutra. Friends called them a clear stream here, a Buddhist group.
  The girl was ordinary, thin, and she was of the kind she wouldn’t recognize when she walked into the crowd. He often chats with her on WeChat and knows that she has opened a small clothing store in Shenyang, but the business is not good. He works here just to earn more money and support that small store… and he also knows that she is walking around during the day. Shopping malls, clothing stores and clothing wholesale markets. Drinking here every night, her stomach is broken. He went to a familiar old Chinese doctor and prescribed a lot of Chinese medicine for her, all of which were fried and packed in plastic bags, delivered to her by express delivery, and asked her to insist on drinking it. She agreed. When he saw her later, he found that she was holding her belly quietly again, and asked her what’s going on. She honestly said that the medicine was too bitter. After drinking about half of it, she didn’t drink it again… But don’t worry, I will go back to my hometown in a few days. The day before leaving, she asked him to go to the clothing wholesale market. After arriving, he knew that she wanted to buy him some clothes to thank him for his care. He accepted. In the evening, they went to the riverside to eat together, and then walked along the riverside trail for a long time. This is the first time she has been in this city to watch the night scene by the river in two years.
  Later, she went home with him. In the taxi, they were silent for a long time, somewhat embarrassed. Later, she said that her idol was the old monk Delin, who passed away many years ago. In the late 1970s, Delin graduated from the Buddhist College and was sent to Gaomin Temple as abbot. When I arrived, I found that there was only one main hall, one pagoda, and two very old monks left in the temple. He vowed to rebuild the monastery. Then he borrowed a small boat, put a merit box, and ferryed on the river every day to raise funds. This has been ferrying for ten years. His sincerity touched many people, and they all came to help him with the reconstruction, and slowly built the Gaomin Temple. Then he made a vow to turn this temple into an important place for Buddhism…These things were all seen in the “Old Monk Delin Speaking of the Diamond Sutra” I bought on the street stall, and a CD was attached to the back. The recording is the scene of his lecture. I often lie in bed after get off work at night and listen to it to fall asleep. What he said, in fact, I don’t quite understand… What moved me most was his ferry. By the way, he comprehended the Diamond Sutra during the ferry. For this reason, he also wrote a couplet, and now I can still memorize it: If you don’t live here, you don’t live on the other side, you don’t live on the middle stream, ask Junan where is he? Without the heart of the past, the heart of the present, the heart of the future, return to your true colors. As for what it means, I still don’t understand it.

  They talked for a long time that night. At midnight, she was hungry, so he went to the kitchen to give her a bowl of Yangchun noodles and lay two eggs. She was sitting on the bed and eating, and he was smoking and watching. She was a little embarrassed, but still ate the big bowl of noodles. Later, lying on the bed, she showed him his left wrist, with a very obvious scar on it, saying that it was left a year ago, for someone who lied to her savings and evaporated. In fact, that guy has deceived many people. At that time, she couldn’t think about it, so she cut her veins, and then lay on the bed waiting to die. When she woke up, she found herself in the emergency room of the hospital. It was the little sister who shared with her who happened to leave work early and called an ambulance, which saved her life. In the process of talking about these things, she was always calm. After she was discharged from the hospital, she went to Yangzhou, to Gaomin Temple, and made a vow in front of the pagoda where the old monk Delin was buried. After a year, she returned to her hometown and took care of the clothing store. She never came out again.
  It was also winter, and the night temperature was close to zero. She slipped into the quilt in her shirt and pants, and cuddled him like a child. For some reason, her gesture made him a little sad. He put her in his arms. She closed her eyes, and after a long time, she said quietly, tell me about you. What are you talking about? He thought for a while, starting with the matter of leaving his hometown to work here, how to become a workaholic, how to not eat, drink or sleep all day and night. And got married in a hurry, then divorced, and became a lonely family. Later, seeing her with great interest, he simply talked about his love life. While listening, she occasionally laughed suddenly. In this way, he was still talking about the end of a relationship experience at about five o’clock in the morning and found that she was asleep. He just lay motionless, looking at the darkness, without sleep.
  He still remembered that she told him that she had a lot of plants in her residence and a big fish tank with many goldfish in it. She took photos and videos and sent them to him on WeChat. She named every pot of flower and every goldfish, and he thought it sounded a bit like a monk. She smiled and said, rest assured, I won’t be a monk. In a blink of an eye, it has been more than two years since she left the city. In the few WeChat contacts, he knew her business was still not good, but she insisted. Then gradually, the contact was broken. He greeted her several times, but did not reply. Looking at her circle of friends, there was only a blank space under the picture of the night scene of the wilderness. On the signature file, the couplet of old monk Delin still remained.
  I don’t contact you, and you don’t contact me either?
  At three o’clock in the morning after more than a month, she suddenly sent him this sentence on WeChat. This she is the woman he helped in the divorce lawsuit before.
  Sometimes, she continued to post and looked at the dialog box, I was thinking of telling you something, but I don’t know where to start… In fact, what I want to say is, I found that you, a person, are quite cold in their bones. of. When you helped me, I still felt that you were a rare warmhearted person, but after we separated that day, you were silent…I found that as long as I didn’t talk, you wouldn’t talk to me. Later, I thought you were in love again. But I found out that you are just living a life that you live in and out every day, nothing happened… Yes, I investigated your whereabouts and turned around twice in your community. I didn’t want to disturb you, just want to feel your environment. I have also heard of some of your emotional “anecdotes”…Of course they are all past events. Saying this does not mean that I care more about you, I am just a little curious. No matter what you have experienced, you can’t just keep losing like this, right? I want to help you. You are a person who makes great promises, and what you promised should now be fulfilled. Of course, if you really don’t want to, I won’t force it… Give you one day to think about it, think about it, and tell me.
  He read these texts several times and didn’t know how to reply. They still worked. They got him up at 7 o’clock the next morning and made breakfast: two slices of toast, two eggs fried, a cup of milk heated, and a cup of black tea. This was also the first breakfast he had eaten in the past six months. Then he went out. First, I took the subway and went to the movie theater I had visited before to watch a movie. Then I had a good lunch in the nearby commercial center. In the afternoon, he went to the home bath, took a bath, rubbed his back. Then I went to a remote old bookstore more than ten kilometers away, and left until dark. Back home, he turned on the computer and checked the weather forecast in Shenyang within 15 days. It was found that the snow turned cloudy on the thirteenth day. After thinking about it, he sent this information to her. After a few minutes, she replied. It is flight information within a week. In the end they confirmed that they would leave on Saturday afternoon four days later.
  After a while, she asked him again, do you want to go home and have a look?
  He replied, no more.
  That friend always wants to see you, right? She asked again.
  He replied and was gone.
  Can’t you be more honest?
  He thought about it and replied, don’t you just want to see the snowy sky?
  After a while, she wrote again, “See whoever you should see. I don’t need an audience because it snows.”
  In the airport terminal, he waited for a long time. Of course, it was mainly because he arrived early, and she arrived nearly half an hour later than the agreed time. In a cafe, he silently observes people coming and going. Where are these people going? Every time a plane takes off, it means that some people have disappeared. Some of them may never come back. And those who will return, it seems that they do not exist. Thinking about it this way, he wondered a little later, why did he have to appear here? He didn’t want to go back to the northeast. In recent years, he has almost never thought of going back. If one of those old friends who had been familiar with him suddenly saw him and her on the street, he would be so surprised that he didn’t know what to say, right?
  When she walks, she always seems to hold her head sideways. Dragging the big black suitcase, she came from a distance and walked out a straight line. Her tight clothes are also black. As she slowly approached him, her expression was a little strange. When she came closer, she said nonchalantly, I don’t think you are interested in this business… To be honest, I am ready for your temporary remorse. If you don’t go, I will go too. It’s nothing, don’t be burdened.
  This is why you don’t know me anymore. He said, I’m a person who just likes this kind of whimsical thing. I am idle and I am idle. Going around in the real winter may be an interesting thing, you Say it?
  Well, I have to admit, she said, I really can’t figure out what you really think… Maybe you don’t have any ideas at all, right? But I still like your ability to act suddenly, you can do it for no reason, or stop it for no reason… One thing I’m sure of is that you don’t actually understand women’s minds, of course. I’m not interested in understanding, I said it’s not great, that’s what I mean.
  What do you know? He put the phone in his pocket and glanced at her. Isn’t it good for us, if no one knows anyone, and then go out together?
  Well, she thought about it. That’s true.
  The plane taxied and took off. Through the porthole, he saw that the city was spreading out and turned into a vast plane covered with gray spots. When the plane climbed above the clouds, we couldn’t see below. Only the thick clouds showed rich texture, there were some small clouds flowing quickly, and the dazzling sunlight from the west. He pulled down the visor and put on the blindfold, as if he was going to sleep. Next to her, she took out her laptop to deal with business documents.

  He is not sleepy. For some reason, he suddenly thought of the appearance of his ex-wife. She is the kind of petite woman who looks much younger than she really is. When I saw her for the first time, it was this way that attracted him. She was still studying in Germany at the time, and she seemed to be studying public art, which made him curious, but she made it clear that she had no interest in art, and her parents chose it for her. They liked art and let her learn to paint since she was a child. , But she had never liked it, and she was miserable. The first two meetings were more than seven months apart. The third meeting was almost a year later. In a long period of time, they only made occasional videos, and each time it ended with just a few small chats. There is always no topic. She occasionally sends him some photos, either food or scenery. The fateful meeting was in a Chinese restaurant. After boring to eat, she suddenly raised her head and calmly said to him, let’s get married. He was stunned, but immediately said, OK. She smiled, refreshing, that’s it… I guess my parents will burst into tears when they hear this news. She picked up her glass and worked happily. Two months later, they got married. The wedding ended in inexplicable chaos. Both parents were quite dissatisfied, especially his leader’s speech as the guest representative, which made them very angry. To show his humor, the leader said that this young man of us is a workaholic. Sometimes I think he is just in the office… and even think that what he really likes is actually men, not women. The mystery is revealed today. He likes women. At this moment, I believe he will definitely feel like he has entered a fairy tale. Looking back now, he still didn’t figure out what the leader wanted to express. Does it mean untrue? Moreover, he has always felt that this leader is undoubtedly a type of juice extractor, no matter what kind of person, he looks like a fruit in his eyes, and all he needs to consider is how to squeeze it dry. So, is he drained? Until the moment he offered to resign, he didn’t think clearly. At the moment of signing, what he interpreted in the expression of the leader seemed to be that you lost.
  Thinking of this, he could fall asleep. He also had a dream in response to the scene: the leader invited him to his villa as a guest on a weekend night. After dinner, he took him to the semi-underground wine cellar to see the wine collection. The leader said to him, I think you really don’t know women, and you don’t know how to open them… If someday, I let you be alone in this cellar for a night, then I guess you might want to understand. At least, you can figure out the difference between wine in wooden barrels and wine in bottles. After saying this, the leader suddenly disappeared. He looked around for a long time, but couldn’t find where the exit of the wine kiln was. So he tentatively walked deeper and found that there was a tunnel connected to it, with no end.
  The vibration when the plane landed woke him up. He took off his blindfold, and the white light in the cabin was very dazzling. In the sound of the radio, people got up and took off their luggage. When he noticed her, he found that she had packed everything up, sitting there wearing sunglasses, watching people. Later, when the passengers were all gone, she stood up, removed the box, and walked forward without looking back. He followed behind and walked out of the cabin. It was not as cold outside as expected. In the evening, the air was filled with heavy coal smoke. Standing at the gangway, she took out her mouth and put it on. The plane seemed to be parked in the middle of the airport. The ferry bus stopped not far away.
  There are reserved cars to pick them up, and the road to the hotel is smooth. Before leaving the airport hall, she changed her down coat and leather boots. He also changed into a cotton suit. In the car, they seemed to be huddled together. To her a little surprise, he was able to sleep soundly even in these two hours. When approaching the hotel, she suddenly asked him, if it doesn’t snow, what shall we do? Should we wait forever, or should we not wait?
  He silently watched the twilight outside the car window, and the countless lights emerging in the city.
  The hotel was on Taiyuan Street, which he was familiar with in the past. After checking in, they went to their respective rooms to put down their luggage and went downstairs to the street outside. Although the streets are brightly lit and shops are open, there are not many pedestrians. He took her to an authentic Northeast restaurant. There was noisy voices inside. They sat in the innermost seat. On the wall behind him, a large LCD TV was hung up, the sound was turned on very loudly, and French programs were being broadcast. The dishes he ordered were ready in a short time, and the two of them ate together. She raised her head from time to time, watching TV while eating. Listening to the voice of the TV, he knew that the content of the program started with a very influential news a few months ago. A man took a pregnant wife to Thailand for a trip, and then pushed her off the cliff to defraud a huge amount of money. Insurance, as a result, the wife was caught by a tree branch and did not die. At the end, the meal was finished. She put down her chopsticks, glanced at him and said, there is something more cruel and cold-blooded than this… There is a man, in his twenties, who likes to play games. If his wife doesn’t let him hit, he kills her, and then Cut it into pieces, put it in the freezer, and continue to play the game… It took a long time to reveal it. During the trial, he was as if nothing had happened, especially calm.
  Later, they wandered aimlessly on that street for a long time. When I passed by the Xinhua Bookstore, I found it was closed. He pointed to the left side of the door and said that before, there was a small audio-visual store…it was actually a counter, and at that time it was still selling tapes. Inside was a little girl of seventeen or eighteen, pure and white, sitting there motionless, her head down, not knowing what book or magazine she was reading. Then one day, also in winter, it was just dark, and I was waiting for someone… At that time, there was a heavy snow, and there was no wind at all. The snowflakes were really like goose feathers, falling quietly… playing on the speaker It’s Lionel Rich’s old song Say You, Say Me… She was sitting there, wearing that kind of hat on a down coat, white, and wearing a red scarf… that I don’t know how many times the song was played in a loop. Later, the friend I was waiting for could not come for some reason, so I left.
  It sounded a bit like a scene in a movie, she thought about it dreamily, it was a sensational passage.
  At that time, my mind seemed to be blank, he said, it matched the heavy snow in front of me.
  With that said, they came to the door of a clothing store. She walked in, he followed, looking down at the phone. There was a young female clerk inside, and a woman at the cash register lowered her head to check the bill. He paced slowly, following behind her subconsciously. It’s not big here, about thirty square meters. Before he knew it, he came to the cashier. He raised his head, and the woman who had been looking at the account also raised his head. The moment the two people met each other, they were both stunned. Yes, I guess you should be able to guess who this woman is—she tilted her head and showed his familiar smile, but it was fleeting.
  We are going to close now, she said, but you can see it again, or you can see it another day.
  He nodded. In order not to appear embarrassed, he asked again, has it snowed here this year?
  As if it hadn’t, she packed her things and looked at him. At this time last year, there had been a few games long ago, and it was quite snowy… this year, I don’t know.
  They walked on a quiet street. The lights in some shops have gone out. He heard the closing of the shop not far behind him. He turned his head and found that the light had also gone out, and that there was another gloom on the road. Back in the hotel, they said goodnight to each other and went back to their rooms. After taking a bath, he lay in the quilt, picked up his phone, opened WeChat, and found the woman who had impressed him, a member of the Buddhist group, and wanted to write her WeChat. After thinking for a long time, I finally wrote this paragraph: I came here to watch the snow with that friend. Doesn’t it sound funny? She is one of my clients. I recently helped her win a lawsuit. In order to thank her, she invited me to watch the snow. Unexpectedly, I will meet you again.

  It was almost midnight when her reply came: How long will you probably stay?
  One week, he replied, maybe ten days, not sure…it was nothing.
  That’s okay, she replied, there is still time, if you have time, you can come to the store to find me. Just don’t affect your playing here… But I guess, you probably won’t see snow. Such dry weather is not like snow. I just checked the weather forecast and it doesn’t seem to say that there will be snow in fifteen days. Of course, this is not very accurate, we still have to look again. It might snow suddenly one day, and it is not impossible.
  In the following week, they went to the Shenyang Imperial Palace, Provincial Museum, Beiling Park, Tanglin… Later, they took a taxi to the frozen reservoir dozens of kilometers away. There are low hills and dark pine forests all around. The ice on the water’s surface is not thick, and in many places it is just a thin layer. The sun is shining on the ice, and it looks like it might melt at any time.
  They walked for a long time on the shore. Because they were dressed thickly and were exposed to the sun, they felt hot all over. He told her that this reservoir is actually not too big and the water is not deep. Seventy to eighty kilometers east, there is a larger reservoir. If all the water in it is released, it will be submerged. In fact, when he said this, what he was thinking about was the woman’s appearance-it didn’t seem to have changed, it was similar to what he remembered, just a little fatter.
  On the way back, she was silent for a long time, and then suddenly asked him, what are your plans in the future? Can’t you just stay idle forever?
  Me? He found that she habitually put on sunglasses again, and the occasional sunlight was indeed very strong. To be honest, I don’t know what I can do… I can only wait slowly. I don’t know what it is. Sometimes, I feel like I’m walking into a tunnel with no end. I don’t know if I should quit, how to quit… I need a pacemaker, like the one used by people with heart disease.
  Life is going to go on anyway, she said calmly, do you want to think about it, when you are almost resting, come to my company and do something with me.
  When I had enough rest, he looked out the window and said, think about it again… Thinking of work or going to work, I can’t help but feel a little nervous.
  Isn’t it because of me?
  No, I’m not nervous yet with you.
  That’s good. When the time comes, you will think carefully, and you will tell me whether you come or not. By the way, she added, let me be honest, I really don’t like this city… but it doesn’t affect me waiting here to see the snow.
  I can’t talk about liking it either, he said, or don’t like it… This time I came back and looked at it, and it was strange. After all, I haven’t come back for many years. Walking around these days, I still feel that I am not really in it, and it seems that there is something separated by layers everywhere, which is unreal.
  What if it doesn’t snow all the time?
  That’s fine, he looked at the slow-moving tree outside. At this time, I was back in the city. Many trees had been pruned, with the same intensity as before, and many of them had the entire canopy cut off, leaving a pale section. Maybe, one day he wanted to leave suddenly, he continued, and then he left.
  For a few days later, at night, the smog was so heavy that they were a little uncomfortable, so they stopped going out and even stayed in the hotel during the day. They only chat on WeChat occasionally, but there is nothing to chat about. Most of the time, she was talking, and he simply responded occasionally.
  The one who opened the clothing store finally came back after going out for a few days.
  That night, he went to see her in the store. She had to sort out a lot of new goods. He was watching her busy. When everything was done, she took a breath, straightened her waist, and said to go for a walk. She closed the shop. They kept walking down that street. She said that there are actually a lot of things that I haven’t told you about before, but now I can say…you will surely be surprised when you hear them. In this way, she said, he listened, and walked a long way. He heard those things as if they happened in another world, and the person involved was not the one in front of her, but another woman. Later, at a corner of an intersection, there was a grocery store with lights still on, and there was an electric plastic pony that children played outside. It was the kind that would play ballads and shake after coin insertion. She went into the grocery store and exchanged a few coins, and after inserting the coins, she rode up. The plastic horse shook and played a song: Under the bridge in front of the gate, swam past a group of ducks, come and count them, two to four six seven eight…
  She looked like a child, smiling and shaking there. With. He looked at her shaking face in silence.
  The temperature is dropping. He was worried that she would be freezing, so he went to hold her shoulders, and waited for her to shake for a while, and said, let’s go for a while.
  That night, she talked a lot about her own experiences. For example, when she was young, in school, she was as crazy as a boy. She liked to play with boys. She liked to fight and hug. She had a strong personality. Both male and female students were afraid of her. . When she was three years old, because her family was poor, she was adopted to her uncle’s house. In fact, the uncle’s family was not rich, but he treated her very well for her to go to high school. But her uncle’s unexpected death caused her to give up studying and start working out to help her uncle’s livelihood. When she was twenty, she married someone. The male was her junior high school classmate, mainly because of familiarity. Within three years, she had two children and then divorced. Because he is not only idle, but also has an affair with more than one woman. Later, she left the child in the care of her biological parents and went to the south to earn money in his city. The reason she went to work at that KTV was because her ex-husband’s sister worked as a foreman there and had a good relationship with her. Sometimes she would go out with guests, and my sister knew it too.
  At about ten that night, she said that the house she rented was nearby. If he had time, he would take him to see her flowers and goldfish. He went. It was a very old community. She lived on the seventh floor. There was no elevator. The heating inside was sufficient. After entering, he had to take off his coat. The one-bedroom house is very clean. Indeed, she raised a lot of flowers. There are chrysanthemum, rose, jasmine, pomegranate, clivia, and crabapple, each with several pots. From the hall to the bedroom, there are clusters of blooming flowers everywhere, and different types of fragrances are mixed together and permeated. Beside the south window sill, there is a rectangular glass fish tank with five or six plump lionhead goldfish, swimming slowly, passing through the dark green water plants from time to time. There is also a small air pump in the fish tank, which keeps blistering. She didn’t turn on the overhead light, only the floor lamp next to the fish tank. The aluminum lampshade was hanging low, emitting a warm orange light, leaving a small aperture on the floor.
  You see, she said, these were all repurchased after I got here, not the original ones…every day I come back every day, no matter how late, I have to take care of them, and then I can sleep peacefully. The children live in the county with my parents. I will go back to see them on weekends. I usually live here. She gave him a detailed introduction to the species of flowers, the life habits of this goldfish, and so on. He listened patiently, feeling that he hadn’t relaxed like this in a long time. If it wasn’t for the one in the hotel who sent WeChat to ask him if he was asleep, he would have forgotten where he was.

  He looked at the phone and did not reply. She boiled water and made him a cup of jasmine tea. Jasmine is picked from the pots of jasmine she raised. Sitting on the sofa next to the bed, drinking tea, he briefly talked about his experience over the years. It didn’t take long before he felt that it was a bit boring to say this, so it’s better to listen to her casually. In this way, after more than half an hour, he got up to say goodbye to her.
  Do you think I am doing well? She said as she drove him to the door. So don’t worry, I can still live. The business in the store is not good, but it can be maintained… I just don’t know when I will see you again, so take care.
  He turned around and gave her a hug. She patted him on the back lightly. He told her to close the door and stop sending it out. She agreed. When she closed the door, he went downstairs. He walked more than an hour from this community to the hotel. It was colder towards midnight, and he felt cold all over. On several occasions, when a taxi stopped in front of him, he shook his head and said that he didn’t need it. Finally returned to the hotel, he got into the quilt without taking a shower, opened his eyes in the dark, and did not sleep for a long time.
  Did you seem to be out last night?
  Yeah, I went out.
  Go shopping?
  No, go see an old friend.
  Well, female.
  Is she among the people you told me before?
  Oh, it seems not.
  The netizen you just met?
  Just friends, I have known each other for some years.
  She looks good.
  Look like?
  Well, it’s the little owner of that clothing store. In fact, I discovered at the time that your relationship is not ordinary.
  It’s just friends.
  Well, this is also true. I mean your relationship was unusual…not now. In fact, during the day yesterday, I went to her shop and she was not there. I don’t think her store’s business will be very good, and there is a problem with the purchase. I can help her if you don’t mind.
  I don’t mind.
  Well, I think about it, find time to meet her, and tell her what I think, it might be useful to her.
  Okay, thank you.
  Are we going to be polite?
  It has never snowed.
  After waiting for two full weeks, they felt they could leave.
  During this period, she was busy with her own affairs most of the day. He either stays in the hotel or goes out and walks around. He went to the clothing store several times, but she was not there. I asked the clerk and said that he went home to deal with things. He greeted her several times on WeChat, but did not respond. He didn’t ask any more, didn’t want to disturb her.
  During this period, every day was a sunny day. The temperature during the day is often around ten degrees above zero, which is not at all like in the deep winter. It was only on the night before leaving that the temperature dropped suddenly, dropping to about minus ten degrees, and it was windy, and I felt extremely cold when I walked outside. She was not in the hotel and said she was gathering with a few customers outside. After he had eaten, he went around the street. Of course, he wanted to go to the clothing store to take another look. The little clerk was still inside. Seeing him coming, he quickly stood up and said that she hadn’t come back yet. Oh, he said nothing, I just happened to pass by here.
  He walked along the street, following the route he had walked that day.
  He had a good sense of direction and came to the community smoothly. Standing downstairs in her house, he looked up for a long time, the window was black. The wind in the community is a bit weaker, but it is still cold. When he was about to leave, he suddenly noticed that on the side of the building’s entrance, against the wall, there was something slightly reflective. When he walked over and took a closer look, he was stunned. It is a fish tank. It should be the fish tank that I saw at her house that night. He turned on the flashlight in the phone, knelt down, lit it carefully, and looked at it for a long time. In the silvery white light from the mobile phone, he found that ice had frozen in the fish tank, but the texture of the ice was muddy. It didn’t look like ice formed from water at all, but it looked like a state of frozen soup. , So I can’t see if there is any goldfish inside. Looking down, the air pump is still there, showing the end of the cut wire. For a moment, when he saw some icicles that were a bit like protruding fish fins, his heart suddenly tightened, and he took a closer look, and then he was relieved. It turned out that they were just frozen in the ice while twisting. Enoki mushroom. He didn’t know what happened, and he didn’t know where the goldfish went.
  The flight is in the morning. She is going back to attend an important meeting. They went to the airport before dawn. In the taxi, he looked very tired. She is the same. She said that she drank too much last night, vomited up, and did not sleep well, and her stomach was still churning. What recurred in his mind were the goldfish and the frozen fish tank. But he also had no desire to say something. He didn’t want to ask anyone for something, nor did he want to know what happened. He only felt that his mind seemed to be frozen, and it was covered with thick coal dust.
  The plane took off. After entering the stratosphere, she didn’t open the laptop like when she came, but silently thought about something. He didn’t put on the blindfold like he did when he came, just staring at the small screen hanging not far in front. After a while, she turned her head and looked at him. As for him, his eyes were cold, like he was facing a disgusting stranger.
  Knowing the secret, she asked calmly, is it uncomfortable?
  Maybe not? He asked blankly, don’t think you can understand everything.
  Did I say that I understand everything? She was smiling but not smiling. You seem to regard me as an enemy… Do you want to black me out now? Then from now on, never interacting with each other, just as if they had never existed before?
  We are on an airplane, he suddenly sneered, not on the stage, your words are too much like lines.
  Well, she breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t go to her… your little owner of a clothing store. I just borrowed her clerk’s cell phone and called her… Don’t you want to know what I’m talking about with her? We talked for more than half an hour. Based on my instinct, I concluded that she likes you, but I didn’t say it clearly. As for you, it’s just that there is still such a person in your heart, like hiding a little thing, you can’t tell what it is, nothing more. But don’t worry, I didn’t talk about it with her. I just expressed to her my understanding of her business, her life, and as a woman… By the way, I did speak of you, especially your indifference in your bones. Of course, she retorted me politely. She feels that, fundamentally speaking, she and me and you are actually in different worlds. They are somewhat related, and it is only accidental. In most cases, it is impossible to have any relationship. I told her that maybe one day, I will get him. She laughed and said that you don’t actually need to tell me this, what about you, what does it have to do with me? I don’t know you, and you don’t know me.
  The plane shook again suddenly. The broadcast said that the plane encountered a draft, please fasten your seat belts and do not leave your seats for now. She was silent. After a while, she said in a low tone, what I didn’t tell you these days is that he, my ex-husband, arrived last Saturday and stayed in our hotel. In order not to let him affect you, I have been outside. He followed me, he would follow me wherever I went, he wouldn’t approach or talk…I wanted to talk to him, but he avoided. He didn’t disappear until the day before yesterday…When I sat down here just now, I still had the illusion that he was also on this flight. When I went to the bathroom, I looked at the people on both sides carefully. Of course there was no… the day before yesterday. In the evening, I really drank too much, so I called your girl. I want to sit at her house. To my surprise, she agreed. We also walked along, following the same route as you… Climbing up to the seventh floor, I felt out of breath and vomited. She is really good. After cleaning up, she made me a cup of tea and waited for me to get over… Later, I told her that you were right. We are indeed not in the same world, except for occasional encounters. , There is no other possibility. Then I left without saying goodbye… Doesn’t it sound funny?
  He said nothing.
  At this moment, the plane began to vibrate again. In another strong air current, along with the safety warning in the radio, the entire fuselage was shaking violently. It felt like sitting in a bus driving fast on a bumpy dirt road, and their bodies were also Shaking violently, her face was pale.
  Everything slowly became blurred in the process of shaking.
  There is no image on the small screen hanging in front, only the rapidly shaking snowflakes. It looks like he is slamming the screen violently on the other side. He stares at it as if in a small window. There was a silent blizzard.
  Question and answer
   your characters in the novel but why always in a kind of a free state of inaction?
  Probably mainly because most of them are stuck in a certain state of dilemma for a long time in their daily lives. When they are conscious and enter the process of trying their best to get rid of, they find that they have already run out of energy, so they stop. There, a place where it stopped accidentally, fell into an idle state.
   Want to see the snowy days in the Northeast, what does it mean to this novel?
  It may mean that the characters inside want to retreat to a relatively simple time and space node that has been in the past, and then see if they can fix something-this is a life that cannot be repeated and cannot be corrected. It may be dangerous, because this seemingly harmless idea itself may also contain some destructive factors.
   There seems to be an ambiguous relationship between the male lead and the female boss who helped him a lot.
  Why did he end up without a problem?
  He might be afraid that her attempt to help him change his situation would eventually turn into a demolition—turning his ruins into an open space.

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