Wait for it to snow

  Hearing the silence on the phone, he got up and went outside the cafe. After three o’clock in the afternoon, there are few pedestrians and not many cars nearby. At the end of the zebra crossing on the right side of the intersection, the red light is slowly flashing, and the numbers are like worms, 9, 8, 7, 6… When the green light is on, a woman wearing sunglasses led a big black dog and walked across the zebra crossing. .
  When her voice reappeared on the phone, he was bending down and stuffing a cigarette butt into the hole in the sewer manhole cover. where is it? She took a deep breath and asked. He just recovered from the moment his cigarette butt fell into the water, and he told her the name and address of the cafe. Okay, I’ll come over and she hung up. He also sent her the location. The floating green dot seemed to deviate significantly from the actual position, and the edge of the light blue circular shadow below it did not even touch the cafe.
  The big black dog passed by him, sticking his tongue out, sniffing his legs. Looking at the wet dark nose and listening to the weird breathing, he didn’t move. The woman who had already passed by stopped and pulled the rope vigorously before she shook her head and walked away. There is a strong fragrance of perfume in the air.
  The light golden sunlight shined through the clouds, illuminating the bright yellow leaves of the ginkgo trees beside the road. The dark gray slender back of the woman who was drifting away was also illuminated for a while-her body was leaning back from time to time to hold the big black dog trying to run away. The breeze blows, and occasionally a few ginkgo leaves fall off the branches, each slowly leaving a very irregular trace in the air. In a blink of an eye, the woman and the black dog disappeared.
  There are no parking spaces nearby. She drove the car several times. You should come out, she said, we can go to a place farther away, before the peak period arrives, if you drive faster, it will be there in about an hour. He has no objection, and there is nothing else to do anyway. Standing by the road, he lit a cigarette and waited. The new red car that watched her from a distance turned slowly. When the car was a few meters away from him, a ray of sunlight penetrated a tree canopy and windshield, illuminating the face with heavy makeup and the lips painted black and red. She also wears sunglasses. Sitting in the position of the co-pilot, he didn’t see her expression either.
  Am I strange? She put her hands on the steering wheel and looked ahead as the car moved forward again.
  It’s a little bit like that, he said. It looked like… the artist who had just finished the show, had not had time to remove her makeup.
  Oh, she nodded. I put on heavy makeup deliberately and feel more secure… I got up early in the morning and it took more than half an hour to achieve this effect… You should hold a bouquet of flowers and congratulate me on the success of the performance. It’s perfect.
  Then I wish you success in your performance, he said.
  Thank you, she nodded. Although there are no flowers and no sincerity, I still appreciate your support.
  Interesting, he smiled. The feeling of acting in true colors.
  That’s not necessarily true, she turned her head and looked at him. Don’t underestimate the psychological complexity of a woman with heavy makeup…Aren’t you happy for me?
  Me? He paused. is acceptable.
  The peak period is approaching, and the traffic on the elevated highway is slowly increasing in density.
  For ten minutes, they did not speak. The vehicles ahead, the undulating buildings on both sides, and the canopies floating in the air were all tinted with pale gold by the setting sun. During this period, they saw a very small cat being thrown on the elevated trestle, flinching, trying to hide on the side, the hair on its body was erected in the wind… it was calling, but when the car passed by it, he Can’t hear.
  You can smoke, she said, lowering the windows on both sides. The wind rushed into the car, slightly cool. He lit her a cigarette and lit it himself. He stretched the cigarette through the window, but the ashes was blown in by the wind and fell on his pants. He brushed it a few times, still leaving some gray spots on the black pants. She handed him a tissue and found a square-shaped small green box of chewing gum, and placed it between them to play cigarette ashes.
  Before the sunset fell, it suddenly brightened again, casting the last light on those buildings, and some tree crowns, and then disappeared. He watched. The female navigation voice in the car reminded him from time to time that there was a surveillance camera two hundred meters ahead, or please drive along the middle road… He occasionally looked at the route on the screen and never figured out where he was going.
  As it gradually moved away from the city, the speed of the car increased significantly. The golden and red afterglow has receded, the dark blue sky is slowly spreading, and objects flowing near and far gradually show dim outlines, and then scatter star-like lights. As far as the eyes can see, the twilight is coming up quietly like a tide.
  Your lawyer friend, she said, did not give the other party any chance…the evidence also left the other party speechless. Really, I haven’t been so happy in a long time…I speak very little, mostly just listening. She suddenly turned her head, and what he saw were still those sunglasses that seemed to cover half of her face. The interior of the car was dark, and the dashboard glowed strangely and glittering green light.
  On your face, she is faint and authentic, like a lot of oil, and her complexion is also bleak, okay if she didn’t sleep?
  There was congestion at an exit of the outer ring. The tails of the slowly descending vehicles were all lit up with red lights. They were like charcoal fires in glass jars of various shapes, which looked unusually bright and moving in the overwhelming twilight.
  He nodded. It seems that sleeping hasn’t been easy lately…every time it’s like practicing diving, he plunges into it, and then floats up again after a short while… As a result, every night, it seems like he is jumping repeatedly and coming up again. , Until exhaustion… However, the time I finally fell asleep before dawn was quite comfortable, just as the reason why I couldn’t sleep well before was completely because there was excess energy in my body that was not exhausted.
  Interestingly, she stuck out the tip of her tongue and licked her lips. If you don’t toss the energy clean, you can’t sleep well. She took a deep breath. He is a person who likes to toss. Oh, my ex-husband, he tossed people and himself… You know, what did he say to me in court? He said, don’t be too happy, it’s not over yet. I said, thank you. At that time, his face was as white as a piece of paper, crumpled… Eight years ago, I still felt that his face was so old-fashioned, dull, and fragile. She suddenly stepped on the brakes, the car shook, and she honked her horn. A car in front of it changed lanes illegally. A silly fork! She threw the cigarette butt out of the car window, and then saw that he no longer smoked, so she raised the car windows.
  After every quarrel, he would say that I was a patient, and she continued. I told him, you are also sick, don’t deny it, but our home is not a hospital. If you are sick, you have to find a place for treatment. You can find yours and I will find mine. This is more reasonable, otherwise it will be easy to cross-infect, and you will end up together. In that case, your little secret is a pity. I want to live a few more years. He drank the white wine there without saying a word, and I drank it too, and sat opposite him. Although he was good at drinking, he couldn’t drink me. In the end, he would always cry inexplicably, and then go out by himself, like an intermission in a farce.
  Now, she said after a while, let’s consider what you promised.