A house built with heart is called “home”

Neat, orderly and healing home

  Irina is an expectant mother who lives in Australia with her husband and has a puppy at home.
  Since getting married, Irina has started to plan her home environment and strive to make good use of every space in the home. Although she is very busy at work and working overtime is a common occurrence, she is a complete tidying lover.
  Irina will use the time to go home from get off work in the evening or on weekends to clean up. Slowly, this home with a large space begins to become comfortable and tidy little by little.
  The overall color of the living room is mainly light color, white is the main color, bright and spacious. The TV wall in the living room perfectly combines the display and storage of objects with hidden storage. As a mother-to-be, Irina is re-planning the space after the child is born, adding an area for storing items commonly used by the child.

  There are no extra clutter on the desk in the bedroom, and there are no clothes to throw away at will, which is refreshing and comfortable. Even the open kitchen is kept in a rare clean, beautiful, and empty state. There are no toothbrushes, toothpaste and other items on the bathroom tabletop, and the style is very uniform with other areas.
  It seems simple and nothing, but in fact there are not many things in life. After Irina’s meticulous planning, the mini utility room at home was built into a “super storage room” and even her “home masterpiece”. The “super storage room” is generally used to store baking tools, baking ingredients, dry ingredients, and other sundries. In order to better manage these items, she made 4 record sheets with glass on the wall to register the goods. Stock.
  In this way, the inventory of these goods can be well known, making it easier to purchase. The items here must not only be sorted, stored and labeled, but also placed strictly according to color. Although it is troublesome to sort, the space after sorting by color is very healing.
  In addition, the ingredients in the refrigerator are also sorted and stored according to their colors. Irina usually carries out a large-scale purchase of ingredients every weekend and prepares the ingredients for the next week. After buying home, the first step is to deal with the ingredients tirelessly, and then sort the ingredients into the refrigerator and arrange them. The refrigerator presents a “rainbow”-like beautiful scenery.
  Regarding the large amount of food stored in the storage room and refrigerator, many netizens question whether this will cause food waste? For Irina, she often does baking and almost buys all the tools and ingredients needed for baking back home. It is very cost-effective to buy in one go.
  It is precisely because of the sufficient storage space that Irina has the courage to hoard a large amount of ingredients, which is why she insists on regular tidying, and can maximize the remaining space in each place.
  After seeing Irina’s home, many netizens said bluntly that it is more like a showroom, how can a home be so neat? Irina replied: “What I show is only 1% of my story. Everyone has a different definition of home. It is impossible to force everyone to think the same, but such a clean and orderly home allows me and my family. Days are getting more and more comfortable.”
Natural “oxygen bar” created by green plants

  Planting green plants at home is a common method used by modern people to beautify the home environment. British wife Kate loves plants very much, and the house is full of green plants.
  When she first started researching green plants, Kate was still pregnant with her first child. At that time, her idea was simple, she just wanted to buy a small amount of green plants to decorate the home. Put a small tiger Piran on the entrance of the entrance and on the dining table, or use plants with beautiful empty bottles to make decorations yourself.
  With the contact time for a long time, Kate gradually discovered the benign changes brought to the indoor space by green plants. Green plants are not only ornamental, but also beautify the environment, increase the oxygen content in the air, and reduce the floating of dust. Since then, Kate has been out of control for planting green plants.
  The green plants at home, whether it is a potted plant that can be surrounded by the palm of the hand, or a potted plant that is as big as a bucket, are carefully taken care of by Kate. There are green plants in every corner of the house, and greenery penetrates between light and shadow, warm and cozy. On the balcony “stand side by side” a row of sunny cacti. There are also many green plants neatly placed beside the dining table, giving the simple small room spirituality. The office area is filled with green plants, which can effectively reduce stress and keep people working at home in a good mental state.

  With green plants, you can easily create a stylish area, allowing growing children to have green plants as the company and stay away from electronic products. The natural and fresh environment also affects the children’s character subtly, and they can play lively and enjoy the world in the book quietly.
  Regarding the placement of potted plants, Kate shared some caution. Some relatively small potted plants can be hung on the wall with metal shelves for storage, or they can be arranged neatly on wooden shelves, which are very visually beautiful. In addition, you can also start with some beautiful shelves, which are very stylish. If there are too many plants, just use the wall to make a large storage rack to let the plants “on the wall”.
  The tedious work of planting green plants at home, daily watering, changing water, and regular purchases is enough to prove that Kate is working hard at this home, and it is precisely because of such hard work that the space is spiritual and every square meter of the home Are full of temperature.
  We have to work hard like ants and live freely like butterflies. The pursuit of a quality and warm home life may be the thinking and yearning we should have behind the busyness.