Where did the sperm go after ligation

  Because of the environment, delayed childbearing age, disease and other reasons, many couples who plan to have children after marriage will encounter infertility problems. But this problem did not happen to Xiao Wang and his wife. They got pregnant smoothly after their marriage, and they were lucky to have twins. The entanglement of whether to have a second child was gone. But Xiao Wang and his wife also have their own problems. For example, recently, their wife accidentally became pregnant again. Attention, yes again! Seeing his wife feel uncomfortable because of the miscarriage, Xiao Wang felt distressed and blamed himself. Therefore, he is ready to take the responsibility of a man and do male ligation for his wife, so that his wife will no longer suffer.
  But with this idea, the couple had some questions and concerns. I heard that “little tadpoles” are produced every day. If the “little tadpoles” are ligated, will they not come out? Will the testes no longer produce “tadpoles”? Where will “Little Tadpoles” go? Will ligation affect testicular function and sexual function? Will men lose their masculinity slowly? Xiao Wang and his wife were extremely frightened and decided to seek a doctor for a detailed consultation.
Male ligation is permanent contraception

  Male ligation surgery is a permanent method of contraception. The principle of contraception is to cut off the vas deferens that transports the “tadpoles” by the testicles, so that the sperm cannot enter the semen and be discharged from the body. Note that this is a permanent method of contraception, so it is only suitable for couples who do not want to have children.
Where did the sperm go after ligation

  The man underwent the ligation operation, in fact, it only cut off the “tadpole” exit, the testicle’s function of producing sperm is still there, and the “tadpole” is just a small cell for his owner. Therefore, the “tadpoles” that can no longer escape will be absorbed and decomposed by the surrounding cells. In other words, they are absorbed by our own body and have no effect on the body.
  To sum up, after ligation, the testicles will continue to produce “tadpoles”, but they just can’t go to their mother. These mature sperm that have not been excreted will be dissolved and absorbed in the epididymal tube, and the fat and water will not flow out of the field. Compared with those “tadpoles” that die on the bathroom wall, toilet paper, condoms, etc., they will be absorbed by the owner’s body again. Does it make sense? Therefore, men do not have to worry about the whereabouts of sperm after the ligation operation, and this operation will not affect the function of the testicles.
Will it affect ejaculation after ligation?

  Many people worry that the semen volume will decrease after ligation. To be honest, you guys think too much!
  There are sperm and fluid in semen. The fluid is mainly prostatic fluid, seminal vesicle fluid, epididymal fluid, etc., while male sperm, epididymis and testicular secretions account for only 5% to 10% of semen. More fluid is composed of prostate fluid and Composition of seminal vesicle fluid. Therefore, ligation of the vas deferens blocks the way out of the “tadpoles”. The other channels are open, and the semen can still be ejected unobstructed, but there are no more “tadpoles” inside, and it will not affect the semen volume.
Will it affect male sexual performance after ligation?

  Tell you, you think too much! So far, there is no research to prove that ligation has a negative impact on men’s erectile function and sexual satisfaction.
  Moreover, the strength of male libido, the occurrence of sexual excitement and the ability to erect, or whether it can maintain the masculinity, are mainly related to male androgen. The ligation is just a small vas deferens surgery, in order to block the sperm, it will not affect the secretion of androgens, so there is no “influencing sexual ability”.
After ligation, can you “love” if you want to love

  This is not the case. Men do not immediately produce contraceptive effects after undergoing ligation. There may be some remaining sperm in the male vas deferens.
  We know that during normal ejaculation, sperm will pass through the vas deferens to reach the seminal vesicles and then into the ejaculatory ducts. Therefore, although the ligation will cut off the sperm output, some sperm may have reached the seminal vesicles before the operation, and the remaining sperm in the seminal vesicles can live for several weeks or even months.
  If after ligation, do not wear a condom and “snap”, can’t wait to have a zero-distance love, the sperm in the seminal vesicles is likely to cause the woman to get pregnant.
  Therefore, after the ligation, other reliable contraceptive measures must be used, at least two months of contraception, and more than 10 ejaculation, until after two sperm examinations, another semen examination confirms that there is no sperm. Only then can we give up contraceptive measures.
What if I still want to give birth

  After hearing so much, Xiao Wang still felt uneasy. He asked what should I do if I let go of three children in the future and want to give birth?
  The doctor explained that after the ligation, it can be recanalized, that is, recanalization of the vas deferens can be performed to restore the smoothness of the vas deferens, so that the “tadpoles” can regain the opportunity to find their mother.
  If the resuscitation fails or fails, we have said that assisted reproductive technology can also be used to help birth, such as IVF.
  However, it should be emphasized that ligation also has some small risks. For example, a small number of patients may have postoperative bleeding symptoms after ligation, or a small number of patients may cause epididymal stasis due to blocked vas deferens, which may cause mild pain and discomfort. Therefore, ligation is risky, and ligation must be done carefully.
  At the same time, it is emphasized again that this permanent contraceptive method is more suitable for couples who no longer have the need for reproduction. If the couple never plan to have children anymore, ligation can be said to be a very good method of contraception.
  Finally, after Xiao Wang fully understood the various issues about ligation, he finally stopped worrying and decided to perform the ligation operation, so that he could “happiness” with his lover in the future!