Sex education, parents are the first responsible person

  The revised Law on the Protection of Minors directly mentions “sex education” at the national legislative level for the first time. Article 14 states: “Schools and kindergartens should provide age-appropriate sex education to minors and improve People’s self-protection awareness and ability to prevent sexual assault and harassment.” This shows that sex education for minors has attracted great attention from the party and the state.
  Under the current situation of sex education, children’s sex education should be done by parents themselves. The biggest advantage of parental sex education for children is that they can meet their children’s needs and solve their problems at any time.
Establish a scientific concept of sex

  The current social situation is that the divorce rate is rising, the sexual information is numerous, and the impact on children is more complicated, open, and diverse than any previous generation. Children are small, but they still have sexual physical and psychological needs, sexual thinking and questions, and sexual safety and aesthetic needs. Therefore, parents should look at their children’s sexual confusion, thinking and behavior from a positive perspective, and then scientifically guide their children to form scientific and positive sexual concepts, and constantly improve their sexual values, so as to face sexual problems during growth and adulthood. , Able to adapt to future social life in a healthy, confident and happy manner.
Knowledge of scientific sex

  Parents have acquired some knowledge about sex in the process of growing up, but some are outdated, and some are even wrong. Therefore, parents should continue to learn through various channels to correct their misunderstandings in sexual knowledge. Parents need to master a lot of knowledge, divided into five parts: body, gender, relationship, safety, and aesthetics.
  The body includes the developmental changes, functions and health care of the reproductive system and reproductive organs, including the process of birth and learning to cherish life. Gender includes the recognition, identification, acceptance of one’s own gender, the understanding of gender content, and how to make children have gender content that can adapt to the present and future society. In terms of heterosexual communication, according to the children’s psychological needs, guide children to understand the psychological characteristics and expressions of the relationship between the two sexes, learn to establish heterosexual friendship, and grasp the will and methods of heterosexual relationships. Establish a will to guard against safety, be able to identify and respond to sexual harassment, and prevent and respond to sexual assaults in terms of privacy awareness, clothing, partners, time and space, and distress. In addition, it is normal for children to pursue physical beauty, gender charm, friendship and emotion in relationships, and they are the pursuit of beauty. We can discuss the bottom line (safety), prerequisite (health), and suitability (age stage) with children, so that children can create and experience beauty in a certain space.
Master the scientific methods of sex education

  There are many methods of family sex education, and parents themselves will find many effective methods. Here are a few more important methods.
  1. Parent role model: Parents show their children what they want their children to do through their words and deeds, receiving people and things. They should do it first.
  2. Home-school cooperation: parents should understand what sex education the school provides? What kind of sexual values? What has the child learned, and what is not satisfied? In this way, parents know what to do with family sex education.
  3. Life penetration: The family is the place of daily life. There are many scenes in life related to sexual problems, and children will naturally ask sexual questions. Parents should answer their children’s questions correctly at any time; parents’ health care of their own sexual organs in their lives, various relationships, sexual safety, sexual aesthetics, etc. The handling of problems can infiltrate the parents’ sexual concepts, scientific knowledge of sex and treatment methods to the children.
  4. Case analysis: Discuss with the child about the hot cases around or reported by the media, which can not only understand the child’s mastery of sexual concepts and knowledge and skills, but also let the child know the parents’ values ​​and coping methods, and prevent the child from educating the parents Produce resistance.
Know the scientific channels for help

  Whether it is the parents themselves or the children, they need scientific help channels when they encounter problems that they cannot solve. Therefore, parents should first be the target of their children’s help, and secondly, both themselves and their children should have the habit and way of seeking help from class teachers, psychologists, psychologists, psychologists and other professionals.