Does the taste really make you fall in love?

  There is a perfume on the market that is said to make your favorite person fall in love with you. After a date, spraying on this perfume will make it easier to create a happy atmosphere. Is this perfume really so amazing?
  First of all, we want to say that smell can indeed become a kind of “temperament” of people. Imagine a person of the opposite sex passing by you with a charming fragrance. Can you not help but notice him (her)?
  The attraction of this abstract “taste” to people is not unique to modern society. We know that regardless of male or female, sweat glands secrete volatile substances, which give everyone a special “body odor”. Some people say that to love someone is to like the taste on him. This argument is not unreasonable. Smelling this “taste” will arouse the desire to fall in love with him. And this magical perfume is based on this theory.
  The English name of this perfume is pheromone, which is transliterated as pheromone. The scientific community calls it pheromone or pheromone, which was proposed by scientists in 1959. Studies have found that after pheromone is secreted out of the body, similar living organisms, such as animals and insects, perceive this substance through smell, and then show certain behavioral, emotional, psychological, or physical changes.
  It has been confirmed that in most animals, there is a direct relationship between pheromone and mating. For example, sea urchins will release pheromone into the surrounding water, that is, send out a chemical message. This information triggers other sea urchins in the colony to “tempt” them to expel sex cells and reproduce. Are there pheromones between humans, and do they convey emotional and sexual information through pheromones?
  Currently, the life science community is divided on whether humans have this ability.
Pro: Pheromone makes people more pleasant

  In the 1970s, scholars believed that women who had regular sex with men had a more regular menstrual cycle than women who had sporadic sex. Because regular sex delays the decline of estrogen and makes women more reproductive, the research team believes that this is pheromone at work.
  A report published in the journal Biology of Reproduction believes that the odorless pheromone in male sweat can have a huge impact on women’s body and mind. For example, the axillary secretion extract of male volunteers was applied to the upper lip of a number of women aged 25 to 45 years. After 6 hours, the mood of these women improved and the tension was reduced.
  Another research article believes that pheromones may be present in all body secretions, but most of them are concentrated in underarm odor, such as androstanedione, which is rich in male sweat. Women exposed to androstandione are more likely to be attracted by male partners, their attention is more concentrated, and their mood is more positive.
  An article published in the journal Soc Cogn Affect Neuroscience in 2019 suggested that pheromones may also be present in women’s bodies, which are similar to estrogen (in the urine of women in the third trimester of pregnancy). Was found in). Studies have found that men exposed to estradiol are similar to the changes that occur when watching pornographic videos, their sexual arousal ability is enhanced, their response to women is stronger, and they feel happier and more relaxed.
  Another study believes that the body odor emitted by women during ovulation can attract male partners and increase their willingness to cooperate.
Opponents: The role of pheromones cannot be proven

  The pheromone signal in animals is directly transmitted from the vomeronasal organ (VNO) of the nose to the specific mating center in the front of the hypothalamus via the olfactory accessory nerve, and then enters the hypothalamus, so that the pheromone can be used in animal sexual behavior and sexual partner selection Play a role. However, most researchers today believe that this VNO located behind the nasal septum may be just a pit and no function. Some anatomists believe that humans do not have this organ at all.
  Related articles in international journals such as “Chemical Communications Neurobiology” pointed out that although the existence of pheromones has now been clarified, because the way our body processes pheromones has not yet been determined, the human body naturally produces and releases androstanedione and estrogen. Whether enol affects the behavior of another body or whether there is physiological signal activity has not been strictly proven.
About the formula of pheromone perfume

  I need to remind everyone that when buying or using this pheromone perfume, you should check what their ingredients are. Are they from plants, animals, or humans?
  We all know that the smell of plant compounds such as lavender and chamomile can be used to reduce stress and enhance relaxation. According to its formula, pheromone perfume containing these phytopheromone ingredients may help you reduce stress, promote relaxation or enhance sleep. By letting you relax, the low libido caused by stress can be restored to normal levels. One might think that this relaxing effect is “increased libido” or “enhanced romantic feeling”, but it doesn’t actually increase libido.
  Even a placebo may make you feel or behave sexier and more open, because you may think you are more attractive and more confident. But usually this effect is only produced between close people.
  However, there are still many obstacles to the production or synthesis of human pheromones for sprays or perfumes, which is why most pheromone perfumes provided by merchants use plant compounds. Although similar to human pheromone, the role that plant pheromone may play is not necessarily as good as the business advertises.
  In summary, whether pheromones or pheromone perfumes that are popular on the Internet are useful or not is still an open case. As for whether or not to use pheromones before a date? That is, the benevolent see benevolence, and the wise see wisdom. If you are really curious about this, it is understandable to buy it.