Soft cute foaming glue, hiding poison behind

  Recently, a kind of toy called foaming glue is also called “fake water”, which is very popular in elementary school campuses, and children have a great time playing. No, the 8-year-old Xuan Xuan carried four big boxes of different colors in his schoolbag, and took them out from time to time to show off among classmates. As everyone knows, danger is quietly approaching him.
  Foaming glue has a certain viscosity and is easy to disperse. This is because it is a short-chain polymer whose raw materials are mostly formaldehyde, ethylene, vinyl chloride and other adhesive substances, and formaldehyde is the cheapest material among these raw materials. Many businesses choose formaldehyde as a raw material in order to maximize their profits. Even if a formal business uses other raw materials, there will be certain chemical toxicity.
  Since the foaming glue can transform various shapes by falling, pulling, pinching, pulling, etc., children can’t put it down. Attentive children will find that the foaming glue will have a clear fragrance at the beginning of playing, and will smell pungent after playing for a long time. This is because the flavor is added during the production process. Through continuous kneading on the hands, the temperature will also increase, and toxic and harmful substances such as formaldehyde will be released.
  The foaming glue sticks to the hands, and the residue on the hands is also very large, just like grabbing a handful of formaldehyde and rubbing it on your hands! In this way, the human body may absorb formaldehyde and other toxic substances through the skin and breath. Children’s skin is immature and their various organs are not fully developed. In addition, they generally like to eat snacks. It is very likely that they will eat poisonous and harmful substances into their stomachs while eating, and the harm will be even greater.
  Let’s talk about formaldehyde again. The toxic effect of formaldehyde on the human body involves multiple systems and organs, which can cause sneezing, coughing, rhinitis, and induce asthma; affect memory, sensitivity, balance function, and coordination function; long-term exposure can cause various degrees of headache, memory loss and sleep disturbance . Since formaldehyde is mainly metabolized by the liver and excreted by the kidneys, there have been many reports of acute toxic hepatitis caused by formaldehyde. It can also destroy immunity, and in severe cases can cause leukemia and other malignant tumors. Playing with foaming glue for a long time may also cause contact dermatitis and mucosal irritation.
  It can be seen that while foaming glue brings happiness to children, it can also induce various diseases and become an invisible killer of children’s health. Parents should pay attention to remind children that it is not suitable to play for a long time, and they must clean their hands in time after playing to avoid sticky substances on their hands.