Please find the right “posture” in the toilet

  In a lifetime, how long do you spend going to the toilet?
  If you count as 70 years old, how long do you think you spend in the toilet? A conservative estimate is that six times a day to urinate and one bowel movement. Urine is calculated at 3 minutes each time, and stool is calculated at 10 minutes each time. There will be 1.5 years in these 70 years. If you are not going to defecate, you are preparing before and after defecation. .
  This statistic is very conservative. It does not take into account the time spent urinating frequency, urgency, waiting time, difficulty defecation, and diarrhea. It does not count the time spent sitting on the toilet and watching the stars.
What makes you fall in love with toilet

  Some people say that the smell of a squat toilet is really unbearable, because the flush toilet replaces the squat pit, which may be one of the most core mysteries of falling in love with the toilet.
  Some people say that using a mobile phone to go to the toilet has become an enjoyment, so it’s so cool!
  Some people say that I love going to the toilet because my toilet is a warm and stress-relieving private space. “I don’t know if I am a guest in my dream, I am greedy for a while”…Relax, zero pressure, just like it, there is no reason.
  Others say it is pressure! In the tutoring homework, parents have expressed that they are “stressed” and cannot get away. It seems that only the time in the toilet is completely theirs, relaxing from the inside out. Even if the sky falls, I can sit still on the toilet. Happy and at ease. This is an absolutely hard core reason to avoid reality.

  Some people even stepped up and said, I admit that going to the toilet makes me want to go. I just like to squat in the toilet. This is the source of my happiness. As long as I touch the toilet, I feel like traveling to the Tang and Song dynasties. I immediately feel like a fountain of thoughts. I guess I can do it by running two toilets in a week’s work.
  Seeing this, do you really want to shout, “Wow,” do you feel the same?
  Maybe when sitting on the toilet and showing respect, people can pay attention to themselves wholeheartedly and enjoy this primitive, unobstructed, free time that no one can interrupt for any reason.
Which is better to sit in the toilet or sit?

  Although going to the toilet is particularly enjoyable, when you encounter constipation, hemorrhoids, and diarrhea, it may become less beautiful, or even a little sad.
  It’s time for the correct toilet cheats. How to choose between squatting or sitting in the toilet? The answer is that the fit is better. It’s not just a little mud, the fact is that any choice must have a prerequisite. In public places, squatting toilets are more hygienic, avoid contamination and cross-infection, and are in line with national conditions. At the same time, they are equipped with special spaces and a series of toilet facilities for special groups of people. In private spaces, more people choose to install toilets at home.
  The question is, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the toilet?
  Advantages: liberate the legs, especially suitable for the weak people who can’t squat, can’t squat for a long time, pregnant women, after surgery and other special people.
  Disadvantages: Relatively comfortable posture, changing the right anal angle when squatting. The anal right angle is the angle between the rectum and the anus formed by the specific muscles in the anus pulling the rectum forward. It can prevent the feces from falling quickly and at the same time prevent fecal overflow (the physiological angle responsible for the anal self-control function). Defecation in the sitting position weakens the gravitational effect of feces and does not help defecation.
  Toilet tips: Lean your upper body slightly forward during defecation, or put a 15-20 cm footstool under your feet to improve the above problems.
Clean after going to the paper

  Many people think that washing can clean the anus very cleanly, and they can’t wait to wash it repeatedly. Is the anus really that dirty?
  It is important to know that not all skins are qualified for the heavy duty of the perianal skin. The skin of the perianal area is very precious. Because of the preciousness of the perianal skin, physiology equips it with a powerful antibacterial system, which has a natural antibacterial effect. It is very difficult to cause infection every day in contact with dirty objects (except for special infectious diseases). And it is located in a dark and humid corner, it can still shrink freely. There are many apocrine glands around the anus, and the secretions have lubricating and antibacterial effects on the perianal skin.
  Repeated cleaning will greatly reduce the antibacterial ability of the perianal skin, just like a leather shoe soaked in water, it will be broken if you are not careful. Only then can the importance of toilet paper be reflected.
  Toilet tips: The correct way to clean after going to the toilet is actually very simple. Use toilet paper to wipe from the outside to the middle, so that the contaminants can be confined around the anus. If there are vegetations around the anus or a swelling in the anus protrudes, you need to do an action while rubbing the buttocks, which is to send the prolapsed object back into the anus. Wipe up the wrinkles as much as possible. If it is really difficult to wipe, you can use a wet tissue or flush the toilet to help, but you must let the wet skin fully dry before getting up to avoid the occurrence of eczema.
What to do if the tumor in the anus prolapses

  If there is an intra-anal mass prolapsed when going to the toilet, it must be returned as soon as possible, and then continue to complete the butt-wiping action before going to the doctor.
  This is because the mass that protrudes from the anus may form local congestion and edema once it is squeezed by the sphincter around the anus. If the blood circulation disorder cannot be removed as soon as possible, the mass may become larger. , And then increased the difficulty of returning, some could not be sent back, turned into an incarcerated mass, and had to ask a doctor for help.
  Some patients said: “The lumps that fall out of my anus must be cleaned with warm water each time and then sent back to avoid infection.”
  Wrong! The reason is simple. You wipe the perianal area, not the inside of the anus. Are there still signs of stool or stool in the anus? Is it dirtier than this mass? So what is the picture after you wash it?
Do not put 84 disinfectant in the bathroom

  In daily life, the bathroom may be one of the most frequently used places in the home. The area of ​​the bathroom is often not the largest in our room, but it carries a number of physiological activities of the family from morning to night-brushing teeth, washing the face, bathing, excreting… However, the bathroom may be the easiest place to hide dirt in our house. Nurturous place.
  Various health hazards that may exist in the bathroom include chemical, physical, biological and other factors. For example, many people like to store chemicals such as 84 disinfectant and air freshener in the bathroom. However, due to the relatively small toilet space and poor air circulation, some chemicals can easily diffuse to form aerosols. Long-term or high-concentration inhalation of these aerosols can irritate the respiratory tract and induce cell pathology.
  For household chemicals, they can be placed in a small space, such as a tighter cabinet, or pay attention to sealing the bottle mouth, or reduce the amount of chemicals stored in the household.
Close the toilet lid first and then flush

  Many people may not know that the use of flushing toilets makes it possible for bioaerosols to spread in the bathroom, which will also bring hidden dangers to our health.
  Due to long-term bathing, washing face and other activities, the humidity in the bathroom is often high, which creates favorable conditions for the survival of mold. It will attack sanitary walls, shower heads, and pipes.
  So, how to avoid and reduce the health risks brought by the toilet under the existing conditions?
  The temperature and humidity of the bathroom should be appropriate. Most microorganisms are very sensitive to temperature and humidity. However, it is difficult to control the temperature and humidity of the bathroom. Therefore, regular ventilation, cleaning and disinfection of the bathroom can effectively adjust the temperature and humidity and reduce the concentration of microorganisms in the air.
  It is an effective protective measure to clean the interior of the toilet and the toilet, especially the surfaces in contact with the human body, such as the toilet seat, the toilet cover, etc.
  When everyone is finished using the toilet, can the toilet lid be closed before flushing? The correct answer is that after use, you should close the lid and flush the toilet and disinfect the toilet in time, which can effectively reduce the risk of infection.