Lohas, happy

  Lohas (LOHAS) is an imported product. It is a new way of life proposed by American social scientists in 1998 in response to human “health decline, spiritual emptiness, alienation, and shortage of resources”. What it advocates, in short, is to “live happily” and pursue a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
  One year later, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has not completely disappeared. The virus has changed people’s daily lives, and also affected people’s attitudes towards life and health concepts. What kind of living method should we choose? This is a topic that everyone must think about and pursue in the process of experiencing the epidemic. To live, and to live happily and healthily, is the biggest gain after the test of life and death.
  Therefore, modern people in a hurry choose to stop and take some time to feel the beauty-related things in life. Fascinating scenery along the road, delicious food with good color, fragrance, beautiful appearance, graceful figure, beautiful clothing, comfortable and beautiful home… Which one is not exciting?
  The biggest advantage of being a shallow Lohas person is that the feeling of happiness is closely related to health. Willing to be a full-fledged person, with more nutritious diet, more frequent exercise, and better sleep quality. Even simple, positive thoughts can also induce changes in the body to enhance immune function, promote mental health, reduce pain and chronic diseases, and relieve stress. The UCLA research team found that people with a deep sense of happiness and well-being have lower levels of inflammatory gene expression and stronger antiviral responses.
  So, you might as well try the secrets of Lohas people starting a simple and healthy life: try to savor the aroma of coffee, enjoy the feeling of lying on a soft bed, or enjoy the beautiful sunrise before starting a day’s work… Maybe At that moment, you will be surprised to find that there can be so much happiness in daily life.
  One flower, one heaven, Lohas is not that difficult! Simple and simple, noble, strong, harmonious, is happy.